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  1. 10:01AM BBT THe F3 still talking in the KT. COdy wants to know if they get to do laundry now. Enzo says they have enjoyed watching the feeders. They are joking. And feeds are cut. Thank you for joining us for #BB22.
  2. 4:54 PM BBT Nic eating and Cody running laps. 4:57PM BBT Enzoin bed. He is talking out loud for Cody to win the final comp and take him to F2 so he can do his speech.
  3. 3:26PM BBT Enzo is still walking. Nic is still putting things together and Cody has moved on to push ups.
  4. 2:37PM BBT Enzo talking to Nic about comps. Enzo says that he isn't any good at these comps. He says that it is insane that Cody finished the part 2 comp so fast. He says he would have beenhappy with 15 minutes but he couldn't do that. He says that is why he exploded. He says it wasn't them but it was him. He say he feels bad that he made Nic cry. Nic says she felt bad for him and that is why she cried. She didnt want him to be disappointed. He says he felt bad for his family who felt he might make it to the end. 2:45PM BBT Nic is talking out loud. She needs another suitcase. She
  5. 11:11AM BBT Cody has rolled over. 11:26AM BBT The HG are still napping. You can hear them breathing so we still have a F3 for tomorrow's finale. 11:37AM BBT Cody has rolled over again. You can hear some bumps in the walls. 11:50AM BBT NIc is in the SR changing her battery. (it looks like she was in the DR). She heads to the WC. She is in the WCA drinking some juice. Cody is up and headed towards the SR to change his batteries. We get stars. 11:58AM BBT Cody is now in the WCA and chatting with Nic who is in the KT. Talking about sleeping.
  6. 5:16PM BBT Nic is talking about if Vic would be coming out for the end of the season. She says that if it's really expensive, Vic probably won't come out. Enzo comes out of the DR. He is shocked at what time it is. Enzo says he hadn't left the BR until he got called to the DR. Cody says he has been sitting out there and wants to know why Enzo didn't come out if he was just sitting in there.
  7. 4:34PM BBT Nic and Cody in the KT. Cody says the only meat they have is pork chops. Nic is making a salad. 4:55PM BBT Cody and Nic discussing F2 questions. Nic says she is not prepared. Nic says they really only have the rest of today and tommorow. Wednesday will go by so fast. 5:08PM BBT Cody is eating and talking to Nic about his GF getting her doctorate. he says she didn't go straight into it after her masters. 5:14PM BBT Cody and Nic talk about drinking last night. Nic is a lightweight. Enzo still in the DR.
  8. 4:05PM BBT We have stars. 4:07PM BBT Enzo is sitting up in bed. All 4 cams are on him. 4:13PM BBT Enzo is sitting in bed grumbling. He is now looking at pictures. 4:25PM BBT Enzo is in bed mumbling. Can not make out what he is saying. Cody is in the shower. 4:26PM BBT Enzo is saying that no one wants to see Nic as F2 again. He gets called to DR. We get stars.
  9. 2:44PM BBT Cody and Nic talk about that Xmas took the bible with her. Nic was going to request a new one but she didn't. We have stars. 2:53PM BBT Cody back to playing basketball. The cam keeps showing 3 champagne glasses with peanuts in them.
  10. 2:05PM BBT Cody playing backgammon by himself. Nic is in the shower and Enzo is still sleeping. 2:22PM BBT Cody still playing backgammon. Nic getting dressed. Enzo still sleeping. 2:33PM BBT NIc and Cody talking about basketball. Nic says that she and Vic play but she is better. Cody says he wasn't really good at it unless he was close. He was good at stealing. 2:40PM BBT NIc and Cody in the KT, they are talking about how many times different HG have played. Cody says it is insane that Jani has played 4 times. Nic says she is going to hang out in the lounge
  11. 11:01AM BBT Enzo has rolled over and readjusted his blankets. 11:22AM BBT Cody is vertical! Off to the WC he goes. he washes his hands, heads back to the KBR, removes his pants and back in bed. 11:49AM BBT 3 HG still inside the BB house. Same 3 HG still sleeping.
  12. 11:34AM BBT All HG are napping. 11:58 AM BBT All HG are still breathing...just sleeping. 12:22PM BBT Enzo has moved his leg. And they sleep on.... 12:23PM BBT Nic is up and heading to the WC. She comes out, washes her hands and heads back to bed.
  13. 12:03PM BBT Cody is in the KT making something to eat. Enzo still in bed. 12:20PM BBT Cody is playing backgammon by himself. Enzo has moved but is still in bed. 12:27PM BBT Enzo is up and in the KT getting food. He and Cody just chatting. 12:41PM BBT Enzo and Cody talk about the jurors going after each other depending who they are supporting. 12:48PM BBT Enzo and Cody talking about what different HG talked about or did during the season. How HG did things with other HG on votes and alliances. 12:50PM BBT Nic comes out of DR and
  14. 10:21AM BBT All three HG are still in bed. 10:33AM BBT We have stars. May be wake up call. 10:50AM BBT Feeds are back. Lights are on but all HG still in bed. 10:54AM BBT BB comes over the house and reminds the HG to enjoy today. Nic makes her way to the SR to change her battery. She crawls back in bed.
  15. 4:00PM BBT All 3 HG are napping. 4:10PM BBT NIc is called for the DR. She is up and putting on make up. A few minutes later, Cody gets up to use the WC again and then goes back to bed. 4:44PM BBT Cody and Enzo napping. Nic still in the DR. 4:54PM BBT Nic is out of the DR. She says she is going to eat something and heads to the KT.

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