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8/11 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Dani Law Adam Rach Jeff and Por, Talking about BB in other countries. 8:04 BBT

Adam can't wait to get back home and watch the comps from a different perspective! 8:05 BBT

Shel is happy that she got to eat and she jumped in the pool with her clothes on. Talk moved to music in BB House, Jor says when I get out of here I'm going somewhere loud. 8:11 BBT

Jeff going get fiber pills, "Let's get it percolating!" Surprised BB let him sing the song and not fuss at him. 8:16 BBT

Dani and Kal talking about tweets they sent out. Jeff saying that he heard Por and Adam talking today. Dani says DR is so nasty b/c they have lint balls everywhere and hair stuck to the couch. 8:25 BBT

J/J/Rach talking about the twist. They are right on! 8:43BBT

J/J/R Talking about Bren farts. Shel tells Law that he need to go talk to other HG's b/c they think Law is mad at them. 8:51 BBT

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Outside we have Dani,Lawon,Jeff, Adam and Rach talking about past seasons. Kalia and Shelly have just joined. Adam knew that when he saw how many of them were entering the house that he realized it wasn't going to be the kind of season he had signed up for. Talking about what the first days were like. General chit chat.

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11:04 BBT

In bathroom Kalia and Shelly discussing Rachel...Kalia thinks Rach was "talking game" with jordan "like crazy"

Kalia suprises Rachel is best friends with J&J..Shelly says its more "babysitting" and says you see what a "project" Rachel is...and its Jordan has a "big heart"

Swith talk to Shellys chlorine hair when they hear voices and Jeff walks in the bathroom with them...Kalia notices guys make "loud pee".....

11:08 Shelly getting ready for her DR..."what will I wear"

Outside a yawning Dani talking about Dustin BB7 eviction and Adam doing the suprised Dustin face.....Dani says their season was so much crazier and Rachel "who do you think is crazy in our cast" and Dani just skirts Rachels inquiry..

Talking about BB12..

11:10 BBT Adam just going on...Rachel says Kristin "in real life" is nothing like she was in the house...

11:11 BBT {hmm did Rachel forget her Brendon address}

Jeff says he'll "evict himself" if he can't find his "green blistex".."I'll cry" its apparaently his last one..

Jeff asks "whats the worse season of Big Brother" and Dani says "don't say"..so Adam doesn't

Adam talking about season one and its very apparent he never watched it.buts tells them he did...

11:14 More past BB season talk by self proclaimed expert Adam..

11;16 BBT All 4 feeds on the outside couch and are just reminisces about days gone by this season...

Now they are talking the BB "cruddy' bear....and joke it can be a build a bear...

11:19 BBT Shelly asks 'are they working on tomorrows show" because she wanted to do "audios chat"....Dani says yes..Jeff says he's "pooped" and Kalia because they didn't take naps today.....

11:21 BBT Jordan comes out and her and Jeff head to hammock..Jordan I never leave "mean" goodbyes...

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Rachel "11:21" realizes she's late "here we go" Kalia says under her breath...Rachel saying she loves him misses and talks about the "halfway party"

11:24 BBT J&J on the hammock...

Jeff hums..."did you just hum brendon'..Jordan asks "what's up" and Jeff says "same ol sameol"...Jeff says he didn't shower after laying out with "oil all over me"..."fuck that cold shower"...Jeff says

Jeff "so crisp" ...Jodan says Porsche was in bed...a lot of small talk...ant talk....."ants everywhere" thay both says they're "tired"...Jeff says "i'm not even hungry"..they talk about the good food...Jordan "that couldn't of come at a perfect time"

11:28 BBT Jordan "Rachel cracks me up because she's so awkard' laughing about her dance ..."she doesn't care ...its the best" Jeff says and says she doesn't care about shit "like that" "so why does she care" about what people think...more laughing about Rachel's dancing..

Jordan "i think she is really nice" and when she gets needs to get over "the obsession" because they both think she can be funny...jeff says he could hang out with Brendon...

11:31 BBT Jordan talks about her goodbye message...They get up off the hammock and head back over to the group...

Kalia complainng she's bored......Shelly says she's pretty much "all talked out".....

11:32 BBT Talking about the food....Shelly and Rachel especially...talk turns to "alice in Wonderland"..Dani liked it...Kalia like "parts of it"

Talking "ann Hathaway"....Shelly says ws it "traffic" and Kalia says not it wasn't Ann Hathaway..while Jordan can't remember the movie with Ann Hathaway ..they are talking Precious...

11:36 BBT talking airlines..."Virgin" why people like it so much......

11:37 Dani talking about AnnieBB12....Dani loves her....

Adam comes out doing his Elf Hands...Porsche finally up...

11:39 BBT More Annie Talk ...

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11:40 BBt a few minutes ago Shelly claimed she was "all talked out' but her mouth is going a mile a minute asking if Dick is gonna "hose us" when the season is over...askinga lot of questions about previous seasons..

11:41 BBT jordan heads to her HN room...and looks as though she's going to bed...or getting ready for bed...and under the covers she goes..

11:44 BBT talking about names ..and Shelly says "Jordan" is the nicest "where is Jordan" jeff asks

"big Jeff found his chapstick" nad is happy...ka;ia asks why not use Vasaline....apparently everyones chapsticks go missing...Shelly "that would suck" going through a game and not win HOH....and asks people to "let me have chance' to see her family..Shelly offering her HOH..."call me Ollie" and let her have her pics and letter..

11:49 BBT Jeff talking about fish eggs...answering Kalia's questions...Kali getting vulgar about fish fertilization....

Shelly "i love the smell of men's cologne"....."and think of men"

11:51 BBT more outside talk going on...

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22:29 BBT Rach/Jor talking about flying and what you pack

Adam tells Dani that she is like the kid sister he never wanted. She tells him he is terrible

Dani & Adam doing dances in the BY. Shel/Rach putting on makeup for DR sessions

22:38 BBT Adam & Law talking about dancing. Law says he danced in talent shows - we get WBRB

Law talking about his family. Says that his Mom and step-mom are cool with each other. Dani called to DR

22:43 BBT In Law family, there are 8 kids by 4 different Moms. Just chatting about family in the BY

Adam talking about a friend who is getting married this month - he had her at his key ceremony. We get more WBRB

22:50 BBT Adam in BY telling the HG that he promised Fara that he would behave in the house. Joking about the girls wanting him

Shel&Kal talking about tomorrow's show. Shel fixing her hair. Kal asks Shel who she would vote for is had to right now. Shel says Law

23:01 BBT Shel/Kal talking about Law being a different person

Jeff roaming the hosue looking for something. Kal moving clothes down from HOH

23:14BBT BY HG talking about previous seasons. Kal walking back to HOH singing - WBRB

21:25 BBT J/J on hammock. Just chatting about nothing

J/J talking about Rach. Jor says that she is actually nice. Jeff agrees just says she has to get over her obsession

23:33 Shel says she was happy as a clam when she found out she got to eat. Kal asks if clams are really happy.

Por finally wakes up and joins the HG in the BY

Best comment of the night - HG talking about what the previous HG think of them. Shel asks Dani if her Dad will hose them on his show. Kal says: You mean like really water us down with a hose?

23:44 Kal pulling hairs out and throwing them on the ground. Shel talking about flying home after the game

Shel trying to make a "deal" to let her win HOH . She just wants the letter and a monster or two. She will sleep downstairs. Lots of laughter

24:00 #mortystv Shel says she is excited and nervous about tomorrow. Since she doesn't know about the twists and if they made jury.

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11:56 BBT

shelly regaling the group with stories of guys in her HS who dipped and spit on the fllor in class to spit cups that got accidentaly drunk....quite gross indeed..

11:57 BBT Shelly nervous about tomorrow whether they are in jury...

11:58 BBT FOTH

11:59 BBT Jeff enters the HN room and says he's going to go "get ready" so I assume its bed he's talking about...

Jordan laying down in the HN room....Jeff and Porsche at the Bathroom sinks Jeff hacking up a lung..and tells Porsche she's gonna be up "all night"...from what she described as her "mini nap" today..

12:02 BBT "love..what ya doin" Jeff asks Jordon and Jeff wants her to come wash his face....and Jordan says if "i can do it" and Jeff agreess...

Jordan talking about her family coming out aparently its a lot harder for them than normal people as we get intermintent FOTH...

12:04 Feed switch to Kalia singing about Peeing.. but no FOTH....and gets up to waddle to the bathrroom

J&J come in to work on Jeff's "blackheads" with one of Rachel's zit apparatus.....Kalia shares her knowledge of correctly popping a pimple by "DR Oz"...she say it on "Oprah"

12:07 BBT Jordan and Kalia talking about their exploding pussy pimples.....they have had in the past...

Jordan says "mr schroeder" in an english accent while asking Rachel which of her apparati she should use..

They have trouble working the nose hair trimmer "your nose hairs killed it"

rachel: " guys do you think I'm getting evicted" and Jeff says "nope I think your staying and winning HOH"

12:12 Jeff says "someone took a barnburner in there" about the toilet and Jordan and Rachel laugh "it was Kalia"

12:13 BBT Jeff clips his nosehairs.....Jeff says "guys have to"

12:14 grooming comtinues....as rachel asks to talk to porsche..

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12:16 BBT

porsche says she will vote for Rachel to stay and they hug {ahhhhh}

12:16 BBT Back in the bathrrom Jordan getting ready to work on Jeff's blackheads...

Jeff getting frustrated Jordan can't work the the balckhead removal tool...Jordan opts to use the old fashion way of piching and sqeazing them out...

Jordan uses the tool after a bried tutorial and the pain starts as well as his "million" balckheads come oozing out.."you got a lot' jordan has said several times.....Jordan back to using her hands....Jordan shows Jeff the big one stuck to her fingers..."damn thsi what a facial is...fuck that" Jeff says...

jordan "quite being a girl" she scolds Jeff...."we need more napkins" Jeff observes..Rachel offers one of her zit potions for afterwards..

12:22 BBT Rachel talking about her potions and how expensive it is and says they can use as much as they want...

12:23 BBT "goodness Jeff" about his blackhead ridden nose...and cuts one.."must you fart" while she does his nose...they laugh...

Jordan says his pores 'are bad" saying his nose looks like they have "strawberry seeds" and tells him he needs to take better care...

12:25 BBT blackhead central continues..

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12:27 BBT

Jordan yells at Jeff do do it himself and Jeff stops acting like a baby..

Adam comes in to says goodnight...

All 4 feeds on this

12:28 BBT Jordan finishes ...Jeff asks if there are anynore and Jordan says she got em all...

12:31 BBT Jeff playing ignorant about all the products they use as Jordan says he needs better gromming habits

Feedss witch to porsche talking about her "cole slaw" she made with "1000 island dressing" for tomorrow {gag}

12:33 BBT "I think its going as planned" Lawon says about Lawon making his big move..

Lawon goes ovet the votes...Porsche thinks Shelly will "vote her out" about Rachel....Lawon says they don't need her vote...Porsche says Adam didn't "know"...and Porsche says he needs to understand who will come back...

Dani comes back with leftovers..porsche asks "are we still voting him out tomorrow" and Dani says she isn't sure..as Porsche says she told Rachel she was "pretty sure" she will vote for her....

Porsche says she didn't "tell me" who she would put up...Dani says she should have asked...

12:37 BBT Porsche says "she's coming back" and will "not take money"

porsche and Dani talk....

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12:38 BBT

Dani says she's nervous and says "i guess" about Rachel staying...Porsche says she will talk to Rachel and doesn't expect her to say anything but her coming after Dani and Kalia..

12:39 BBT Dani "still not a gurantee: and Dani has a feeling is not "coming back" and if its a com "he's not gonna win"

Dani says "a chance" at "who leaves" and says we gave up "one of our allies"....Dani leaves to warm her pizza...

12:41 BBT late night snacking...

feeds switch to the purple parlor

J&J and Shelly talking about the whole backheads episode....going over the arguments and why they got mad...

Shelly gets mad because Porsche slleps all night and gets called to the DR before her...Shelly says the old fortune teller hag looks different...

12:44 BBT Jordan says she gain "4 lbs" after the feeds..Shelly wonders what she will says..J&J says be "nice" and Shell says "i'm always nice"

They now discuss they wish they could have leftovers from today...

12:45 BBT FOTH...

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12:47 BBT

jeff and shelly whispering a Jordan returns from fetching her mic..

Jordan shows Shelly her "chill pill" panties...Jeff says "do the work you should take a few" and shelly says she's being mean..

12:49 BBT they wonder if the fortune teller will ever talk..talk production and foth

12:49 FOTH and feeds come back...

Shelly finally called to DR...

12:50 "your nose looks way better"...Jeff says his nose is throbbing..Jeff wants "to learn" but says Jordan is being "impatient"

12:51 the squabble over his nose episode from earlier..

Jordan finally says sorry hoping to shut Jeff up and asks for a kiss and says No because "you're mean"....Jeff calls her apology "sarcastic"

12:54 BBT Jordan ask "did you say nice things" about his goodbye messages..Jordan talks her DR session and foth...

feed return...

Jeff talking about "doc holiday"

12:57 Jeff says for her to watch Tombstone..

they discuss what they are gonna wear..."jeans and a tank top" Jordan says Porche or Kalia goes by and Jordan says she's like gonna be like her in her first season and it hits when you're out of the house..

Jeff says "all she does is eats and sleep"

1:01 Back to Jeff's nose..and products he needs..

1:03 BBT

all feeds on J&J talking about his nose.....

{i'm out early tonight..I'm tired... be back tomorrow...}

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This morning, Kalia and Shelly had a chat. Kalia STILL doesn't know where she wants people to vote (even though it doesn't matter). Kalia feels she has taken the brunt of all the anger this week, and feels like the scapegoat. Shelly basically tells her she needs to figure out where the votes are supposed to go, because today will go fast. Kalia is really upset that it will be a tie and she will STILL have to keep making hard decisions. She is saying nobody cares if it's a tie, because she's the only one with blood on her hands.

Kalia "I'm just saying, is a mad Rachel coming back any different than the Rachel we have downstairs?" [figured that out a little too late]

Shelly is non committal on her vote.

Kalia basically says since they made a final 3 pact [shelly, dani, her] she has been talking a lot more game with Shelly. S says she barely talks games with D. Kalia says all her eggs are in the basket of Dani/ Shelly/ Porsche and Adam to win HoH tonight.

Shelly "god willing the river don't rise, I'll be sitting up in this hoh room tonight."

Kalia asks Shelly to go get Rachel, S goes to have not room to ask Rachel to go talk to Kalia. Rachel, Jorrdeff are all in there asleep.


10:47 BBT

Shelly quietly asks Rachel to go upstairs, per Kalia. Rachel says "I don't care, fuck her."

S leaves.

Rachel "she doesn't control me. fuck that bitch. last I checked, she doesn't control me" she is not going to talk to her, she doesn't have any power.

Jordan saying Kalia must be nervous. Rachel says she doesn't care [Rachel is full on Vegas this morning]

Jeff : wait, what's going on"

Jordan: yeah, don't go up there. she's just going to try to frazzle you, and get you upset.

R: yeah I'm not in the mood to get upset this morning. if I go, I go, I'm coming back.

Jeff: what does she want from you?!

they discuss how Kalia found out how Rachel said they [K/D] have the votes. Rachel asserts it has to be either Shelly or Adam.

R "someone is running and telling them EVERYTHING"

Je "well great, thats nice."

R "If i go, you guys have to be careful."

Je "well yeah, if you go home, we're fucked."

Jordan tells Rachel she doesn't want her to go up there just to get frazzled and if Kalia comes down there, just tell her she doesn't want to talk.

Rachel thinks that Kalia thinks shes the queen since she won 1 competition. Jeff still annoyed someone is telling their stuff to the other side.

Shelly up and showered

Kalia is upset Rachel wont talk and thinks she would want to talk today of all days

looks like everyone else is still asleep, or trying to at least relax.

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9:20ish BBTWake up call. HG up and doing ADLs

Shell says they were up till 4am, all but Rach outside at 3am. But they were just goofy, they did nothing.

Rach has a natural moisturizer, her acne is clearing up. Shell says it would be better if they had washcloths. Dani up.

Kal brings some of her things down from HOH. Rach in cold shower. She will talk to Kal when she is done.

Shell in HOH w/Kal: Kal: she doesnt know what to do, has the feeling it will come down to 3-3. Made ppl mad to have it not mean anything with the twist. Thinking about who is the bigger threat. If Law does leave its of his own doing. I would really like to know where ppl stand before it goes to vote. Dont have a good feeling. Dont want it to be a surprise.

Shell: after listening to 14 diff theories, I dont agree w/your theory. But I dont think getting Rach out is a good idea. Law doesnt care, you have said he doesnt give a rats. I get the feeling Law is going out no matter what. If I had to pick someone to go on the block it would be her, dont think it matters where I vote.

Shell: besides Dani, why do you not trust them? Kal: I feel unsettled either way. I dont trust Rach or whats on the other side of this twist. If she does end up staying here, ppl want to get Por out and she is still here in 4 wks. We keep saying they will come back.

In the spa: Rach to Jor: we go to the Final 3. Rach: Kal came up to me in the shower & asked if I had a min. Did you tell ppl you had the votes, did you tell ppl I was threatening you? The only ppl I told that to was you and Shell. Jor: it wasnt me. Adam was outside when things were said. He & Por have more going on then he lets on.

Jor: for to her now say she is voting for you, i think thats due to Adam. Me & Jeff said it last night, there is someone that is relating things around in a circle. I think its Adam, he and Por are talking. Rach: I think its Shell. They were talking about a pity vote.

in HOH. Shell: Law told me a HUGE lie yesterday. Kal: everyone here is LYING, to fit them. Shell: If he is gone I know I am more secure in my spot with us. Kal: trust me thats not true. not trying to sell him down the river. If it was a choice of him leaving and not coming back we lose an ally. Shell: should have put Por up. what about her lets you trust her?

Kal: I think something changed in her when she found out the other side wouldnt trust her. One of the things I told her was that ppl you think of are your friends arent. when she found that out she decided she should play the game for herself, she was talking to us the week before. she is settled and comfy with saying she will do things for her self.

Kal: At this juncture, she is on my side. I believe she will vote how we collectively say to vote. I think everyone gets out of this scott free but me. I think you think she will stay by the votes but I am telling you I dont think she will.

Shell: we have no control of the twist. control the things you can control. Its not always majority rules. There is one story down there thats easy to figure out and one that cant be figured out. I can not understand why someone says the things they do, its like a cover up for something. The whole blatant lie about swearing you are not lying doesnt settle with me.

Shell: I fear her comeing after..just craziness. Rach is ill she is so nervous. Kal: she has every right to feel nervous. I know why I am unsettled, I dont know what is coming. America knows what it is.

In spa. Jor counting how many vote next week, she says 8, Rach says 9 if HG returns. They talk about weird game tings Shell/Kal/Law etc has said.

Kal: lets say America votes Brendon back in. it will be Brenchel/JeJo again. Shell: I dont think they would put them in a hotel that long. This was supposed to happen last year but Julie told about Matts wife.

Shell: how do you know that those ppl were in sequester last year? Kal: Annie

Meanwhile downstairs: Jor thinks Adam is the one feeding Por infor that reaches Kal/Dani. Rach told JeJo that Kal/Dani were threatening her, JeJo told Adam, Adam told Por and Por told Kal.

Kal: I talked to Rach about possibly keeping her, thats when she went & told everyone she has the votes. I feel she is going downstairs and telling JeJo everything. You have to be careful about giving ppl more credit then they deserve. Game wise they are still playing together. Shell: if Rach goes whats your pecking order.

Kal: I dont ever want to win HOH again, but I do feel cheated. this could be a waste. Shell: dont pull a Chima. Kal: I can relate to how she felt, I have had some really pissed off moments. Shell: my view is diff. I just try to have fun. Kal: what makes me the most confused about you is you are in a F3 w/me and then you are outside with them.

Shell: we werent talking game. Its like your pajama jam. Kal: i dont have a prob with you talking to them. I just kept feeling you were out there with them, sleeps in that room with them. I know she hears things. Shell: Jeff always says I dont want to talk about it. He and Jor go in the spa when they want to talk.

Shell/Kal continue to start a sentence, stop midway thru and start a whole different idea. The talk about one person in the first part of the sentence and someone else in the last part.

Kal: an evicted and returning pissed off Rach is no diff then Rach now. Shell: I know you can act. Kal: of course I do it for a living. Ever since I made that pact with you I have been talking way more game with you. Shell: I appriciate it very much. Dani does it sparingly. Kal: if I trust you this much Hope you trust me as much.

Shell going to give it her damned best to win HOH. Kals biggest fear is that it will fall on her. she feels like the scape goat.

Shell tells Rach that Kal wants to talk to her. Rach; F that B. Jeff farts. Rach says thats how I feel about it too.

Rach: either Shell or Adam told Kal that I said we had the votes to stay. Jor: they are just going to try to get you frazzled.

10:50ish BBT WBRB more wake up music?

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11:05BBT Shelly on way to the shower passes Kalia in the KT. Kalia asks if she told Rachel she wanted to talk to her. Shelly says she was sleeping but she told her. Kalia replies well if she doesnt want to talk to me oh well.

11:25BBT Shelly out of the shower

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11:09am shell getting ready for the day after having a shower everyone else in bed sleeping

11:33am shell finished her hair and makup now cleaning the bathroom now we have wbrb maybe waking the hg again

11:36am all hg heading to hoh now for a ld shell grabs her coffee jeff getting a drink everyone finding a place to lay down and covering up to go back to sleep shell just watching them all

11:38am adam walks in to hoh with a bowl of cereal sitting at the table eating

11:47am adam finished eating his cereal and was making faces at the camera then laughs at himself dani in the shower shell sitting there looking like she is thinking about things everyone else asleep

11:59am correction that is kal in the shower not dani

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12:15pm still on hoh ld adam hypnotized by the fish or having a staring contest with the owl in the fish tank rach just looking around dani blow drying her hair everyone else sleeping

12:26pm adam and dani doing a fish dance dani sits at the table with adam now adam gets up and gets a pillow to lzy his head on on the table shell gets up off the couch to let adam lay there dani going back to bed now shell in restroom

12:56pm hg still on hoh ld everyone sleeping

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Not much going on. Adam eating a variety of different foods because "who knows, could be back on that slop tomorrow."

Most HGs showering, or puttering around eating, drying hair. Typical thursday.

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