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8/11 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Kalia telling Lawon how mad she is because at the beginning of the week, people will say whatever they want to stay off the block, and once they do, nobody is willing to stick their neck out.

K saying she can see why people float

K saying she thinks Porsche and Adam are on their side, but will still do what they want to do.

K telling Lawon the act he put on on monday, it hurt him a lot. People were like 'what is he doing?' which is why she told him to stop whatever it was he was doing. K saying "when you're put up as a pawn, you just stay quiet. being on the block you're already in the spot light."

K thinks Adam and Porsche are voting to keep Lawon, and tells him that.

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Kalia saying it will NOT be easy to get Rachel out, and people are lying to themselves if they think that.

K saying nobody cares because she is only coming after her and Dani.

K thinking they have all over thought the twist "like crazy."

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13:00 BBT Someone is snoring and Shel is in thought

13:23 BBT HOH LD has ended. HG are now moving our of the HOH room.

Shel vacuuming while Rach/Adam cook in KT. Law brushing his teeth in the WCA

13:35 BBT Rachel whispers something to Adam in the BGBR. She then leaves the room Dani & Por lying beds in the same room. Por is awake

13:43 BBT Por joins Rach in KT. Rach whispers in Por ear - can not hear and it is very short but Por nods her head yes and walks away

13:50 BBT Adam/Rach talking in KT Adam whispering to Rach that last night was funny. Adam goes to help Por as there is a moth in the house and she is yelling for help.

Sorry, it was not Por as she is in the shower. May have been Kal yelling about the moth. Law doing ADLs

13:59 BBT Adam talks to Por in the shower. Asking Por if Law even wants to be here. Adam says he doesnt feel good keeping Law. Says he is going to try and get rid of Rach next week.

14:00BBT Difficult to hear what Por says as she has no mic in the shower. She says to do what he feels. Adam says last night made him feel weird about keeping Law

14:10 BBT Adam in KT eating and finishing off the Coca Cola out of the bottle. Por asking him about what he ate

14:17 BBT Kal getting a towel wet with hot water and breathing in the heat. She said her nose felt terrible (congested?)

In BGBR Adam is snoring. Kal has gone into DR and we hear her says "Hey sorry" before her mic is cut.

14:19 BBT Por asks Law if he really thinks that the person who is voted out won't come back. Law says this is the chance to get Rachel out

Por says yes she will. Law says that he just feels that this is the chance to get her out so get her out.

14:23 BBT Kal telling Law in WCA that everyone is going to put in on her what happens tonight but she says it's on them.

Kal tells Law that there are people who will say what you want at the beginning of the week and then do not follow through.

Kal: As much as I dont have a beef with floaters, I can see where it is frustrating. Kal tells Law that she doesn't trust Por.

Kal has an issue with AdamPor/Shel because she feels when it comes down to it - they will do what they want and not whats good for the team

Kal tells law that the act he put on during Mon hurt him a lot. She is now freaking out about a bug and wants Law to kill it

Kal says when you are put up as a pawn you just stay quiet. Law just agreeing with her

Kal telling Law that he told a lie to Shel swearing that he had no idea. Kal says that it made her look like she was lying

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It is 5:15, 45 minutes before live show.

Dani has NOW decided to start campaigning to keep Lawon. Porsche telling her it isn't going to happen. Dani is MAD. She said to Adam "I can't believe I tried to keep you safe."

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5:15 BB Time

ohhh... Feeds back

Every one here and there trying to touch base before the show comes on.

Everyone trying to cover their bases. A lot of whispering.

Nothing much new is being said.

Rach seems to be trying to hold it all together. Keeping pretty calm.

Rach starts to sing... FOTH

The cameras are going room to room trying to cover a little bit of everything going on.

Sooo besides getting ready and saying a few sentences before someone else comes in... nothing

new as far as I can tell.

Porche did tell Lawan it seemed like it was 4 to 2 in Rach's favor.

And I think she said Dani mentioned they should vote so it would be unanamous so the other side

couldn't come back on them about that (at least) .... (I'm almost postive she was referring to Dani)

They'll probably go to FOTH soon.

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40 minutes before live show. Dani sulking to Porsche.

D: thank god I fought so hard to keep him off the block [sarcastic obviously]

D: this is what PT was talking about. Nobody has a backbone.

P: yeah, lawon would have been a sure vote.

D: mmmhm.

Dani sulking and 'really doesn't care.'

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7:25PM BBT: Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel, and Shelly are celebrating in the Have-Not room. Daniele is sitting quietly, alone, at the bar. Adam is over at the table, eating alone. Brendon watched "Nip Tuck" episodes and "Spaceballs," but it was hard to concentrate because Rachel was all he could think about. Sounds like they are trying to fill Brendon in on what he's missed. Jeff was hoping to get his underwear back from Brendon, but Brendon says he threw them away - he thought they were Dominic's. Kalia is in the bathroom.

7:35PM BBT: Adam and Shelly are whispering in the kitchen. "We have to win HoH this week," says Adam. Shelly agrees. Adam says, "They said it would be tonight. They've gotta set it up."

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7:32 PM BBT

The mystery of Jeff's missing underwear is solved! Brendon had them in his luggage and threw them out thinking that they might have been Dominic's.

Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan in HNBR filling Brendon in on everything that has happened since he left the house. Daniele, Porsche and Kalia sleeping/laying down.

Shelly and Adam talking in KT. What was going on in each respective area.

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7:35 PM BBT

Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan convo:

Jeff: Jordan went off

R: On Kalia

JO: Kalia when she said she wanted to put up Jeff and Rachel I was like you are so stupid! Don't you realize that someone is coming back into this house? You're so stupid! Those are the two best competitors. And they thought everyone was only coming in for half an hour. Adn Dani was telling everyone not to open Pandora's Box.

R: Dani was saying Brendon was coming and I said he's not coming back.

Jo: I mean we thought it for awhile but then we thought no.

R: I told Kalia that I was going after floaters, she had no reason to put me up.

B: Isn't it nice to know that people are afraid of you?

Jo: And right before the game Dani was telling everyone we had to vote her out. Especially after they told us to wear tennis shoes. And Rachel she talked to that camera to you everyday.

B: Awwwww

R: Jeff and I replayed all the competitions for you.

B: Lawon is really bad at competitions, I felt like I wasn't even really playing.

Jo: We were holding hands

R: Yeah we were holding hands once they started clapping for you... Porsche has been best friends with Daniele.

B: No surprise there. Don't mind me I'm just very stir crazy I've been in a hotel room all week.

R: This was a really good twist.

Jo: Adam is so nervous, Daniele was really going at him to change.

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7:42 AM BBT

Kalia and Daniele now talking in Purple room (you can hear Brendon and Jeff in the background)

K: I can't believe he came back.

D: We knew it was going to happen

K: Just his voice, his voice. We really have to win to tonight.

D: Yes, we have to get those numbers down.

K: Not necessarily, as soon as you win HOH they are going to come running over here again.

D: YOu never even know, maybe I will make a deal with Brendon and Rachel. I don't even care anymore.

K: Well if you want an easy hunt, send me home next week.

D: Just stop okay, stop. We are stuck with each other ok? We'll make it through this.

K: I can't believe we have to go through this again.

D: Now we have no Lawon to pyjama jam with.

D: I said bad things in my good bye message.

K: I told him to suck it. And that he better think twice before having kids with that girl. Shelly says she left him a bad one too. Unless she was lying.

D: She's playing both sides of the house.

K: When they all went into the Have not bedroom, she went with them.

D: Oh I know.

K: I cannot live with these people. I am having a major ? moment. Major.

D; You can't complain like this after tonight. You have Porsche and I we have to work together. We knew it was going to happen Porsche and I.

K: You can do this, you've got it.

D: He's playing though.

K: It doesn't matter, he was playing last time too.

D: I wish I could have said something to Dominic. I kept looking at him (makes mushy face) and then when he walked away he stopped and peaked back around the curtain.

K: If they had only said his name. I can't do it, I can't do it. Oh my god.

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7:50 PM BBT

D: Did you hear that? "I know some people aren't happy I'm back but too bad for them." Brendon is at it.

In the Kitchen

Shelly: Keith has been in sequester for 28 days.

Adam: 28 days oh wow.

Brendon: Wow, they told me I wouldn't get any more money. As I walked out that door and saw her so sad I didn't know what to do. I kept asking them to just tell me if she was okay.

Jeff: What did you think we were doing? Throwing knives at her?

Brendon: No, but when I was evicted I saw her crying on the in house shots and was like oh god.

They are telling Brendon about the POV comp. How well Adam did. And then went and smoked afterwards. "Spike" said, "I don't think you're going to want to. (smoke)" He was right.

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7:57 PM BBT

Back in purple room:

K: I had one little moment of happiness before everything went to shit. Didn't Keith look a little bit rounder? He looks chubby.

D: I think Cassie put some weight on as well. Cassie said "Didn't you get the memo?" and I was like huh? And she was like "You're staring at me." and I was like, I wasn't looking at you.

K: Well Keith was looking Teenage Mutant Ninja turtleish

D: I just want you to know that it can very quickly, this scenario, turn into something good for us. Don't get too down.

K: At the moment I just can't make it a big party just yet.

D: I'm not asking you to.

K: I still believe you can win HOH. We've done it before.

Kalia reading the bible and humming gospel hymns.

In Storage:

Adam: My decisions haven't been a bad decision yet. Her decisions have been nad decisions. That's why I'm stressed out.

Shelly: Just keep it together, do what you're doing.

A: The stress is so much.

S: I get it.

In Have Not Room:

Rachel (Massaging Brendon's back): I think Shelly is playing both sides.

Brendon: I know, I said stuff to her.

R: And Jordan was like I know you don't like her but we can trust her and then this morning.... [mic mash] I told them that Kalia said that they were both guaranteed. I told them that they were trying to bully me into threatening me and pulling me into this situation. I didn't tell Jeff and Jordan so they didn't start to suspect me. Kalia came up threatening me, when I was taking a cold shower. A couple of nights ago Jeff and Adam were playing pool and Jeff said to me "What the fuck were you doing up there?" and she goes on...Jeff was kind of being mean and then I went to the DR and told them that Jeff was being mean and Kalia and Daniele were threatening me and how sad I was and Shelly has been going up there every day and talking to them and were telling me that she was trying to get them to put Lawon up and Porsche told me that she's been up there making fun of me all week and that she was going to vote me out because she fucking hates me....

B: What do you think about Porsche

R: I think Porsche is completely fucking stupid. She ...

(she gets to take a breath because Jeff comes in and stands in 'the corner of trust')

Jeff: What I'm really worried about right now is that Daniele is pissed at me. I just talked to Adam and Daniele told him that I wanted to vote to keep Dominic and kick Adam out. Why would she try to say that?

R: Shelly's been making fun of me with Daniele and Kalia.

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Rachel: They talk about Dominic all the time PT PT PT

Brendon: What is this fucking Jessie all over again?

Jeff: Seriously.

Brendon: Well I'm going to stretch out. I seriously suggest you do the same.

Jeff: I stretched my shit out.

Rachel: They are going to have to rip me off that machine because I am not losing Brendon again.

Jeff: Dude, if you hadn't given away that veto you would never have gotten those votes. I told you that you two renamed yourselves.

Rachel: We're not going to play until 2 am.

Brief WBRB

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8:00 PM BBT Brenchel whispering in the back corner of the have not room. She is updating him on the events of the week. She includes the deal she made with Dani/Kalia and the fact that Shelly has been relaying information to them. She also mentions that Jeff was "being mean" and giving her a hard time every time she went to HoH. She informs him that Porsche is no longer trustworthy and has been hanging out with "them" all week. Jeff comes in for a little damage control.

8:10 PM BBT Jeff tells Brendon that him using his veto on Rachel is how he got the votes to come back. They discuss Jeff's missing underwear followed by competition rehash. Brendon states "we just stole 2 weeks of HoH how stupid could they be?" He then states that he wants to confront everyone on their fake goodbyes to him when he was evicted and to remind them about their goodbye messages to them.

8:18 PM BBT Jeff and Brenchel still in Have Not Room. Rachel and Jeff are discussing the teasing Jeff has done with Rachel this week and how Jordon has been giving him a hard time about it. More conversation about how flabbergasted Brendon is.

8:22 PM BBT Brendon is telling Jeff and Rachel that when he was immediately put into sequester he didn't know he might come back. He thought maybe he was being saved as a Panodora's box for Rachel's next HoH win. Rachel informs Brendon about Porsche becoming best friends with Dani and Kalia. Jordon comes in the room and says she was talking to Shelly and Adam. Rachel asked if they were upset. Jordon says no, they say they are happy and that is the best thing. Rachel replies "that's not true though". (Shelly is no longer under Rachel's radar....Rachel has mentioned her several times in a negative way since the feeds returned-Goldylucks)

8:28 PM BBT Brendon goes to the storage room to get the luggage. He asks Jeff and Jordan if he should just go ahead and move it up into the HoH room. Brenchel leave and Jeff and Jordan climb into bed. They are discussing the upcoming HoH comp. Jordan is worried it will be a late night comp. She hopes it will have prizes so she could jump off.

8:33 PM BBT Jordan tells Jeff that Rachel confronted her earlier. Rachel asked her if she has a final 3 deal with Shelly which she declines. They suspect that Rachel just needs some reassurance that the 4 of them are still good together. Jeff still can't get over the fact that Kalia put up her own alliance member.

Meanwhile in the living room are Brenchel, Shelly, and Adam. More rehash of the weeks activities including Rachel almost blowing up the BBQ grill. Now they are discussing the Have Not Comp.

8:40 PM BBT in the living room Shelly is telling Brenchel how Lawon was literally making appointments with her to tell her things she later finds out were completely false. The example she gives is the celebrity game that Lawon tells her he's legally obligated to stay out of. The very next night she learns he played it with the others at the hottub. There is a brief discussion that maybe he was supposed to tell her this and that it's possible he was America's Player. He kept telling Shelly that when it was all over with she would understand.

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8:13 PM BBT

In LR Jordan, Shelly and Adam talking.

Adam: Once PT realized I shaved my beard he started laughing. He was pointing and Cassie laughed.

Jord: (Tells About her doing the "Nobody comes between me and my man" good bye message.)


Jeff: I can't believe they were dumb enough to put up Lawon. That was the dumbest move.

Brendon: All that shit that you put us through, all that stuff you said, you just pulled the rug out from under them.

Jeff: For two weeks they've thought they were on the top of the world.

B: I told Hayden the same thing last year, if you put me up I'm going to win that POV.

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In Purple Room:

Dani: You better stop not telling me things.

Kalia: I know, I just.

Dani: I've been telling you, go with your gut.

K: I said to you yesterday after we talked to her, something is wrong I don't feel right. I feel pretty bad, don't worry. Everyone wanted her out at the beginning of the week, I know.


Brendon: I knew it was going to be me and Dominic. She stabbed him in the back but who is going to be interested in their relationship? He's a cute guy and everything.

Rach: Jordan's been helping me with my make up and everything all week.

Brendon: I know I saw you up there and i thought you looked pretty with less make up.

Jeff: See? I told you!

Rach: I had my contacts out, pimple cream on, my retainer in and I'm talking to you. Jeff comes in and was laughing at me.

Bren: I still feel flabbergasted dude.


Adam: I thought they would show what the twist is.

Jord: Me too

Adam: See? They said you had a chance...

Shelly: See you have to watch every move you make in this house right from the beginning. Some times you just get frustrated and you go blow.

Jord: yes, it's hard, very hard.

Kalia comes in talking about goodbye messages

Adam: Don't worry, they edit which ones you see.

Jordan: I hope he's ok (Lawon)

Shelly: Oh yeah, I told him, please don't ever lose that smile. Your kindness and your heart.

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8:23 PM BBT

Jordan: I told him that I was not voting for him, that I had been Rachel since the beginning. He said that was cool.

Shelly: He had to be in shock. With a 6-0 vote. He had to have thought he had other votes.

Adam: I talked to him just earlier and he said I had to do what I had to do. And I told him he had to take the chance. When he was playing I was trying to help him he was getting them close, they'd hit the hole but no go in.

Shelly: I liked the colour of my ball. We could hit them around or something. I hope they leave them.

Adam: Not going to happen.

Shelly: Adam why do you always think you're right? They might,leave a couple without names.

In Purple Room Kalia chomps chips. She is pissed and upset and she needs time. She recognizes it.

In Have not room Rachel is attached to Brendon like a Mon ChiChi. "Yeah Brendon! Yeah Brendon!" Jordan comes into room to cuddle with Jeff. "Hey, every time I come in the room you all leave." Brendon is just wanting to make some pizzas. Rachel and Brendon leave and Jeff says he called it.

Jo: Adam said that Shelly and Porsche are concerned.

Jeff: I told him. I told him, yeah man don't worry.

Brendon comes back in

Jeff: Oh man that would be so funny if you brought my underwear back.

Brendon: I just threw it out this morning.

Jordan: Look at both of you unpacking. I swear her mood is like 360. (Perhaps 180 dear?)

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8:49 PM BBT Dani and Porsche are in the kitchen eating. Kalia is in the DR. Brenchel are huggy huggy kissy kissy. Brendon states that he can't believe America likes him and gave him a million votes. Rachel "over a million". Rachel joins Jordan in the HNBR. They are discussing the irony on how low Rachel was this entire week and how it has completely turned around. She is still amazed that she managed to avoid eviction this week plus America voting Brendon back. She says she feels like dancing.

8:53 PM BBT Kalia comes out of DR "Who wants to play HoH?" Trivia. (They probably want to get it in before BBAD tonight-Goldylucks)

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