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July 27th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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E & K :

K: Are you upset?

E: Not at all.

K: That's good

E: I just came out, didn't know A was gonna leave. I'm not giving anyone the satisfaction of me being upset. That would mean I care about the people i'm upset about.

K: ok eric

Walked inside and left E outside

K tells R&S what E just said

K&S leave the LR, and then R does too.

BB: Eric, please go to the diary room

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12:38 PM BBT

Kaysar asks Eric "Pretty upset?"

E: (Eating a sandwich) Not at all. (Shaking head) Nope

K: Really

E: Not at all

K: That's good

E: It is

K: (getting up) I just came out here...didn't know April was going to leave (walking away)

K: Well you seem pretty upset

E: No, I'm not upset at all. (walking to the door to go back inside) I'm not giving anyone the satisfaction of me being upset.

Kaysar chuckles

E: Why bother? That means I would care about the people I'd be upset about

K: Ok Eric

* honestly, I did not see Eric make eye contact with Kaysar this whole time*

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Guest Kalla

A to Jen, cap anf Rach

"We have all voted now, we are done...."

[looks like all votes for tomorrow are complete]

BB- "Maggie, please go to the diary room."

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Guest Kalla

Jen talking bout cutting off all her hair when she tried out for BB4.

Cam switch to Kay telling Jan about Eric getting sooky and going inside from BY.

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starting from when Sarah/Ivette/April are still on the patio...

I: what upsets me, just like we thought last week, you all think you have it all figured out for the rest of the game, how dare Kaysar say he had it all worked out for 3 weeks, you can't know...

BB: fresh batteries (Ivette leaves)

S: I'm not trying to push anything... tell me what did I do? did I put Maggie up? did I take james off?

A: I'm not mad at anyone

S: I went to Eric, we have a week, don't take it personal, how dare he, the entire time he says don't take it personal, but he's doing that

A: I think anyone would

(Kaysar comes)

K: honestly, listen...

A: hey, I've just been listening...

K: don't be mad at me

A: I'm not, not mad at anyone

S: I say good morning, and he doesn't, I can't hang out with Iv or Beau or you... Eric/Mag have said to leave them alone, I feel like I can't, I didn't put up Mag, take James up, put Eric up, I'm guilty by assoc.. I went to give Mag a hug, before she should have known about James, she says don't touch her..

A: so you are saying, be upset at others but not me

S: I'm just saying, if you say it's a game/etc, if that's what you are preaching, you need to live by those words

K: surprise surprise, things have gotten childish... we aren't sad, we were

riding the wave

A: how do you think I feel, sitting here in the middle?

K: they are sitting talking trash!

A: I swear they aren't talking trash all the time

S: I feel like on the playground, the 2 big bullies won't let me play

A: when you all are on HOH, I feel akward going up there

K: the day on the couch, everyone hugging, that was awesome, what a relief... then the next day all the trash talking again

S: next day, they can't say HB to me... eat, drink, but no HB

K: I was trying to make it lively... come to storage room, Eric goes ugh...

A: this is a learning process, we all need to be adults when up

K: this isn't a learn... nobody is talking trash from our end...

[oh really? lol how about the plans to trashtalk and intimidate everyone before the HOH comp on Thurs? lol maybe he means to their faces?]

no one saying we won't go to wrap and talk... we are begging, come talk, at the hot tub, when we get out they come over, how about that? I'm trying not to lose my cool, they are trying to make a point, it's so childish

A: I'm not trying to say it isn't

K: fine, we don't need them, but we want everyone to be friends

A: me too

K: don't talk trash, be cool, be adult... want to hang out? ignored... moring... ignored

A: like I said Sarah, if they do that....

S: I'd rather sleep til noon and be comfortable... first I saw this morning was Eric and that doesn't feel good

A: you don't have to explain yourself to me, feel you can't talk to me

K: you've been good

S: on my BD, everyone is you are so cute, Mag is in chair, feet up, I was over there, thought she'd put her feet down, but pulled it closer...

K: she did that? and it was the only chair open? I'll be blunt, that's why I flipped the house, people were being bullies! That's why! Ivette still can't get it together, look how people are treating others

S: she thinks you are lying

K: let her, let her look at the dvd... some people can't think for themselves, she can see someone being beaten down, and think it was their fault...

A: she's trying to say, she's making her decisions herself, not Eric

K: she won't, she will do... listen, I'm good at reading people, she will do what the group says, if Eric wants her to something she will, so if Mag tells her... what she doesn't realize is, she was going up, plan a, she was going up... only reason I put up Eric, he was trying to cheat me back door, she can't get that thru her thick skull

S: when he put up James, it showed how easy Eric turned on James

A: I didn't know any of this was going on

K: nobody knew... I'll tell you once again, Jan, Howie didn't know, James didn't know, nobody, even at the last minute I had to make the final decision, Ivette was going up, not because I didn't like her, I wanted to show you were being played, that this group wasn't so snuggly

S: I almost wish you had put up Ivette, just to show everyone...

K: that's it

BB: A/Jan, please change your batteries

(A/S leaves, E joins K at patio)

K: pretty upset?

E: not at all... nope

K: ok

E: not at all

K: that's good

E: it is...

K: you seem pretty upset

E: not at all... I'm not giving the satisfaction... that would mean I care about the people I'm upset...

K: ok Eric...

(Eric goes inside, then Kaysar)

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Janelle and Kaysar in HOH room (just started feed)

K: eric is going to see how nice i was and how much i respected him in my DR entry's.. however i don't think it will matter to him

J: what can you do..

K: what can you do, you can't please everybody, especially people who are not in line with how you think things should be.

J: do you think he left them on strick instructions on what to do

K: he probably told them who to take out next and stuff.

K: it doesn't make a difference.

K: the only one who is really loyal to him is maggie and ivette.. everyone eles there is no loyality.

J: uhm uhm..

K: who cares, it doesn't really matter.

Missed a line of convo here..

K:You know, it is the game but it's not about the game, i think about how live works and it's very similar. It's really sad

J: yeah

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jan & kay in HOH room

k - even james came to me like mid-week even before i got hoh, "eric has a lot of pull in this house, I could never allign with him"

jan 0 uh hu

k- I just have to get him out, i knew james was gonna be tough to get on my side, and i knew it would be hard to get rachel...

j - wouldn't people be like "hello???"

k - the people that were so in love with him that were blinded with him are still stuck with him, the scared ppl were the people that didn't know what to do are now with us...

j - we could still have gotten plan b

k- what was plan b

j- the other option we had (whispers) we wouldhave gotten him out

k - here sthe thing, it would have been a lot of energy, a long drawn out thing, we chop off the head and its gone in one clean swipe

j - i'll be so glad when hes gone

k - me too he is still a problem in this house

j - it doesn't make sense to me why they wouldn't have their own brain

k - i know eric is thinking in his head that it is this whole jewish muslim thing, but it is not, he will se in the end that it is not that i respected him...

j - yeah but what can we do...

k - what can we do??? we can't please everybody, esp. those that are not in mind with what you think things should be...

j- do u think he left some strict inst. on what to do?

k he probably said who to stake out

k - who knows

k- the only one that is really loyal to him is mag and ivette, the thing is they are gonna forget what... they will forget what they are set out to do, it really doesn't matter

k- i guarantee that I is gonna crumble.


k- sighs, you know its not that , it is the game, it is about how life really works, it is similar, it is really sad.

j- uh hu

k - thats why i think that it it sok to think it is ok to go to iraq and kill ppl and fight a war, people are dying, look how it is not right, no matter how much you tell someone that it is not ok you can't get to them, they just don't get it

j - ivette is narrowminded

k - she is like a getto gametrooper(?) she'll get a tatoo (laughs) she'll jump off of a cliff

k - whatever sigh***

jan - whatever

k - ya know the things is like james was saying, that every week is pretty much fought in line (don't know what that means)

j- april says that it goes week to week, she is not gonna make a decision

k - she is a floater

k she doesn't want to be with them, but she has no place with us. that is why we keep winning

k - it's game on tomorrow, i'm waiting patiently for tomorrow

jan - i have been working out hard, i hope it is physical

k - me too

k - please i hope we get this. if not i'll be devistated, i'll be devistated...

k - if you wanna listen, listen, to the music,

jan - ok

(jan puts on head phones and starts rocking out)

k just sitting there staring at here

camera goes to outside

e to i

e - you ok

yeah i am allright

rach and jenn are there too

e- you better not cry

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Guest okw fan

1:10 pm BBT

Howie called to DR

Maggie and Eric went inside-no feeds on them

Feed 1 & 2: Ivette, Jenn and Rachel outside at table in BY

Feed 3: LR nobody there

Feed 4: kitchen table-nobody there

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Guest Kalla

Jen telling Ivette she will have fans when she gets out...

Ivette, ... no they won't, I'm like the evil lesbian.

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Guest okw fan

Rachel, Jenn and Ivette talking about the fans who watch BB and how they get obsessed. They start fan clubs of their favorite HG. Jenn said to Ivette when she gets out she'll have a website about her.

Now talking about American Idol and how the age was increased this year. Rachel talking about how some of the AI contestants were at the same hotel she was, and then we got fish....

1:17 pm BBT

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Guest Kalla

Rach telling jen and ivette about Carrie Underwood being in the hotel room next to her...she heard Carrie playing guitar and singing, she als saw Beau Brise, anthony(?) Federoff, (pls excuse spelling of the names)

(american idol talk)

Then cut to fish....

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Feed comes back.

Sarah, james and april in and around the pool talking about body weight.

April is telling sarah that she wants to wear an article of her clothing, the blue jacket thing.

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April/Jan in the HOH room talking

J: what?

A: I don't know, what he's going to want to talk to me about? I'm sick of talking strategy, we don't know what's going to happen each week.. I'm in this for myself/Jen... if you are going to be a group, don't get so many involved.. I told Kaysar last night, it was nice being able to talk about family/etc, not strategy/what to do...

(April goes into HOH restroom, Jan goes back to headphones)


Kaysar/Jan in HOH

K: so, that's that, he's upset, he's convinced he's right, he feels probably embarassed about what happened

J: about not winning?

K: pride, he was leading a group, happy to be on top, people listening to him, took care of them, gave them speeches, like telling a race car driver you can't drive, or a pilot you can't fly... to be taken out that early in the game

J: how could someone not take him out? you'd have to be a moron

K: the longer he is in, the harder it would be to get him out... even James came to me mid week, he was saying Eric has a lot of pull, I think he's going to make it to the end... I could never align myself because of what happened 3rd day... if I can't be with him, how can I get him out.... I knew James would be hard to get on my side, but I knew I could get him... possibly Maggie, but I couldn't get him, so I had to get him out

J: even if he stayed in, wouldn't people in like 3 weeks be saying hello...

K: no, here's the thing... look what happened, the people so in love with him, blinded, with no voice, are still stuck with him... the ones that were in the shadows but didn't know what to do are with us... the scared people would still continue to support him, because there was no better option, and they would have continued runing the show...

J: we still could have done plan b

K: Ivette?

J: whisper.. James... then we'd have a fighting chance to get Eric out...

K: it would have been long and drawn out, limb by limb... this was one clean swipe

J: I'll be so happy when he is gone, he was such a problem

K: he continues to be... as much as they say they will be ok, they have no guidance

J: doesn't make sense how they have no brain

K: I know Eric is thinking, the whole situation... I guarantee it... when it's not... he's going to see the DR, how nice I was to him, how I respected him... but it probably won't matter... [guess they forget some of us also type what they say all the time? lol]

J: what can you do?

K: what can you do, you can't please everyone, especially the people wo are not in line with what you... the way you think things should be [et tu, Brutus? lol]

J: think he left strict instructions on what they should do?

K: proably who to take out first... doesn't make a difference.. only one really loyal to him is Mag and Iv... everyone else, there is no loyalty... the thing is, they will forget the objective, the emotion, they will get scared, forget what to do... who cares, really doesn't matter... I guarantee Iv is going to crumble...

K: you know, it's not that, it is the game, but it's not the game, when I think how life really works, this is similar... to how life is.. it's really sad... that's why I think like, like it's ok to go into Iraq and kill and fight a war... like Iv you give her proof, people are dying, there are no weapons, it's not right to kill, no matter how much you tell them, you can't get thru to them... Eric, I won't say he is a bad guy, but you try to convince and...

J: Iv is very narrow minded

K: she's like a ghetto gang member... she'll get a tatto on her chest, her allegience to Eric til I die... whatever...

J: whatever... next week's a new week

K: but the thing is, like James was saying... the week's pretty much fought/won Thur and Fri

J: April keeps saying it's a week to week game... she'll make decisions based on that

K: she's a floater

J: I'm not going to point finger and say it's wrong, but come on

K: she doesn't want to be with them, but same time she has no place with us... the group is locked down with six people... she knows that... that's why we need to keep winning... it's game on tomorrow

J: I hope it's physical

K: if it is, they are done... please, I hope we get this, I really do... their moralle will be completely devistated...

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1:42 pm BBT

Howie and rach are in the living room folding laundry and talking.

It's really hard to understand when they talk as rach is very low toned. They said something about next week. hopefully someone got the conversation.. it was extremely brief.

Jenny is doing a pedicure on Ivette, eric is lingering around the table.

sarah and james are at the patio, Sarah is eating some sandwiches.

April is standing around the table fixing her bathing suit, trying to get rid of her tan lines.

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Conversation between james and sarah at the patio table.

S: i love you

J: i love you more

S: no, i love you more

S: aren't i scary looking right now

J: no

James takes a bit out of sarah's sandwich

J: i hate white bread.

S: i don't like the wheat bread

J: it's not wheat bread.

S: it has those little bits in it that you crunch on.

S: we need saralee stuff i like so much

James is talking about fibre and getting people "regular" (haha) James thinks the bread is provided by sponsors.

S: they provide this bread probably because they want us at our weekest, however they supply vitiams for us. why don't they just update the bread.

J: i don't know.

J: this would have been a good week to do a subway thing or something

S: yeah

J: it's so funny that eric is doing everything he yelled at michael for

S: yeah, be a bigger person. if you are going to go, you are going to go. you mind as well show everyone in the house you will be the bigger person about it. If you where to go next week.

april is interupting the conversation.. she wont shut up so they can continue to talk.

S: if you where to up next week, you know you are pretty much gone, if you have a good time, joke and laugh it will really show people.

J: i'm not going home next week, i have two more weeks i have to get through.

S: i know.

James and sarah go inside. April is in the pool by herself getting some rays.

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