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July 27th Live Feed Updates

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Rachel listening to music.. James mentioning cauliflower and broccoli to Sarah.

Sarah: Did you hear him make fun of you?

James: I never made fun of you, Rachel

Sarah: He said broccoli

Rachel: oh quit! B-R-O-C-C-O-L-I!


Eric just got out of the shower. Sarah, Howie and James are in the kitchen. Maggie, Beau, April, Jennifer and Ivette are all asleep.

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The camera men seem bored right now, F3 is focussing on Jen sleeping, focussed on her backside and now focussed on her head. F1 is watching howie stir a shake, the camera goes up and down up and down and he moves the spoon in the shake, then follows the angle of howies arm from his hand to his head. F2 is of the table, F4 is of the main bedroom. F1 is now switching between each person in the kitchen area as james and sarah do the dishes. F3 has now switched to janelle exercising. F4 is I think maggie sleeping (female with orange earplugs and an eye mask)

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Kaysar is playing with the round coasters and Rachel went to get a sweatshirt.

When she comes back and makes comments that everyone is sleeping. Janelle in gym still.

Rachel comments that Eric is disgusted with James and said he will never talk to him again.

Howie is having a shower and using both sides. Rachel comments. "Does he know you can see when you don

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Eric: One thing I can't stand is a hypocrite

Maggie: Yeah. You and I both.

Eric: Specially a religious one. It's not my life

Maggie: Religion should have never been bought into this game. You see how religious beau is and he's not...

Eric: He keeps his mouth shut and just reads his bible.

Maggie: yteah

Eric: and that's part of his strategy. Isn't that f*n sick?

Maggie: I don't think it was. I just think he doesn't..

Eric: He certainly put out to be devout muslim much more than he is

Maggie: He did play with it and that's sh*tty

Eric: Like you said.. he's got a much higher authrority that he's gonna have answer to one day. not me.


Eric: At the wrap party. They're gonna ask me if I have any hard feelings.. I'm gonna say not at all, I just choose to not have people like James, Janelle, and Kaysar in my life. I don't have room for that. I have too many good people in my life. That will be the end of it. That's the truth. I have way too many good people in my life. I don't need people like that in my life. Negativity - so concerned about the way they look. I hate that s***.

Maggie: Vanity for me is such a turn off.

Eric: Totally. I'm not about that shit. I know I could look better... I'm not saying I couldn't update my wardrobe a little bit, don't get me wrong.

Maggie: I could be more girly.. but I just don't give a f***


Eric: It's just not me. Julie loves me for me. She's not trying to change me, she gave up. I take off my clothes and I still do it for her as much as she does it for me. That's all that matters, that we still have passion and romance... I'd rather buy a pool than by myself a wardrobe.

Maggie: I know..

Eric: I like being a fireman. I like wearing this s***. I like who I am. I'm proud of what I do. And I don't give a f*** what people think of me.

Maggie: I don't want to be not like.

Eric: 7 years ago and I was still searching for acceptance, I'd have been screwed in this game. I'd be concerned of how I look, I'd be like Janelle.

Maggie: My life has really kicked the useless things out of me. I'm glad.

Eric: That stuff is superficial and pretentious.

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K/H/R in the living room

K: I think you two want each other

H: ahh..I Could make a box lunch out of you. [Rach]

K: I"m going to throw up

beau, please go to the diary room


K/H throwing coaster, Rachel laying there.

K saying he will practice day and night.

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Guest ranster627

MOD Mark

Great Job Team.


Please remember to post ONLY what you see and hear on the live feeds.

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R: theres so much hate in this house.

H: they aren't worth a damn in the real world.

H: you know who your real friends are outside

K/H/R whisper briefly, then back to coasters.

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