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July 27th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Jenny, Ivette, Eric and howie are in the kitchen talking about some nasty stuff.. Sex talk and how penetration is not as good as getting "eaten" out (sorry, i wont elaborate any further on that)

Howie is bragging on how "good" he is and every girl would be like niagra falls.

OMG, ivette is going into FULL details....

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Pool conversation between james and april.

A: the house alone is bring me down, no that eric is leaving i don't want him to bring people down.

J: we'll all soon be in the same position. i dont think eric should be as mad at me as he is. anyone eles in my spot.

A: no one should be mad.

Lost feed...

J: you have to look at your options when you are nominated, i knew the votes wouldn't go my way

A: he wasn't asking people to vote you off. the reason why people would vote you off is because you are stonger.

J: i dont vote against anyone for personal reasons. Eric refused to do the veto for me.

A: that is where he screwed up

J: he could have at least told me he couldn't use it on me. i knew either way i was screwed.

J: kaysar told me that the votes where going to be against me. i knew i was toast. what could i do.

J: i could have picked howie but i wanted the best player "janelle"

A: did you guys talk before hand?

J: no

James is telling april how they changed their minds from ivette to putting up eric and justifying why he had to win veto to take himself off.

*sarah joins conversation*

A: when i read the veto comp, i was laughing and thinking how many people where going to be upset because it was chess.

A: i was told if anyone talks im suppose to shut it down (the game)

*howie joins the conversation*

They are talking about working out and the equipment in the gym.

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Howie/Rachel convo on the couch a bit ago... while folding clothes...

they were talking about playing both sides, fine with the other side winning at some point and taking out some of their team, since they wouldn't be the main targets [good thinking]

R: next week is critical

H: I think you're safe

R: James or Kaysar

H: you think so

R: if they are smart...

also, Rachel got onto Howie for not drying the clothes enough, they are still wet

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A: do you think people are going to notice us when we get out?

H: yes.. i was on elimidate and blind date and people noticed me.

Howie is joking around how him and sarah are a "couple" and have been for about 4 hours.

James is talking about his first 4 hours with sarah when they met and how they talked and talked and talked...

Howie: how long did it take before you banged her? *no answer*

Howie: what about a month?

James: ill let sarah answer that if she wants to

James: wait till i get married

Howie: how long did it take before you banged matt

April: 3 months

Howie: he must have been in love *wow*

Howie: is he gay?

Sarah: how old where you guys?

April: 21

James: you must have intimidate the shit out of him

Howie: matt didn't de-virginaize you? some other guy?

April: yes

Howie: i gotta look for a virgin

James: no you don't, what would you want with a virgin?

April: i'm going to be a virgin by the time i get out

Sarah: aren't you a virgin if you wait 7 years?

April: no, you never become a virgin again

Howie: you very verbal?

April: depends

April: i couldn't imagine being without my husband

James is joking around about how when he makes love to sarah he has to check if she's awake

April: when was the last time you had sex howie?

James: other then yourself

Howie: april

James: when i was on the road i always got sex

Howie: i've been travelling

Howie: actually i had a chick that was going to come over but i left that day. I have to jerk it..

Howie: if i like the girl then it's about the girl, if i don't like the girl it's all about me.

Howie: i love the box.. i'll spend hours there. ( a lot of sex talk today)

James: if you got HOH 7 weeks from now, who would you put up?

Howie: hmmm 7 weeks.. i dont know.. hmmmm

Howie: i'd put up eric if he was here, i'd put up mike if he was here.. ashleah too.

Howie: kaysar's pretty smart

April: i'm just glad you wouldn't put me up, cause i would still be here

Sarah: would you put me up?

Howie: probably not unless you weren't showing me boobies.

*they are joking around right now with this conversation, it's not serious*

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Ivette, jenny, eric and rach are still at the table talking about work and such. Maggie is looking and talking about the fish.

Eric is blabbing about work and what he does on a daily bases for which day. Eric is telling rach that the firestation can't have animals due to liability issues.

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2:24 pm BBT

Feed's one and two are showing the HOH room - Can't tell if kaysar is sleeping or just laying sideways listening to music or both.

Feed 3 is showing howie working out

Feed 4 is showing a top shot of the pool with james, sarah and april.

no conversations really happening right now.

Janelle is finally around. she is having a smoke at the patio.

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James and howie are at the patio table - janelle is in the kitchen.

H: ivette has no game.

J: anyone who wins HOH is a threat

*rach joins the conversation*

J: everytime racheal comes near you howie you act differently.

H: maybe when we get out of here i'll ask her out.

H: you want a full year of sex before you leave

R: it's not worth it

J: you have your other stuff

J: those are some funky underware

H: mike gave them to me, he gave me razors too

J: that was nice of him

J: she's beautiful howie

H: there is more then what meets the eye

*BB - Kaysar please go to the DR*

R: awsome kaysar is awake, maybe i can go listen to some music.

j: i cant wait to get maggie out of here.

BB - houseguest's this is a lockdown, please go outside and close the sliding door.

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Guest Befferz182

Outdoor LD

they are all taking pics with the digital camera

they get a pic of james and his pb and j sandwhich

just everyone posing for different pics

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Guest Befferz182

Mag and Eric start to talk about who they think will go up next week and K walks over and takes a pic of them

2:45BBT one of the girls talks into her mic

(i think maggie) about how she needs to go the bathroom really bad.. begging

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maggie has to use the washroom really badly.

She is talking very close to her mic begging BB to let her in to use the washroom. She was telling big brother she has to go NUMBER #2

Everyone is posing for pictures..

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James and howie are at the patio table - janelle is in the kitchen.

H: ivette has no game. 

J: anyone who wins HOH is a threat

*rach joins the conversation*

right before this, James/Howie decided Maggie is the target, and Jen will be the second nomination, IF they get HOH Thursday

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also on the outdoor LD, Eric/Mag on the hammock, Eric told Mag he is gone, said he asked Rachel if she is ok, and Rach said no, not really...

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thx george.

Big brother let maggie in because she was in so much pain trying to hold it in.. they told her to hurry up and no one eles can go inside.

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Guest Befferz182

maggie is in pain begging for BB to let her in saying now shes going to take the mic in with her

BB lets her in with the lock down still going on 2:55 BBT

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Guest Befferz182

Howie talking his usual talk about girls, still just taking pics

MAggie just came out.. now there thanking BB saying she doesnt feel good 3:03 BBT

they ask if shes feeling better and she says not really

the LD is now over

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Maggie is now outside and feel's better - she thanked big brother for letting her come in through her mic.

Everyone is just hanging out.. pretty much doing nothing, kaysar is still taking pictures..

BB- HG's the lockdown is over you are now free to walk around the house.

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Beau and Ivette are talking in the bedroom.

Ivette:Let's say we put up Janelle or Kaysar.

Beau:He'll Veto them.

Ivette:We should Veto them? No? If he picks me, he would've dammend himself.

Beau:Yeah. You can't say that. If you get veto, I'll put up Sarah.

Ivete:Yeah and we'd have to up up Janelle either. If one of us gets HOH, we'll work together and choose who we get to put up.

Beau:There's a 90% cance that one of us won't get HOH. I guess Kaysar is not playing. James is so is Jannelle.

Ivete:James and Janelle are playing. Howie. Tomorrow they're going to walk around to find out stuff though. Evereyones probably going to be insaine tomorrow.


Beau:Maybe it is like that.

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Guest BigBroAddict

Ivette: Howie...(looking for Howie).

She tells Howie that Beau has a golden ass, everyone who takes a bite loves it. She is trying to get Howie to get with Beau. Howie says "Oooh my little Beau Beau. I hate chicks but I love p*ssy!"

3:46 BBT

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Ivette: I hate to see him packing his bags

Beau: It's sad.

Ivette: I really honestly felt that we were gonna go far with him.

Beau: uh hmm..

Ivette: You think that James and Sarah will eventually get on each others nerves?

Beau: You should see how he is with her. He doesn't even want to hug her or touch her.


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