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July 27th Live Feed Updates

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they are making fun of april at the spelling food comp. saying spel pepperoni..spell matthew..

Howie: Jennie spell period panties

K: sick!!

Howie to the DR

H: nah, im playing coasters bb, maybe later.

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April tells rachel and kaysar that after tomorrow the teams are even, 5 and 5.

rachel agrees, kaysar changes the subject to the tropical fish.

Howie just got out of the DR

April: how long howie?! how long?! [until they can go outside]

R: he probably forgot to ask

[no answer from him]

fish all 4 feeds

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no more fish..looks like they got something to practice for HoH comp

something with a ball and a board. april seems to be doing good.

they joke...

h: April wins hoh!!!! and howies on the block!

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Ivette thinks they will only have 1 roll.

A:: yeah, but we will be a lot more nervous tomorrow.

A: this is knowing your own strength

H: I don't know if I can beat you April..

looks like howie, sarah, ivette, april, kaysar, janelle, rachel, jenny are outside around the practice thing.

howie seems to be sharing strategy with rachel.

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for those of you who aren't seeing the practice thing..it's just a little bowling ally type of thing, but a hole in the middle where i assume the ball has to go into.

someone said they can hit others ball out the way.

A: thank god this doesn't require brain power.

apparently Janie just did well, because howie said JANIEEE! when she was done rolling.

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the consensus seems to be that April and Janie are the best, they are the only ones who got positive feedback.

Ivette doesn't seem to be rolling hard enough, and Howie looks as determind as ever to get this right.

James: if it makes it there it's good...

H: if it doesn't make it there it's bad

howie made a comment that he wont win with april around.

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James just took his first rolls, gets positive feedback from the on lookers.

Eric saying you never know if it will be the same rules as when you practice, you never know.

Jen just had a very good roll and looks satified with herself.

Howie: I was skeeball champion for two weeks!

((thats what it is!! skeeball!!!!!!!!!!)

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sarah flips out when a bee is around her. howie hits it with his shoe and kills it. sarah says HOWIEEE and is upset with him.

Howie suggests that sarah should be penalty nominated because she hit his butt with her shoe

maggie took her first roll..does it good. people clap.

howie says april lost her touch

it's ALL the hg's out by the skeeball thing now..people ahve brought chairs around it.

howie says this is a tough one, "as good looking as i am, i don't have any coordination"

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Maggie looks absolutely discusted right now

nobody is talking really except for Howie..he is very obviously lightening the mood...

MOST of the hg's will compliment each other even if they are from the other 'team'

maggie is silent and discusted with everyone it seems, but every one else seems to be giving compliments and good/bad feedback, and helping one another.

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Beau thinks tomorrows will be bigger, eric thinks it will be the same.

Ivette got a hole in one, she looks happy, but says that won't happen to her tomorrow. Eric was encouraging.

Howie: so far april is the new hoh.

mostly Everyone: oo ivette!

H: oooo ivettey!!! you will be tough to stop tomorrow.

A: sucks because once you throw it you know if it was too much or too little

A: they will move it everytime, they will clear it.

B: I don't think so, in season 3 everyone had their own color

Jam: yeah, you never know what they are going to do.

Jen just got very close 2 times in a row.

H: we only get one throw tomorrow

[they don't know this for sure, they discussed it earlier and came to that hypothesis]

Ivette just threw a nice one again...compliments from both 'teams.'

((sounds like howie saying carpet muncher all the time either outloud or to jen))

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James and Sarah go inside and say it's a disadvantage t keep the other balls on, because then people just aim for each others balls and not for the target.

apparently...you need to get as close to the middle as you can without going in.

Howie dethrowns April as 'hoh' and reinstates Beau ((beau got closer then April had earlier))

james and sarah come back outside.

Maggie and Eric on hammock alone...eric says they don't know if it will be seperate throws so you can't make that kind of a plan.

Maggie telling eric about some sort of plan..but eric says why would they want you to bank unless there was an obstacles.

M: Ivette and James made eye contact when they threw

E: you're reading too much into it.

M: I"m totally alone in here.

E: if she works with james, im totally done with her right now. if she has something with him..i swear to god. if i come out of here and i say that.. im done woith her too..i swear to god. it better not be true.

M: she seems like such a retard ((?! who now?!))

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M: I'm putting sweats on..I'm practicing alllll night..swear to god I am...I'm gonna be out here for a long long time...

Maggie: I saw rachel talk to k, james talk to k.. dont tell me you're a victim..

Eric pulls ivette inside and says 'james is eyeing you hard.'

E/I/M inside

E: someone has to win. period. end of story. someone has to come through. and if you don't you're all going home. eventually.

M: we're all going home eventually anyways

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Sarah whispering to James and Kaysar strategy about banking and rolling. can't hear anything, but Kaysar telling them they need to practice practice practice. nobody has really left the practice, except for a few minutes at a time to change, bathroom, etc.

Rachel telling [whispering]: howie there could be obstacles because its whoever gets closest without going over

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So it's everyone that's outside together practicing still.

Kaysar and James blantly whispering strategy. Howie blantly walks over to James and K and talks more ball strategy.

Sarah and Janelle whispering strategy also. Janelle seems to think it will be HITTING balls, not rolling.

James gets up for his turn,Rach sits in James chair next to Kaysar and whispers strategy with Kaysar.

Seems the sov 6 are swapping plans and ideas, very obviously I might add, since everyone is all around the skeeball thing.

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I/B in workout room

Ivette saying 'they' are shitting their pants.

Beau says hell yeah because he [beau], ivette, april and jen all did really good.

Ivette: yeah I was doing so good, james was eyeing me eric said.

Ivette: they are all nervous because we don't care if we win, i mean it would be nice, they win- then we go home, but if we win, great.

B: it's all about focus

I: son of a bitch..dont worry.

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they laugh that Beau got 5 hours of sleep in a nap today, making up for last night.

B: Janelle is one hot mess

I: why?

B: I don't know..she just looks weird.

Ivette is running, Beau is doing that like stand up bike thing ((No idea what it's called))

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E/J on hammock

E: Rachel said to me..James feels bad.. I was like fuck that.

Jen: rachels acting weird today..whats up her butt

E: I now I'm gone..but rachel is playing the victim because of howie..by the way shes been talking to me and stuff. thats what shes doing..acting all guilty..the victim, has to vote howies way. fucking sell it to someone else.

Jen: that's stupid..

E: you have it down perfect..you get it every time... [the game]

E: you might come out big tomorrow jen. who do you want gone..btwn you and I..

J: I don't do the whole nominate thing, then the veto.

E: i talked to everyone else about this..put up James and Kaysar...listen to my plan..if you put on james/kaysar they cant play for each other..as soon as you put them up go up to howie and say if you play for that veto, you win and take someone off, I'm putting Rachel up, because they have to ask Howie and Janelle. if you do that, as soon as you go to howie, you play and you win, even if you play someone else wins and takes them off..if you have played im putting up rachel. and go t rachel and I talked to howie, im giving you fair warning, if that happens you're going up. you're in win/win, james or kaysar takes themself off, janelle goes up. then one of those snake is gone.

J: I want to put sarah or janelle up.

E: NO!! YOU WANT ONE OF THE TWO RATS UP!!!!!!!...k? maggie, you, ivette, april..it makes the most sense. YOU HAVE TO WIN. someone HAS TO WIN.

J: I'm doing lots of praying tonight.

E: theres no loser if they go up at the same time

J: that's what I was going to do.

J: nobody will ask me or april?? [to play veto]

E: you get first pick if you're hoh.

E: so whoa re they gonna ask?! sarah?!?! yeah right..go head *laughs*

E: thats a sad place to be in your life if JAMES is your super hero.

sarah/james bashing.

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E: if you do it the way I say, the whole crew will blow. they have no loyalty to each other.

Jen: sarahs nothing alone.

((boy is eric working her!))

E: so that's my suggestion. that's what everyone else is going to do. it's the best way to split them up.

J: Im not gonna sleep tonght.. im so f---nervous.

[damn plane!!!!]

E: don't you ever trust rachel and howie..ever. you will see them hanging out with you now. you fucking watch. you watch! all of a sudden they will be you're best buddies. pick a side bitch! fucking piece of shit.

J: I'm trying so hard not to trash talk.

E: rachel has practced like twice..she's trying to fly under the radar. trying not t get caught up. BULL SHIT.

E; i'll guarentee you.... *cheers for maggie who is practicing*

J: notice how they are all still out here.

E: kaysar thinks hes the shit..fucking piece of shit.

E: maggie will be out here all night long..you watch

J: I'll stay up allni ght... I don't give ashit.

E: you fucking watch, james will fucking come begging like that little piece of shit he is. that fuckin little piece of shit..you watch.

J: I wish we could do a who could last the longest comp. id have no problem.

Jen says she would have not gotten off the surfboard if it was her.

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Eric trash talking Rachel: Pick a side, b*tch. You f*n piece of s***

Eric trash talking Kaysar : King Kaysar who thinks he's the f*n s***. He's a f*n piece of sh***

Eric trash talking James: You f*n watch James will f*n beg like the piece of s*** that he is. That f*n piece of sh***. f*n scumbag.


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