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July 27th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest somniac_mommy

9:48 pm. BBT:

HG's in Backyard are asking about hooking up the Hookah to have a smoke --Kaysar says that he has Grape, cantelope, and sour apple flavors. April says she will try the grape kind. Jen and April sitting around hottub now talking to Beau who is standing by them (discussing more food stuff.. cucumbers with vinegar...). Kaysar just left them to get the Hookah ready. Howie and Rachel not in hot tub aymore either.

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Guest somniac_mommy

Beau putting coals on hotplate to heat them up. April at table outside smoking, says she is going to take one hit and then go to bed. She's asking Beau if the hotplate is on..he says, no duh! Jen inquires about what they have to do next and April tells her she will show her. Don't see Kaysar, maybe he went to change into dry clothes.

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Maggie , Eric and Ivette still in Bedroom.

Maggie is lotioning her blistered feet. She asks Ivette to ask BB for Lotion and Bandaids.

When Ivette is gone, Maggie starts whispering to Eric about Sarah complaining about Janelle...but she breaks off when Ivette comes back in.

Ivette's Maggie works at a art gallery...or with art.

Ivette is offering to send jewerly or art to Eric's daughter. Earlier she said she was going to send her some after shower gel...

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Guest somniac_mommy

9:55 BBT

camera feed switches to indoors..

Janelle making up a bed in GR

Feed switches again

Howie is lying on the floor on his back with his legs spread apart. Beau appears to be massaging Howie's thighs.

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Eric is talking about his brotherhood of fireman. He is telling about how they will send people to other stations after tragedies for moral support.

Eric works at Station 1. One of the areas is the ODP..old dead presidents. Maggie is saying how MLK street is one of the worst areas. She asks Ivette if there is a MLK street in Miami, and Ivette confirms it is one of the worst areas.

Now they are commenting on how Sarah and James are fighting. Maggie explains he is trying to teach Sarah strategy. Eric said he heard them fighting earlier in the bedroom.

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Rachele: I told eric that if they get HOH next week they got our votes, I'm trying to keep us safe.

Howie: you're not only beautiful you're smart

Howie: people will do alot of things for $500,000, don't trust anyone

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Eric says it's about 40 hours til eviction.

Feed switches to Rachel and Howie. They are talking about how it only took 1 week for everyone to turn on Michael. Howie is talking about how the others will leave and go back to their mundane life.

Rachel says she told them she was pulled into the alliance, she is trying to keep the lines open with them (Them being the "good guys")

Howie says Rachel is as smart as she is good looking.

Rachel told everyone that James was behind all the veto/Eric going up strategy.

April told Rachel she thinks the plan is to get Maggie out next...and she told her that they will get rid of her (Rachel) before they get rid of Howie. Rachel is saying how stupid April was for saying that...because no one can predict who will get HOH.

Howie is saying that if they don't get HOH that it will divider their group...and they will start turning against each other. He loves the competition. Rachel would love to see Howie get HOH next week. He want's to put up April just to scare the hell out of her. Rachel says no, Ivette...and put April up as a pawn, and let her know she is there until she gains their trust.

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Howie says with 12 people in the house, he feels like he has already been through a full war.

Now him and Rachel are talking about friends...Frannie in particular.

Rachel: Kaysar says now he has Jennifers vote. Now it's 4-3?

Rachel: If April or Jennifer gets the HOH, we will be safe..because they would put up James.

Rachel is telling Howie how they were saying James would sell out Sarah to win.

Howie just ripped one and Rachel took off...

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Howie (to himself): I crapped my pants.

Feed switches to Janelle in gym She is alone, on the treadmill.

Breathing...doesn't appear to be from anyone in the room....sounds like Howie.

Switched to quad and now Howie is peeking in at Janelle....he then goes into the bathroom. Jennifer is in there working on here feet.

Jennifer: If we were in a plane crash and you had to eat one of us, who would you eat?

Howie: You or Janelle...because you have nice boobies.

Howie asks her...she can't decide between Rachel and James...James is leaner, but Rachel is older...so she is cured...

Howie wants to know who she would put up if she got HOH next week. She evades his question..laughing it off.

Howies says it will be a dog fight for HOH on thursday. He said he was going to put Jennifer up...joking. Howie says he wouldn't put her up for at least 6 weeks, there are more people he wants to get out. He says he would put Rachel out, unless she gives it up, then she could stay.

Back to cannibalism...they say April would be smoked meat...but she is too skinny...and wouldn't be much of a meal.

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Guest Shockalot

Penalty nomination?

Beau, APril, Kays and James smoking Hookah and talking about the incident in BB2 where the girl used a guests toothbrush to clean the toilet.

April says she was told thats what started the 'Penalty Nomination' rule.

James and Kaysar say they had never watched Big Brother before this. Kaysar only knows it from the DVD's or previous seasons they gave him. He did watch them.

April had asked if Kaysar could make a hamburger, put it on bread with Tobasco sauce and then she would eat the juicy bread from it.

James suggests that would go against the PBandJam ruling.

"But its just bread" says APril.

Beau cant get enough of the smoke Bong.

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Guest Shockalot

They theorise that BB put combinations like James the Republican-minded who would argue with Kaysar the moderate-minded Muslim.

Then Eric the Jewish guy with the 911 tattoo on his back.

Beau chimes in "And with two Gays?"

James ponders it and replies "Well.. do gays really cause any controversy anymore really?"

Beau agree's not really.

James suggests if there were two gay men maybe that would be controversial.

Beau says "Why... you think they would start making out with each other?"

Btw.. Sarah is sitting with Kays, April, Beau and James but is such a wallflower that I didnt even see here there lol.

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Feeds 1 & 2 show Janelle working out.

Feeds 3 & 4 show James, Sarah, April, Kaysar, Beau talking by the hottub (hottub isn't opened) just chattering.

Part of the chatter:

B: Where's the wrap up party?

A: I heard it was here.. not here here, but at the studio.

J: Bring some celebrity friends to come out.

B: Oh, they will probably be there

J: It's funny, I never recognize celebrities in person, but i recognie them in movies.

A: Danyelle? from season 3 will be there.. shes a big supporter.

K:Marcellas will be there.


J: Beau, If i get HOH, will you give me a hair cut?

A: what? you can get a haircut now.

J: I don't trust him unless i get HOH

B: I'll give it after nomination

J: Will you though?..... Not now though.


They are now talking about Beau Kissing Howie... last night.

They are trying to explain what happened to Kaysar.

K: Did he kiss your neck? did he really?

J: yeah...

B: The camera guy was right behind us.. and i was like.. woah

J: You don't like your mom seeing you kiss another guy?

B: I don't want to see my mom make out..

J: Good point.

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Howie is asking Rachel about her favorite position...he forgot...either missionary or reverse cowgirl. He's amazed she was a virgin until she was 20. She is the 1st or 2nd girl he would do there...

ah...football talk...switch feeds.James, Sarah, April Kaysar and Beau outside. James and Sarah are talking about their relationship and how they met. Oooh, they have the Hooka out...

They are talking about first impressions of each other? They must of seen each other before the show...

James hopes the mood will stay throughout the rest of the show...Beau says he didn't think it would happen.

Howie comes out Beau: Come here and let me give you a shotgun

Howie: How about I stick that up your rear end.

They are discussing the wrap party...where it's going to be. April is going to dance nasty because she will be so horny by then. James wants Beau to plan it. They figure Danielle from BB3 and Marcellus will be there.

James: Beau if I get HOH, will you give me a hair cut...I don't trust you til then.

Beau: Only after nominations.

They are talking about how Howie pressed Beau up against the wall earlier and almost kissed Beau...everyone was cheering them on. Beau didn't want do it it...he wouldn't want his mom see him making out on camera...

alright...sooo tired... Gnight

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Oh wow..

Kaysar is smoking the hooka again..

beau explaining what schools he applied for and talking about his sisters.

10:50 pm---

K: What's a shockra? (*sorry, cant spell*)

B: its like your inner soul...

K: What language is that?

B: yoga?

K: where did it arrive from?

B: Buddest..

10:52 pm----

A: I'm starving!

K: want some hooka?

A: Sarah, what did you eat for the today? like how much do you eat a day?

S: Half peanut butter sandwich.. piece of stuff Ivette made.. 4 pieces of toast with cinnamon.

A: And you're not starvin?

S: no, but i like starve myself.. like today.. and i took a nap then i was so hungry so i ate

S: Are you taking vitamins?

A: ---- a day (*couldnt hear*)

S: oh that doesn't help..

10:54 pm----

J: I couldn't think of any favorite songs

K: Mine was blank.

B: really?

K: yeah, the only reason they had GR up there was because I stood up to the camera and i was like ," i want GR please"

B: really?

K: yeah.

A: I wanna go to bed..

B: what so early?

A: beau beau, when you're smoking a hooka, it doesn't mean april has to stay up

B: You said you'd stay up till 1

A: I didn't say that...

K: These two won't sleep early (James & Sarah)

S: I might wake up early tomorrow to work out..

K: You just woke up a few hours ago..

S: I know.

11:00 pm----

S: What time is it?

B: like 11, 11:30...

S: I think i'm gonna go lay down... because the sonner i sleep.. tthe sooner its thursday.. and...

A: the sonner its my BIRTHDAY! i'm turning 31!

S: oh yeah..

J: Are you going to kiss your bf good night?

11:01 pm----

B: My mom is like 32D....

A: damn shes little.. 32 is little

B: then shes 34.. or 36C

H: Are these Jenny's panties?

B: yes put them down

*Howie sniffs them*

J: You're not a 32 are you? (to april)

A: no.. i'm 34... 32 is very small

J: yeah...

11:02 pm-----

A: let me tell you about howie.. howie goes and takes a shower.. and he puts the same damn thing on.

B: ewww

H: no i didnt.. i had blue shorts

H: Ask kaysar.. what was i sleeping on

K: uh....

11:03 pm-----

J: I really thought Eric was like my brother..we really got along well.. we worked out together in the morning.. and we hung out together.. it hurt thati knew he had to stab my back.. but its part of a stratergy.

A: Maggie and him is probably like.. you are to sarah (you as in james)

J: well thats the thing.. you didnt choose who to come here with

K: well you guys didnt know what i said in the DR.. but when i had to see michael go.. it really hurt

11:09 pm-----

S: My biggest thing is I don't even know what I want to do.

J: But when you go into college, you will figure out what you really like

K: i don't really know what to do

A: Mike? wants to go to Law school

K: I want to go to law school


J: I couldn't get an unpaid intern at CNN because I didn't have a college degree I mean.. its like your passport to so many different things.. the older you get the more crap comes

K: It's because the economy are so low.. and they don't want to take a risk

A: People with like MBAs are like competiting.. MBA that's like a friggin bachelor.

J: When you get out in the world.. you'll find that 30% of your class will have all these degrees.. like business admin.. marketing degree.. communications degree.. history.. things like that.. so its like.. what can you do with psychology .. you really need to have further education.

K: nothing is guranteed except for sciences.

A: the job i am in.. its very very secure

J: you're a pusher.. yous ell drugs.. *chuckles*

A: *uh huh.. ignores*

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They all came in from the BY.

Howie is in the toilet taking a dump..

Kaysar is washing out his smokingt hing...

Janelle is eating a peanut butter sandwich..

Beau is going to take a shower..

April is waiting to use the bathroom....

Janelle, Howie, and Kaysar is going to work out together once howie finishes his ....

11:42 pm----

Jennifer's feet fell asleep and she is kicking the counter... Janelle is trying to hit it with her hand.

Howie is massaging her feet now.

11:52 pm----

April, Jennifer, Sarah, Kaysar are now looking at the fish. James came out with his new haircut. (*i think he got a new haircut*)

Sarah thinks he looks cute.. so does April.

James saids he is a good school boy now.

April saids he is a gay school boy... *james smiles and leaves*

12:57 pm ----

James, Howie, Kaysar and Janelle are working out in the BY and howie is yelling softly "HOH.. HOH.. HOH"

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howie running around the backyard jogging..








james and kaysar setting up the chairs as hurdles.. howie jumping over them

james yelling "Welcome to the Special Olympics Backyard Relay!"

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Guest Peaches

April comes out to BY for a smoke and sees Howie running and Janelle working with weights.

April asks Janelle "what's your goal?".

Janelle says "to win HOH. Me and Howie are getting ripped".

Aprils asks who wants to take bets - Howie or Janelle?

Janelle says "Doesn't matter as long as 1 of us wins".

James and Sarah are snickering.

(ed note: too bad I couldn't see April's face - I bet she was annoyed)

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Guest Peaches

Janelle finished showering. Now detangling her hair in WC mirror. She has her hair parted in sections. Close up shots of what appears to be hair extensions.

Howie is in the shower stall shaving his chest and arms. Also brushing his teeth in there. Howie says "I just peed in the shower".

Kaysar in HOH WC.

All 3 agreed to meet in HOH room after nightly grooming.

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Talking in the bathroom..

Janelle: Did you ever believe Eric?

Howie: I did at first

Janelle: Did he tell you final four too?

Howie: Yeah!

Janelle: No! You with who?

Howie: Here's what he said "I'll never put you up. When it comes to the final four we gotta make decisions. We'll clear everybody out. And we're in the final four"

Janelle: What a dumbass! You didn't believe in that did you?

Howie: I kinda did, actually

Janelle: Are you serious?

Howie: I kinda did. What are you gonna do? But then when I found out he told everybody the same thing.

Janelle: Yeah he's a bastard.

Howie: ... I was just going by the consensus of the group.. to get all comfortable.. to hang out and I was just thinking where was I going to fit in the grand scheme of this after they wanted to get rid of you and Kaysar. Who's next? me? they were looking to make me the next villain.

Janelle: Are you serious? Why?

Howie: ...because they need a scape goat to get rid of somebody. Hopefully we can keep winning and get rid of everything they stood for

Janelle: Me too

Howie: The odds are definitely in our favour. or BB is working something or not to change those odds.

Janelle: You think they will?

Howie: They're not going to rig it and make it cheap. Cheap. But it's going to be something so everybody's got an advantage.


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