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July 27th Live Feed Updates

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Howie talking about how they will win hoh because they are 'ripped, pureed, and stratified.'

Kaysar whispering...the only people we can trust is ourselfs..that's you and 5 others.

Janie: what are you guys alking about.

Kaysar: the what if's

janie: you mean what if someone changed there vote?

K tells Janie that jen isnt voting with them

Janie: well i guess she's third

H: april wont put janie up..cuz then she wouldnt have ciggarettes.

soverign 6 are all sitting in lr (minus sarah)

just chit chat right now over howie going to the bathroom on his leg.

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Maggie, ivette, beau,April and (WHAT'S THIS?), Sarah in the BY

Ivette, Beau, Sarah seem to be getting along

Sarah telling a story, Ivette and Beau asking questions..maggie just eating, sitting furthest from sarah. april near the washing machines

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Feed switches to outside at the patio..

beau, ivette,maggie and sarah are there. Sarah is talking about her work and how great her company is.

April is sitting on the lounge chair by herself. (don't know why)

S: i love atlanta but i'm ready to move again.

I: your company would move you again?

S: if i don't stay with them, i know i can go back

BB: janelle please go to the DR

More conversation about sarah and her work.

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Ivette is singing and BB has not said anything yet..

Everyone is telling Ivette that she has a good voice. Now beau is talking about the spirit fingers and jazz hand from the movie "bring it on"

Now sarah has joined the spirit finger converstation, they are each trying to do them..

Feed Switches...

K: why do you look so worried, it's going to be ok (telling rach)

R: i'm cold

*james put's his arm around rach*

James: i got a kiss from rach howie

H: really, that bitch

J: don't call my GF a bitch

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Jenny and Beau are in the kitchen singing the same song as the group outside, the audio keeps cutting in and out however bb isn't saying anythign to them..

Audio is still out in the kitchen.. BB told them to stop singing.. audio returns.

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K to R : why do you look so concerned? it's going to be ok.

everyone seems to be singing this morning.

howie chasing jen around the kitchen asking her about the color/type/fabric of her panties.

Beau is calling howie annoying...[he seems genuinely annoyed]

beau says: f--- you to howie.

howie starts to say something..beau interupts and says shut up.. f-- you [again], then giggles.

H: I'm mad at you beau.

Beau: ahh get off me..stop it!

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11:39 BBT

Feed one - Showing howie, beau and howie in the kitchen.

Feed two- Showing the same thing from the top view

Feed three - showing kaysar sitting in the living room (no audio)

Feed four - Showing the kitchen table with no one at it.

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R: I heard you guys were outside practicing last night...

H: I want this HOH so bad...

R: I still like the idea of voting for Maggie... but I want to take Ivette out...

H: let's talk about it next week... if we get the chance...

R: they were talking this morning... I was out there... they didn't say much, except Eric said I can't believe they got mad because I called out the groups... I was thinking it's the game

H: they thought they would throw out one person at a time, that's what happens when you get comfortable [ummm, isn't that what the other side has been thinking this week?]

R: I hope April/Jen vote, so it's 7-2, that would freak them out, and fluster them to not win HOH

H: I like our chances

R: last week was random

H: K, Jan and me planned the night before, said we have to win it and yep, did exactly what we talked about... things change on a dime around here, I just want to be part of it...

(talk of surgery on her leg... Howie is being Howie to her in between strategy talk, Rachel talks of having stepdad)

Howie asks Rach if she wants to go home... she says no, but gets excited when saying she wants to go to Mexico... he says you are almost there....

[sounds like she's playing to get to the sequester house?]

Rach tells Howie Eric asked her how could we follow that group... shares comment about Kay/Jan/Rach/Howie being a foursome, not being able to trust James...

Kaysar comes by.. Rachel likes how Kaysar shaved this morning...

BB: Jennifer to the DR

Rach says she was the first one called in today... at 9:50[to vote?]... BB calls Jennifer again

K: she's not with us.... (shares with Rach/Howie, Howie talking to Jen while Howie whispers a little more to Rach)

R: I wanted her to do that though

H: the little &*$*!%

K: I came up here to tell you, wanted you to know... been thinking about it.... I can't do anything about it, I'm not happy about this decision, but it's not the end of the world

K: we're still cool, need to get HOH

(Jan joins, Howie being Howie... directed at Rachel still)

H: light work out today, light workout tomorrow... then win HOH, take no prisoners!

Jan: we are ripped!

H: ripped, cut, pureyed, stratified... (full list of terms lol)

[Rachel is the queen of soft talking!]

K: even if we had her vote... we still have others[targets?]

Jan: what are you talking about?

H: we don't have Jennie

K: just thinking, what if...

Jan: what if someone changed their vote

K motions Jan over and whispers in her ear... [sheesh, how do they expect us to hear them!]

(James joins them on the couch)

H: April wouldn't put Jannie up, because she wouldn't get cigarettes

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Ivette and Sarah in waht seems to be a heated convo.

Ivette is upset....talking 1000 miles a minute.

Sarah telling Ivette that if ivette and maggie were put up, eric would have turned on her also.

Ivette saying Jen/April/Beau had 'no f--- clue anyone else was paired up'

S: tell me why eric and maggie are mad at me

I: they are upset

S: did i put maggie on the block? did i win veto? did i take james off the block?

I: guilty by assosciation I guess. I won't speak for them.

S: i went to give maggie a hug.. DONT TOUCH ME.

I: it's bizarre to me...honest truth..people are tired of hearing this.. ((she tells the brother in jail story AGAIN))

[[[hey you're right, we are tired of hearing it]]]

Sarah is upset that she didn't do anything..Ivette agrees with her that it IS guilty by association.

I: stop trying to pinpoint like he IS the sheep hearder. we are ALL just as guilty. to sit here and say someone made an alliance the first 5 minute is WRONG, it's WRONG.

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Conversation at the patio with sarah and ivette..

Sarah is telling ivette why they put james and maggie up for nominations to prove how fast people will turn on people. especially ivette and james.

Sarah is asking ivette why everyone in the house is being rude to her and not talking to her. Ivette is telling sarah they are upset with her, she is quilty of association.

Sarah is stating her situation, she never put anyone on the block, she never took anyone off the block..

I: when did everyone become "we"

S: when ever i say "we" it's only me and james

Ivette is going on again about her brother and how his friends set him up. the entire story.

I: if i have to turn on you to gain myself a week, i wont do that

S: have i turned on you?


I: the thing that is pissing me off, is the reason's people are telling me, nothing is making sense. people are still trying to bring out that eric made an alliance with the boys right when coming in the house.

S: how can he make an alliance with the guys, then with you and beau

I: he never made a deal with us.

Ivette is telling sarah that the people should stand up for what they have said and who they have said it to.

I: if eric is really the sheep heeder. We all put up our parts in that, then that would make me quilty as well. It's wrong, everyone connected to someone.

Ivette will not really allow sarah to talk, she is controlling the conversation.

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Howie/Beau/Jen in the kitchen a bit ago....

H: I'm sorry if Janelle hurt you...

B: shut up

H: you know, I'm out of the club...

B: shut up!

J: you know why?

H: why?

J: chicken thighs!

B: chicken thighs! (B/J laugh)

silence for a bit... then...

H: Beau, will you cut my hair?

B: no, cut it yourself

H: come on Beau

(Howie starts to put his arms around beau, they appear to be joking)

J: see what happens when you tease somebody?

H: (turns and steps towards Jen, showing a little un-Howie-like aggression towards her) what I like are people that can dish it out and can take it, but wimps that can't take it, can kiss the back of my

you know what

B: exactly, I agree

H: thank you... if you can't take it, you're in the wrong place

J: what, the world?

H/B: that's right...

J: end it all now...

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I: i dont doubt that if anyone one of them get's HOH again i'm going up. i don't doubt that. I am not close to jannelle and them, i don't doubt that i'm the first one that will pop up in their mind.. i dont buy anything.

I: i find things hard to comprehend. i said to james, i'd love to come into this room and talk to you guys but i won't go in that room while janelle's in there.

I: i dont talk shit about people and then hang out with them

S: I feel strongly, looking back on my opinons of people, i let others opinons on people affect how i thought about them.

I: did james call them skankzilla

S: no

I: on serveral occasions, james said "fuck mike, he's trying to get in bed with skankzialla.

Ivette is telling sarah how much she hates janelle and for all the reason's she does.

1) she wasn't even there when april had our heart problem

2) her body language

3) when it's cleaning day she never cleans, she goes into the gym instead

S: i'm not trying to sell anyone here, but i didnt do anything but i feel like i was targeted because of who i associate with. I was forced to leave the group.

S: when i came and sat at the table, people got up and walked away.

Sarah is telling ivette about the day of her birthday and how ivette gave sarah her seat, however maggie takes the chair and put's her feet up on it and wouldn't let her sit down.

I: i'm not saying it's right.. i go by my own character, regardless of what anyone said, i go with what i think..

James joins the conversation.

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Ivette bashing James to Sarah.

Ivette now trying to get Sarah to dislike Janelle.

S: i'm not trying to sell her to you. I'm not trying to sell anybody to you. but I didn't do anything, and I feel I've been targeted because of my association. I was forced to leave their group. I'm not even saying a group, alliance, a team. When I sit down at a table, people get up and walk away. Did you not see maggie put her feet on my chair? did you not?

Ivette: oh absolutely...but I always think what I think

James Joins.

James to Ivette: sometimes you refuse to listen to the obvious

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Ivette saying she will only go so far to get 'it'. she is still talking about plan a and b.

Ivette keeps asking 'do you understand me?' 'do you see where I'm comming from?'

Ivette hardly letting sarah and James get a word in. James is trying to interupt her and finally wins.

James REexplaining what Sarah said about if Ivette was up, eric would have turned on her too.

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James, sarah, ivette.

James is telling ivette that he had to convience kaysar to put up eric. He wanted to show eric's true colors. He is really trying to show ivette how it really is.

Ivette is telling james and sarah that it is her time to go home.

J: i was betrayed, i turned my back on the person who betrayed me

I: i dont understand, if kaysar gave his word that he wouldn't put up eric. If i was going to go up..why would he tell me that his goal was to get me out. Do you understand why it doesn't make sense. Everyone has a different version

J: they can only go with the ones they where told

I: they wanted to expose eric and maggie

Ivette is telling james and sarah how kaysar said his word to eric was only up to the nominations, he didn't include anything about the VETO.

S: it breaks up the house because it showed how easily he turns on people.

J: who do you hate more then ivette, you guys hate eric more then anyone in this house. i will give you guys eric.. i didn't think i would get veto. If you guys get the votes to keep me this week, i will swear to get eric out next week.

J: i had to keep you safe ivette

I: kaysar wears on his life, that he wouldn't put up eric, it's very hard to believe your version because there are so many different stories. I'm not protecting eric, i'm putting myself out there. Everyone was just as much as part with the huge group where together.

J: it was up to 9 of us together. Eric told every single group that eric want's to be in the top 4 with them.

I: eric is being targeted because he exposed everyone in the house. he put everyone out there.

J: he's a little kid who want's to take his ball and go home.

James is telling ivette that by the end of the first week he knew that everyone was in pairs and who was paired with who.

James is telling them when mike was going to expose everyone on live tv, eric went to the big brother producers. eric told them what mike was planning to do and it shouldn't be allowed.

However now that eric is in the same shoes, he want's to do the same thing, james is telling ivette how unfair that is and selfish.

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Ivette is telling Sarah that she didn't like Janelle bc of what James told her. James told her that Janelle wanted Ivette out. So it's James' fault that Ivette doesn't like Janelle

Ivette defending Eric.

I: Everyone is saying that Eric is such a manipulater, but you know what, I'm a big girl. No one manipulates me.

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Guest BigBroAddict

April, Kaysar and Sarah talking about the "groups" how awkward it is. Sarah "Sure they ate my cake, pizza and soda but they couldnt even look at me and say happy birthday to me!"

April says when people are up (on the block) she is gonna campaign but I will take it how it is.

Kaysar thinks everyone is acting like 7-year olds and saying "they" are saying they wont come to the wrap-party and acting childish. He is seriously sick of everyone being childish. He is sick of the trash talk.

Sarah wants everyone to understand she feels uncomfortable with people giving her dirty looks. "I said goodmorning to Eric and he ignored me!"

April assures them she knows they feels and likes everyone. Sarah talking about Maggie (on Sarah's birthday) had her feet on a chair and wouldnt give it to Sarah on her own birthday and she was so hurt.

Kaysar says he is f*cking sick of the bullies in the house. Kaysar and Sarah say they really want Ivette and the others to see the DVDs so they can understand how bullied people were.

12:32 BBT

(this is a great convo!)

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A says that the point I was trying to get across is that she's making decisions on her own. That E or anyone else isn't controlling her. "She'll stand on her own", say A about I. K says "No. I'm good at reading people and she won't stand on her own".

A called to change her batteries...

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