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July 27th Live Feed Updates

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Eric to Maggie and Ivette: I want them to have a taste of their own medicine... I would love to see the look on their faces if Maggie goes and I stay... I wanna stay...

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Eric now with Jennifer on the round lounger. Telling her he wants to stay -- for the revenge, the look on their faces.

Telling her of his chat with Rachael. Telling her if James wins HOH that she and April will go up. Half an hour ago he was saying the same thing to Ivette, only James would be putting up Ivette and Beau.

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MUST include this here, one hour later (I posted this in the today's quotes thread)

From 8:30 this morning (BB time) -- THAT'S JUST ONE HOUR AGO.

Eric to Ivette: (they're alone)

"I was only here for the money. Not for the fame. F**k fame.

And you know what? I knew I didn't belong here as soon as I walked through the door."

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Eric: I want to stay, nothing would give me greater satisfaction, if just to see the look on their face, if maggie were to leave and I were to stay. Even if I was gone next week. I was prepared to play a game where people decieve but they have taken things to a whole other level. What makes you think that he (james) won't put you up next week, after what you just saw what him and kaysar did.

Jennifer: They hate us.

Eric: They hate me, they don't hate you guys

Eric: how can you trust anything he says. Yes I knew about him voting for ashlea, but I didn't know what he was going to do with that. Now he has the balls to tell april it was my idea. Told this to Rachel now I have her thinking

Jennifer: I was telling maggie that I know she wants to go home, Eric has already prepared to go home, how shitty would that be if you family prepares for you to come home and you don't

Eric: what if hypothetically if howie and rachel might vote our way then the votes are on our side

Jen: I don't think howie would vote our way

Eric: Its either both or none, they won't go against each other

Now he's saying this same speech to April.

April: You going to talk to Howie

E: I might

Ivette: you haven't talk to him in four days though

Maggie: He personally took me off the board

Eric: maybe I'll let rachel talk to him

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Eric: His (kaysar) justification is that Power of Veto is different

Maggie: Kaysar said, Yes I swore on my life, but I meant it at the time

Eric: Like there is a time limit

Maggie: This is why you need to not sware on you or your childrens life anymore

April: Yeah I've stopped it now

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I: Kay said, until one of us pushes the restart button

R: is that what he said?

I: yea, he said we were a big family, and he had to push the restart button...

E: look at them, they walk around moping, we are the ones doing the sack races[?]

R: well, I'm not going to say alot, but I know what I'd like to see happen... but... I'm not going to say anything

E: I'm not

R: but I think you know what I'm saying, what I'd like to see happen, and I mean that...

E: well, I'll be watching

I: how I wish that one of them would vote for Cappy, and drive them crazy, who did the vote... seriously, how could you vote for Ashlea the first week, and watch us go crazy

E: he said he would use that later

I: how could James sit there and not tell me about voting for Ashlea

E: I said I'd never lie to you... I withheld information... but I never told you

I: and he can sit there and say you aren't loyal?

E: exactly... once he screwed me, everything was coming out of the bag

I: he sat there and wouldn't say, when I asked him..

E: he was going to use that on anybody... I said that's your choice, your decision... he thinks I

I: he said that was your idea

E: you're kidding me.. look me in the eye and tell me that... (she repeats)... swear to me you aren't lying...

I: in the bedroom, April called him out on it, he said that was Eric's idea... I don't care anymore...

E: unbelievable... he's just... he never ceases to amaze me with his amount of lies... you'll see the tapes, and it will confirm everything I've told you...

R: Eric?

E: I know.. just watch your back.. what does Howie think of him?

R: he can't stand him

E: then why does he go along? that's what I don't understand.. I'm not trying to change votes, but...

R: that's what I've said... if someone over there gets HOH... you've got me...

E: but if someone from this side wins, they will be looking to break up pairs, and you and Howie..

R: I realize that...

E: I'm just telling you, I hope you and Howie are making the right choice

R: if he hadn't won that, he'd be going home...

E: what I can't understand why you and Howie are going along, if this is James's idea, you have to do what is right for you strategically

R: I've been talking to him about that...

E: I know Janelle and I... I told her last week... if I put you up I'm not voting you to leave.... I've proven if I give you my word it's good as gold, if 12 hours before Howie said he wanted to see me in the final 4... then he goes up there.. that's why I can't talk to him, I can't look him in the eye.. that's a hypocrite...

BB: attention HG...

E: then 12 hours later, he's in on it, I know he's not happy about it... if you didn't vote that way, you know you'd have me, I will look at everyone I've looked at, I'll take you as far as I can... I will tell you (plane)... if James wins, I would not be surprised if he'd put you two up, because you are a pair... Howie wants to play the middle, but if you tetter toter... I think this is the time to take a stand... but I think differently, maybe I just don't belong here... I've never said anything to Howie that I've lied about... never once, and that's proven itself... but those guys have... James wanted to put you guys up, soon as he found you out...

(Ivette has been working on the pool, Eric starts helping her, Jen comes out, Rachel goes in)

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Jen: Eric, I need to talk to you

E: you need to talk to me now? want to go over to the hammock?

Jen: can I brush my teeth?

E: ok

E/I on patio

E: hey, I think I really got Rachel thinking now... I told her what makes you think...

I: she may come back and think we are talking..

E: so far, everytime I give my word, it's been gold

I: don't let her think we are talking, let her think about it

E: I think I got her thinking

(M joins them)

M: what do you want, I have people that matter asking me what you want

E: I'm preparing to leave

M: but you wouldn't be disappointed to stay?

E: I want revenge, even if it's just tomorrow night, to see their faces if you leave and I stay, even if I leave the next week.. is that why Jen wants to talk to me? Has she come to you?

I: Beau knows to vote for Cappy[vote to stay or leave?]

(April comes out)

E: I can't give up

M: I'm not asking you

E: I'm just preparing myself to go home, and the advantages, not that I want to, but I'm preparing myself, but I want to stay, give them a taste of their own medicine...

A: Howie said, if I'm on the block, I'll fight for every vote!

(Jen comes out, talk with Eric on recliner)

J: the other day, I thought we were all voting for Maggie to leave, then you said to vote strategically

E: look, I want to stay, nothing would bring greater satisfaction, even if I leave next week, to see the look on their faces, worth the $500,000, because they think they have this in the bag... I want to stay... if you are asking if I want to stay, I want to... I want people gone from this house that don't deserve, I expected to decieve and withhold, but they've taken it to another level...

J: we have 4, I don't know where Rachel stands...

E: between you and me, I just talked with Rachel... (he reviews his conversation with Rachel)... next week, if James wins, what makes you think he wouldn't put you up, after what you've seen him do with Kaysar? where is the loyalty... look at my side... if you vote my way... you've made a statement... what makes you think they'll come at this side?

J: because they hate us so much?

E: they hate me

J: but we've supported you

E: they could put up Iv and you(jen)... all I was telling Rachel is, how can you trust anything James says... can you trust me? that second vote for Ashlea, it didn't affect anyone... James was going to use that... then told April that was my idea... so I think I've got Rachel thinking... why does Howie think they have any loyalty... I told Jan, if I put you up, I don't want you to go, and that's what happened...

Back to your original thing... do I want to stay, yea, I want to stay...

J: last night I told Maggie, I know you want to go, but so does Eric... but you didn't audition... but Eric has prepared to go... and then to stay... how bad would that be, if your family was excited you were coming home, and then you don't

E: they expect me to be gone for 3 months... we need 1 vote, if we get 1, we'll get 2... if Howie and Rachel, just say they were willing to vote our way, they are the majority again...

J: Howie won't vote our way, Rachel might

E: Rachel won't if Howie won't... I want to stay...

(break and back to the group)

E: listen April, I don't want confusion.. I want to stay... I've been preparing to leave, ok.. I don't think this is 100% over yet... even if I left the next week, just to see the look on their face would be worth everything... personally I don't see Rach coming without Howie

A: will you talk to Howie?

E: I might... I explained to Rach the reason I haven't spoken to him, is 12 hours before this, he said he wanted me in the final 4... I'll let Rach explain it to him, I don't think I need to talk to him...

A: I'm sorry, but Howie goes with the majority...

E: that's what I said, anything I've said I've been good on... now you are aligning yourself with two that would screw you... you can ask her(point to Maggie)... James came to me in the second week, said Howie and Rach are together, thought they were bro/sis, they have to go down... Rachel didn't know that, until I just told her, she didn't know... and Iv just told me James said it was my idea to give the second vote to Ashlea... he came to me, said what do you think about me voting for Kaysar.. I said for who, he said I don't know, we'll use it later... then he told April it was my idea...

A: he didn't say it was your idea.. but said you knew about it...

I: 99% sure he said it was Eric's idea...

A: I think he made it sound like it was both

E: he thought it and I said do what you want...

I: they keep throwing that 5 minute alliance... for the first 5 minutes, I wanted to be with Janelle!

A: I didn't do any of that

E: the reason was we were the minority... you were the majority...

E: guys, I'm not going out without a fight...

I: I told him, he's only HOH for a week

E: I can't understand why Rach/How would trust them

M: I don't think they do


E: his justification, is that I was safe initially... because of the veto... there's a time limit...

M: he said, yes, I swore on my life, but I meant it at the time... that's why I say don't swear on your kids, it doesn't have a place in this game..

A: last night I had a dream we got to go home, but couldn't ask any questions... my brother said I'm getting air time at least twice before commercials

(talk about April's family, cams switch to Rachel doing her hair, sleeping HGs and empty table)

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Eric/Maggie talking

M: I want what's better for you... whatever you want

E: that's hard, better vs what I want... better for me, weigh that out... if I go home, I can do lots, but I made a commitment here, if I can stay... I'd love to see the look on their face... nothing would thrill me more....

M: I understand... everyone is saying it's not fair, it's for the better for you, and I think that, but... I don't care about anyone here... except for you

E: that's why I've tried to stay out of it, but I want to stay, I don't want them thinking I'm giving up... it's different than having to choose one or the other... do I want to stay? YES! now, base your decision on both of us wanting to stay... not on me wanting to leave, thats all

M: don't pack yet, let's pack together

(April/Ivette/Mag join mid-conversation about Bush/Texas/teaching, must be about homeschooling.. yep... April talking about a friend who homeschools her kids)


(2 cams of Eric insde making a shake, HGs sleeping and empty table still)


(Eric back outside, Jen/Rachel in the bathroom doing morning routine)


James is now up also


James/Rachel in the kitchen

R: the other side is freaking out... they are gaming.... I'm telling you... Ivette...

J: Beau was being nice yesterday

R: what I was saying about Iv, I told her, if you were up against Maggie, who do you think Eric

April walks by: stop talking about votes!

R: we're not... (April keeps going and my sound is out for a bit, sound comes back and others are walking thru, sounds of icecube trays)

J: I'm trying to have her understand

R: you (something... need to, can't?) get thru to her... what gets to me is how everybody...

J: like Kaysar said to her, you are going home...

R: tell her that way... tell her, Ivette, everybody would vote against you...

J: she won't hear

R: exactly, because she's not grasping it... that's what she needs to grasp...


James leaves the kitchen to work out in the gym, Beau is up and walks by the kitchen ending up in the bathroom where April is fixing her face[think she was called to DR], Rachel cleaning off the counters....


Rachel takes her food to the gym, mentions having 'fresher' bread... Sarah joins them, James shares about last night, Howie working out in the yard, running hurdles over the lawn chairs, Sarah leaves... they whisper strategy [whispers combined with echo from the small room make hearing them very hard!]

J: they were arguing about... [April/Jen?]

R: how can you say Howie would be going up[refering to Eric's chat with Rach earlier?]

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Jennifer to K [alone in HOH room, K just woke up]: I have to support my friend. i came here with her, and I need to support her. I know they stabbed me in the back, but I can't stab them. I don't believe in the eye for an eye crap.

Jennifer telling kaysar is she's sequestered, she isn't voting personally, but who played best.

K: if you get hoh who will you put up.

Je: I haven't even thought about it. I don't even know. I take it week by week, until I get hoh theres no point in thinking about it.

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Jen is in the HOH room talking to Kaysar

Jen: i need to talk to you and you have to be fully alert

Jen: i've been thinking about it, and i have to support my friend. I came to the game with her i have to play with her. I know they stabbed me in the back doesn't mean im going to do the same thing. I came into this game with april till the end

Jen: i totally understand that it means you don't trust me now

Kaysar: if you get HOH who are you putting up

Jen: i dont know, i take things week by week.


Basically jen just said that she is going to vote to keep eric instead of maggie.

K: so it's because you don't want to abandon april that is the only reason?

J: yeah, remember when i said dont do something to someone just because they did it to you. You didnt abandon your friend, you stuck up for him completely. Everyone was wondering why you defended him.. he was your partner and you stood up for him.

J:you could have easily abandoned mike when everyone was against him, but you stood by him. that is just not the type of person i am if someone does me wrong or not. i told you that yesterday, if someone hates me that makes me want to go after them even more. i don't like when people don't like me.

K: ok, i respect that

J: i've been honest with you since day one. i know in this game you can't trust anyone, even your only friend. i could have just voted and tomorrow you could have just figured it out. i didnt have to. you could have never figured it out.

K: so where do you stand exactly?

J: i have april's back, that is how i came in this house and that is how i'll leave, however if she leaves before me, i'll play the game different

K: if april has there back, and you have april's back.. you have their back?

J: unless i get HOH, things will change.. When you got HOH you stirred things up and i loved that. I might never get HOH. I don't always play things safe. I'm probably like on both sides and are the first one's to go.

K: i had one chance to change things, even i'm going home or i'm going home.

J: you could have played safe and came on our side and would have stayed in the house for a little bit but you are on the bottom of the friendship list

K: i would have lost respect for myself i did that. people came up here to talk to me and safe there ass and lied to my face.

J: i fight with goodness.. kill them with kindness


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K clarifys,

k: you wont do it because April wont then?

Jen saying she would be a hyprocrite if she voted for eric. she reiterates not stooping to their level.

J: thats not the type of peson I am, to turn my back on someone whether they did it to me first or not.

K: I respect that

J: Ive been honest with you since day 1. I don't have to be here by now. I didn't have to tell you, you could have figured it out tomorrow, or maybe not figure it out.

K: where do you stand exactly.

J: I have aprils back, thats how I stand. if she leaves before me, my gameplay might switch.

K: well april has their back, so that means you have their back too.

J: things might change if I get hoh. never know.

J: I don't always play things safe. I'm probably ..me and april on both sides..the first ones to go. but what do I have to lose? thats what I said when you wo hoh, stir up the house.

K: I kept saying I have 1 chance to change things

J: you coulda played things safe, but you would have been on the bottom rung.

K: I would have lost all respect for myself, they didn't like me to begin with and lied to my face to save their own ass.

J: I get that too. but I fight with goodness. Kill em with kindness. just because they d me wrong doesn't mean I need to do them wrong. I don't judge people for how they live their lifes.

J: I don't think what we talked about yest was wrong. If i get sequestered if I won't take it personally, and I couldn't live with it if I turned against my friend.

K: I respect that. What can I say to that??

J: I'm the one who auditioned, im the one who brought her here, and I'm going to abondon her? she's miserable.

K: I kow that. She's over emtional and makking bad choices because of that. thats my opinion

J: I don't think other seasons have been this divided. this is crazy and miserable.

K: theres a big rift in this house.

K: because of the strong pesonalities.

K: you can tell who is the friend. who audtioned has the stronger personality.

J: I would think you over mike.

K: exactly, I'm probably the only one.

J: Ivette, Eric, Janelle, Howie. I don't want to believe howie acts this way outside of the house.

J: Rachel seems stronger then him. she doesn't talk much...so I can't figure it out.

J: OK BB IM READY TO VOTE...I wanted to tell you before I voted.

K: mumbles something

K: I didn't expect you to back out.

J: I'm sure people are freaking out that I came up here.

K: They probably will have me say a few things [because he can't vote]

K: you don't know where you stand then?

J: I have aprils back, and my back. (covers rustle and Cant hear the rest)

K: I hope your alligiance isn't too tight with people who don't respct you.

J: I'm not stupid. but I don't want to play personally. I'm afriad I will nominate people because they sabbed me in the back. you need to play this strategtically.

K: you're commin after us then??

J: why would that mean that. you odn't think the other side is stronger players?

K: I believe we have the stronger team.

J: hum. well I'm nominating PEOPLE, not a team.

J: look at james and sarah, they were on our side, now they are on yours. anything could happen. how do you know it wont happen again?

K: they thought things through. I read people well. I know what people are thinking before they tell me.

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Jenny is telling kaysar that if she ever get's HOH she will not be nominating a team she'll be nominating individuals..

She's telling kaysar anything can happen down the road, the teams eventually will grow apart and go against each other. Kaysar is telling jenny that look how things went, people went against each other so quickly, like sarah and james.

Kaysar: i think things through, i know what other people are thinking prior to them telling me

J: what am i thinking now (joking)

Jenny is playing with her mic and making to much noise, can't hear what they are saying

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Kaysar saying he can't say anything that will change jens mind.

Jen says she will defend april until either one walks out, like kaysar defended michael to the very end

they hug before she leaves.

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Rachel & Howie whispering. [Can't hear a word they are saying..hopefully someone else got it]

howie telling her they were chanting hoh.

h: I want this hoh, i want it bad.

R: I hope you get it.

R: I know you guys are gunning for maggie, i'd rather get ivette out.

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Howie and Racheal in the living room talking about eric and how he used to be on the top of the world and now he is at the bottom.

Howie is telling rachael about how they where chanting HOH last night.

H: i want HOH very bad

R: i hope you get it, i really do

H: you are so cute..

R: man, i would rather take ivette out, if we get the chance

H: she is more of a threat, you know what i mean

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Rachel tells what happend this morning to Howie.

rachel: I was about to say 'are you kidding me?, its the game!'

R: i hope jennifer votes for him, they will do 7-2, it will fluster them and hopefully not let them get hoh..god almighty....if they get hoh [shakes head]

h: things change on a dime around here...

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Jen goes to HOH room and wakes Kaysar...

J: are you awake? I need to talk with you, so pinch yourself, this isn't a dream... I've been thinking about it, and I've got to support my friend, because I came with her, and I've got to play with her, and I know you are thinking if she abandoned you, what's the big deal, but I've always told you don't stoop to their level, and if I abandon her just because she abandoned me, I wouldn't feel right...

K: mmhmm

J: I've had people stab me in the back, and that's the same thing, I don't believe in eye for an eye.... and I came in the game saying I'd stick by her side til the end, so that's what I've got to do

K: then you understand that I don't have to...

J: I totally respect that, but you understand that I didn't have to tell you, I could have not told you, and you'd find out tomorrow, and 2, this tells you what kind of person I am, because I'm not abandoning my friend just because she abandoned me.. and 3, I want you to know that no matter what I'm doing now, if I'm sequestered, it's not personal, I'll vote based on who played the game the best... I wanted you to know, and I understand that you don't trust me know, and we aren't on the same side or whatever...

K: if you get HOH, who are you putting up?

J: I haven't decided that yet... I haven't even thought about that yet(giggle)... I take things week by week, until I get HOH there is no point in even thinking about it...

K: mmmmm[did he fall back asleep?]

K: *sigh*

K: *sigh*

(Jen is staring at him laying in bed, wondering...)

K: so it's because you don't want to abandon April, no other reason?

J: nope, I've been thinking about it for some time, we talked, I said don't stoop to their level Kaysar, and how many times I've used the word hypocrite in the DR, and you never abandoned your friend, when everyone was against him, you stuck up for him repeatedly... and that blew your cover, why does Kaysar keep defending Michael, you defended him to the end, you brought him here, that's your partner... you could have easily abandoned him, you even admitted that he was blowing it, but that's not the type of person I am, to turn my back on her, I told her that yesterday, if someone hates me, I'll try even harder to defend them...

K: k, I respect that

J: I've been honest with you since day one, in this game you can't trust everyone... but I didn't have to come here... maybe you would have figured it out based on how the voting was...

K: so where do you stand exactly?

J: I have April's back... that's how I came in, and that's how I'll leave... if she leaves before me... things may change..

K: so if April has their back, and you have her back, that means you have their back

J: once I get HOH, things may change, I don't know... I told you when you stirred things up, I loved that... I may never get HOH, I may leave next week after telling you this, you never know, but I"m like you, I don't always play things safe... I'm probably, me and April, on both sides, the first to go... so what do I have to lose... like you, stir up the house, you are about to go home...

K: I had one shot, I'm going home or I'm going home... I would have had their friendship for a little bit, but I would have lost all respect for myself, people lying to my face just to save...

J: I get that with me too, but I think things differently... I fight with goodness, kill me with kindness...

K: do you think what I did was wrong?

J: no, not at all, I don't judge this game as how you live your life...

K: I don't think anyone of them is bad...

J: I don't think what we talked about yesterday was wrong, that was playing the game, but I couldn't live with myself if I turned on my friend

K: I respect that, what can I say to that

J: especially since I'm the one that auditioned... and I'm going to leave her? no matter now strong she says she is, I know that

K: I know the reason she's acting this way, she is very emotional, in my opinion

J: everyone, we all hate this house... want to go home... I don't think other seasons have been this divided

K: this is crazy, you've seen other seasons, there is a huge riff

J: no matter how annoying, they don't gang up and get rid of them?

[5 finger plan anyone? 4 horsemen? lol]

K: you could tell who auditioned, the strong person... you...

J: i'd think you over mike

K: Ivette.... who else...

J: Eric, Janelle, Howie... I'd like to think he doesn't act this way outside the house

K: Howie is the more aggressive

J: stupid or peverted, but more aggressive... ok, BB, I'm ready to vote

K: I didn't expect you to back out...

J: I'm sure people are freaking out, seeing me walk up here before going to vote... I forgot you are HOH so you don't have to vote...

K: they probably want me to say a few things, so should get up... so you don't know where you stand?

J: I have April's back, and I have my back... when you said who do you trust...

K: I remember that... I hope your allegience isn't too tight to people who don't respect you

J: I also don't want to play too personal... until I get HOH... and nominate those who stab me in the back... to play it strategic

K: so you are coming after us?

J: you don't think the other team is playing strategic?

K: but we are the stronger team

J: but you don't nominate a team... 6 people can't win

K: that's true

J: look at James/Sarah, they were on our team, now they are on yours

K: I believe that was because they saw promises made...

J: how do you know that won't happen again...

K: I'd like to think that's because they thought things thru... I read people very well... I usually know what they are thinking before they tell me[hehe all hail King Kaysar! lol]

J: what am I thinking right now?

K: I can't tell because I'm half asleep!

J: I was thinking something sexual just so you'd have to say it...

K: I think you feel if you abandon her, you'll be alone because you don't have a partner, and you are scared....

J: and they'll want to vote me off? There are some that think you just don't like Eric, and it's not a team thing

K: they need to get over that... ok, I can't do anything to change your mind, because what you are basing it on is.. reasonable.. it's not like I have place to say no, don't defend your friend

J: I thought about that, and thought how you did that with Michael, and defended him to the end... I have to have her back until one of us walks out... unless it's us two at the end... either way we'd both win, but I'm competitive and want to win, I'm BB6 queen!

(done chatting, big hugs and she leaves)

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R: Eric asked me this morning why we follow that group. I don't trust anyone..anyone but you.

howie saying james is the number 1 target....they talked about veto but it's hard to hear..people drying hair and stuff.

Kaysar joins them in the LR.

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more talk about 'penalty nominations' apparently if you are on PBJ, and you eat food, you get one also.

K tells R & H they jen isnt voting with them

R is not happy.

don't hear R, but K say's "it's too late for that now"

H: DAMN her..that bitch.

R: we needed them too...I really wanted her to..

K retells the convo

K: I'm obviously not happy, but it isn the end of the world.

K: focus on the big picture. you can plan but things don't always go accoding to plan.

R: it's the way the cookie crumbles.

K: we're still on course..just need hoh-- morning janie.

h: you look cute in all black!! [janie]

H: I was trying to make sexual advances toward rachel..

Janie: what happend??

H: she shot me down..again

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