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July 27th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest Shockalot

Kaysar and Janelle are sitting on the big backyard chair.

Kays asks Janelle what her boyfriends looked like?

Janelle says "Hmm dark hair.. dark eyes.... middle easter"

Kaysar looks momentarily caught off guard.

She says most people assume her boyfriends are rich older men.. but in reality her boyfriend is same age as her.

She says her first boyfriend was blonde hair and blue-eyed

(cuts to living room)

When they came back, Janelle is recounting how an exboyfriend would ask her 'whats the matter with you.. you should be cooking and cleaning the house because your a woman?'

Janelle recounts how she told him "Like gohd.. my mother had a cleaning woman and I will too!"

Kaysar says it is very hard to Satisfy her... Janelle says "No. Its Easy"

"Crap!" Says Janelle.

"I left a ??? at that guy (boyfriend) in New Yorks house... now I will never get it back!"

[[sorry guys but the cam keeps cutting over to different rooms... perhaps to catch the hamburglar??]]

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Kayser complimenting her and basically seeming like a love sick puppy. *(i may have to puke)

Janelle is loving the attention and playing dumb.

Every now and then we cut to the sleeping ppl and the empty kitchen.

3:11 bbt

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Guest Shockalot

Kays then goes on to tell Janelle that although Michael is a really nice guy... he might not be for her liking.

Kays suggests Michael is kinda, sorta exaggerating about things.

Janelle: "Like What?"

Kays explains how Michael is a great artist but he doesnt have that career he indicated. He (mike) lives in an apartment.. not a condo.

Janelle wants to know what else he lied about?

"Kays.. well I dont know what he told you but he doesnt have three cars"

Kaysar tells Janelle outright "I dont think it will last"

Janelle wants to know why?

"Because your not sure what you want"

Kaysar looks like the most ridiculous love-struck goofy puppy-dog and Janelle seems to be happy to pull Kaysar right along the way, being very cute and confused and asking Kaysar more and more questions.

[please jump in WPhoenix.. i gotta go hurl again]]

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Right back at you Shockalot

Jan: Dont tell me how to live my life *slams door behind her*

Kay follows - asks if she minded what he said

Janelle is playing it off like it was funny (but really she seems annoyed and about to tell him to take his little starry eyes and school boy crush and shove it up his ... you know what)

They know they need eachother for strategy but Kaysers "I know you (and I am the one for you)" talk and her "giggly, cutesy, flirty act" might make me hurl again.

Okay hurl time...

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Guest Shockalot

WOW Folks!

Kaysar and Janelle still talking. Mostly Kaysar analysing Janelle, telling her whats best for her, how he feels like he should look over her now. Janelle playing cute the whole time.

Kaysar goes on and on.. "You are smart.. but you play too dumb.. you are smart.. you need to do this and that etc etc"

Suddenly Janelle becomes very offended.

"Im very offended by that! Im a sensitive person and Im not gonna sit here and listen to you tell me how to live my life!!"

Janelle jumps up and runs into the house.

Kaysar sits by himself sorta stunned.

After what seems like 5 minutes.. Kaysar goes inside.

Janelle is washing her face.

It 'Appears' she was crying.

She says "Well HELLO KAysar"

Kays looks ready for a showdown... "Please.. please dont take me seriously Janelle...."

Janelle replies (in friendly tone) "I dont Kaysar.. actually I think its funny"

Kaysar says "You do?" but he is almost instantly relieved that she is still in good friendly mood with him.

They go back outside (at Janelles invitation) and Kaysar goes right back to explaining to her how she made a mistake by showing him how smart she really is.

"So What" asks Janelle.

Kaysar says "Youre so good. Youre so good and I dont think 99% of the people understand you"

Janelle: "So What?.. Is that a bad thing?"

Kaysar (ad nauseum) "You so smart.. youre so smart.. youre so smart.. dont you want someone to appreciate you for who you are?"

[[[ hmmm.. like Kaysar who is the 1% who does appreciate her]]]

Janelle says "Whats so wrong.. Im normal.. just because I have this disorder where I can charm people?"

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Jan: I cant help it if I have this disability to charm ppl

Kay: You charm ppl because you can its a very powerful thing. You have much more than that.


Kay: I am talking about you. Maybe I shouldnt... I dont know you...

Jan: No you can know me but not James he is dangerous. Mike knows me, .... I think even Howie knows me... Dont you think so

Kay: I am not sure. The thing is you are a diffiult person to know. You didnt put it on a silver platter I had to figure it out. There is so much to you...and thats why I say things I say. You are probably one of the most complex ppl here and i am not just saying that

Jan: I think everyone is complex

Kay: I dont think so

Jan: NO?

Kay: Well, some are...I guess

Jan: If ppl werent complex there will be nothing to figure out. Like Howie dont you think he is complex

Kay: He is complex, James is very complex, the rest arent

(I really want to slap Kay hard! Perhaps on his wee wee, the source of his thoughts right now grrrr)

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Jan: You are so smart kayser

Kay: no i am not

Jan: Yes you are. Not even my bf of four years could do that!!!

Kay: You cant find something unless you look. Thats why you have to find someone who really cares!...Don't go for anything mediocre

Jan: What's mediocre

Kay: Just know this some ppl in their life never get a chance to excel while others have all the opportunities in the world but are too afraid to take chance and thats when you become mediocre and you settle (for less than you can get)

Somehow the talk changed to Kay's name and his name means "King"

Jan: Its a cool name never heard it before

Kay: thanks i really like my name it really captures my personality (*puke*)

Jan: I am gonna be crapped out tomorrow

Kay: We are up so late. Its crazy. I think of things i cant even explain to you. When you start thinking you just get addicted like for instance like I completely broke you down.

Jan: Are you like a genuis or something

Kay: no

Jan: yes you are. You probably have a really high iq (lol)

Kay: Not really. I am probably dumb

Jan: You are far from dumb

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Kay: its not good to think too much you get sensitive about things that happen around you. Thats why i feel like there is no time to have fun

Jan: you have fun kayser. You are just thinking alot because you are here

Kay: No girl will want me coz i'll freak her out

Jan: No you wont. How my gf's you had

Kay: One

Jan: For how long?

Kay: for 5 years. She is gonna break up with me coz i am here... ?

Jan: Why?

*feeds switching to sleeping hgs*

4:00 AM BBT

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Guest Shockalot

[Kaysar now inducing barfing with self loving tactics ugh]

"Kaysar means King"

"Its like 'Caesar'"

Kaysar going on to explain how he is very perseptive. Going on like its some kind of special gift he has.

How he sees things differently.

He can 'do this' with people.

Janelle (cute dummy voice) "Kaysar.. are you a genius?"

Kaysar "Well hehe.. no I dont think..."

"You are.. you are some sort of genius I bet"

[[This is easily the most brutal gut-wrenching live-feed update ever sat through and I think I speak for all of us lol ]]]

Janelle asking Kaysar how many serious girlfriends he has had?


(cuts to bedroom looking for hamburglar again I guess)

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Guest WhitePhoenix

They are finally going to bed after some general (normal chit chat for a change)

Kay and Jan hug. She teases him by calling him King Kayser. He slams the door on his toe... and goes up to HOH


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Guest StillMissWILL

The midget (ERIC) has woke up and has entered the bathroom. Popping a zit on his forehead... hmmmmmmmmm

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I, R and E sitting in BY....

r - can i just say one thing, think about what you just said...

I what... what

r - in respect to what they are thinking right now

e - too many variables, too many variables...

i - they see us as a threat

e - you 2 mag and I are the strongest people on that side, their word don't mean s&&&, their word and worth the air that is coming out of their friggin mouth

i - i can't wait til 2morrow

e- i'm packin that s*** up today

i - they've got it all planned out

e- yeah they do

i -untill one of us, quote unquote kays words, push the restart button,

r - he said that

i & e - yes he did

e- i hope they are laughing behind closed doors

r - there's toenail clipping all over the place its gross

i - there is yuck!

r- i know what i would like to see what happen, but i am not gonna say too much

e- you don't have to say anything

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Eric just said to Ivette (who had gone inside the house for a minute):

"Hey, I think I really got Rachael thinking."

Now telling the newly-arrived Maggie the same thing.

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Now E&I both addressing Maggie with the "just imagine the look on their faces if you were to leave and I was to stay."

April now on the patio, too.

E-- I can't give up. ..."hell yeah, I wanna stay."

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Eric/Ivette on the patio

E: you don't have to justify who you nominate

I: I was telling Maggie last night, the sad thing is, if Howie were walking down South Beach, Jan wouldn't give him a second of the day, ok? It's a sad, sad thing...

E: I haven't spoken a single solitary word to her in 3 days... only 6 words to James, because I had to, didn't have a choice

I: I don't know what to think of them anymore

E: all of a sudden James is best friends with Janelle, I guess that's what you have to do in the game, but I'm not going to, no way

I: it's a shady, shady house(she's NOT talking about the sun lol)

E: definately feels like the fun has been taken out of this

I: it was commented to me that you took the fun out of this game, because you revealed everyone... they want to know everyone, but not have it revealed?

E: me and Maggie are the ones with the strong connection, they have only dated 3 months

I: Kaysar said he and Janelle are connected now in the house because of Michael... did they think they were only going to reveal you and Maggie?

E: that's the arrogence... did you hear he was going to wear the shirt with 21, because that was my number in the academy.. like that's going to bother me... like I care about what he does... he's dead to me

I: the sad thing is, he gave Sarah the same justifications that he gave me, and she ate it up...

E: you can see it coming a mile away, he get's caught up in his lies that he can't see the truth...

E: he tried to get people to think the first time he went to talk with Kaysar, it was just to use the bathroom... like people are going to believe that... do you really think we are that stupid? So that gave him an opportunity again

I: he was frazzled when Kaysar got HOH... said if he got HOH next week, Howie is going up, and now they are BFF? Whatever floats your boat... they were going out 4 months before coming in this house.. this will make or break them

E: did you hear them bickering at the chess table last night?

I: how I would love...

E: to see Rachel switch her vote?

I: but she won't do it, will she?

E: nope, no way

I: it'd make them go crazy against each other...

E: ain't gonna happen though... she doesn't have the guts... doesn't have the strength to do that, because she's indebted to Howie for bringing her in...

I: and? he brought her because he had to bring someone...

E: like Ellimidate wasn't enough

I: he's in here to make his name...

E: the reason I came was for the money, only reason, wasn't for fame, any of that... and I'm leaving because I don't want the money[unwilling to sell Maggie out?] I realized the minute I walked thru the door... that I didn't belong here... if buy some luck I'm here Thursday... they'll pay a price, even if I leave next week, but when I walked thru the door, I knew I didn't belong here with these people, or you, you won't sell your soul for $500,000... no amount of money is worth that... but, you still have to play... you made a commitment, and you have to play... not within their set of morals... you still have to win... and that's what they are banking on... they are short on their cards.. at least to this point, but they are banking on winning every HOH or veto... which is fine... but you have to execute...

I: BB just gave them the veto, know what I'm saying?

E: everyone will have their time... I had HOH... just goes to show you, don't stick your neck out... don't believe anyone if they try to cut a deal, even if they swear on it... even if it's a religious man...

I: let's say I put up James/Kaysar... and one's off... Howie?

E: I'd put Janelle... one of the core 4, depending on the POV... Howie is the least... bottom to top of those 4... Howie, Jan, Kaysar, James, top four most wanted... but you have to knock one of them off...

I: would be great if there was a double eviction next week... but it's too early

E: that's the way I'd do it

I: I know the 5 of you aren't in agree-ance with me, but to take 10 steps forward, you have to take 1 step back...

E: what was he talking about?!?!?!?!

[not sure who they are talking about, Kaysar?]

I: it's a shame I don't think very highly...

E: I was like, dude...

I: there are certain people in this world, would put a gun to their head, rather than stand for what they believe...

E: then they'll try to explain it, it's unbelievable

I: when people are behind them, they are strong, but when they are out on their own... he'd be the DA's favorite informant

E: they wouldn't have to find him, he'd be knocking on the door


Rachel joins them...

E: do you have any idea what he was talking about at the veto ceremony? 10 steps forward, one step back

R: I have no idea, and I couldn't understand James because he was talking so fast...

(Ivette reinacts Kaysar's speech at the POV ceremony)

R: that was good Ivette

I: what did he do, get 10 steps closer to Allah? that's why I said to him, you brought in, how dare you bring in the Koran, so sacred... does the Koran mean something in this place? Absolutely not... from girls hanging out in bikinis all day...

E: did you see him in the kitchen, giving Jen a massage?

R: he does that to me also, and Howie also!

E: but he's not supposed to even hold hands...

I: I say he burned it, because he burned it himself

E: when someone swears on his life...

R: that's bad

E: if he had asked to I have to swear on my life, I'd have said no

I: sitting out here with Maggie, he said I can't talk back about people... I asked do you think you can play this game without screwing people over... and he said I think it can be done... and two days later!

E: that's why I'm walking out the door tomorrow night, I refuse to sell my soul to get farther.. that's what he did, he sold his soul

I: when I got set aside by James, he said I saved you, because you were going up this week... but he had told me him and Maggie were put up, because him and Maggie were a threat, and to reveal Maggie and Eric, so where was I a threat... he said if he came off, I was going up so he saved me...

R: that makes sense.. it doesn't make sense but it does make sense... if Maggie or Ivette had won it, they were boxed in

E: but they had 2 to 1 odds

I: what I'm saying is... what if James hadn't got off veto... Eric was still the target... so where did I fit in that... he said they really hate me and I was the one they were after... james came to me the second day saying Janelle was after me... what upsets me, I look at these people... (tells Rachel the Howie/southbeach story), sickens me how Janelle is using Howie to her advantage... if she was up, he would protect her... the relationships that are so not honest...

E: I didn't know you all revealed your pairs the night before

I: James comes to me, says did Cappy have to go and ruin the game?

R: I think everyone already knew...

E: so did I reveal the truth, or take the fun out of it?

I: April and Jen, I can say I was clueless

R: I knew Eric and Maggie knew

I: so I was supposed to stay clueless? you 6 were supposed to keep the upperhand?

R: quite frankly, I didn't think anyone didn't know still at that point

I: I can say I was still, I had heard a flash but didn't think... I heard about Eric and Maggie, but didn't think... I was trying to hook up James and Sarah, you and Howie

R: that's been a joke for so long, me and Howie...

E: James came to me in the second week about you two, said we need to get rid of them... he thought you were brother/sisters, said we need to get rid of them... (Rachel says she didn't know that) ask him and see if he

lies again


I: part that upsets me is that they are trying to make it seem like Eric took the fun out of the game... you were supposed to sit there knowing everying, and not us?

E: and now he's upset that I won't acknowledge his presence? the thing is, you are trying to rationalize with them... what guy says he's 29, is going to get a law degree, and run for polotics... why would you even make something up like that?

I: why come in here lying about your profession?

R: when you start making up lies...

E: that you don't even have to make up.. that should give you a clue, the kind of individual he is... and to say he works with gifted children, where does he come with that... going to law school, and only has his associates degree... says a degree is so important... but is 29 with only an associates? I don't get that

R: I agree...

I: tomorrow is thursday, it's HOH?

E: yea, he's coming at everyone, I'm not looking to change your vote, but... he even said for me to put you two up when I had HOH... whatever...

I: I'm still not over some things that happened this week, I'm dumbstruck

E: I just don't know how Kaysar can look in the mirror... not game, I just can't give someone my word, so much that I couldn't compete with Maggie... remember I told him I wouldn't compete, and I wouldn't even with Maggie... she didn't even ask me about it, not once, because she knows my word is gold... how can you do that, I don't care if it's a game or not...

I: you have to realize, people on this side have stuff to go home to...

E: look at him, he's living with his parents..

I: I asked him, and he said well... I said what do you mean, just say you live with your parents, what's up with making up your life

R: that I don't understand

I: made up ages, made up lies

R: that I could never do

E: because people want that life

I: nobody questioned you Rachel...

R: I did say the midwest...

I: know who caught that? James... he said Howie's from Chicago... call me stupid, but I never put two and two together...

E: they make it up, because they want that life

I: I can't keep up with them...

E: it's ok

I: the part about HOH, no matter what happens, he said we were thinking 3 steps ahead... you can't say that... how many times have we said think week to week... how can you say that it all worked out...


R: umm, ok, can I say one thing....think about what you just said... think about what you just said, in respect to what they are thinking right now...

[E/I need to be quiet and let Rachel share!!!!]

I: they think they have it all planned out...

E: way too many variables...

I: til the BB gods bless us.. .they think they have it all planned out, I told Maggie if they get it, one of use are out

E: if they win, you two are going up for sure

[let Rachel talk!]

E: then they'll implode, their word isn't... I told Rachel, if Howie and her want to get to the end, you can't trust them

I: how I'd love tomorrow to be here

E: I'm packing soon as everyone is up.. I'll pack today...

I: I could pack your stuff in 2 seconds too!

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