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Rate A House Guest


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BBin Savannah came up with a good idea (she posted a thread that gave me the idea)....

Rate a House Guest...

List the players and them rate them on 1 - 10. Rate them on game play/personallity/actions whatever...

1 - being the fact that you seriously cannot stand them

5 - being that they are in the middle

10 - Ya are rooting for them and you like them a lot

There are no right or wrong answers... this is just an opinion thread. Please DO NOT bash anyone for having and sharing their opinion.

Current HG's -

Adam -

Alex -

Allison -

Amanda -

Chelsea -

James -

Joshua -

Matt -

Natalie -

Ryan -

Sheila -

Sharon -

Evictees -

Jacob -

Jen -

Neil -

Parker -


Current HG's -

Adam - 1

Alex - 8

Allison - 4

Amanda - 5

Chelsea - 6

James - 8

Joshua - 8

Matt - 3

Natalie - 7

Ryan - 8

Sheila - 2

Sharon - 6

Evictees -

Jacob - 1

Jen - 3

Neil - 8

Parker - 5

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Current HG's -

Adam -1 Total Dufus.

Alex -5 Doing pretty good.

Allison -2 She's wanting someone else's man.

Amanda -6 Blabber Mouth, but hasn't talked mean about anyone.

Chelsea -00 Total Skank!

James -0 Big liar about he sexuality. Hate his tats!

Joshua -0 Biggest Drama Queen there.

Matt -0 Takes but doesn't give.

Natalie -00 Biggest Skank Ho-Bag there.

Ryan -3 Would have gotten higher but grossed me out with the tampon.

Sheila -5 Crazy, Wacko Nutjob, but has kept her clothes on. (thank God)

Sharon -1 Sneaky, just something about her.....???

Evictees -

Jacob -0 Didn't know him well.....heard he cheated on Sharon, I hate cheaters.

Jen -1 Just a little less skanky than the others, threw Ryan under the bus (calling him racist)

Neil -10 Sorry he had family problems.....but liked him, glad he got away from josh.

Parker -2 I loved Parker at first, then he got very angry.



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Adam - HE GETS A 10 so far. I like him a lot

Alex - his ego and jealousy.. blech 4

Allison - hate her 1

Amanda - i want to hate her but like her 7

Chelsea - no opinion 6

James - yuck for porn 4

Joshua - just b/c he's from tx 8

Matt - i like him more than i thought. 7

Natalie - sloot 2

Ryan - nothing wrong w/him in my eyes yet but if he messes around with a chick then he gets 1 ..for now, he's a 8

Sheila - 1

Sharon - just can't stand those pug eyes 3


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Current HG's -

Adam - 6

Alex - 8

Allison - 4

Amanda - 1

Chelsea - 8

James - 10

Joshua - 7

Matt - 1

Natalie - 3

Ryan - 6

Sheila - 1

Sharon - 3

Evictees -

Jacob - 0

Jen - 1

Neil - 0

Parker - 1

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Current HG's -

Adam - based on the fact he's so ugly and "retarded" 2

Alex - liked him at first, his whole jealousy thing was sort of cute... but pretty much a self-absorbed a-hole 1

Allison - lesbo... need I say more 1

Amanda - obnoxious "bueno" and voice and gossiping, but benefit of the doubt says she's not a bad person 6

Chelsea - quite a bit skanky, but she's cute... and I feel sorry for the crap she's going to go through when everything is over... 4

James - as a person on the show, i think he's funny... after what we all know... 2

Joshua - after seeing him say what he did to amanda, and how he tried to apologize... 2

Matt - first class a-hole, needs to learn to respect women 1

Natalie - By far and away the most sluttiest HG ever, but I feel sorry for her...3

Ryan - A big lump of chump... i find him extremely uninteresting... and he's girl's a bitch. 2

Sheila - ugly washed up hag... 1

Sharon - hypocrite... reads the bible and then participates in the orgy... 2

Evictees -

Jacob - f'ing dumbass 1

Jen - stupid bitch 2

Neil - don't know

Parker - too bad he had stupid jen... i think he's a real person 5

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I agree with all of JediJanies EXCEPT for Parker. I think Parker was to much and came on to strong. Also he always seemed to be bitching and whining about anything and everything. The HG said he was giving the people at CBS a hard time too which I don't respect. He's the one who signed up for it.

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All of them = minus infinity

:marie: lol King.....I gave a couple of them 00s. But I like your rating much better! :giggle:


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Current HG's -

Adam -5

Alex -5

Allison -1

Amanda -1

Chelsea -1

James -10

Joshua -1

Matt -1

Natalie -1

Ryan -10

Sheila -1

Sharon -10

Evictees -

Jacob -1

Jen -1

Neil -10

Parker -1

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As of 2/25/08

Adam - 3

Alex - 5

Allison - 0

Amanda -7

Chelsea - 0

James - 1

Joshua - 1

Matt - 2

Natalie - 2

Ryan - 5

Sheila - 4

Sharon - 3

Evictees -

Jacob - N/A

Jen - 0

Neil - N/A

Parker -7

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There are really some un-inspiring houseguests, but it will be fun to see who wins HOH wednesday and how Chelsia/James and Josh and Sharon handle being on the block if and when they are.


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Adam -2 (fired from his job)

Alex -3 (flabby)

Allison - 7 (she has a soul I think)

Amanda - 4 (annoying voice, & does look like a horse with a huge nose)

Chelsea -4 (love her hair cut, but she is kind of a slut after last night)

James - 5 (huge member)

Joshua -10 (love the drama)

Matt - 0 (man whore cannot stand him at all)

Natalie -0 (no self esteem slut)

Ryan - 0 (ewwwwh sweaty slime stupid for going with Jen)

Sheila -6 (she's ok now after she stopped being so negative about adam)

Sharon - 8 (quiet cute girl)

Evictees -

Jacob -1 (he was so gay I swear he is in the closet)

Jen - 0 (worst person ever, cannot stand that b*tch, calling her bf a racist OMG)

Parker 1 (too angry)

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Current HG's -

Adam - 1 - Freaky eyes and just plain bizzare

Alex - 5 - Cute, but seems to get himself stuck in bad boy situations, hes a follower

Allison - 2 - Conniving witch, i dislike anyone who doesnt respect relationship boundries

Amanda - 0 - Annoying voice, attitude, drama, etc

Chelsea - 1 - Liked her till the strip show...blech

James - 4 - Not liking the gay porn, but he seems to have some smarts, most likely molested by a priest

Joshua - 4 - He has his head in the game and is using situations to his advantage

Matt - 0 - He is ugly inside and out.

Natalie - 1 - I gave her a sympathy point, clueless and prolly molested as a child

Ryan - 5 - Normal guy, clueless to Allisons manipulations, wont marry Jen

Sheila - 4 - She lost alot of points due to constant Adam bashing

Sharon - 6 - Smart, listens, hard to get to know.

Evictees -

Jacob - 5 - Lost points for cheating, but gained one for being sorry

Jen - 3 - Cute girl, her mouth made her ugly

Neil - 5 - Cute, charming

Parker - 1 - DRAMA King, pouty, angry

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Adam - 1 ...shifty...too old to be acting like he's a playa all down wit dat chit...really has no game.

Alex - 6 ... mama's boy but mostly ok... chauvinistic tendencies.

Allison - 5 ...talks game way too much ...way over inflated ego..."honestly" she has "zero" personality ;).

Amanda - 6 ... Barbie wannabe. :princess:

Chelsea - 000 ...Satan's spawn...has no conscious. :devilish:

James - 4 ... hate his tats...twisted with a messed up life...playing a fairly good game.

Joshua - 2 ...evil, egotistical and bitchy (...and pudgie :giggle: )

Matt - 6 ... typical frat guy...user...seems kinda dumb but would be fun to hang with.

Natalie - 000 ...too needy...she "needs" to just be put her out of her misery.

Ryan - 5 ...quiet and simple minded, points off for being involved with Jen.

Sheila - 5 ...needs xanax...:cookoo:...got a bum deal being partnered with Adam.

Sharon - 8 ...she's playing smart and low key...good listener...gets along with everyone.

Evictees -

Jacob - no opinion...seemed like a backwoods hick.

Jen - 0 ... biatch!

Neil - no opinion...don't know him at all....smart to get out while the gettin was good. ;)

Parker - 4 ...whiny baby :crybaby:...couldn't play the cards he was dealt...points off for being pap.

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Current HG's -

Adam - weird looking

Alex - simp

Allison - e-harmony reject

Amanda - never hit puberty

Chelsea - wannabee tough chick

James - gay pornstar

Joshua - gay guy :animated_wave:

Matt - wannabee pimp

Natalie - whore

Ryan - racist

Sheila - washed up

Sharon - ugly duckling

Evictees -

Jacob - idiot

Jen - idiot female version of jacob

Neil - home alone

Parker - malibu gangster

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Well, I hope his supposed girlfriend has been watching the show and sees plainly what a gross loser he is..and what a bigger loser she would be for ever choosing to be with him now. Is that girlfriend story even true? How could you claim to be with someone, but make out with every girl in the house? What a sleeze bucket!

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Myss, Actually I think Matt will have girls lining up for him after BB. People like Matt always seem to be able to find girls that will go for his type. I guess they think they can change him or that he will be different with them. I just can't see why any women/girl would want to be with him. He is SO full of himself. It makes me sick to even watch him in action. I'm sure he thinks he's going to be a BIG playboy after BB is over.

Didn't someone say he slept with thousands of women?

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