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  1. This is crazy!! I'm sorry but I would much rather Elissa be in the house then those 3 racist bullies!!!! Just cause they are being nice now doesn't mean anything, wait till one of them are in power then the 3 stooges will be at their best again!!!! I just can't believe that America voted like that!!! Everyone would rather watch the 3 racists, delusional bullies then Ellisa!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  2. I like Elissa as well.....and I am hoping that this mvp twist this week doesn't screw things up for her......I wanna see one of the 3 remaining racist bullies gone before anyone else!!!!!
  3. Elissa is nothing like her sister!! She hasn't had a fair chance since she stepped into the house!! Just because her sister once played doesn't mean she shouldn't have the chance too, bet things would be different if a relative of Dans was in the house......It doesn't matter who they are related too, everyone deserves the chance to play the game!!! Now as far as America being mvp, I voted for Aaryn......I am hoping that the 3 racist females are the 3 that are on the block this week.......NO matter what people think of Elissa, she is way better then those 3!!!!!! Those 3 with their racist attitude and the way they have bullied people is disgusting and they need to be outta that house!!!!! NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY deserves the treatment that them 3 have given to the other houseguests!!!!!
  4. This girl and her attitude really makes my skin crawl!!!! She is just nasty and I wish she would get the boot!!!!!!
  5. Didn't care for Jess when the show first started but all I can say now is, "Go Jess".....telling Aaryn like it is!!!!
  6. and sucking up to Helen now is just to much.....I think it's kind'a funny!!!!!
  7. Dang it......was so hoping that 1 of the bullies would'a been a have not
  8. Who are the have nots for the week? Haven't seen that information anywhere, all I do know is that Aaryn and Howard aren't!! So they must'a been on the same team.....
  9. I agree myss911.....I feel the same way!!!
  10. Aaryn is still on the racial stuff......started with the name calling (Shaniqua - sorry for spelling it wrong) then she actually stood up throwing her hands in the air and saying something like "what'cha gonna do about it girl".....Trying to act /talk black......basically mocking Candice!!!! It was totally disgusting and why this person isn't getting into any kind of trouble with BB is beyond me, especially after flipping Candices bed over with all of her belongings......This girl is deffinately gonna have to watch her back when she does get the boot......gonna be a lot of angry people!!!! Her family has to be just as disgusted cause it's making them look just as bad.........This chick needs some serious HELP!!!!!!!
  11. Tonights episode was AWESOME!!!!! and BBAD is the best episode of the season so far!!!!! Ivgal, their comments are worse then anything like that!!! These people are actually Bullies in this house!!!! (Aaryn, Kaitlin, & Jeremy) They are the worse!!!!!!
  12. Can't wait to see her on the block and on slop!!!!!! Then watch her walk out the door!!!!! But I still think Jeremy needs to go first!!!!!
  13. I feel so bad for Candace.....Aaryn & Kaitlin are so cruel!!! I can not stand people like that and I am so glad that Amanda came in and called Aaryn out for everything she has said and done behind everyones back, including her own alliance!!!!! Aaryn & Kaitlin need to goooooooooo!!!!!!!! I wish it was a double eviction week......
  14. I am with you Nikki2005 ........and I hope that Aaryn & Kaitlin get put on slop!!!!!!
  15. Crying and sobbing over someone she knows that didn't feel the same about her as she did him......she even said if he stayed a couple more weeks that he may have liked her more and yet she just continues to cry like a baby, not only crying but blowing her nose into Nicks shorts while wearing his hat......This chick needs HELP!!!!!!
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