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July 15th Live Feed Updates

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michael: (in silly accent) April please come rub my earlobes

april: oh i so will not

(leaves room) oh my god, he's so scary, he just told me 'april, get over here and rub my ear lobes', i said, i sure the hell won't, then he flung a rubber band at me

now they are saying he told them he's a navy seal

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Janelle and Michael at the counter... Janelle talks of family in Montana... family in Bozeman...

J: there are 17 steps...

M: MTA... if you look at those numerically...

J:34... 17... do you think it's something we find in that?(points to gumball machine)

M: I think it's all a dream... it's circling the dream.. where did you go to college?

J: U of Minnesota, broadcast journalism... didn't finish...

9:28(28 minutes past FC start)

whisper talk of not liking other HGs...

M: I don't like whiners...

J: I don't like liars..

M: and this house is full of them....

M: there's nothing worse than a sheep... in human clothing... but alas

they talk of 'going' someplace, agree to go together... Jan says he doesn't have to bring Ashlea...

James walks out with a Howie mandana on... dressed like Howie, Michael suggest putting a carrot in his pants, but James declines... goes to bedroom and all approve of the outfit, including Howie

back to Jan/Michael at the counter... Jan says Jen was different at the live show... Michael is tired of trying to be nice to her, Jan says she's still trying... Michael talks to himself, about kissing her... more flirting between them.. he leans his cheek over, and she kisses it.. he gets the same from the other side, but she stops when he tries for a third...

M: how are you doing Janella?

J: I'm ok, but I'd like some Matella(?)

M: one thing about travellers, they make better leaders... it's not that I don't like followers... say you own a business, you need followers, to take requests, but certain people have to make decisions, they can't be followers... I guess it's the sad truth that most people are followers...

J: I guess they are, they will believe anything you tell them... I don't like to listen to people who tell me what to do, I have too much confidence...

M: I'm pretty confident too...


Rachel walks in... they like her outfit, call it sporty... Michael asks about the Spice Girls, and Janelle pops up with LOTS of details about each one... Rachel gets a drink and leaves Jan/Mich discussing the Spice girls... Michael needs more chapstick, sees Jowie(James dressed as Howie) walk by, asks for James to come back...

4 feeds of Jan/Mike, with sounds of others in the background[why 4 on one scene?]

Michael tells story about his mom saying she has faith in him[he's intriguing... he gets very philosophical at times, usually when alone with Jan]... says he worked on his graphics, whe you get good at it something, you get recognized... if you have an ability, it comes with ease, because, for example, when you use a fork to eat, you don't think about it, it comes with ease... when you use your tools, your art...

M: the real reason for this... a distraction... (stop the thought when Eric walks in/out)

M: he doesn't like me, when I talk to you

J: authority complex... another reason he doesn't like me, I'm taller than he is [?]... will you get in trouble for talking to me?

M: trouble from whom? I could probably beat them at most events...

Beau visits them at the counter, eating PB off a spoon... Michael immitates BB's annoucement of FC in 90 minutes, points out they are late

Mike tells story of using hat to distract friend driving convertible with wind... ends his story abruptly... does Chris Rock bit... insurance... incaseit... happens...


M to Beau: can I call you Freudo?


[finally other feeds, but all go to bathroom with Ivette/April in mirror]

now Ivette/Maggie...

now back to Jan/M/B at counter, talking about overpriced car, Beau's dad helped him pay for it, but totaled it(four runner)

Jan leaves, April then Maggie walks in/out, and Michael goes back into Psychael...

switch to bedroom, where April, Sarah, Ivette, Jen talk about him being psycho... April tells them he just tried to hit her with Jan's hairband

A: I want to tell him to his face, how he is so mean...

S: when you say good bye to him...

Rachel talks about Michael telling of killing an animal... Maggie tells story of stopping traffic on interstate, getting cops to help get a seagull... Ivette tells of guy in Miami stopping traffic... girls go back to talk of Michael leaving...

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All the girls plus james are sitting in the bedroom together

now april is crying (it was obvious he was kidding with her) she wants to tell him off, rachel says wait till this is all over

april: if he does hit me, with a rubber band or whatever, i'm going to beat the fu**ing hell out of him

girls: you can't do that

april: he cant come into a room without hitting or touching someone, hard

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talk of incident on Real World

A: if he does hit me, with a rubberband or something...

R: you need to turn around, ignore him, walk right to the DR..

A: he can't go in a room, without hitting someone, touching someone...

10:00(one hour late for FC)

A: he does not listen

R: if we start going in there, complaining about it... [bet this topic isn't shown on the tv]

A: in the hot tub, he kept grabbing my toes... I need the HOH room! lol

Ivette says Eric was in DR, went to HOH room, then right back into DR[getting FC instructions?]

girls notice Howie is asleep on a bed... think he is a light sleeper

April has noticed that everyone sleeps on their backs in these beds

Maggie is counting how many contagiously yawn... 4 [i didn't]


talk of where everyone slept the first night... April saying Sarah was alllll over the bed, taking up space!

switch to kitchen, where Jan/Beau are pretend jump roping

back to bedroom, Maggie complains about gold room door, going in/out... girls+Jowie(James dressed as Howie) all sitting bored on the beds, waiting for FC to start...

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July 15, day 12 in the house.. discuss birthdays coming up... April wants to stay til her birthday... want BB to provide cakemix... James said he was in bathroom and thought he heard Ashlea...

someone mentions they should have a rule, you can't be nominated the week of your birthday.. Sarah says or the weeks after[guess her bd is coming up?]

someone has an Irish loyalty band tattooed on her toe?

April asks if the cbs web site listed when the show would end... they think Eric has been in DR for a long time...

A: for the amount you do when you come out, it should take 30 seconds

R: hopefully you'll all get a chance to find out

M: it's nice to think we have the first couple weeks covered... hopefully, hopefully... I will cry when I get my pictures...

Rachel says Howie laying down looks like a little kid

A: he's really sweet... until he speaks!

Jen says she misses her boyfriend...

M: blows my mind that people give advice about relationships, when more than 50% get divorced... so don't feel bad if you are still single...

brief talk of favorite celebrity couples...

M: wouldn't you die for a hug from your boyfriend/husband...

A: I'll lose it when I get pictures...

[oh, thank you BB, switch all 4 cams from bedroom to counter with Mike/Jan again]

suddenly, eric is out and it's time for FC!

[time for lunch here, bbl]

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Looks like the FC has a western theme. They are sitting at oak barrel tables (2 to a table).

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It's a food eating comp. They must clear off the plate of what they have on their plates. The place is called "Snack Shack from Hell"

Howie and James are first and are playing for beverages.

They choose the ice cream sundaes. Thet're out so they have to eat "ice clam sundaes" Also Eric is wearing a Blond wig and looks ridiculous.

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Feeds went to fish

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They're eating. "is there Tuna in this thing?" says Howie. Lots of gagging and barfing.

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1 minute warning. It's raw clams but Eric reassures that it's edible.

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Howie and James lose. someone shouts "you guys suck" Now its Beau andJanelle. Pepperoni Pizza they're out so they have to eat Pepper only pizza.

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FC is on, I can't miss this!

there is an old car with bushes around it.. tables with stools they go to... Eric has hat with long hair wig on...

oh wait, it's old west theme... tables are barrels... they fear it's to throw up in.. ground is sand with cactus... BB for the comp is Jim, Ivette asks him about using the restroom... Sarah asks if they will support each other when they puke by holding their hair back... and we get fish...

Instructions read by Eric:

you are seated in pairs, look at the person across from you, in a test of gastrol intestinal fortitude..

one at a time, each pair will flip the table top revealing a food... you will pick a menu category, have to eat it in 3 minutes... but all are not as they seem! Welcome to the snack shack..

Start with Howie/James... playing for beverages...

they choose.... eventually... ice cream sundae...

just so happens, last couple ordered it.. so instead... ice clam sundae...

Ivette gets confirmation that partner can finish for you... if you puke you lose...

Howie and James start..

H: you're kidding me man...

he pukes.. James is still trying... he's ready for peanut butter... one minute warning... Howie gallantly eats the cherry...

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They are getting ready for to eat. Only 3 minutes to eat the whole pizza. "is it hot?" Jannele say yes. Janelle gagging Beau looking like he's having no probs.

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Beau is now gagging and Janelle is barfing. Janelle says "I can't swallow this"

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Feeds are back. Janelle is crying in pain. Janelle is stepping up and shoving food in. Beau barfed. Janelle visibly in pain.

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They are almost done. They got it!!!

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April and Rachel are up next. They choose coconut cream pie. They're out so they have to eat sour kraut cream pie.

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James/Howie fail... water..

Janelle/Beau playing for Breads/Cereal... they choose Pepperoni Pizza... but they are out, so instead... it's Pepper Only Pizza..

crust, and madagascar pepper...

they say it will make them cry... 3 minutes to eat it... crust too... April can smell the pepper from here... Eric hopes no one takes this personally... Janelle taking huge bites... but it's getting to her... Howie says I hate you BB! Michael says they are cruel, he's not eating here again! Howie wonders if them losing bread means no bread for the PBJ sandwich..

(fish cam and we see blue net cleaning the tank)

back and Beau asks about getting more water, Eric doesn't think so, but a quick cut to fish, and Eric is running over with a pitcher of water for them

[this seems like a LOT more than 3 minutes!]

while Jan is bent over spewing... Eric asks and BB gives them credit for finishing...

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April says this should be easy. April says "do we have to eat the crust? Fish

They're off. April holding nose so far no problems.

April is gagging and it looks like she's spitting it out.

Rachel is kicking butt. April has slowed.

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