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July 15th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Kaysar is repeating that she needs to redeem herself with james for her "all girl alliance" talk.

James pitting people against each other is bothering Kaysar. When he talks to James he tells Kaysar everythings cool.

He said James doesn't want to make plans with him this week so Kaysar is saying everyone is on their own this week.

kaysar called Yvettte a bitch and feels like "backhanding the shit out of her" He says she needs to have some decency. He says he's totally not into disrespecting women but Yvette is "on my last nerve".

Yvette told Kaysar (this is Kaysar talking) that because he's religious "this game is not for you" because it's a game of deceit.

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Kaysar says that Eric told him that "he's looking out for #1" and Janelles says he can't put you up because you guys have an agreement.

POV talk.

Kaysar is saying to Janelle "he will put you up for sure"

They figure that James ratted her out. "james trust me..he doesn't trust you." Kaysar to Janelle.


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They agree Howie will not be voted out.

Kaysar asks if Howie is with them Janelle says "no".

They both agree that none of the girls "will not vote him out" (Howie)

Kaysar has told Janelle "I can't plead your case"

"you are an easy target" to lower the numbers.

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Janelle is saying Yvette "is so ghetto the way she talks and the way she looks and her hair"

Kaysar say he doesn't want to get involved in all the cattiness of it.

Janelles says "I'm not a catty person"

"girls just don't like me" ~janelle

Janelle called Eric "white trash" because he always yelling orders to clean up.

Kaysar says dim wits are followers and that's why they are all following Eric "even Rachel has become a follower"

Kaysar~ "we are free thinkers" that's why him and Janelle are not followers

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It's 1:30 theyKaysar and Janelle are just repeating everything over and on that note I'm off to bed..Night Guys!

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Guest Shockalot

Superintense Eric and Howie in the kitchen having a man-to-man convo about how everything needs to go down.

Eric is intensly asking Howie "Did you really think I was gonna put you up? Did you think that .. did you think it?"

Howie is brushing it off.. says he was worried Eric might have thought of Howie was with Janelle and Ashlea but assures Eric it was the way he plays it. Eric says he knows.. he knew Howie was just 'playing the game' and keeping them happy.

They are agreeing they will help each other out from now until the final 5 or 6 and then agree that at that point anything can happen and there will be no hard feelings and just business and luck of the draw from 6 on.

Ok.. more male bonding about turning the HoH into what Eric calls a 'JackShack'.. something to do with condoms and getting girls in there.

Howie and Eric absolutely agree there are more rooms in the house. Eric insists there is too much space 'back there'.

They both agree there is something in that 'Subway' room and they (BB) might even be still building it.

It might even be a tunnel that leads somewhere.

They end the convo as if they are two best buddies who are both satisfied they are in agreement.

(( Just noting something interesting here - Howie was 'mirroring' Eric during this conversation.. no 'Howie Act' but speaking in a very serious no-BS concise attitude.......... after the convo ends and Janelle and Kaysar enter, Howies 'Accent' returns and he is back to 'big dumb guy' body language))

Kaysar and Janelle now get up to the HoH room.

Once in they are in in pure cat-burglar form.

They sneak over to the golden safes and begin attemping to open them

Jannele is trying to calculate a combination based on birthdays:




Kaysar spots a serial number.. he thinks it has something to do with it and actually trying it as a combo but saying 'That would be fucking retarded if that was it"


Jannelle thinks maybe the day they arrived in the house.



Janelle and Kaysar think about the GOlden Key,, The quarters.. maybe there are 9 quarters... they are thinking of anything.

Janelle bets its hidden in the room somewhere. she begins rifling through things.

Kaysar suggests the license plate (MTA-**)

Now he is helping ... AHA.. Janelle notices that the world map is missing Russian and East Asia.{meaning the map is cut off at that point and might be wrapped around back of frame]


They remove the Picture frame. Hmm Nothing.

Kaysar and Janelle agree they must find that Golden Key before Saturday.. they seem convinced they need it by then.

(lol!) Kaysar is asking Big Brother (the ceiling) "Can we do this.. are we allowed to look for it.. is this against the rules"

No answer from BB.

Janelle tells Kaysar "Of course they want us to find it!"

Janelle finds... a skew number from someones clothes LOL!

They are tearing the place apart now!

Ohhh . .. now Kaysar is getting a lightbulb.. "What did Julie ask us today?"

Yellow Fish

Yellow Cupboards.. Yellow is like gold....

Janelle agreeing strongly.. the clues were in the order and way Julie asked the questions!



3-17-I dunno??!

they are still stumped. lying on beds thinking as hard as possible.

34 degress.


How many steps on the stairs..


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Guest Shockalot

Enter Howie into the Golden Room.

Janelle tells Howie to get in bed with her. Oh boy.. Howie begins thanking God repeatedly.

Before climbing into bed with Janelle he takes a second to smell some clothes.. I swear he just too a long sniff of her panties.

They all agree this room sucks for comfort and lighting. (hard to sleep).

Kaysar is teasing Howie that he has been changed by Howie now.. he will get himself some women.

Howie says "good.. we are gonna go pick up women after this show"

Kaysar will not drink though.. he will have water.

Howie and Janelle explain water is the most expensive thing in the clubs.

They talk about finding quarters. Joking about it. Howie asks if they all saw the flashing thing in the gumball machine.

Yesssss Howie.

Now Howie spots something in the ceiling. asks what it is.. a vent?

Now Kaysar and Janelle back to whispering the possible combo.


Nope. its like they ran out of ideas.

Talk turns to their Alliance.

Howie, Janelle and Kaysar are like the Three Amigos discusssing whats gonna happen, who will vote against 'them'. Using terms like 'We' 'Us' and 'Those guys' etc.

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Guest Shockalot


Janelle brushes up against Howie.

Howie gets extremely excited.

Kaysar asks what just happened and Janelle says that Howie just made an Alliance.

Howie: "Im in an Alliance with her TWO BOOBS!"

Embarrassed Kaysar says.. "I will leave the room to you guys" as he gets up to leave.

Janelle 'NOOOOO Stay"

Howie "Thanks buddy!"

Janelle "noooo stay stay stay"

LMAO!! Howie nods off to sleep right away and Janelle and Kaysar decide to switch places.

Kaysar is holdng back laughter about this as a prank on Howie (who would wake up to Kaysar instead of Janelle)

Excuses himself to go pee but ends up doing his prayers downstairs too.

Does not return to the now open spot next to Howie but finds a cot to sleep on instead.

(Good Night Guests!)

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Next Rachel heads to the kitchen and starts to tidy up in there.

Next to the store room. She grabs an orange, takes it back to the kitchen, then heads back to the bathroom to get some pills of some kind. Then back to the kitchen.

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Eric was kneeling beside the bed in the HOH room with the head phones on and his face in his hands on the bed and they didn't have any audio from that room.

Then they showed him wiping his eyes.

Then the audio came on and it sounded like he was crying and you could he the music from his head phones. It was that song that goes "Going to Carolina..."

Then cut to fish on all feeds.

Then the feeds came back and it is just showing Rachel and Beau in the kitchen.

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Rachel and Beau sitting at the round table, Beua eating breakfast... Beau notices a fish and questions if it is dead... Rachel says no, and whispers to Beau that they aren't supposed to talk about it... then they comment about overfeeding the fish and that being just as bad for the fish...

Cam 1/2 swith to the HOH room, show Eric moving around...


BB: Good morning HG, it's time to get up today...

BB: Good morning HG, you have 90 minutes until the food competition...

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After about 5 mintues feeds went back to Eric.

7:30 House time.

BB: Good moring house guest it is time to wake up for the day. You have 90 mins until the food comp.

Beau and Rachel crack up laughing that they woke up everyone.

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everyone up and moving around, thanks to the BB announcement

Eric mentions some that were up at 2:30 in the morning... vampires...

Ivette notices it's VERY cold in the house this morning


April asks Eric if he knew about getting up early today, he says yes, and she asks why he didn't tell everyone... he says he couldn't... says he did tell those up still at 2:30am that they should get some sleep...

Eric is asking Michael if he put fish in the freezer to cool, because all the ice smells like fish... then he starts doing the 'this stinks, smell it' routine with everyone at the counter, and Maggie calls him on it [lol]


quick whispered strategy session in the kitchen between Eric, Maggie, James, Sarah, Ivette and April... Jen is in the shower shaving her legs...

April says someone made the comment, 3 months in the house, this will be fun... "you weren't out there"... is saying 'he is flirting all over" (may be talking about Beau, not sure)

Ivette is eating, says she's going to eat an english muffin also, in case she ends up on PBJ [three letters I have the worse time typing!]

Eric: I think I've listened to that cd twice already

E: that's probably why they are doing it so early(food comp), so that it's not blazing hot out there


April is searching for the english muffins, thinks they are all gone... Ivette says there are more in the storage room...

Ivette comments about staying in a hotel, it's a dream... Beau was in the dream... Sarah says she had a dream about a hotel also... Ivette describes the dream, says Eric was disappointed about something, ends with I and Beau going shopping


Eric shows his hand to Maggie, then starts telling others, when he is stressed his finger swells, arm and lymph node will get red...

Ivette: so your job doesn't stress you, but this house does?! lol

E: all they said to me(BB), is that we were getting up early, and to keep my mouth shut... and I went to bed at 2:30... I have a feeling it's physical, so they are doing it before it gets hot out [or before their bodies have a chance to wake up? lol]


pairs are subtly becoming more obvious.. Ivette and Beau sitting at the counter, Maggie sitting at the counter, Eric leaning from the otherside chatting with her.. What's up hippie Maggie..

7:56 still sleeping... kitchen talk about CoasterToss... Howie going crazy trying to beat Eric... they played again last night... talk of Howie at work, how crazy he must be... James explains that the kitchen water is on separate heater from bathroom...

James: genius, if you haven't figured out yet, this one is on a separate tank than that one

talk of the theory that hot water freezes faster than cold water [sounds like a job for the Myth Busters team!]


Howie is up in the gold room...

Ivette commented there will be a HOH and co-HOH [not sure where she got that idea, may be teasing Eric]

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Maggie to Eric: oh, your a fireman but can't lift a hot plate...

Eric: but I can answer right!

Rachel is tweesing her eyebrows

Ivette teases Eric for calling the Milk 'deary'

I: and people say I have an accent, it's dairy, not deary...

James: what is a plasmodium...

April: we don't care... is it gross?

James: it's bile... it comes out of your liver...

kitchen group teases April for BB saying her mic is obstructed, Rachel is drying her hair, Kaysar is still sleeping...


Howie strolls to the kitchen, Eric asks when he got to bed, and Ivette calls him a vampire...

Ivette says some come to restaurant and ask for their bagel burnt... how she says it gets Eric laughing... the two talk about old Jewish ladies and how they order at restaurants...

I: have you heard of IGT card? In Good Taste... you connect it to your credit card, and you save 20%... I have ladies come back saying, I didn't realize it was on the IGT card... they'll talk to a friend when they get home..

E: I'll go to Vegas, someone with the most flashy stuff on... I'll tell them you are from the east coast, aren't you...

I: (with jewish lady accent) I want a cup of decaf coffee

E: (same accent) is the decaf fresh? has it been sitting long?

E: we go to eat, Julie goes thru 5 minute disertation about not eating dairy... I think I'll have to halibut... is it good?(to the waiter)

Ivette talks of someone eating tuna sandwich and blowing up, allergic to peanuts... acts like a mind reader... you are aleeeeergic to.... peanuts!


Jenny makes it to the kitchen, to oohs and ahhs of little Jenny...

Ivette gives up her spot at the counter for Sarah... Sarah starts saying Beau in the spa yesterday was soooo funny, doing a head-bopping thing...

laughing about Beau/Howie interaction(when Howie teasingly comes on to Beau)

Michael is pushing on the wall gold room, trying to find another summer of secret

Sarah asks the others if they would be better off not eating, if the food comp involves eating...

E: it's on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know...

H: we may need to eat?

talk of past BB, with people throwing up, and Josh filling his pants with food... they found him annoying, and wanted him gone the first day...

E: and he was from New York, was probably a Yankees fan! Sorry, it ain't happening this house!

I:and when he'd go to the cauwsh( they tease how she says couch)... I think everybody's an idiot in this house!

they go on about Josh, and how he talked of his girlfriend 'Mare-wit'

BB: attention HGs, there are fresh batteries in the DR


Sarah tells of a dream to go to DR, she goes in and asks what's going on, and BB says nothing... fish...


back from fish.. HG getting fixed up for food comp at 9:00-ish...

talk of spending $4/day at Starbucks...

E:$4/day times 7, $28 a week... call it $30/week... $112... almost $1300/year, your car insurance, on coffee...

I: he's being a jew people, never mind him...

E: when I can go to the store and buy a bag... it will last me 2 months...

Eric talks of Julie having a sensitive stomach... at 30 became lactose intolerant like that...


April and Kaysar discuss PBJ in bathroom while getting ready...

A: I say it PB M J.. say it all together.. hyphenate it... should be PB and J...

Kaysar mentions burger joint, In and Out...

they think for food comp they will work together... think it will be fun...

A: like jumping in a jelly pond... taking off clothes...

K: ohh, I'm not striping down...

A: yea, Michael said that too... well, if they told you..

K: it won't matter..

A: ...they said you have to compete in the competitions

K: they said you have to deal with your customs...

A: how many times have I worn makeup, 2 times? I'm just trying to look a little bit decent...

Maggie comes in, recognizes Aprils top as one she used to have

M: they had that at the Gap, in 50 different colors


Eric, Ivette talk about beds for their kids...

E: we already had this discussion,and I lost... we already have queen sheets... April looks at a bump on Ivettes head...

Eric mumbles to April, Ivette at the counter(James close by also) that " it doesn't have to be an elaborate scheme, I'll just put him up.. that's what kept me up last night... I can't do that'[the big plan to decieve Michael?]

E: I said this was a game... I don't think it hit everyone until Ashlea left... I think it's going to start rolling now


April tells everyone that Beau fixed the sink[bathroom sink was leaking]

James: just because you fixed one sink doesn't make you a plumber! lol

E: Beau, you fixed the sink?

B: all you have to do is turn it tight, so it doesn't leak

E: I told everyone, all these macho guys, and...

oops, it's still leaking, they think it might be the seal isn't seated[reminds me of an early Steve Martin joke, I thought you said socket, not sprocket.. isn't this the plumbers convention?]

Eric suggests they have BB look at it during lockdown...

8:42(18 minutes until annouced food comp)

Eric/April whispering at counter about Michael again...

A: only thing is, Janelle might say...

talk seems to be of putting up Janelle, and April telling Janelle she is safe... and also strategy of 'Eric saved you'[after the fact when Janelle isn't evicted?]

[4 feeds all showing Eric/April, but they are at counter whispering, and others talking are over powering the audio]

8:45(15 minutes to FC)

[all gets oddly quiet]

A: I get... when he touches me, it's wierd, like he has a wierd spirit

E: all I can tell you, is you are safe, you are safe...

James/Eric/April... doesn't matter who he nominates, it's a lose-lose for him... then Beau comes running out with a shirt of Howie's, throws it on the floor and jumps on it(not really sure why, except the don't seem to like it lol)

Ivette talks of (tommy-bomma?) clothes

E: when they said how many were watching, I was... [feeds caught BB last night telling HGs before the show that 10 million would be watching]

James: that's when I got nervous!

8:50(10 minutes til FC)

feeds switch to gold room, Howie, Jan getting ready.. Howie being Howie... Jan thinks she's too tan...

J: what do you think the secrets are Howie?

H: I think there's money in the safe... I'll find it and you'll want to have your way with me...

Michael comes in to get ready also...

Michael asks her for a morning hug... and he steals a kiss at the end... Howie asks where his hug is!


BB: Maggie, please go to the Storage room

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Eric, James, and Maggie are all watching the TV in the HOH room, they see beau doing ballet leaps and turns in the kitchen

James is saying Mike is crazy and how he punched the wall and it was jenny in the bathroom, and how he told april to "f-ing mind her own business. Maggie is thinking its all exagerated and BB would have done something about it if it wasn't. Now james is saying that mike has made jenny cry twice. Kaysar has joined them in the HOH room. They are saying the can only leave the tv monitor on for 30 min at a time.

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Eric and Maggie just gave out a big hint that they know each other as she was talking about her families VW bug or van, and Eric asked is that the one you have now, she said yes, he's mentions how it wobbles when she drives it.

Camera's have switched to Howie and Janelle in the bathroom.

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Eric/James in the HOH bathroom... Eric says he is asking everyone to keep him safe if they win HOH, if he doesn't put them up... James is questioning if people will do that, if they know who he's going to nominate... Eric says Rachel did that with everyone, and James says she never said that to him(James)

Eric said he is going to make Kaysar sweat... based on what Howie said... Eric said Michael is trying to pin the second vote on Howie... James said he heard some are trying to pin it on him(James), Eric said no, that Sarah noticed Michael and Janelle hug right afterwards... that sealed their fate...


Maggie and Eric whispering in the HOH...

M: he(Michael) just said, he isn't going to compete if it's going to humiliate him... discuss the contract they signed.. that they MUST compete in every competition..

talk that Michael is giving April the hebe-gebes...

James: everyday you get up...

Maggie goes into the HOH bathroom... James/Eric discuss 'her' being a tough chick, James thinks she'd put him up in a heartbeat...

Kaysar comes in to HOH, wants to use the restroom... James/Kaysar don't like the shoes BB gave them [so much for product placement on this one]

Eric gets his HOH key, doesn't want to get locked out again... James asks about the screen... Eric says it doesn't do much, no particular advantage... James says he'd keep the fish tank on the screen... Eric confirms it shuts down after 30 minutes... it won't start up now for them... Maggie is out of the restroom, wants to see the tv screen..

M: this is entertaining, leave it...

more talk about Michael

James: I can't believe he has friends... some of it has to be an act, BB wouldn't allow that...

M: I do this all the time... (leans over into her mic) 'are you watching this?'

Talk of Michael punching a wall... and who saw it... James says Michael cursed out April, when she told him to stop touching the girls

M: it has to be exaggerated, because no violent behaviour is allowed

J: that's why Jenny was crying... so much happens in here, I can't remember it all...

K: at least you hear about it... I only talk to him because no one else will talk to me... I get dirty looks from a couple people...

Eric says others may not know James Taylor, except Hippie...

M: I went to his concert

J: how high were you?

M: I went with my parents!

J: how high were all of you?

they mention a VW bug, Maggie says it was a VB wagon... Eric asks if it's the same one, that rattles when you go 45 [speaking in general, or about her car specifically? lol]


switch to bathroom, Howie being Howie with Janelle again..

J: I get tired of a guy hitting on me, finally I tell him off

H: I think I met you before [lol]

J: did I tell you off? [lolol]

more of Howie obsessing over Janelle... Howie asks if she goes to church..

J: of course... catholic

more Howie, then Michael walks in saying he feels nauseous[really, or from hearing Howie? lol]

H: did your dad's friends come over and hit on you? you really can't go anywhere without being hit on by the male species, you have a way about you...

J: I went to a birthday party, and my dad's friend grabbed me, my dad was upset(when she was 15)

H: 15 huh, a little Jannie... how long have you been this tall?

J: since I was 12

Janelle putting more lotion on and checking herself out in the mirror, asking Howie about her headband... then Jenny shows up, and Howie has two women to obsess over...

H: I'm so tired I could sleep right now...

9:17(FC started 17 minutes ago? lol)

bedroom.. Sarah talking about going in DR for no reason this morning... in there for about a minute, thought BB wanted her...

Howie walks into bedroom, Ivette tells him to untuck his shirt... he (maybe) reveals himself to them when untucking his shirt... Ivette then goes off on Howie, tells BB to provide different briefs/underware for Howie and they will give him HOH, then says he has dress socks on, toothpaste on his leg... Ivette says they are old lady blood pressure socks!

H: the average fat American can put on a $400 shirt, and they won't look as good as me! [lolol]


April questions if they will stay in these clothes, or if BB will have them change into outfits... thinks BB would have told them by now..

Howie is refusing the mini makeover, saying he's going to compete... it's not a fashion show!

Ivette is changing his socks/shoes now, asks if he wants her to double tie the laces[lol]

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