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July 15th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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10:47 BBT

Cam 1 cuts to Howie and Janelle in the Hot tub, Howie is telling her that tomorrow will be hard when he has to do his chores and all he'll be doing is thinking about kissing her, licking her, etc...(I can't believe he can say all this with a straight face!)

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Janelle for petes sake put on that damn microphone!!!

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Maggie and Eric are talking in the kitchen. Talking about almost lossing the HOH . Maggie wants to wake up really early tomorrow and talk. She needs to tell Eric something tomorrow. Someone said "so much for the honest people" because Eric was going to use Mike as a pawn. Sarah I think..Can anyone confirm.

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Eric is going to secure security from everyone that he will not be put the following week. Eric is worried about James "he's a slippery son-of-a-bitch" Maggie say she really needs to win HOH next week.

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kaysar is talking janelle about howie going up against janelle... (sigh... kaysar is soooo lost)

janelle asked kaysar if there was a way to get herself off the block... she asked if she should go around the house crying because the took her best friend away...

janelle said she would prefer to go up against someone like jenny so janelle could win pov...

kaysar is doing pushups...

(the cable guy is coming tomorrow morning early to install a DVR so i can have BB recorded when i go on vacation next week... haha so i must go to bed... night!...)

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Janelle and Kaysar are discussing what's next. She's thinking she may be put up against Howie. She thinks she should start crying "you took my best friend away" Kayars told her no. She prefers to be up against Jenny. She wants to bring James into the fold. Kaysar wants Janelle to apologize to James for saying she wants to get rid of all the guys. Kaysar "we can't talk right now people are awake and know where we are right now"

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Guest ranster627
This is why it sucks all 4 feeds show the same thing..we duplicate the posts.

MOD NOTE: Duplication is confirmation, and that is a good thing! :wink:

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Guest HermanoGrande

Janelle and Howie in the HT

Howie pulled his pants off and jumped in the HT in his underwear ...

Sarah, James, Ivette, Rachel in the bedroom

Eric- telling them lights out in 5 minutes

James- get your ass up stairs old man

Ivette- we miss you ...

S- don't get too comfy up there...

J- you realize that you will be back here in a week - unlike Rachel who had 12 day s...

Eric- any good leader will realize that the people aren't there to support them- you are there to support them ...

S - now go make me some food!

J- Hey Eric- about your speech - he lifts his leg and farts

girls ewwww....

Howie going on and on with Janelle -

she says she will call him for advice

he tells her the same

she says I will tell you the truth too

He says he loves her...

He can't stop talking about the way the "choked" on TV tonight- says he will come back...

H- is there a guy in America that is going- what is Howie doing wrong right now - no- I'm sitting here with a hot 10 chick in my underwear- I'm doing pretty good right now- he continues to talk about her pretty blue eyes-

Howie- you find me kinda of attractive besides my big mouth don't you?

Jan- yeah

Howie- don't do that - I'll blow my load in here

Kaysar - what did she do?

H- she rubbed her leg on mine- it's been a long time since I've felt flesh...

Jan- my leg touched his ..

Beau and Howie carrying on about some gay guy that wanted to touch him in a HT one time- -

B- what did you do to make him want to touch you?

H- I'm just a sexy hot guy..

Howie going on and on about Janelle .. and sex

Kaysar- Howie please... you are sitting here in a g- string..

Howie- I like these- if I wear my boxers I pee and it runs down my legs for days- these things hold me tight- there is no woodage -

Howie- I miss Ashlea - she was so pretty and had good boobies

Jan- I miss her too - she is probably celebrating and having a drink ...

Howie sits on the side of the HT

Kaysar yells - I told you not to stand up ..

Janelle gets out

Kaysar gets out...

Howie stands up - walks over

Howie- why what is hanging out? My bubble gum?

- turns around to Beau and says as a gay man tell me if I have a good butt...

B- it looks like you have a pack of sh%t in your F***ing ass right now

H- moves the part of his underwear that is drooping- and says besides my suit- -how does it look

B- you have no ass

H - oh man... Beau- every gay man loves me- you want me- talk good about me-

They go on and on...

Howie gets up and his butt is showing

Beau and Mike scream..... ewwww

Mike - man Howie you are on a thin thread...

and Howie goes on - says he might jerk off tonight

M - have you done it yet?

H- no

M- you really would in the house?

H- yeah -

M- where?

H- in my sheet in a condom -

M- in a condom... ?

H- it would be rude to get it all over the place

Beau leaves...

goes inside and says OMG you don't know what you just missed out there- Howie in his wet undie things- running across the yard and getting out with a boner - he scared Janelle and Kaysar out of the HT - it was disgusting...

Janelle - it was disgusting

Beau- and then he covered it up with a glass..

the others are like OMG ...

B- and Howie doesn't see anything wrong with that and we were all sceaming and he still doesn't think it's wrong...

female saying maybe they should tell him ...

B- yeah right like we've already told him 10 times

Yadda Yadda more crap. Howie saying they should make a shirt saying "we Survived Howie, Big brother 6"............

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All in the bedroom talking about..do I dare say it...strip clubs.no substantial conversation to post.

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Kaysar to Janelle "if you are not coming up with good ideas it's pointless to think"

"micheal needs to get his crap together" because everyone april Yvette and James think he's nuts and are campaigning to get rid of him-Kaysar

Janelle is sure that there fledgling alliance will lose someone.

"annoying schmuck" Eric controls the game according to Kaysar.

We need six said Kaysar and Janelle says April and Sarah..."that's a stretch" says Kasar.

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Janelle wants Kaysar to get a deal with Eric to put someone up besides her.......LOL!!

Kaysar very pessamistic.

Telling Janelle that him and Mike have had an alliance since the 2nd day with james.

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Guest HermanoGrande

Kaysar and Janelle @ smoking table talking about their future in the house.

Janelle suggests trying to get the guys to get rid of Jenny.

K: If someone gets POV and changes the nominations me or michael are going up.

Eric comes outside saying E: My first night as HOH and ive already locked myself out.

Now him and Kaysar are discussing how BB gets into the HOH room. Eric thinks they are locking him out. Eric leaves.

J: What if you make some sort of deal with him? Tell him you wont put him up for 2 weeks.

They are scheming how he can convince Eric to not put K up. Janelle is almost positive shes going up so she wants to make sure her compadres arent nominated so they can help her out.

K: we cant talk anymore tonight. Its suspicious.

J: Yeah, see ya

K: See ya

Now little Jannie in the backyard by herself w/ her smokes.

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Eric "I might be the first one to lock myself out" He's talking about the HOH room. Got a duplicate key from the storage room

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12:11am Beau, Howie and Janelle in the bathrrom. Slow night Nothing new to report. Oops kaysar is in their too.

April and Janeele are going outside to smoke Maybe something..

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"did it hurt me hanging out with ashlea?"~Janelle to April

Long Pause

It didn't hurt but April says it put her behind in getting to know the rest of the HG.

April said she could be paranoid if she was put on the block and would fight her butt off for the POV.

She tells Jan to try hard and take herself off.

Janelle said "or someone else off"

April says to "take yourself off"

Micheal is now outside

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Just a note to all east coast posters. Ealier Maggie said that she is waking up early (no time specified) to talk to Eric in HOH room. Hopefully someone will get that conversation.

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Beau call Kaysar a"faggot". Howie said "i thought people aren't suppose to use that word" He said because he's gay he can call people a faggot. howie says "i hate that word".

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April says saying faggot is like using the N word. She goes on to say that a white person calling her white trash is ok but if someone non white called her that it would be offensive to her.

Actually Howie and Beau were just joking around.

They all agreed not to use the word anymore.

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Did anyone catch the conversation between April and Beau?? All I could hear was the water running.

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Kaysar is telling Janelle basically she's on her own to get herself out of being evicted.

He can't give his word that he is going to be part of an alliance with her.

He is telling her Eric is so insistent to putting her up.

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