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July 15th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Michael to Beau... "Watch your back... I supposedly had a pact with Eric from the very start... Then the first chance he was HoH he put me up..." Janelle to Michael... "For real???"

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michael and janelle are in gold room with beau. michael climbs in bed and says comeon janelle you want to see my tent? he ment that we went under the comforter and beau joined them. all you could see was a sea of shimmering gold and hear their voices laughing.

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Guest Jewelsx19

Eric is very unhappy about Beau being in the Gold room with Micheal and Janelle.

Eric asked Ivette what Beau was doing in there, saying that he keeps it up and he is out next.

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Michael and Janelle are kissing under the covers... I can't swear but I thought I heard her say in a whisper I love you michael...

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Michael is trying to find a way to kis Janelle without the cameras seeing.

Janelle: So there's no way we both can stay.

You don't h

Michael pulls the cover over janelles head and kisses her

Janelle: You're gonna get us in trouble

(kaysar walks in)

J: what did you think of his speach

K: it was diplomatic

M: diplomatic to mindless sheep, everyone just went along with it

K: already know what i know, no point in going on and on about this

J: clearly he's scared of michael cause he won't follow him, he's like hitler, if you don't follow you are gone

M: he reminds me of a friend of mine at the gym, he had a look of fear in his eyes when i met him, so i tried to be extra nice to him

K: sucks this whole nomination

M: this is a liberating feeling actually

M: don't trust him, he pulled your key last

M: liberating in the sense that its over and you don't have to worry about being nominated

K:I just need to digest this whole thing

J: if you get POV who would you put up

K: I don't know

J: Jenny?

K: Its a strategic purpose to put the two of you up

M: If i remain i won't put him up right away, i have other plans for him

K: I'm gonna go before they get suspicious

J: Suspicious of what?

I think michael told her kaysar and him are pairs, but i'm not sure

M: I'd nominate him and Ivette if i got HOH then get HOH out.

Micheal tries to pull a pillow over their head

J: thats so obvious, there's a blanket over there

M: if we can open atleast one of these safes we could be safe

J: 35-73-11

M: uh uh, i tried that

they hug

then pull a blanket over their heads and kiss

M: ok we need to open the safe

J: but if we take one of us off, they'll put up kaysar

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Guest sunshine

michael and jannelle in the gold room trying to figure out the safe locks... they think something is gonna be revealed tomorrow..

quick question... since when did michael and janelle start kissing and stuff???

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(rying to figure out the combo)

MTA 317

3-4 => 34

13 * 20 = 260

(they need all the people trying to figure out the lost numbers to help them)

Jan: Look this subway door opens

(it doesn't though, the cameras are on the other side)

Jan: I need a cigarette I'm stressed

Michael goes back to the gold room alone says something in italian

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Janelle and Mike looked for clues to the safe and everytime they left the Gold room and the storage room the camera did an extreme close-up of the door handles after they left.

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April is advising Janelle not to let him (Micheal) talk her into using the POV. If she does it will mean she F'd.

April has guranteed Janelle she will campaign to save her.

If you win POV "use it on yourself" "do not use it on the other person

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sarah: he's so ugly, she must have a very low self esteem (looking over at janelle and michael sitting at the table, as she lays by beau on the hammack)

michael comes and jumps at sarah and beau on the hammack

sarah: (screams) ahhh,don't do that

April: don't think he went up cause of you, don't you think he's a little weird?

J: no, i do

April: if you get pov, either take your self off or leave it the same

if you do we are going to fight to get him off, don't believe he'd use it on you, if he's off what if one of us like me or maggie goes up, it could be one of us from the surfboard

April: I will campaign for you, if you win it use it on your self, trust me your safe, trust me you are a good hearted person, and that person has done things to other people, why do you hang out with him, he freaks me out

J: oh he does

A: he was pissed the other night cause someone is in the bathroom and he hit the wall, apparently other people have seen things. like he says"oh, your so sweet, i can't wait to vote you the fuck out", don't tell him any of this, he's a very smart person.

J: do you think howie would help me

A: oh he'd fight for you, your ass aint going home

J: what about james

A: your good, just stay sweet and distance yourself from that person

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April's really working Janelle into not trusting Micheal. Trying to get her to believe Micheal is using her to stay. She came on strong about Mike being really strange but backed off.

April is afraid if she saves Mike it could mean "one of them " could possible be put up in his place.

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April is working overtime to discredit Micheal.

"you need to open your eyes and your ears" April is telling Janelle about Micheals biting and licking of all the girls.

Janelle is wondering why no one told her.

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april and janelle still talking

A: at this point in the game you can't trust people

he's been biting our necks, licked jennifers stomach, he went to lick he stomach and i said mike what are you doing, he told me "why don't you back the f**k up you old women" , you need to open your eyes and ears janelle, he tried to stick his toe up sarah's shorts,

J: when

A: just a few minutes ago, people dig their own graves

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Eric to James "when women are together they are like a bunch of cats"

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April's other face is now talking to Mike. April says all the biting is all fun and games. But the comment he told her when she said no.."what are you my mother, go f%%k the duck in the pool" is why she was offended. Mike says that is not what she said...he said "go fetch the duck in the pool".

Beau confirms Mike didn't say what April is telling everyone.

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April is telling Mike she has never heard the word sexual harrassment about him.......

She is telling him "he is a good person" about Eric

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return for fish to see eric and crew outside eric is saying something about janelle and michael being put up and what eric told janelle up in hoh room about trust and if she playes it right this week she will be ok....and back to fish again!!!

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Janelle has bad manners.. she's serving herself ice cream and licking the spoon after every scoop and then dipping it back into the ice cream carton.

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