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Do the houseguests go in the house today or tomorrow? I forget what the timeline is from year to year.

I thought they go in a week before? So that would be tomorrow? And I thought they were in in sequester for a few days prior to that to do press? If that's the case, shouldn't be be seeing who they are soon?

Can't wait! I need to buy my super pass still. It'll make my time at work fly by. So exciting!!

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Ok, ok. So I know its probably nothing, BUT I got an email today from TV Grapevine, that will give us something to obcess over until Julie officially announces them on Wednesday! LOL

It seems like no Big Brother pre-season is complete without a list of House Guest names being leaked. Last year the list wasn't even close, but it did provide some food for thought. This year the list is only two days prior to the official release of Big Brother 9 Houseguests and their being officially announced by CBS on the Wednesday Early Show.


Look for these people in the house! All of these houseguests have some sort of weird secret about themselves. Some are more extreme than others of course. The twist is that seven of them have a secret while the other people they are entering with are people that are oblivious to the secret. Eventually the secrets will be revealed. They are not in teams.

Kara Wallace

22 years old

SECRET: It has to do something with like her husband and how she cheated on him about a billion times. She might be having duel relationships that no one knows about.

Destiny Izzarne

28 years old

SECRET: Is really a man. I'm thinking she's had the full surgery so she is now technically a woman. First transsexual on the show.

Scott Donahue

25 years old

SECRET: Works for some weird brand of porno company. The porno he distributes is really awkward and not just "sex" but more to do with a fetish.

Jackie Oliphant

21 years old

SECRET: Has had extensive plastic surgery. Hasn't really told anyone about it.

John Rolfe

20 years old

SECRET: He's not out to his brother.

Ray Cowen

30 years old

SECRET: Something to do with an STD.

Maverick Madsen

47 years old

SECRET: He spent time in jail a long time ago.

The other people. These people are connected to the above. Meaning they are unaware of the secret that the other person has.

Ryan Wallace

24 years old

Kara's husband. Who doesn't know about the other guy or other guys in her life.

Sabine Willis

26 years old

Destiny's best friend who is unaware of her being a transexual.

Cassie Lyons

24 years old

Girlfriend of Scott. Doesn't know of his porno king status.

Veronica Murphy

36 years old

Jackie's boss? Something to do with where she works.

Evan Rolfe

23 years old

John's brother who doesn't know that he's gay. Apparently homophobic?

Andy Johnson

27 years old

Best friends, Slept with the same girl. Ray first (with STD) then Andy...Andy could possibly have an STD? Apparently they are super close friends from college.

Misty Madsen

22 years old

Daughter of Maverick. Doesn't know of his fathers past involvement with the law.


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Well since we are all just shooting theories are is mine:

Since the theme song is dirty little secrets lets say some if not all have a dirty little secret so hum what can it be

perhaps one of them will get to go and play around the outside world and read blogs and sites to see what people are saying? Parents and kids...or better yet a house full of nuns

Ok it is not much but come on it is something! :party_smilie:

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i wouldn't want dick back in the house

maybe back in the summer

if they decide to do that semi-celebrity edition

he's a celebrity after the last season

how about reality tv stars?

but, screw rob and amber

they have enough money

how about some of the people that were kicked off/evicted/voted off first from their shows?

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Here is the letter.

This just in from Robyn Kass the casting agent for Big Brother.

Hi Robyn

I picked up the list of leaked house guest names. Seems like every year someone releases a list. I am just checking with you in respect to the validity of the list.

Robyn's Reply

Wow, some people have very vivid imaginations.... all false, thanks for checking with me! Who the heck sits around and thinks this stuff up?


Robyn Kass

Kassting Inc

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