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August 2, Live Feed Updates

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You can hear the fun and yelling and squealing in the other room. But Dani and Nick are just lying down on the silhouette room floor.

Dani whispers that Dustin is getting on her nerves. She says she almost can't stand anybody. Nick says he "feels her."

Nick: One of these hours, I'm hoping you will break your silence. And we can just, you know, talk about anything.


Nick asks about her grandma.

Dani is mumbling and lying on her mic. BB tells her not to obstruct it.

She started living with Grandma at 11 months.

Dani says it was enjoyable when she was little, but now they don't get along. She doesn't talk to her Grandpa, since her Grandma and Grandpa split up.

Dani says she's going to kill him.

Dani whispers "So sad!" when Zach comes into the room.

BB tells Eric to move his mic higher.

Dani: They're yelling at everyone!

Nick: Uh huh

Dani: What are you thinking?

Nick: Dani, you can't ask me that anymore.

Dani: Why?

Nick: I already told you.

She says she has a headache, and he tells her to take an Excedrin. She says she took three already.

Nick; Take more and overdose.

Dani: That's so rude!

(They are saying words like "houseguests" in weird accents now--ed)

Dani: I need to pee.

He tells her to go ahead.

Dani: I didn't ask for permission!

He asks why she asked it with a question mark, then.

(This banter is going on and on --ed)

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Nick tells Dani that Kail always tries to be part of the other group, because her ass is on the line. Nick says he isn't switching how he "rolls!"

Dick comes in and says that Zach is so mad at him. Nick says Dick "damaged his goods."

Nick tells Dick that Zach was considering making chemistry mixtures to put in Dick's bed.

Dick says he'll just change beds with one of the girls, then.

Dani goes to the bathroom.

Nick asks what everyone is doing. Dick says stupid stuff. Nick says they have such slow nights, and there is nothing to do when they are locked down.

Dick says he is going to go to bed soon, and Nick says he won't. Dick says he will, because HOH is tomorrow!

Dick: Did you talk to anybody today?

Nick says he talked to Amber, but she said they could talk later, probably tomorrow.

Nick: She's been acting really weird.

Dick is silent.

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Dick is telling Zach to "Come here!"

NIck: Sound familiar? Me and you sometimes!

Nick says he is always leaving, and she is always saying "Come here." She says no, she tells him to get the hell away.

Dani says Jen is in there cooking waffles. She probably thinks she can eat now.

Nick: Good. I hope she does think that.

More banter

Dani: Don't. I'll kill you. I hate you. Why are you doing that?

Nick: Tell me what I'm doing and I'll try to stop.

Dani: NO!

Dani threatens him with a wedgie.

Nick: Why are you doing this to me?

Dani: I didn't. I stopped.

Nick: This house blows tonight.

Dani: Can I kill you? Hey? Hey? Hey? What's wrong?

Nick: Nothing. I thought you were going to kill me.

Dani: Hey!

Nick: Is for horses.

Dani: Whatever.

NIck: Dustin is fucking annoying.

Dani: I think he's funny.

Nick: You're a dumb dumb doody head.

Dani: uh uh

Nick: Yeah, you are.

(Will someone shoot me now, please? --Cat)

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Zach has supposedly made some glob stuff. It smells like pickle juice, according to Nick.

Zach says it has to sit for a while.

Jess is asking about the endurance comp. Eric says he could predict who will win it, because "that person is ready to rock!"

Eric; This has been one of the single most boring nights of my life! (Mine, too -- Cat)

Dick yells to Zach that this is the most action his bed has had in two years!

Zach asks him if he has ever been maced in the face?

Dick asks if he has mace, and Zach says no--but he can make some.

Dick: I think that would be considered very aggressive behavior.

(I have to stop listening now. My IQ had gone down 10 points since I started, and I'm falling asleep -- Cat)

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12:07 BBT

Zach complaining his bed is broken and Dick saying tto take Nick's "he doesn't use it" and saying that's the most action his bed has seen in years

Zach saying he's trying to remeber what he read "in the Anarchists cook book" to get even

Nick Dani and Zach just sitting there with Zach offering to hit the lights

Zach leaves forgetting to hit the lights goes to Storage room saying" I'm such a fucking nice guy" Zach saying he threw away his substance at getting even with Dick.. Dick saying he's offered to wash his stuff when it opens up

Zach back turning off the lights and saying he threw it out "Nick all that planning" and Dani says "you pansy" Zach "fuck you" Dani surprised said he was sorry..saying say he did it as he would have had a rash on his "cock for days" Zach talking about lilypads give bad rashes he remebers when he got it when he was on the "crew team when I was a rower"

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12:19 BBT

Amber Jameka and Jen working out Jen complaining about her "breat meat" which Jameka calls it

Jess and Eric in bed in big bedroom with Dick walking in talking about BB messing with him trying to get in DR. Also rehash the food fight with Zach..saying he would wash but are on lockdown so he can't.

Eric hopes that if HOH endurnace comp involes "sitting or standing" and doesn't involves "button" Dick joking saying how bored they are in the walls saying "THIS CAST SUCKS" [no words have been spoken truer in the BB house]

Eric saying his predictions are "top secret" Dick wants to know but Eric says "the reason he doesn't want to say it"..Eric saying "he's out of the running" who cares dick says Eric says "I'll tell you later. Dick saying Amber's predictions "are after the fact"

Eric saying he hates him because he's saying Zach is smarter because according to his prediction he's going to do better.

12:30 BBT Jess laying on Eric with a blanket between them.

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Jameka explaing to Jess that the term colored went out in the 70's saying it went from ni***r to colored to black to African Americans and that most African American prefer black or African American.

Jameka says she's never met either Pres Bush when Jess asks Jamekas says when she sees them on TV she changes her channel..Wishing Bill Clinton can run again....

No geek council meeting tonight since they are all going to bed. Eric sayin he had plan to cite reasons to get rid of kail just to satisfy Dick and Dani......Jes saying only go to the other side ..."traitor"

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12:48 BBT

Just Dick Jen Dustin Jameka Jess and Eric in the bedroom talking about Kansas and NY and other things unrelated ti the game.

Kail looking worried in the round bedroom laying down

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12:54 BBT

They are talking about "biggest fears" Jess said "going to Jail.....Dustin_"utter lonliness", Dick "something happening to one of my kids one of my kids dying" Eric"My biggest fear is death"

Most cherished possesion:

Kail "photo albums of my family" "thanks for asking"

Dustin "photo albums" "I have an amazing coffee table" A piece if paper from his dad with a life 'to do list""letters and cards"

Jess "I don't know" "of course photos" jess really working her bird brain hard to think of an answer. "jess saying she never had anyone pass away in her family so "I don't know"...finallly "a Rosary from my batism" "i guess" Jess remebers "the coolest mirror" she made with her mom during her mom daughter time.

eric "me too" Eric saying personal things people given to him though he would be sad if his TV was gone.

Dick "my car"

Jameka thinking hmmm mmm

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1:04 BBT

Dani saying freezer isn't freezing

Dani saying everyone is hoping its endurance Dick saying "it so lame " as HOH can be anything.

Dick asking Dani if "the giggle fest" keeps her up and says they get louder as time goes on. Dani saying Jess is loudest..and Dustin...

Dick saying Jen and Kail are quiet when he goes in the room.

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1:13 BBT

Dick at Night in the kitchen "who haven't I pissed off"

"what can I do ..what can I do what can I do do do"

"think Vincet is sleeping now has to work at the DMV" "mom is definitely watching the internet" thinking his mom is avoiding the whole thing.

"Has Gore declared his candidacy..God I hope so"

"Dustin is fucking annoying"

" so what would i like to do when I leave her" "catch up with everybody" "take off and go to Europe" Dublin for 5 days then to Stockholm and see "ROxy" then go to OLso'"that would be cool" tag team "some Norwegian girls"

"and the come back here get back to life"

He's talking about expectaions after life in the BB house

"hmm" ' oh please I can't take why are they in there when people are sleeping it's so fucking rude"[to all the lod screaming from "giggle fest"]

1:30 BBT Dick telling he's bored and wants to get to be in bed by 3:00 AM for HOH tomorrow.

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1:33 BBT

Giggle fest goes on with "ROck Papper Scissors"

Dick walking around nervously complaing to dustin about the noise.....

Dustin and his girls and Eric move up to HOH area.

Eric saying to Dick to go upstairs to have the meeting

Dustin the moron starts singing and we get FOTH

Jameka complaining because they told her to be quiet couldn't hear because Jam didn't have her mic on but someone threw their shoe at them....Nick or Zack?

Jen upstairs so no talking about votes will be going on.

Dustin still has him computer in the room and pretends to turns it on....Jen Dick saying they took it right away and Jen said so did Kail.

Dustin says BB said "do not touch the computer"

Dick leaves "call me if you need me later"

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1:44 BBT

Jameka still whinning to Dick about Nick throwing the shoe and Dick says he's upset because he knows he's going and Jess says he sais he's only here "to buy a monkey"

Dick telling Jameka and Jess about Nick saying they can carry what they have outside the house "where its real"

Dick says him and dani are down with the vote telling them about all the planes in the past few days.....Jess saying she doesn't believe there were any banners.....Jess saying what are they going says "evict Kail" we all know she's scheming

Dick saying last week was easy with Mike ..this week is hard because "he's nice and he's cool" but Dick is saying he really wants her out.

Camera switched to Dani and nick in bed whispering..she's cuddling him......

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1:53 BBT

Dustin came out to bitch about Nick telling them to be quiet...of course behind hid back.

I'm just nauseated to call it a night...til tomorrow night..night all.

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Didn't realize nobody was updating, sorry.

The lnc is meeting in the HOH. Eric basically took over the meeting and stated why Kail needs to go. They don't change anything and the meeting was very disorganized. The meeting ends when Dustin kicks everyone out of the room.J

Jameka is brushing her teeth getting ready for bed. Amber is hugging people in the kitchen. Dick is snacking on something in the kitchen.

2:47am Amber is called into the DR by a loud announcement. Danielle says that Nick and Zach will hate her for being woken up by it.

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3:00am Dick and Danielle in the kitchen chatting about various things. Everyone else is in bed.

3:05am Jen and Kail talking strategy in bed. The camera changes back to ED and Dani quickly.

3:07am ED and Dani talking about the HOH pictures, and that Dustin only took one picture with Dani. She than says Zach is really depressed about Nick leaving, and that if he wins HOH she thinks he will put up Jen and Kail, and backdoor Jameka.

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3:13am Dani says that Nick told her that they weren't going to put him on the show at first because he is too nice.

3:18am Eric and Jessica are on her bed talking. She says it's weird how he can read her mind. There are loud voices in a nearby room. Amber walks in the room and checks to see if Jameka is sleeping.

3:22am Dani complains about Dick farting in the kitchen. He says he didn't, and sniffs around. He says it's the deviled eggs that Jen made in the fridge.

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3:28am Eric and Amber talking about the forms they had to fill out to be on the show. He said there were a lot of questions about the time he was arrested, and had to lie to his mom to get the answers because he couldn't tell her about the show. they are talking about their DRs again and cut to FOTH.

3:35am Eric and Jess talking about Dustin taking the prizes. Eric said he told Jameka that he feels bad, but he won't when he's in Barbados with five thousand dollars.

3:43am Dick and Dani in the bathrooom. Dani is sitting on top of the dresser. She is looking through the mirror and says there is a table on the other side. She says there is a metal bar that runs all the way around the room(tracks for the camera).

3:47am Dick asked if she got that MySpace message that he sent her about working together. She said she got it and knew what it meant, and that she should have sent it in. FOTH

3:50am Eric joins Dick and Dani in the bathroom and says Jen and Kail were laughing and cackling like they were having a sleepover tickle fight.

3:55am Eric talks about the bible alliance, and says that if Dustin is working with them then him, Jessica, Dick, and Dani will wipe them out.

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3:43 BBT

Dick and Dani talking in the bathroom. Dick tells her to get closer to Jessica and Amber and how people are going to be asking if she's alright (once Nick leaves.) Dani and Dick looking through the mirrors, seeing the tracks the cameras move on. Dani thinking it looks like a conveyor belt.

Dick just came out of the toliet and askes Dani about his myspace message he sent her.

Dick: Let me tell you something. I sent you a myspace letter about, oh, sometimes it's better to work together on things.

Dani: I'm not stupid, I knew what you were talkig about.

Dick: Then why didn't you say something? Why didn't you say something?

Dani: I did. I sent you a one sentence thing back to give you the chance to actually say something. But I knew what you were insinuating and I'm not going to say it. I should have sent that in. ( to Big Brother)

Dick: Yeah, exactly.

Dani: You're an idiot.

Dick: I swear, because the next day,

Dani: Okay, paranoid.

Dick: I got a phone call saying 'Dick, I'm really worried about you.'


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4:05 BBT

Dani telling Dick about how Amber went back on her word when she told Dani that her and Nick are meant to be and look so cute together and whatnot to going and saying Nick needs to go, and would be better for her.

Dick says that Amber has no thoughts in her head. Dani says she doesn't like how people throw the word friend out there so easily. She says back home, she has a lot of acquaintances and co-workers she talks to, but she has one best friend, and that girl's probably her only friend now.

4:09 BBT

Dani and Dick talking about Amber. Dani says that Amber says weird things. Dick says watch how everyone will kiss your ass (if she's HOH). Dani says she would love that.

Dani asks Dick who he thinks was the other vote for Mike to stay last week. Dani says she doesn't think it was Nick. Dick says someone probably just did it to throw a monkey wrench in the game.

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4:20 BBT

Dani: I think I'm going to go to bed.

Dick: I was just thinking the same thing. I'm tired.

On their way to bed, they stop at the memory wall. Dani's playing with the keys as Dick is talking about the pictures. They're both laughing. Looks like Dani took some keys with her.

Dick: I'll see you tomorrow.

Dani's now trying to find her bed.

4:26 BBT

All HGs are in bed sleeping.

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5:44am BBT it seems Jessica is having a nightmare again she screamed alittle as if in pain in her bed and is tossin & turning.

554am BBT Amber is awake and whipering to Dustin but it turns into her just making noises with her mouth a little more whisper whisper then back to sleep.

im out to drivers ed

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7:45am bbt

all HGs tucked away still

8:15am bbt

all still quiet...

8:50am bbt

no surprise, all still asleep...

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