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August 2, Live Feed Updates

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Dustin:Its reminising of story time isnt Eric

Eric:I miss story time

Zach and ED in KT...Nick walks in....I believe they are talking about past shows....ED mentions"Totally...He f*cking nailed her.....FOTH..

ED:Ok who else can we talk sh*t about....someone mentions Paris Hilton...ED goes on to say he fu*ked Paris Hilton...once again FOTH

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Jess, Dustin, and Jen are in the LR, Dustin is still doing his story telling

Jameka and Amber in HOH...Jameka is laying down...Amber thanks Jameka for making dinner...Amber lays with Jameka....talking about what will happen with Nick...Jameka asks Amber if Nick has his bags packed yet...Amber tells Jameka that she hasnt talked to Nick yet...he has been looking at her like he is interested in talking, but she doesnt know what she is going to say to him...she did leave a long message for him(goodbyes)

Talk changes to the HOH competition tomorrow....they both dont like endurance competitions....

Talk changes back to Nick......Amber says its best to get Nick out now....then asks Jameka if she wants Dani out 1st....Jameka replies with she hates both of them....she is tired of them both...

Talk of the food competition where Jess picked cabbage...and ED and Dani both harped on Jess for it....

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Amber talks about how Dustin wants Kail around for awhile....Amber asked Dustin "well for how long" Dustin replies with "Well the last of the 3 of them to go" Dustin wants ED and Dani out before Kail....Amber mentions Dustin and Kail spending their mornings together since they are usually the 1st ones awake....Amber says she thinks they have like an alliance but not one...kind of one of those things where you got my back I got yours type of thing...FOTH

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Amber is saying that no one in BB history has ever made a bet like that.....taking about a bet between Zack and Dustin....not putting Zack up on the block?

Dustin walks in the HOH room...Jameka gets up to use restroom...Dustin whispers something to Amber cant make it out tho

Amber responds...thats hilarious as Dustin belts out a laugh....I cant believe him, Amber says

BB:Jameka please put on your mic...

Jameka: Its on(as she looks down) Oh....its not on(she gets up and goes back to retrieve it)

Dustin to Jameka:Did you say your goodbyes?



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Jameka:What are we going to do?

Dustin: Try and get ED and Dani out

Jameka says they would be her top two....besides Zach who is just Hghhtt(Eww type noise)


Dustin: With Dani gone He will be a different person

Jameka:but he is an annoying person...

Dustin says that with Dani gone ED will calm down....

Amber says she doesnt want Jen to make it to the last 5 and then stop and think"Well what do with her now?"

Dustin repeats"Well what do we do with her now" and laughs...Amber says Jen is smarter than we all think...Amber says she likes Jen and she is in the position with her that if Jen made HOH Amber could get her to nominate the way Amber wants her to...

Amber, Dustin, and Jameka talk about Mike getting voted out....

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BB yells at Amber :Amber please treat your mic with respect

Amber:Im sorry....Im so sorry...I was just tying it in a little bowtie....Im sorry...I really am sorry...Im sad(with the pouty lip sticking out)

BB: Thank you very much

Amber:No..Im sorry....

Talk switches to how Kail likes Amber's advise and how Kail hates ED and Dani...Dani is nothing but a bump on a log...Her and Nick just sit in the room all the time....

Dustin talks about how Dani should go home next week....and ED will settle down some...

Amber says ED needs to grow up and he never will

Dustin:Well I hope tomorrows HOH goes well...Worst case scenerio is ED, Dani or Zack gets it

Amber says she would not be able to stand ED being HOH another week

Jameka says alright its nice that you two worked your relationship out...now get the hell out(Talking about ED and Dani)

The 3 laugh together on that comment

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Zach walks in and ruins the HOH room talk... Eric, Jessica, Amber, Jameka, Dustin were in HOH laughing and having fun, then they see Zach walking up into the HOH and they all stop talking. Eric and Jessica are still whispering, flirting, having fun (it's fun to watch too... make a great couple) and making fun of Zach's smell.

Eric is now laying in bed with Jessica, Jameka, and Amber... saying he'll make showtime proud.

Zach is still up there with them and they obviously feel a little uncomfortable. Zach's facial expressions show that he feels unwanted (:() but they are all talking about movies and whatnot. No awkward silence.

The four people in the HOH bed seem to be enjoying themselves. Jameka claims Jessica was farting again. Dustin now climbs in sideways to the bed and says it does smells like farts. Zach getting up and leaving the HOH room.

Doorbell rings again... it is Jen. She asks how the movie is. Dustin leaves to go workout... says the bed is too homo-erotic for him. Jen is sitting on the bed.

Talk of food. Amber asks if she can make banana bread. Jen says she will but doesn't want to use them if the other houseguests are going to eat them.

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Eric tells Jen that it is time for the egg hunt. Jen said she was going to do an egg hunt earlier and Eric was implying that he wants her to leave. Jen doesn't want to go down and see evil b/c he's also on slop.

They're talking about something that happened today.

They're saying Evil got pissed at Dustin today for doing something (missed it, sorry guys). Jen said Evil kept a stash of slop in his bag. Jen thinks Dick is going to put slop all over her stuff.

Jameka says they have Jen's back if Dick tries to do anything. Jen leaves. Jameka, Jessica, Eric, and Amber laying down in teh HOH bed together.

Eric says Jen is getting larger and more manly and slightly droopier as the days go by. They say Kail has a tummy tuck and Kail is better looking than Jen. Some gossip over the skid marks.

Jameka went downstairs to go check on Jen.

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Jen is upstairs in the HOH with Eric, Jess, Jameka, Amber and Dustin.

Jen says they should do something--they are being boring. Eric suggests that she hide eggs all over the house, and they will go on an Easter egg hunt. She says that they can't watch her on the t.v., then. They say okay.

Amber asks if Jen will make her banana bread. Jen hesitates and Eric says, "Well..."

Amber realizes that Jen is on slop, and she apologizes for asking. Jen says she doesn't mind doing it at all! She says that it's just that she would have to use bananas, and she doesn't want to get into trouble (she got into trouble for using up the bananas the first time she made banana bread--some guests were upset that she used all of the bananas that were left).

Eric asks her if she has been hiding the bananas? She says no, they are just there. He says that it would be okay, then. She seems to be agreeing to make the banana bread, even though she can't eat it.

Eric is asking Amber if she gets discounts on room rates and things at Vegas. Jen says she gets discount rates on tickets.

There has been talk on and off for a while about a "wedding," which seems to be a wedding for Eric and Jess, for fun. Jameka tells him that he can't go to Vegas for the honeymoon.

They've been watching the feeds for a while. Earlier, Dick was hiding, going around peeking from behind the fridge, into the bathroom, etc. (We could see him the whole time--ed)

At one point, Dick made a glass of iced tea, and went into the shower area and made a comment that he was going to have some fun, but I couldn't see anything that he did there.

They are saying that Dick just squirted himself with his practical joke, and he had to change his shirt.

Jameka says that she is tired of his jokes.

Jess, Amber and Eric are talking about how upset Dick got when someone did a trick on him. Dustin did some sort of joke, and Dick got extremely angry at him.

Eric: What else did he do?

Jen: Possibly mustard. If we're going there.

Jen says that Dick kept a special bag of slop in his stuff, and she's not sure what he intends to do with it.

Jameka thinks it's not for joke purposes.

Jen says she really doesn't want slop all over her stuff.

Jameka: Mmm mmm mmm mmm

Jameka: So let me get this straight. He set that durn thing up, and got himself. Which means it might still be set up.

Jen says she will go check, and she will "give a signal if it is still set up," or she will take it down. Or, she will point it toward where Dick is, and squirt him! She will also go make banana bread.

(They are treating Jen like a child that they want to get rid of. Eric said to her that it's time to go hide the eggs, now!)

Eric: Not to be rude, well, I guess this is yes to be rude.

Eric says that Jen is getting "larger, more manly and slightly droopier."

Jameka doesn't think so.

Eric thinks Kail looks better than Jen.

Jess: Skidmarks! Oooh!

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10:35 BBT

"I'm weak" "Weak as hell" Nick is complaining to Daniele as they lay in his bed[floor].

Dick talking to Dustin and Zach in kitchen ..talking about his friend "Mike" getting tickets to "Ziggy Marley" tix. Talking about smoking "joint after joint" His friend Mike was growing pot at the time at "differnt houses" camera switch.

Back to Nick and Dani in the small bedroom talking. Now there just staring at each other..no words...

Upstairs in HOH the girls and Eric talking. Jen talking about going dowstairs to dismantle Dicks water prank.

Eric "not to be rude" "or is Jen getting worse looking by the day" calling her manly droopy. {he should look in a mirror}

Jameka going downsatirs to check on Jen "are you ok..everything ok"

Jess saying about the spy cam "too bad there's no sound" Eric saying then no one would speak

Eric saying "I can't fucking stand Kail" Jess agreeing...... he's ragging on Kail saying she's ridding the week and will turn into aanother person.. saying she's obnoxious old and "if we all can't stand a person" then they should make sure she's not around.

Eric is full blown Kail bashing. Eric saying Kail and Jen are fucking hated by America.

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Jessica, Eric, and Amber watching spy screen.

Eric says he's sick of Dick and that he can't fucking stand Kail.

Jessica: ME TOO!

Eric thinks she is fully aware of what she is doing right now. She's going to turn into a whole new person later. He thinks she's obnoxious, boring, old, liar, he hates her and would like to see her leave as soon as possible.

Amber saying Kail's laugh annoys her

Jessica: ME TOO!

Eric saying that he thinks that Kail and Jen are "fucking hated" by America. Amber says one more than the other.

Now they are talking about how Dustin looks so different in his pics. Jameka walks back in.

Jameka reporting back that ED was saying FU to Jen about a cleaning incident. Jen squirted something at Dick (at least this is what Jameka is saying. This incident was not shown on live feeds). Now some Dick bashing going on about how Dick talks about stories of him sleeping with women.

Other feeds turn to the kitchen where Jen, Dick, and Zach are. I don't see any fighting going on. Taking a break right now.

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10:46 BBT

Jam back in HOH Jen squirted Dick and Jamekka says he cussed her out and was saying "I'm not cleaning it up" went off on her according to Jameka.

Eric....Dick bashing and jess says joe told her "I would do him" about Dick ..Eric-"What"

Jameka complaining Dick is getting "close to Zach these days" just in case he gets HOH.

Eric talking about HOH if the opportunity arose would they be ok with throwing it to Jen since she'll send "one of those fucks home"

Eric saying he hates Dick

Downstairs in Ssmall bedroom

Dick talking to Dani and Nick telling them about Jen getting water on him and telling her it didn't top the tea.

Zach telling Nick about needed to talk to Dustin because Dustin told him that Nick hasn't talked to him.....Nick saying "he doesn't have a vote" Zach says he does if it's a tie. Nick saying he wasn't as he doesn't trust him.

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Eric is telling Jess and Amber that he can't stand Kail---he hates her.

Jess: Me, too!!!!

Eric says that he doesn't believe that Kail is nearly as out of it as she pretends. She's just waiting out the role she is supposed to play right now.

He says if they ignore her too long, she will end up in the final 3 and it will be a mushroom spinning contest, and she'll walk away with the money! So, they need to get her out asap.

Eric says every time she sits down, he wants to fucking kill himself.

Jess says Kail wants you to entertain her.

Amber can't stand Kail's laugh.

Eric says he probably shouldn't say anything, but:

Eric: The way things have been phrased to me, and I've been asked certain things, I'm under the impression that the two of them must be absolutely fucking hated!

Jess: Really?

Eric: Yeah.

Amber: Who's the two?

Eric: Kail and Jen. I think they are fucking hated. THat's the impression I'm getting, at least.

Jess: I don't ask about them.

Amber: Oh. One more than the other.

Jess says Dustin doesn't look like his pictures. Eric feels Dustin looks a lot better in person. Amber says he looks 15 in one of the pictures, and it was taken a month ago.

Jameka comes back into the room.


Jameka: This is so ridiculous. So, he acts like he wasn't going to clean it up. "Oh, and I mean that the meanest way possible. F you!"

Jess: To YOU?

Jameka: To Jen. I was like, I'll clean it up. Whatever!

Dick told her "No, no no. Give it here. Give it here."

Eric and Amber ask what happened, and Jameka explains that Jen fixed the faucet so it would get them (Zach and Dick) instead of her.

Jameka says Dick cursed out Jen.

Jameka: He was like, F you, and I mean that the meanest way possible. She was like what? I didn't do it. He was like, it's your fault. You're cleaning it up. She was like, I'm not cleaning it up--you're the one that did it. Which, by the way, he cleans it up every other time he gets somebody!

Jess: Yeah!

Eric says he wants to point out that Dick dumped a whole bag of flour on him and told Eric to clean it up, and Eric said he wouldn't clean it up.

Jameka says that Dick was telling a story of when he and his guys were out and one of them had $1,000 and told a girl that if she put a banana in her vagina, he would give her the money.

Eric says wait a minute--He says that they are all women in their 20's, and Dick tells tales of constantly sleeping with women in their 20's. So Eric is wondering if they have ever known a girl in their age range that would meet Dick in a club or bar and leave and have sex with him?

Jameka; Never.

Amber: Never, ever.

Eric: I mean, what part of him would win them over? Is it his ugly, old looks? His terrible attitude, his bad farts and odors?

Jameka: Don't forget the cigarettes.

Eric: His rudeness, the smoking, the practical joke that he undoubtedly plays on her to ruin her dress? I mean, which part of it is when she says to herself, "God, I gotta go home with this old man and fuck him tonight?"

Jess: Joe told me that he would do him.

Eric; That's embarrassing.

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10:56 BBT

Dick a wearing Jens bikini for Showtime....."people who order showtime wants their money back in droves" says Dick

Zach puts on a "wife beater" tied up. Zach wearing his tied in the back accentuating his sagging pecs. following Dick around telling "you wear wife beaters in a gay way" Dick saying he wears everything in a gay way.

Dick throwing flour bombs at Zach "all over my Jacket you fuck" chasing each other around the house with Dick has "tons of flour" laughing Zach keeps saying "you mother fucker dude"

Dani pleading not to get it "on my bed"

[Pretty childish but funny]

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Eric floats the idea to the group that maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to let Jen have HOH, if she is in a position to get it. Jameka agrees. Eric says it wouldn't kill him to see Dani or Dick leave.

11 pm.

Jameka says that she is leaving, but she checks all of the feeds, first.

She says everyone is in the bedrooms.

Jameka: So, now they are plotting.

Eric: If by plotting, you mean might be having some sex tonight, then yes, plotting.

Jameka: No!

Eric; All I know is I've been hearing some sweet nothings. (Dani and Nick)

Jameka: And they haven't fought. Yep, there might be a little finger play. Or fist! UUUUUUUHHHHH!

Surprised laughter from the other three.


On the other feed, Zach is up on the bedposts of the silhouette room, saying "Dude! Go away!!"

Zach shoves the bed back and forth into the wall.

Jen: Are you boys having fun?

Dick: We have nothing else to do.

Jen: I'm just asking, honestly. I know there is nothing else to do. I'm making banana bread that I can't eat. Are you destroying the house?

Dick: No. Just the room.

Dick is throwing stuff from the upper corner cut out window, throwing food and stuff at Zach. Zach says it isn't fair for Dick to use a $40,000 camera for protection!

Zach: Dude, you totally fucking wrecked my jacket! Dude!

Dick is messing with the covers and pillows, slapping them. He hits his chest or something and yells "Ow! Fuck!"

Zach is trying to beat the food out of his jacket.

Dick is putting food in the beds in the silhouette room. It looks like maybe candy or something.

Zach comes in and catches him, and tells him to "open that shit up!"

It's M & M's. Apparently, they were Eric's, as Dick tells him there are only a few left.

Eric: Jameka sent me the look. She said she will shank him if there is anything in her bed.

Zach: Open it, bitch! Open it bitch! (to Dick)

Eric: He's all in hysterics!

Zach threw something at Dick, and it nearly hit Eric.

Eric: Close to the Jew!!!!!


Kail is in the HOH. She's asking Jess "how the movie was."

(I don't know if BB gave a prize of a movie, or if it is pretend. Talk of a date (with Eric, I think). They do have candy, so maybe they had a movie?)

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11:07 BBT

HOH Jameka wondering about the votes saying they have 3 maybe 4 if they get Jen.

Kail walks in and snitches on the guys downstairs goofing around. Jameka saying they better not get it on my bed...Kail saying it's on Zack

Kail bitching "I'm feeling the slop today" lamenting she' slept a lot but "mentally I feel ok"

Jameka sending Eric downstairs and "go investigate"

Eric saying he should just walk up and throw the protein shake saying Dick is a classic "Dish it but can't take it" Jess agrees.

Jameka telling Kail about the kitchen water prank blah blah blah


Eric says Jameka sent him to look and "will shank him if anything is in her bed"

Dick calling a truce ....about their food fight..Zach not having it saying "bullshit"

Throwing "Pita bread" Macaroni" and Zach won't letting him out. Dick just broke something the bed I think...

Nick leaving saying "I'm not getting in the middle of this"

Zach threatning to "Piss" and "shit" in Dick's bed.[kidding around]

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Jameka says she's worried, as it is "her room" and Eric isn't back yet, so she thinks maybe he is cleaning stuff up.

Eric says that Zach and Dick were dressed alike, because they were mimicking each other, to annoy each other.

Zach has a whole package of mac and cheese and pita in his bed, now.

Jen is doling (Get it? "Dole-ing?---Cat) out the banana bread.

Zach is griping about his "Italian fucking jacket."

Zach is mad. Dick is yelling at him, saying he totally fucking started it.

Zach: Fuck you.

Dick: Come on!

Zach is frantically cleaning his jacket. He has it on the kitchen table. (It's a dress jacket).

Jen asks how the movie was, and Eric says it was bad.

Dustin comes in and asks about banana bread.

Dick: What can I do?

Zach: Nothing.

Dick: Are you sure?

Zach: Yeah. Just make sure my bed's fine and....that's fine.

Zach blows air out in frustration.

(So much for being one of the guys --Cat)

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11:18 BBT

Jameka worried Eric hasn't returned because he must be cleaning something..

Jameka says"I'll be back" and gets off her butt to go investigate....

Dick cleaning up the minisclule mess and of course Jameka finds a cookie.."Oh dear...wow" Nick says their done and Zach saying "you ruined my italian jacket"

Jameka still complaing "have you looked at my room"

Seems everyone has moved downstairs at the kitchen.....

Zach cleaning his jacket so I guess their male bonding session has come to an end just arguing who started it.

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Dick: Are you really mad?

Zach says no. He just wants to take care of it on his own.

Dick says he was just fooling around....

Dani told not to obstruct her mic.

Dick goes into the silhouette room. Dick asks where all of the pita bread went. Nick says that he ate it--he's that hungry. He says he is kidding. (He's in bed with Dani).

Dick says he was told in the DR that they are not eating at Midnight, and he should let people know. People have been saying that they think they will eat because they did before, but apparently not.

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fast feline wrote:


Kail is in the HOH. She's asking Jess "how the movie was."

(I don't know if BB gave a prize of a movie, or if it is pretend. Talk of a date (with Eric, I think). They do have candy, so maybe they had a movie?)

I think Kail is referring to Eric & Jess watching the other HG's on the spy screen.

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Dani calls Nick "Crabbypants."

He says he isn't crabby.

Nick asks if there are marks, like moles or scars, on his head.

Dani says "ticks."

Dani: And a hickey from Zach.

Nick: Daniele?

Dani: Hmmm?

Nick: You better win.

Dani: What?

Nick: You better win.

Dani: Or else what?

Nick: I'll never talk to you again.

Dani laughs

Dani: I believe it!

Dani and Nick are doing their usual "What's wrong?" "Nothing." "Promise?"

Dani: What are you thinking?

Nick: Nothing.

Dani: Liar.

Nick: Are you kidding? This little brain can't hold any ideas or thoughts or wishes or dreams.

Dani: Whatever.

Nick: I'm just waiting.


Nick: For someone to impart knowledge upon me in the next 17 hours.


Zach comes in. Nick asks if he is better. Dani asks if he cleaned his jacket.

Nick: Oh, you're mad, Dude!

Nick tells him he has to flour him and throw eggs on him (Dick).

Dani says she thinks Zach should pull down his pants and pee on Dick.

Zach says he'd like to "pull out the freezer coil and freeze on him--freeze one of his ears."

Nick: You're psychotic!

Nick: Oh, shit. He's coming again with something! Is that milk?

Nick tells Dick that's enough.

Zach says he can do what he wants...

Nick: People thought we were eating at Midnight tonight.

Zach: Jen said that. Spreading a rumor.

Nick: That's a reliable source.

Dani: I don't believe it. Jen spreading a lie?

Zach says he has to get Dick, and he is "trying to remember what he can from the Anarchist's Cookbook."

Zach says he is going to "Totally get him, Dudes!"

Dani says she is not a dude--she got rid of her weiner.

Zach says he needs to remember how to make "glob."

Zach is saying he "makes a substance and puts it in a Ziplock bag" and then "makes the catalyst substance" and he could put it in Dick's bed.

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Nick is explaining what Schwann's is. (They deliver frozen foods to the country--Cat)

Zach: Maybe I can jerk off in his pillow!

Silence. Then Nick continues his explanation.

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