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August 2, Live Feed Updates

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Nick singing Mika's Lollipop, "Sucking too hard on your lolipop, oh love's gonna get ya down."

All feeds still on Nick/Daniele

Someone else is in the room, I think it may be [edited] Jameka (not Jen as I previously said)

Nick goes "I pity the fool">in the Ice T voice.


[ericsturrock] Remember to do times in BBT (aka Pacific Time)]

Feeds return. Daniele leaving the room.

Zach now talking to Nick

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Nick and Daniele whispering in the same room Jameka and Eric are getting ready. Nick asks Dani to do him a favor (not sure it is if he stays or not) but he asks her to shave her legs. They keep whispering, and at one point Dani covers her mic.

Nick leans in and tells her that he told everyone that she is only 20, not 21. she wasn't sure if he was joking or not, but he said he didn't really. she said only 18 days to her birthday. Nick said if she is still there in 18 days, to think of him, he will have a special drink and toast for her. She calls him a butt-hole and he said he loves her little terms of endearment she has for him.

Zach comes in to get ready. Wants to wear a wife-beater shirt he found on his bed. It is a size small, and Nick tells him to go ahead and wear it, it is supposed to be a midriff shirt. Zach could put a dolphin on it or something. Zach is looking completely confused.

Nick seems to be in a good mood, doing Mr. T impressions. Zach said he saw on line that Mr. T has a navigational system where he is the voice. "Fool, turn in 500 feet." Nick said he used one in Australia but it had him going in circles.

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4:25 BBT Dani still on Nick's bed, Zach getting ready. Nick said "Life's not a track meet, its a marathon", then we get FoTH. It cuts back to them for a minute, then more Foth.

(Note: everyone was getting ready, but Nick is in a t-shirt, with a bandana around his mohawk. Evidently he doesn't want to get dressed up for this one. Not sure if Kail will get her wish to go home or not)

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Nick and Dani make a pact to eat Jelly sandwich and drink a beer on the same day same time when he is out. Also also a loving goodbye.

)see video thread)

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Now going on, it is in fact an endurance contest. The contest is called "Times Up" The HG that stays on a pendulum longest without falling off will be the new HOH.

Everyone is on a swing type pendulum and now they are swinging with bells ringing.

They are now hanging upside down like a bat, and they are getting bird shit dumped on them now while they are hanging upside down.

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"Good job, Dick!"

Way to hang on, Wow!

Dick just fell off.

Back to FOTH (I don't know if this was a mistake or not--I didn't see audio). Dick asked for water.

Dick just fell off.

Jess is still up.

Dick is encouraging Jess.

Jameka says "Work it out, girls!"

Dick says she wasn't talk to Jen.

Looks like it is between Jen and Jess.

Dani is still up there, too!

So, it looks like the 3 of them.

Dustin is telling someone to breathe.

Kail's still up there!!!

Dick is harrassing Jen the whole time, and Jen keeps saying "Just for you!" to him, if she replies.

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Feeds are back, Kail, Daniele, Jen and Jess still hanging. Dick cheering Dan and Jess on talking trash to Jen, calling her a freak. they jsut got squited again with some foam...dick keeps saying that Jen's all over the place...telling Dan she's doing great. Zach telling Dan to "watch her legs" and to keep her elbows straight...Dick keeps cheering Dan and Jess...tells dan to think about "Chris" (ed. yeah, just like she has, so far).

2 cams on Dan, 2 cams on Jess...Jam cheering Jess on, then telling all of them it's "all about the letters"

Dick tells Dan that she's doing awesome, so is Jess and keeps repeating that Jen is all over the place...Dick tells Jen, "I got it right there for you, let me choke you" Jen says "that little thing?"

Dick is telling crap to Kail too. saying she should go back to Oregon and tell her husband how she fucked everyone over on the show.

Jen says she almost wants to get down just to hear Dan's boyfriends letter. Dick and Zach jump all over her telling Dan to use that as "fuel". Jess is out...

Dick telling Kail about her asking Nick what happened to their alliance. they start arguing...Jen says, by the way Nick had told her ofthe alliance first...

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