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August 2, Live Feed Updates

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Dick just asked who was the 2nd vote for Nick. Eric said Jen, and everyone else said it wasn't them and it was probably Jen, too.

Dick sais Daniele feels like people are setting her up again this week, trying to blame a vote on her she didn't make. Dick said that Dani was really upset that she couldn't cast a sympathy vote for Nick.

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Kail goes over to Jen and lies. She says, "Sorry. I tried to hold on, but I just couldn't!"

Jen asks if Dani will put her up? Kail says that she thinks they are both going up again.

Eric is saying he "better fucking get picked this time (for POV) to keep things the way they should be."

Dick is asking who the other vote was.

Dick: It wasn't Dani.

Someone says that probably Jen promised to vote for Nick.

Zach says that is all he can think of.

Eric: There were six votes cast the correct way. There were six people who cast them.

Eric says he believes it wasn't Dani. He says that if Dani would have wanted to vote for Nick, she could have said she wanted to give him a courtesy vote, and none of them would have had a problem.

Dick says that Dani is really upset because "we fucked up last week." (with Mike leaving)

Eric says there is one way to remedy that!

Dick: Two ways. One week after week.

Dick: Well, if anybody thinks Kail is going to be of fucking honor to everyone after this bullshit. If it wasn't already written, it's written right now. I need some goddamn food!

(Dick is pacing, breathing fast, talking fast.--ed)

Dick is in the kitchen, and immediately attacking Jen. (What a surprise--ed)

He wants to know why Jen constantly attacks Dani when she wants to attack Dick? She says she doesn't see it that way. Dick says that she used Jameka. She says she didn't.

Dick makes a comment about Jen is going to be a stripper in a strip bar.

Jen: Ewwww.

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The LNC is talking about how Nick made quite a speech.

Dick says she needs a letter from her boyfriend.

Jameka says maybe not, though....

Dick starts to worry about that, and Eric tells him not to "let that get stuck in your head." He says they should wait and see what they get.

Dick asks what Eric did to get DQ'ed. Dustin says that he thinks Eric pulled his torso up over the bar.

Dick says that Eric certainly "made a big stink with Kail!"

Dick is talking about how he made sure they took Jen out when she "grabbed" the bar.

Eric is saying he hated to have the girls do his "dirty work for him."

Dustin says Eric can't beat himself up over it.

Eric says that's the kind of thing he should have won.

Dick is whispering, saying that one of them had to win HOH, and Dani did. He says he wants Jen out, and now she will be out.

Dick says Kail will be on the block, and they will give Kail the chance to get POV.

Dick says he was telling Dani to put Jen right up.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom

Dani is talking to Zach.

Dani says that she was doing something that she thought she was going to get "yelled at," so she kept looking at the others when they would say something about someone else doing it.

Dani says her tennis shoes were falling off the whole time.

Dick says it was bullshit--if he had his boots, he could have locked in and stayed there the whole time.

Jess and Dani say that BB told them to put on tennis shoes.

Dani (in front of Jess and Zach) that she thinks she knows "who it is" (who voted against Kail?) and she wants "That person going home more." Dick asks if she is kidding. She says no, not at all, and they will talk more.

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jen's making some food by herself in the kitchen, jessica and daniele are in the showers

dustin has to comfort sad amber

zach is suddenly really chummy with the lnc,

daniele is definatly hoh by title only, dick will be making this decision....he has said 'i told her....' about ten times in the last minute

dustin,eric,dick have all commented on jen's calling out daniele's cheating on her boyfriend with nick as just 'unacceptable behavior'

eric is mad about what disqualified him in the hoh, he says he'll be mad forever and whatever it was he didnt even know was a rule

dustin trashing jen, she's a fucking bitch, etc

eric says he's lucky he didnt get a penalty nom for punching jen in the face to knock her off because what she said to dani was such a low blow (who knew eric was so tight with daniele?)

zach is standing and watching daniele in the shower as she combs her hair and stuff, and his conversation is awkard...but he stays there (suck up much?)

dustin and dick are mad that jen had gloves (everybody had them last year morons)

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Dani tells Zach (who is hanging around her like a ghoul) that she is so mad, at this house.

Zach says he has never strayed--he has told the truth the whole time. Dani says he is a liar (in her loveable, joking way--ed). He says he really has told the truth!

Dani is putting on makeup (for whatever reason)

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Dustin: Dani, hands down--You had all of our "roots" out there.

Eric says that he knows who she lost the one she is closest with, but he hopes "in some small way you saw how much we love you and support you, because we were absolutely dying for you to win. Each and every one of us. I hope that you don't mind that I stepped in and said something, but I am not going to let somebody fucking talk to you like that!"

Dustin: That was bullshit. She crossed too many lines.

Dani: That's what happened the other night when I went off on her. She did the exact same thing.

Eric says he knows she "doesn't need protecting," but he couldn't let Jen get away with that.

Dani says no, she appreciated it, and she told Jen that she didn't know anything about her and Nick, or Dani's life.

Dustin says Dani has always been good with speeches, and they are looking forward to her speech.

Dani: You have no idea!

(Amber is being silent)

Dustin tells Eric not to let the DQ make him feel bad about himself.

Eric says he is upset about his "failure to execute for the greater good."

Zach says he wants to apologize to Amber about the wristbands.

Zach: I'm highly competitive when it comes to anything. I didn't mean anything directly to you.

Amber says it is ok.

Zach says he gets heated when he is going to "fight in a battle."

Amber says it is okay.

Amber says she "just wanted to be fair."

Zach: I think I get berzerk when I want to compete.

Eric says if they don't have that heat, they shouldn't be there in the game.

Zach: So, nothing on you. I don't even care about it anymore, or never did.


(It sounds like Amber had wristbands and shared them with someone else, maybe--ed)

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amber is blotchy faced from a crying jag

dick and jameka are whispering....actually DICK is covering his hand and whispering to her and she is talking.....he tells jameka about what daniele just told him earlier about she has an idea about whoever is 'setting her up' with that stray vote and tells jameka that daniele told him she'd talk to him later

eric says he feels he has a responsiblity to the house and he let people down by not winning the hoh

zach apologizes about calling amber out about the wristbands (?) that it wasnt personal just that he is very competitive

more dick daniele hugging and promising to talk later

eric and daniele talking in the bedroom....eric says if he gets to play in veto he is ready to kill in veto...they are going to see the not so fun and happy eric because he is pissed

daniele says it can only get better from here

they are waiting on pizza

zach is now dicks shadow (well, even more than he was before)

eric is reiterating how he is so honorable he will not just stand around and let people shit on people, referring to jen's oh so horrible (factual) comment about daniele cheating on her boyfriend....

dick tells daniele that he will talk to her in hoh (about her idea of who she needs to target because of this stray vote that she is sure is aimed at her)

(the cameras are everywhere, im watching quad...sorry conversations are so scattered)

dustin is massaging amber's shoulders (she had to have been about first out right? good grief)

dustin tells jameka that dick said the votes are set in stone and it is what it is

jameka: mmmm

random walk through the kitchen, dick tells jen: im glad eric called you out for being a bitch too

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Eric whispers to Dani

Eric: I'm so sorry for the DQ.

Dani says that isn't his fault. She says Kail did the exact same thing, and she saw it.

Eric says everyone else knows this, because he has been so upset about it, but he apologizes that he failed them and had Dani and Jess fighting their battle for them.

Eric: Obviously, pick whoever you want, but if you get HG's choice, I am ready to fucking kill people in veto.

Eric says he is "furious about the DQ and people's behavior," and he thinks people are beginning to see the not-happy Eric. She says she has seen that somewhat, and the last week has been hard, and it can only get better from there.

Dani: That's alright. Pizza for everyone tonight. I'm so excited.

Eric says he is really proud of her.

She says her legs were completely numb.

Eric says he knew she would get it, though.

She says everyone else's arms are messed up, but hers were too skinny.

Eric; Again, I hope you don't mind that I intervened. I just fucking couldn't take it anymore.

She says she doesn't mind.

Dani says that there are different kinds of taunting.

Eric says he will NOT stand there while someone gets treated like that. It crossed the line.

Eric says Jen is a "fucking whore and he fucking hates her."

Dani: So do I.

Dani says everyone will ignore Jen the entire time she is on her way to the door.

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Dick stops Dani and tells her he is glad she is there. She whines that he needs to belieeeeve her next tiiiiiimme. He says he will.

He says they can talk later in HOH. She says she doesn't want to talk about it in the LR.

Dustin is giving Amber a massage (even though she wasn't on the bar long--ed)

Dustin says that Amber's quote week one was "It is what it is," and that says something (that Nick quoted her).

Amber is telling Jameka about it. Dustin says that Nick said "A quote from my favorite houseguest--It is what it is." (I thought Nick say "As a houseguest says."--ed)

Lots of blowdryer noise.

Dani is telling Jess that she needs to find out who voted against Kail. She says that the problem is that everyone will blame Jen, so there is no sure way of knowing. She says it is "just like last time." She says that she KNOWS Jen did it, but she wants someone to ask Jen about it. She says, "Why would she do that to her best friend in the house?" She tells Jess that Jen is "really see-through, and she's not going to lie about it." Jess agrees.

Dick says to Amber something about "Group or no group" but I missed what he said because of blowdrying on the other feed. Amber sighs a shaky sigh as he leaves.

Dani is talking to Jameka on the LR couch. (9:05 hamster time)

Dani tells Jameka not to beat herself up.

Dani says she knows for a fact that they made the wrong decision for Nick to leave, but no one would listen to her because of her relationship with Nick.

Dani says that it sucks because people have such a "strong persuasion on your thinking in here," and it did on her, and then when she finally knew the "truth, it was too late, and it sucks." She says that she understands what Jameka is feeling, and it sucks.

Dani is talking about how much harder it is in the house than she thought it would be.

Dani says it can only get better from here, though.

Jameka says that she thought Zach would be put up when she used the veto. (I think she actually knew ahead of time--Cat).

Dani says that Nick thought he was okay about leaving, but he didn't realize how much he didn't want to go home.

Dani says she explained to Nick about how it would have worked out for every single person, had they won the veto, so Nick knows it wasn't Jameka's fault.

Dani says that Dustin was "selfish" and did what he wanted, instead.

Dani says that Dustin tried to make everyone see him in a better light, but it didn't work, and everyone knows it and everyone is angry, now.

Dani says that if you can blame one sole person in the house, it's Dustin, and she knows it! So, Jameka should let it go and not blame herself!

Jameka says Dani is right.

Dani: When you are HOH, you set the standard. And that's crap.

Dani says she "feels like crap about the whole situation." Dani says everyone in the house made the wrong decision. Dani says that everyone thought Nick was the one voting for the other side, but Nick was not, and there is still one in the house.

Dani: Food for thought. I don't know who it is. We'll see. It'll come out. I didn't vote to keep Nick, just so you know. There were two votes.

Jameka: Jen?

Dani: No way. She would never do that. No way. I'll have somebody ask her, but no way. Think about it. Same thing as last week. Who got blamed for it last week? If I didn't win HOH, who would they be trying to blame for it this week?

Dani tells her she is here if she needs to talk, and leaves.

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All very excited that Dani got it. Already questioning the vote 6-2.

Dick is on to Eric(has said it)

Nick is out but Dani seems ok, LOL...sweet revenge.

(see picture mantauge Nick PICTURE THREAD)

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Re: Feeds not showing Jen. This is a guess on my part, but she was wearing a skinny tank top and later on Dick made a comment about her being a stripper when she gets out. I think her chest kept popping out, so they didn't want to risk showing her. (Although why, since they've shown nudity before?) Anyway, that's my guess.

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