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August 2, Live Feed Updates

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During FoTH two feeds came back on for a minute. Could hear Kail crying, and saying she wanted to go home. I think she was in DR. Voice said is she sure. She said yes, He (voice) said this isn't the Kail that applied for seasons 5, 6 and 7. She is still sniffling and said no, but she didn't know she would get cussed out every day. She doesn't like it and is ready to go home. She doesn't want to be stuck in sequester...feed cuts out and back to FoTH

Thank you BB for that insightful tidbit.

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Dustin and Amber thank Jamika for doign the floors while Kail looks on from the barstools. IT gets very quiet in there for a minute.

Dustin and Jess chit chatting

Dustin is going to work out

Amber is whispering off in the distance with someone(not sure who) can't hear what is being said

Eric comes back in

Just general chit chat

Kail,Jen.jess Erci all in KT.

Eric saying his stomach is cramped up

Jen offers him some Midol

Dick comes in the KT

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Kail out of DR, called to Jameka, then went into round room and brushed her hair. She then went to the kitchen and is wiping down the counter. Now she sits at the counter with Jen, who has a towel on her head. Dustin makes a point of thanking Jameka for doing the kitchen floor.

Dustin says "Attention Houseguest, you have five hours until the live show".

Dustin talking about working out soon, and that he will do cardio and that will make him look darker for the live show. Jessica said he needs to check his sources. He and Jess ica are joking around, saying she did rave dancing at her 7th grade dance. Dustin said at his 7th grade dance someone had an overdose. Not much talking. Daniele going through fridge, Eric walks in. Jessica calls him Eric Stein. Stop Stein.

Jessica said the rats ate all the peanut butter. Jen tells her were to find it. Lots of small chit chat.

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Eric is fixing himself a grilled cheese. Talking about Jewish food. Trying to explain to Jessica what a kinisch is. Dick asked if falafel was Jewish, Eric didn't think so, he thought it was middle eastern. Eric said he doesn't eat kinishes (sorry not sure of spelling) he doesn't like them.

Dani jokingly told Jessica to stop grafitti-ing her name on the table. She said she only did it once, on the other side. Dani said then she must have an admirer, because it is all over. Most people sitting at large table. Kail is sitting at counter. she got up earlier like she was looking for someone, then came back and sat down. She isn't saying anything, but it doesn't seem to bother anyone that she isn't. She is just sitting there with her legs crossed, and hands clasped.

Talking about a walk through of the show, that is coordinated with Julie Chen's schedule. Jesica jokes it is always about Julie Chicken.

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1:25pm bbt

(still behind 25 minutes and trying to get all of this exact as possible for everyone, and for Morty! lol)

Dick in kitchen, while Jameka is still on the floor cleaning

Dick: (inaudible statement to Jameka, then) right?

Jameka: I have no comment

Dick: yea you can, because there are also things I'm not crazy about the way you play, but that's ok, we don't have to play the same

Jameka: I have no comment, it's a dead issue with me, it's not even an issue

Dick: I just think the end result is what matters, and it's nothing personal, it's just that it is what it is... you seem upset

Jameka: I'm cleaning the floor

Dick: are you ok?(to Amber)

Amber: yea, I'm sorry I was upset

Dick: don't be, don't be, you have no reason to be

Amber: I shouldn't have yelled at Kail

Dick: you were totally right

Amber: I would have been fine, if she hadn't made that comment.. just little things she says, like I do my share of dishes

Dick: she said that? oh pfft, people live in a dream world

Amber: it just set me off...

Eric comes in and Amber apologizes to him, Dick is passing mutters "people are unbelievable"

Eric starts small talk with Daniele... only 17 more hours until the show

1:30pm bbt

Kail in round room fixing makeup, disappears, heads to DR, waits for door... waiting... back to round room... fixes hair again... Zach comes to kitchen, asks Jameka if the floor she is cleaning STILL is ok to walk on...

*FOTH* from 1:35pm bbt until...

1:42pm bbt

Kail in DR

BB: come into the DR for the live show, are you sure this is what you want to do?

Kail: well, I think they'll be sending me home in a couple weeks anyways, and I really don't want in the seqester house

BB: this isn't the Kail that tried to get in the house seasons 5 6 and 7

Kail: I know but... I didn't think I was going to get cussed out everyday either

BB: you've held your head pretty high, regardless of being cussed out everyday

back to *FOTH* at 1:43pm bbt

1:47pm bbt

Kail exits the DR, goes to round room

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Everyone sitting around in KT. Even Nick and Dani. Kail still sitting on bar stool not talking. Apparently they talked her into staying. That didn't take long. And we have FOTH.

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2:41pm bbt still FOTH - could this be it until after the live show?

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Eric just said to Jameka that they should make a deal if either one of them wins HoH they give the other one a kiss on the lips. Jameka agrees.

Nick and Daniele whispering. Daniele jokes, "You hate me? You wanna shank me?"

Daniele says that Eric is naked and Nick smiles and laughs looking at Eric and says "Almost...naked..."

Nick tells Daniele he told everyone she was 20. She says "Nuh uh!" and he says he was just joking and she says she hates him (joking).

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