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August 2, Live Feed Updates

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Eric is whispering to Zach that Jen has no right to attack Dan just because she has a problem with Dick. that if Jen has a problem with Dick it has nothing to do with Dan...(ed. funny how they all deffend Dan over something stupid yet let Dick run Jen trhough the coals with impunity)

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Dick says that Kail is "an example to Christians everywhere!" Lie, cheat, stab friends in the back. Just like Jesus would do!

Jameka says she doesn't agree. She yells for Kail to keep it up!

Dick: I don't care what you disagree with or not!

Jameka says that is fine, but that's ridiculous.

He says that he doesn't think Jesus would throw people under the bus!

Jameka says everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Dick interrupts and says yes, he is entitled. Jameka stops.

Dani starts yelling at Jen, telling her to shut up, and why should she believe anything Jen says?

Dick tells Jen to fuck herself, etc. Yelling at Jen.

Jen says to Dick that HE is the one who told her the stuff she knows about Dani. She says that DICK told her that Dani missed her boyfriend and everything.

Dick and then ERIC start screaming at Jen. Eric is screaming, saying "What does Dani have to do with you, Jen?" Eric says that she should talk it out with Dick later, then, but leave Dani alone. (God, I am sick of the Dani protection. If they are smart, they will see that she is protected on all sides!! --Cat)

Dick goes over to Jameka and said she shouldn't get upset over what he said--he didn't say it to Jameka.

Dustin: Drop it.

Jameka says he was commenting on Christians, though.

He says does that mean if he says something about Christians, it is about Jameka?

Eric is saying Zach that Dani never did one thing to Jen. Jen needs to leave Dani's relationships out of this!

(I guess it is fine for Dick to slander Kail's family and hometown, though?? --Cat)

BB is telling people to exchange their mics. Dick was told to do it, and Jameka did it for him. Jess is doing it now.

They just got sprayed again.

Dick says that it is just like the tea he poured on her, and it was shown "coast to coast, bitch!"

Dick says that Kail is climbing up and down and can't fucking hold on anymore.

Dustin: Hold solid! (He doesn't say a name)

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Jam saying "WOW! this is unbelievable, unbelievable!" All three women still hanging in there (ed. LOL!)

Dick says "awesome Daniel" Eric whispers that Kail can't win...no cheering or taunting...foth

Dick telling Dan again he's so proud of her. Zach telling her to focus

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Dustin whispers: Kail can't win HOH every week!

Eric tells Jameka that he just told Jess that he "kinda hopes she hurts herself when she falls." (Not sure if this is Jen or Kail--I assume it is Jen).

Dick: Dani, you are doing so great! The other two are all over. Up and down, up and down! Do that weird eye thing again, you fucking freak! (The last part to Jen)

(Dani looks like she is hanging looser than she was, imo. Why they don't have a camera on Jen is beyond me--Cat)

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Dick is yelling that it was "part of the rules that you can't touch the bar with your hands." Someone says that you can't "grab it." Dick says it was part of the rules--and we get FOTH

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8:03 BBT

Dick starts saying that you're not allowed to touch the handlebars with your hands, that's part of the rules. Someone else agrees and says that's part of the rules. Then foth. So don't know who did what, and if they're disqualified or not.

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7:58 BBT

Eric now telling Jameca that he kinda hopes she hurts herself when she falls off. [Don't know if he is talking about Jen or Kail]

Dick telling Dani what a great job she is doing.

Jameca "good job girls"

Zack chimes in once in a while talking to Dani telling her to shift her weight and use those elbows to hold on.

8:05 BBT foth

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8:10 hamster time still FOTH

Jen's out!!

Dani and Kail whispering. Dani asks her to please let her win.

Dani: I promise. I swear to you on everything!

Kail asks if she has to put her up, and Dani says she might.

Dani: You don't have to if you don't want to, but you have my word.

Kail: That I won't go home? What about Jen? I can't do that to Jen!

Dani says that no one wants Kail home.

Dani says she will stay up there all night.

Kail says "Don't let me go home."

Dani: I swear.

Kail lets go.

Dani and Dick hugging.

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DANIELE WON. SHE PROMISED KAIL SHE WOULDN'T GO HOME. Kail wanted Jen safe, too, but Daniele agreed to keep Kail safe only.

It was so nice and sweet to see Dick carry Daniele off in his arms as they were hugging and he was taking her away from the competition.

Dustin just gave her the key and announced she's the new Head Of Household.

Everyone congradlating her.

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Dan telling Dick she wants to backdoor Jen.

Dick goes up to Kail and tells her when he had told her before that he wanted her out of the house it was just to rattle her, because he actually wanted Mike out and he got him out...Dick hugs Kail

Dustin does a little dancing and clapping.

Dick tells everyone he hasn't lied about anything in the house. He apologizes to Jam. She says "thank you"

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feeds are back danielle is down sounds like shes is HOH dick is comforting danielle shes saying someone on this side of the house is trying to fuck her up? (Dont know what happened with FOTH?) Dick in BY telling kail they want jen out not kail this week.

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Dani is hugging Dustin and sobbing.

Dani tells Dick she will put up Kail and someone else, and backdoor Jen. She doesn't want to give her a chance at POV. Dick asks who she would put up with Kail? She says she doesn't know.

Dick says he wants Jen up right away. Dani says she doesn't know if she wants to do that. (She's irritated)

Dick says that he wants a hug. She hugs him.

Dani starts crying. She says that she "told Dick" and he should believe her next time.

Dick says he is glad that Nick is gone, and outside the house she can see who's telling the truth and who isn't.

Dick tells her that it wasn't the deal with Kail or anything--Dani WON it--Kail was going to give out, anyway. (Didn't look like it to me--Cat)

Dani says that she told Dick she wasn't the one who voted that way, and someone on "this side of the house is trying to set me up --AGAIN--and it's fucked up."

Amber is telling Eric what she heard Dani say (above).

Eric says he doesn't feel the need to even talk about it--everyone knows how much he wanted Nick gone.

Dick is saying that he hasn't lied since he has been in the house.

He says he apologizes to Jameka--it wasn't anything personal, but he hasn't lied about anything.

Jameka: Thank you. Wow.

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