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  1. Did Big Brother get better while I was gone? I missed you and I'll see you at the CC when you have time!

  2. Hiya pretty lady! Happy belated New Year... BB is ON, you in?

  3. Oh, well at least it wasn't grammer
  4. Yikes! I'm glad you took it as a joke, Yana, just because one's grammar isn't always perfect does it mean one needs English classes... Edited to correct the following words: yabba, your and you..sorry, fat fingers, talk about needing English classes, LOL!
  5. Who is the mystery known as... Soyyo?

  6. Hey! Thanks for the visit...so is this your second or third HASN? ;)

  7. Roasted duckling, under glass.

  8. A door is a barrier that is usually hinged, some doors open and others make me cringe.

  9. Maybe a throw pillow here where the stain is, or a throw rug.....

  10. *sweep, sweep*

  11. Get out the broom, mop, and Lysol... we're gonna need it! :) P.S. Boo!

  12. Just assessing damage...Things look good here...be safe :)

  13. We need to spray Lysol and clean the floors here...STAT!


  14. Yikes! it's gonna take us all day to clean up here!

    LOL! :)

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