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August 2, Live Feed Updates

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9:23am bbt - all HGs are conserving their strength :sleep1: for the much anticipated endurance HOH competition that will surely occur tonight!!!!!!! :popcorn:

(yea, everyone's sleeping, but doesn't it sound better the way I described it? :D )

9:40am bbt

FOTH starts... still going 4 minutes later... time for the HGs to wakey wakey?

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10:00am bbt - feeds are back and we have activity!

Dick in round room putting on socks/shoes, leaves and goes to kitchen, says a friendly "good morning" to someone on the way... another friendly "how are you" to someone else... Dustin/Kail are in the kitchen

Dick returns to the round bedroom... to Jen: see, even this thing(camera?) knows you aren't going back to sleep, get up, you stupid b*%$!$ (no friendly hello for her I guess?)

Dick leaves and all cameras stay on Jen laying in round bed still

BB: Nick, please put on your mic

Jen gets up and goes to small bedroom, Dick passes in round room and makes an inaudible comment

Jen: why do you care if I'm up or sleeping?

Dick: you have said things on numerous occasions that I never wake you guys up.

Jen: what did I do?

Dick: You wake me up every #*$* morning with your blabbering mouth

Jen: what are you talking about? was I sleeping?

Dick: you're a idiot! you are *$%$ stupid!

Jen: you talk all through the night and chatter your teeth...

Dick: good!

Jen: if I was sleep talking and I don't even know...

Dick: I already told you this is not a conversation, so just save it

Dick gets clothes from the round bedroom and walking by Jen: this was a make sure the *&^% gets up...

all cameras stay on Jen getting clothes from dresser in small bedroom for about a minute, then FOTH again...

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Jen in room drinking water and taking what I presume to be vitamins

dick walks by and says something

jen says yep sure is... lucky me

jen standing by chest of drawers just staring into them... closes drawer and leaves... jameka brushing hair...

jameka rushes to her bed gets mic and giggles to herself...

dustin (wearing hoh robe) in kitchen and dick is sitting at counter drinking his coffee

BB daniel please put on your microphone...

dick to dani ; I am surprised that you are up right now. what happened

Dani: you were being loud

dick: I'm sorry

dick whispering something to dustin in kitchen they both laugh... dick said it's kinda funny

BB calls all HG to HOH bedroom

Dick: No I refuse to go (in a funny voice)

Dick and jess sitting at round table, dick drinking coffee, jess eating cereal talking... having a hard time hearing what they are saying...

Dick: please report to hed of household... role call... sorry bout that... not intended for you...

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BB please report to HOH thank you very muchDust: please save me a spot on the bed pleaseZ: I'll save you a spot right next to me buddyBB Amber Now! Amber goes to fridgeDust, Nick and Zach in HOHZ starts telling a story about when it is really hot and he takes off his boxers and they are totally drenched..Dustin starts singingdust: good morning ericEric: good morning dustindick: for an hour huh?someone says whats so funnyZ: its like june cleaver... the husband sleeps on his side of the bed and the wife on hers...dust: jess you are up befor noon so I saved you a spot right beside meJess; thanx you won't regret itdust: we could fit a fourth in herejess: i guessdust: I told jessica there needs to be room for 4just general chit chat in the HOH about everything... jess suggests that they play a game on who can fall asleep first... she says she will winasking who is missing... jen and jamekasomeone says and carol and jess laughsjenn now in HOH room with a bowl of slop I assume... sits on edge of bed... dead silence...BB jameka please report to the HOH thank you very muchdustin, eric, jess and amber under the covers in the hoh bed...jam now in hoh roomgeneral chit chat... too many convos to keep track of...

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myss: when Dick was whispering to Dustin in the kitchen(and then again to Jessica): he explained that it was a rough night for him(Dick) sleeping, he woke up 3 or 4 times, and could hear Jen mumbling... he said his comments for everyone to wake up this morning were aimed at Jen, didn't want her to 'get another minute of sleep'... then he sat down next to Jessica and apologized if it caused Jessica to get it, that it wasn't intended for you(Jessica)

(lunchtime here, so BB please keep everyone together for a bit, ok? thanks!)

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**TY georgectv!

The HG's state that someone was just outside the HOH room at the door and locked it...

someone says "You bastards what if there was a fire? we would all die!@"

Dick: good morning jameka!

Jam: How are you:

ED; I am not gassy

Jam: well then that is a good day!

ED: just think 12 hours ago


z: syaing that dick got a little action in the dr though

ed: I told them just let me take off my mic for a little while, I am tired of these other ppl

ed: we should take a pic of all four of them in bed...

ED spinning in chair (his mic is very low) nick just sitting in chair listening to Dustins CD I think...

awkward silence and general chat

ed asks dust if some guy actually worked at the school

Dust: no he was a student

ED: was he younger than you?

Dust: I don't classify age when it comes to little ppl

everyone giggles and says what??

talk about chuckie and child's play

ED: what is the difference between a troll, a dwarf and midgets

Dani: are you kidding?

ED: what is the difference:

Dani: A troll is ugly and mean and live under a bridge

ED: byt they are littl

Dani: well there are a lot of tall mean ppl too

E: so what amd I a troll? I am little and mean!

Dani: and you live under a bridge

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Dick turns his attention to Zach... asking why he makes noises at night and walks to the bathroom like Frankenstein... Zach admits to being a wizard, but Dick doubts it because if Zach was a wizard he could make Jen disappear and she's still here... Zach says he can't make Jen disappear but he is a wizard... two cameras on this conversation, and two on Daniele with her arms crossed over her legs and her head burried in her arms(I'm thinking Dani wishes someone was a wizard and would make her disappear from the house)

Daniele says(with a weary voice) that BB has them on HOH lock down to 'change the key and replace some lightbulbs'

it's very quiet in the room for there being 11 people there... some are asleep now, cameras still only on Zach/Dick and Dani

10:50am bbt we get FOTH (and I'm actually excited about it! lol)

11:05am bbt and it's still FOTH (ok, I was behind on my feeds so I was able to skip forward over most of it, but after the painful silence of the HGs, I'm finding myself tapping my toe to the theme music lol)

11:44am bbt feeds are back, with 4 cams of Jen/Jameka working out in the gym.... wait, 30 seconds later, back to FOTH again

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11:58am bbt - feeds are back with Dick vacuuming

general cleaning/wandering/making lunch going on

BB: HGs, you have 5 hours until the live show begins

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dick sitting alone in workout room...

"f*** them those F******"

ed leaves workout room goes to bathroom...

cam changes to dani and nick flirting, he is laying on the floor (his bed) and dani is sitting by him... traces his lips

Dani: it is hot in here I am sweating...



Dani: maybe it is because of you breathing

background laughter

nick whispers to dani something about jess...

dani: omg my allergies today are so freakin ridiculous, it is probably because of all of the cleaning stuff, I cannot clean the bathroom

n: smells good

dick comes in: I'm f*** pissed something about kail

z: yeah she just pulled all of the stuff out of the bathroom

talk of farts...

Z: that fart was good, it had a little juice

Dani: a little jew?

Z: a little juice. that was a racist comment

eric says he is average...

eric trying to go back to sleep

dick sitting on bed burping and looking very irate

dani: oh BB the hours are killing me

ED: get a pill

Dani: they don't have pills here

ED: eric has one

Dani: give me the strongest one... the one to make me win HOH

mention about a supposetory

Z: whats that?

E: a pill that goes up your butt

Z: ewwww

eric gives dani a claritin

ed: I am furious

eric: back and forth this happens every week

just banter back and forth

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ED and dustin talking in round bedroom...

ed is pissed because someone told kail and he wants to know who told her...

dustin is giving him scenerios to look at... ed says that those two bitches need to go up next week and need to go home and that he sacrificed for the group and everyone whispers... one of those two have to go home next week or I am done...

dust: remember you are not the only one that made sacrifices

just talk about who has done what...

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Dustin/Dick talking in private.

Dick is mad that Kail knows she's staying, wondering who told her and where the leak is.

Dustin covering by saying she [kail] might know from nick knowing from maybe daniele telling nick and it getting to her that way.

Dustin: she still is a fucking disaster [earlier this week- Dustin ASSURED Kail she was safe, not to worry, many many times]

ED saying he's going to be so mad if Jen or Kail doesn't go home next week. He saying "fuck that zach shit."

D:I want those 2 bitches gone. It'll make me more calm, it'll make the house more calm. That's it. When you have someone falling you around all fucking day. She is up my ASS all fucking day.

Dustin: who?

D: Jen!!! I'm getting irritable because I haven't been able to eat or smoke. What is it, 4 hours away? I'm serious dude, I'm not going to sit by and put Zach up. I guarentee I can get "that motherfucker" to put up both those 2.

Dustin: remember zach came to me and said to put up Jen and Kail and I DID... so maybe that is his thoughts to? If he doesn't do just that.. who looks like a fraud?! think about that!!

D: we'll make it very clear to him.. and so will Jessica

Dustin: there are some peolple that are just skating by.

D: no shit. some people don't push the buzzer. and people that are flying under t he radar.. i'm not one and you're not one.. it's fucking bullshit. they're saying if i dont get hoh who gives a shit b.c i wont go up. fuck that! I fucking stuck my neck out for this group!!! I want some in return. enough is a fucking nuff.

Dustin: yeah

D: she does not belong.. she does not deserve to belong on that jury! she NEEDS TO GO THIS WEEK! (jen)

Dustin: kail can be kept around b.c you can fuck w. her all you want.

D: not if you do this fucking shit!

Dustin: you really think someone tipped her off?

D: YES! 100 fucking %. Do you SEE her last week compared to this wk?!

Dustin: maybe she's jsut being a kiss ass

D: somebody told!! somebody fucking told.

now talking about the "sneaky bullshit" jen pulled during the veto comp.

D/D saying Jen used Jameka and her religion.

Dustin saying USING jameka in that way was worse

Dick saying it made him made Jameka did that.

Dustin saying if he won it, he'd have used it and theyd be in the same position anyway.

Dick reiterating how pissed he is that someone tipped Kail off. He wants next week, Jen and Kail up and not to know which is going, no veto used, both saying their goodbyes.

Dick saying if one of them wins hoh , he (dick) and daniele will go up, with dustin as a replacement.

they depart.

Dick: I think Zoo is a weird word.

Daniele: I think Koala is a weird word.

brief shot of Kail and Jen whispering hushy hushy.. then feed switch

Oops! back now and Kail is going through her bag. (packing?)

Now all feeds on Jen and Amber cleaning the bathroom.

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12:10pm bbt

Kail/Jen talk in round room, whispering

Kail: so, there's an action to every reaction... saying I'm... ok, look at Jessica? I always do my own dishes, I helped Jameka, even when I was on slop...

Jen: (whispered)

Kail: I didn't hear you (YEA! speak up! lol)

Jen: this is the first time that room's been vacuumed

*silence between them*

Kail: I don't like this house!

*long silence*

Jen: I need a shower

Jen gets a qtip, Kail stays on the bed, on all four cameras(can I apply to be a BB camera operator? )

Kail gets up and leaves, 4 cameras on someone asleep in the small room

Dani walks thru and the camera follows her to bedroom

Dick doing monologue in gym: I said to myself *&^% those *&^%

Dick leaves gym, goes to kitchen-no turns and goes off camera

Jen in SR, leaves SR

Dani with Nick, she's sitting by him laying, whispering

Dani: it's hot in here, I'm like sweating

Nick: take off your clothes

Dani: what time is it?

Nick: like 12:30 now?

Dani: it's 12:10

off camera by someone else-the reason it's hot in here is because you make Nick's heart melt

Dani: maybe it's because of you breathing all that hot air? lol

it's Zach: maybe I could cool myself down so I could chisle some ice off that cold heart of yours?

Dani: my hearts not cold....


Nick mumbles

Dani: what? oh my gosh, my alergies are really freaking rediculous... I can't clean the bathroom because I'm alergic to all that stuff

Dick enters: I'm *&^%, Kail came in, she's so confidant about this

Zach: I know, she pulled all her stuff out of the bathroom

Dick stirs his tea VERRYYYYY noisily! Eric is in a bed also, so we have Dani/Nick/Zach/Dick/Eric

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All 4 feeds still on a silent amber and jen cleaning the bathroom....

Amber really getting into the cleaning, Jameka asking if she wants her to make anything to eat. A says no, but Jameka can help A spiral curl her hair later.

in an out of a lot of FOTH

Jameka: amber do you know if anyone did the kitchen floor?

Amber: mm mm (no). I was gonna do that next.

Jameka: noo I got it.

Dick: did everyone go back to bed?

Jameka: probably..

Dick: Amber I think we need to assign chores, you get stuck doing this all the time cuz some people think their chore is to sleep.

A: I know that's why I'm pissed off right now I think it's bullshit

D: it is bullshit.

A: me, you, and jameka and.. I think we by far-- and eric-- do the most f- and.. it doesn't matter i'm not gonna even go there, me and you by far do the most

D: we should definitely talk to some people... so

A: we need to get together and have a house meeting on cleaning

D: yeah cuz it's not fair.

a little while later..

Jen: and mike. he probably cleaned the most.

A: it's pretty sad we have to have a god damn house meeting.. it's pretty sad that people get stuck doing the same thing every week.

Jameka on hands and knees scrubbing kitchen floor.

Amber cleaning bathroom and mumbling that she's "fucking hot"

Dustin sitting in a chair WATCHING amber clean.

D: are you pissed at me?

A: no not all, i'm pissed at Kail for what she said this morning.

D: yeah, how she said because shes on slop she has no energy to clean

A: not even that.. how she said "I do my fair share of dishes." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Dick is up every night cleaning dishes and doing towels and you don't hear him saying that! She told me " I cleaned my bathroom the first week." I wow IT'S WEEK 5..are you kidding me?!

Dustin "Well, jessica openly admits to doing ntohing in this house."

Jen: that doesnt make it much better

D: well, atleast she isn't lying about it

(basically they are saying Kail lies about doing things, because she does 1 disha nd believes thats her fair share, whereas someone like Jessica does nothing but doesn't try to cover it)

A is just made Kail "went there with ME.. of all people!"

Kail comes down and ambers yelling at her.

K: I know i haven't done as many dishes this week as I should, i'm sorry

A: I'm talking about every week kail. don't use fucking slop as an excuse

K: ok.

A: because you had the nerve to sit there and resort back to the first week you were here and say 'i think i do my fair share of dishes.' and then you say, 'i killed the hoh bathroom thr first week' . that was your week in there! Everybody, and im not just saying me and thats what pisses me off this morning cuz I thought about it and im like how fucking dare you. Like how. dare. you. Its funny the first week you were hoh you seemed like the mom of the house you did everything you did the laundry you were on this on that and you haven't done shit in 4 weeks.


I didn't know we had a fucking number of dishes per week I didn't know we were assigned 20 fucking dishes per day. because Eric and I do 60 or 80 or 1000 fucking dishes a day.

K: I'm speechless I don't know what to say

A: when I was on slop I didn't use that as an excuse. It's no excuse. Everybody should be doing their fair share around this house its a big house we all live in here it;s fucking filthy and i dont like to live in filth

K: ok.... there's 9 other people too

A: yeah i know but you had the balls to say me to that this morning

K: whatd i say?!

A: that i do my fair share of dishes

K: I don't know how many times you want me to apologize.

A: I don;t need you to fucking apologize, i don't need you to say shit to me.

A: fucking selfish.

Amber leaves

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before when Dick/Dustin were talking about logic used by 'sneaky Jen'

Dick; this is how she does it, her line of thinking, with the fliping over of things, she's not even looking for the right answer, she's always listening, it's always the (cheat? cheap?) with her

Dustin: well that is smart?

Dick: yea but... if she's not going to win it outright, she's going (to cheat? cheap? I can't make out what he says there) to use people, that's what she does, that's how she get's thru her whole *&^% life, I'm telling ya dude, with the POV, did you even think of it that way? Who thought of that? She did! This is what we have to be careful of... I wouldn't have thought of it that way, I would have tried to win the *^&(* *&^*& thing! She thinks, how can I &*%&^ this up and use her? ohhhh...

Dustin: she used Jameka and her religion

Dick: yea, if I just get it wrong, it wipes it all out, and I stay

Dustin: more than the bottom line of her throwing it... her using Jameka in that way

Dick: no *&^%^ it really makes me mad that Jameka did that, even after she knew, it really really does

Dustin: that's Jameka

Dick: it changed the entire game

Dustin: if I had won, I'd have used it and we'd be in the same position

Dick: and you could have though

Dustin: the thing is, if I hadn't taken that last prize, I'd have won

Dick: it's in the past, the game moves on.. her doing that makes me really really mad, she wasn't like this last week, she was a *&^% mess...

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(I am typing this as I pull my hair out) Dani is in the kitchen making something to eat complaining how Kail doesn't do dishes and Amber is talking about how mad she is that Kail said she does her fair share around the house. Dani trashes Kail endlessly as she keeps making food. Oh did I forget to mention the whole time she is making food and bashing Kail about not being respectful and helping out, she is stepping over Jam as Jam is on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor with a sponge and glass cleaner?

Earlier Dick was yelling at Jen again and finally he slams a golf club down on the counter in front of Jen's face.

Kail is telling Jen she is ready to go, she is thinking of going to Amber and asking her to vote her out because it is a perfect time to leave and she is sick of all the fighting in the house.

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Jen and Kail talking in round room. Kail said she wants to go home now rather than in 2 weeks. Jen asked why she thought she was leaving in 2 weeks, and Kail said everyone wants her gone. Kail said she could tell Amber to vote her out, and she would in a heartbeat, because of the way they are getting along. Jen said she left Kail a terrible farewell message, Kail said she doesn't care.

Daniele in kitchen. All 4 feeds joined them mid convo. Amaber upset over what "she" said to her, but not sure who "she" is. Also saying she never does dishes. Amber said she did the first week, but hasn't since. (maybe Jen??) Daniele fixed some pasta with parmesian to eat. She and Amber are whispering. Now Amber wants to know what Daniele is going to wear. She said her yellow top. Now complaining that when they take a shower, it starts out warm but gets cold before she gets out. Dick comes in, so does Jameka. He is talking to her about something, and said "it's nothing personal, it is what it is".

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1:05pm bbt

After Amber finishes with Kail... Kail/Jen in the round room

Jen: I heard Dick in the small room earlier telling them, all Jen does is color code the plates

Kail: are they going to flip? because I don't care

Jen: well don't tell them that! He's trying to rally everyone up so that they do

Kail: just between you and I, I don't care if I go, I won't say anything

Jen: I do

Kail: seriously, who wants to be here, this is crazy

Jen: if we get him out, it will be fine

Kail: we won't get him out, even if we put him up, he has the votes to stay

Jen: no he doesn't... not against Dustin or Amber...

Kail: I could go home and not care, get to see my family...

Jen: but..

Kail: what?

Jen: then you let him win, but if you don't care, you don't care, that's why I'm here, I don't want him to win

Kail: well if Amber's that upset with me

Jen: she'll be alright

Kail: I don't know

Jen: it's fine...

Jen leaves and Kail stays on the round bed

Dick/Jen at the kitchen counter

Dick: you've been riding too long, you need to go.. should have been out week one, but you started kissing Kail's *&^% and sleeping in her bed, or she would have put you up, week 2 you got lucky with 9 gallons in the tea cup or you would have gone and you know it, week 3 you should have went but we decided Mike instead, week 4 this thing with Jameka, week 5 is the week you go home...

Jen: yep, king of the castle

Dick: queen of the *&^% you better play your *&^% because my arms will fall off before I give up, trust me on this... I'll do everything I can get to get you out next week, I don't want you in the jury, you don't deserve to be in the jury, you don't even deserve to be in this house, I want you gone, and I will do every single thing I can to see you gone, you go home and see you have no job, no life, no nothing, you think you are coming off so sweet and innocent I know better than that and so does everyone else in this house

Jen: ok

Dick: and so does everyone watching the show

Jen: yep

(my video got stuck a while back, so I can't see what is happening, only can hear it)

Dick: you just stand here instead of getting on your hands and knees and helping her(Jameka)

Jen: what are you doing? you're golfing

Dick: I've asked, and I vacuumed and I do 5 *&^%% loads of laundry every day, and I do dishes

Jen: you said you do that out of boredom

(video is back!)

Dick: I don't care if I do, it's getting done, I don't cause more of a mess then I take care of, you're in a dream world, what planet do you live on? planet of self absorbsion... how do people like you live in the world, I'd think you'd have gotten a taste when you ran away? Let me ask you, when you won HOH, you can't win with smarts, you have to do it the back way, with the POV, you told Kail and she told other people

Jen: what are you talking about?

Dick: *&^% you! (hits counter with golf club) you're a lying *&^%

Dick walks away, leaving Jen/Amber at counter and Jameka on the floor cleaning

1:15pm bbt

Nick walks by the kitchen(I mention it to note that he did not say anything to Jen this time)

Jen/Kail in the bathroom now, nothing said, Jen goes back to kitchen, Amber still sitting at counter, Jen back to small room to her dresser

1:19pm bbt

Kail/Jen in round room

Kail: I want to go home, I don't like it here

Jen: why?

Kail: I'm going home in two weeks anyway, I'm on the block anyway, all I have to do is tell Amber to vote me out

Jen: I left you a horrible goodbye message

Kail: I don't care

*Kail fixing her hair, Jen back to her dresser in small room*

1:21pm bbt

Danielle/Jam/Amber in kitchen

Amber: I was fine until she said that to me

Dani: what did she say? that she cleans? I was talking the other day, I said I've never ever seen her do dishes, we were talking about that yesterday... you would think certain people because... you know what I mean?

Amber: I know!

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Amber talking to Dick, and said she is upset over Kail saying she does her share of the dishes around there. Evidently something else was said, too. Eric comes in and Amber apologizes to him for earlier, and said Kail just really upset her. Daniele asks Eric if he pooped yet, he said yes.

All feeds switch to Kail. She is ringing the doorbell for the diary room, but she made sure no one saw her. She is now sitting in the chair near the DR, tying her shoe. She gets up and looks around, sees Dani coming, and goes to the round room.

Feeds change AGAIN back to the kitchen. Dick, Eric and Amber sitting at the counter. Dustin is fixing something. Zach comes in and gets packets of protein drinks. He gives one it Dick. Said he needs to keep his strenght up for HoH tonight.

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