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Aaryn - Week 9 - Evicted (Aug. 29) - Juror #4


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I think it is racist to think dark brown people are better athletes even though one is granting them a superiority, too often that goes along with notions of them being inferior in other departments that are more valued by the culture of the pale person making those comments.

Jimmy the Greek. :laugh4:

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Do they take bets for BB in Vegas? What would you think Amanda's odds are for leaving this week?

Oh, yea they bet on it in Vegas. I would put my money on Amanda being evicted if I bet BB.

Maybe John McCain will. :smilielol:

Senator John McCain plays poker on his IPhone during a U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing where Secretary of State JohnKerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey testify concerning the use of force in Syria, on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, Tuesday, September 3, 2013. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post)


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all this discussion has gotten me thinking...I realize there are shades of racism. I see that there are people who fear and dislike those who are different from themselves and that fear translates often to hate. Then there are people who think they are better than those who are different but do not hate them; they only stand on what privilege society grants them and think they deserve it due to some innate superiority. Aryan comes at her comments from a sense of privilege. She definitely exudes contempt and an air of superiority that we see as not in the least earned. She claims she is not a racist, but in a way, the reason she attacked Cand with such ferocity was due to Cand being more competition in beauty and intelligence. She was able to use the minority status of Cand as the only dark woman against her in a house that was lacking in the moral courage to say anything about the comments she made.

Amanda uses the trappings of societal attitudes to bully and demean; she feels free to do so under the cover of being from one of the hated minorities. I think she may hear from the Jewish anti defamation league or the B'nai Brith when she comes out...she has definitely not done her group proud. GM spouts racist comments she has heard and does so in the search to be one of the in people. I do not wish to rate who is worse as a racist, since they are all various specimens of it.

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This thread is a great example of why CBS - although they'd never admit it - loved having Aaryn in the BB house.

People are still talking. Ratings, baby.

Yep, pretty blonde,Southern girl, blue-eyed Texas native Aaryn both said and did racist actions which was a ratings bonanza for CBS in the perfect storm, aftermath of the Zimmerman decision.

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" Are White ass and black ass racist terms? then Black and white referring to people are also since they are inaccurate and an exaggeration of dark brown and pale beige that is the rainbow of our skin colors as a human race."



thanx needed that

I agree. It is far better to pretend racism does not exist (especially if you are white) than to talk about it. :disgust: This is the first year BB has had to put a disclaimer on the show. Disclaimer or not, these people are part-time employees of CBS and their actions and words reflect on their employer. Ratings were sluggish until the racist crap came out, but we all know CBS CARES (about ratings) so the bad behavior continues and has escalated as the ratings rose. On BB UK or Australia, Aaryn and others would have been removed from the game in July. I cannot feel sorry for Aaryn or anyone else who screwed up and revealed themselves on this show.

Nah... it's better to keep it alive and well by exaggerations and screeching racism in every post.

Have some pie 780285tuqf6ukche1.gif

Or drink the racism 220px-Kool_Aid_Man.jpeg

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Why did Elisabeth Owens, mother of Aryan Gries, wait until September to apologize for comments her daughter began making in July and continued making until the end of August--right up until the morning of the day she was evicted?

My guess is that she wasnt going to make a public statement unless her daughters racism was exposed in a direct manner like it was when Julie Chen addressed it live face to face where therapist could defend her behavior.

Many people that share similar values to Arayn didn't think that her behavior should have been addressed, they wanted it to be swept under the rug and ignored but the majority of viewers and fans felt like we deserved to hear why she behaved the way she did.

Of course the people who share the same morals as Aryan and rush to defend her behavior were quick to say that she was "attacked" by Julie Chen when Julie Chen simply questioned her behavior and read some of her comments verbatim....it's not like she flipped her bedding or mocked her in a stereotypical Texas drawl, Julie was very courteous and professional. I salute her.

CBS dOesent have to pander for ratings by using some ugly college girl with dyed-hair and caterpillar eyebrows to show how ignorant and offensive people are in 2013, enough of that exists in the political arena to keep people satisfied.

Mel Gibson made the critical mistake of making anti-semetic remarks and he got black-balled out of Hollywood damn near and very few people rushed to his defense or made excuses for his behavior.....wonder why.

Watching the lovey Julie Chen right now on David Letterman and she's gorgeous makes me SMH at those freakish skanks who were on BB15 bashing her and her ethnicity.

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