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  1. Good idea, I've enjoyed reading updates for a few years now. A huge thank you!
  2. Even with Liz having 2 sure votes, if he wins final HOH and gets to chose, then I think he would win the game. Liz did win HOHs but she was carried through the game, never making her own decisions.
  3. I've been thinking this has been rigged for Van for awhile. A few weeks ago when everyone wanted her out, she was called to the DR and when she came out, it was like she knew something was up. Of course she would tell everyone don't lie to me, because I will know. The DR, I think was telling her what was being said. Her distrust of Steve I believe is due to the DR. I think if she wins the final HOH, she is going to take Liz, due to the DR telling her that Steve is not going to take her. I know just about every year we think they are influencing the HG's, I just think this year it's been a little to real they have.
  4. All he was doing was promoting himself and his sister. Both of which aren't that great! Just saying
  5. Me too! It would make the season a little better!
  6. I wonder if the POV will be a chicken wire kind of one. Thought it was when all would be playing, but that one does favor someone with long fingers and small hands. I still want Vanessa to go, so for me Julia winning it and taking Liz off, replacing with Vanessa would be wonderful. But then again, I want her to go at four left and have to go to jury for the week and all of them can tease her.
  7. Bye James, Julia not using it and them not taking the chance to evict Vanessa is going to bite Liz and Julia
  8. I hope Jmac and Steve go before James now. It's a big problem, but some how it might just happen.
  9. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, that's what he will be saying soon You're sick at your stomach for a reason. Go with your gut!
  10. I took it that they were flipping, the last thing I thought they said to each other last night was "flip" and Jmac said yes? I'm so confused today, I just need to make a great dinner, brownies and do some work. Then I'll be ready for tonight, but may need to just record it and watch it a little later, then I can fast forward thru to see what happens
  11. 1.Predict something one particular hg's will do on the double eviction show....: Vanessa will say "why, she's all alone in this game, she doesn't have anyone" 2. Which nominee is the better partner Meg or Julia? Meg, she has come closest between the two to actually win a HOH or VETO 3.What is your worst case scenario hoh winner/2nd person evicted for double eviction show? Liz winning and Jmac, James or Steve voted out

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