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Sunday, July 14 Live Feed Updates


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On couch Jessie, Candice, Amanda, Judd, Andy, Spencer and McCrae talking about how masturbating. They move on to other topics. Spencer had his 25th birthday in rehab. Worst thing you can tell Amanda is calm down shut up or fuck you. Topics are all over the place. Wondering what is trending on twitter regarding them. Teasing Judd about Juddisim. He wants to host veto.


Amanda trying to figure out how to turn on the hot tub. The couch crew tease her by using all the terms that she can’t stand.

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11:55 BBT Spencer asks everyone if they masturbated, Amanda replied that she uses a vibrator sometimes.

00:05AM BBT Jeremy and Kaitlin talking on the hammock, Jeremy told Kaitlin she should say that she took the strongest player out the house. Jeremy said he is not mad at Kaitlin for getting him out this week at least she get the beast out by winning the veto.

00:12AM BBT Aaryn and Gm cooking in the kt. Andy and Spencer in Sr talking. Spencer said he is nervous Andy told him if he did anything again he is gone.

00:25AM BBT Kaitlin told Jeremy she cannot believe Mccrae won Mvp two weeks in a row. Aaryn made cookies and is sharing it all out.

00:30AM BBT Ginamarie said she knew Alex of BB9 she said she also know the wife and we got the fish screen

00:57AM BBT Mccrae and Amanda is kissing in the Br. Amanda just told Mccrae she turn him into a man. Amanda said she told Jeremy to campaign to stay. Andy,Judd joins Mccrae and Amanda and they wish they can keep Jeremy but he is a big threat.

00:35AM BBT Jeremy and Kaitlin is in the Br kissing and making out. Aaryn and Helen is talking about Dan funeral. Aaryn said she read Dan book on how to get on reality tv and it was very long. Howard and Candice is talking on the hammock, Howard said that Helen is making too many promises to people.

00:45AM BBT Candice still talking to Howard Candice said she cannot have sex on tv it is not wise. Candice told Howard he should win HoH so she could use his Hoh robe. Aaryn is asking for vitamins Judd told her to take men's vitamins because Elissa does use them.

00:51AM BBT Amanda,Aaryn,Spencer, Mccrae and Andy talking in the BY Amanda said she is Yoko ono of the moving company.

00:57AM BBT Mccrae and Amanda is kissing in the Br. Amanda just told Mccrae she turn him into a man. Amanda said she told Jeremy to campaign to stay. Andy,Judd joins Mccrae and Amanda and they wish they can keep Jeremy but he is a big threat.

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Andy and Spencer in WC. Tells Spencer that Helen and he told Kaitlin that Jeremy’s fate is sealed. Candice comes in to ask something.


Spencer tells Andy that he changed because of him and Helen. How he didn’t like how Jeremy was acting. Andy reassures him not to worry about him.


Jeremy and Kaitlin talking about McCrae and how he’s controlled by Amanda. Jeremy believes that he (McCrae) broke the moving company.

Kaitlin says that it’s hard to stop herself from starting things with Candice. Jeremy says she has to.

Aaron brings over veto cookies to the two, and then leaves them alone.

In Kitchen GM, Helen, Aaron are having cookies. McCrae cleaning up after himself. Andy just chatting with them.

Outside Kaitlin is happy she won veto. Jeremy wanted her to win this one. He tells her that she is a beast and that it takes one to know one. That she has everything going for her. To stay confident, lay low and win. She tells him she’s protected by elissa, andy, Helen, Amanda, mccrae and judd. Candice isn’t in the mix. She’s not looking forward to being stuck in sequester without Jeremy.


Candice asked Howard to handout on the hammock since Jeremy and Kaitlin have gone inside with the kitchen crew. Lite teasing of Aaron. Chatter about contact lens colors.

Howard and Spencer planning to play pool. Finally walks over to hammock. She tells him that he got in an alliance with people he didn’t know. He’s being sassy with her. Helen gets called to dr. Howard is glad that she got called because he’s afraid the gals will flip her. Candice sure that won’t happen. How Elissa is not going to be told what to do.

She wants Howard to win hoh. He’s noncommittal. Then says that maybe it is easier right now. He’s not happy that Helen has made too many safety deals with those their side want to get out, and finds that interesting since she has such an issue with lying.

Wants to know if Spencer ever told him not to hang around her (Candice). Howard says he never said that. Apparently he never liked Jeremy or Nick. That Nick never talked game to him which made him feel like they thought he wasn’t smart enough.

The competitions that Howard prefers to win are comps that are not physical. He’s asking her what she and (?) were talking about. Candice responds with how he doesn’t tell her what he and spencer talk about.


Candice tells him that she listens to him. Howard says that he feels that she is loyal as hell, but that they (men involved with her) have to have a backbone. She agrees. How its not so much about being told what to do, and more on trusting the persons judgment. He asks her if she trusts him. She does. That it was the right thing to let the other night be and sleep in the have not room with him.


Amanda and McCrae discussing Jeremy. Amanda says “she’s totally Yoko Ono” of the moving company. (pretty funny)

Andy and Judd join them. Amanda had a slight thought of keeping Jeremy because he’d stay a target then quickly realized No! Andy doesn’t trust Howard.

Gm walked by with Nicks hat, which Amanda finds pathetic. Amanda’s fear is if Elissa is in an alliance with Kaitlin she’ll nom McCrae because she has power. The nom of Spencer instead of Howard didn’t sit well with Amanda.

Amanda wants Howard to give them another name aside from GM before they backdoor Jeremy. She feels that Helen and Elissa are dangerous because they are too emotional.

Andy reiterates that he’s more afraid of Jeremy comp wise, and that right now Jeremy is saying whatever he has to. Amanda doesn’t understand why Elissa didn’t nom Howard since he voted her out. Andy says that Elissa brought up concerns about Howard.

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1:37 am Helen, Howard and Candice in the hammock talking to Spencer. Saying Kaitlyn would be dumb not to take herself off the block with the veto. Helen saying if Jeremy is not out this week, he will be gone next week. Spencer agreeing. Helen says she gave Kaitlyn a pep talk earlier today, encouraging her to use the veto on herself, and ensuring her safety if she does.

1:40am Howard saying he told Kaitlyn she needs to ask herself if Jeremy would use the veto on her. Spencer suggests to Helen to speak with Kaitlyn woman to woman. Helen agrees and says she will tell her "You can both be out of here in 14 days if you don't use it, it's your choice."

1:48am Spencer and Howard playing pool. Elissa, Helen, Judd, Jessie and Andy on backyard couch complaining about not having alcohol.

1:51am All feeds on Spencer and Howard playing pool. Howard says something, couldn't understand, Spencer whispers "We'll talk later."

1:55am Helen, McCrae & Amanda in the hammock talking about Kaitlyn. Helen says she was very fast & did amazing at the veto comp. Says she wants to tell Kaitlyn she did so well, and can gain more respect from the house by using the veto and playing the game. Helen says Kaitlyn told her she will use the veto. Helen said Jeremy approached her and was very civil. She says she does not trust him, told him there's nothing he can offer her that would make her keep him. Helen tells Amanda &McCrae that she offered Jeremy & Kaitlyn the HOH room for 1 night.

2am Judd and Andy on backyard couch talking about next weeks HOH. Andy said he wants to rectify his performance from last week. Andy said he's tired and ready to go to bed in a few minutes. Andy said Jeremy and Kaitlyn asked him to switch beds tonight & he said no. He said he thinks they will all again tomorrow. Andy tells Judd he was so happy when he cast his vote up evict Nick.

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1:14AM BBT Andy said if Howard does not win HoH he is going next. Andy said he does not think Helen would put up Howard. Amanda said if Mccrae did not start his stupid boy alliance that fell apart. Andy said he is worried about Jeremy more than Howard. Andy said he and Kaitlin had an emotional night and is getting close to her. Amanda said Kaitlin is a F***ing B**ch.

1:30AM BBT Amanda is really worried more about Jeremy than Howard for this week. Helen joins Howard and Candice on the hammock, Helen is worried what Kaitlin is going to do with the veto. Spencer is now in the hammock crew he said Jeremy keep on saying he love you to Kaitlin so she can keep him in the house.

1:37AM BBT Howard said he hope Kaitlin uses the pov, Helen said Kaitlin said she is going to use, Helen said she is going home if she does not use it. Amanda Mccrae and Andy said they are going to explain to Candice that she is aligned with someone that is not trustworthy. Helen said to spencer and Howard that they owe Kaitlin a few weeks safety.

1:44AM BBT Aaryn is eating chips on the couch, Kaitlin is going to make eggs while Jeremy is in Dr, Ginamarie is showing her extentions. Helen said she does not understand why Kaitlin wuld be with such a a**hole because she is such a beautiful girl. Elissa is now up from sleeping.

1:50AM BBT Production is very upset tonight they have to remind the Hg not to talk about DR sessions. Jessie told Elissa that they are not allowed to bring in towels apparently the room is very cold.

1:56AM BBT Helen,Amanda Mccrae going over what Jeremy is doing to Kaitlin for her not to use the Pov. Judd and Andy in the By talking they both want to win HoH and make a big move. Andy said that when helen is trying to talk game she is so loud.

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2:05am Andy says he's going to bed and goes inside. Judd joins McCrae and Amanda in the hammock. Judd says they need to be careful of penalty nominations before Thursday...? We get FISH Feeds are back. Judd says he thinks Jeremy and Kaitlyn are trying to get a penalty nom on them. Judd says he bets America likes Jeremy because they're good tv. Amanda and McCrae say "no way."

2:10am Howard and Spencer talking while folding laundry. Discussing alliance with Amanda and McCrae. Spencer says Helen told him today about a deal with him, Howard, Helen and Elissa.

2:16am Andy is back outside, chatting with Spencer and Judd on the backyard couch. Joking and talking about who will host next comp. Andy really wants to host. Andy says Judd has hosted a few, and he has done none!

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2:20am Andy says he'd even be ok with going on the block as long as Candice doesn't get to host a competition. Judd, Spencer and Andy all making fun of Candice. Spencer says "We give her a hard time, but she's really sweet" they all agree.

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2:04AM BBT Amanda asked Helen if Elissa won Hoh and Mvp would she nominate Howard Helen said Elissa does not trust Howard anymore. Judd said if Kaitlin does not use pov he is going to vote out Aaryn, Amanda and Mccrae thinks they should vote out Spencer or Kaitlin judd went very quiet.

2:15AM BBT Spencer told howard they are like sick puppies trying to nurse back to health for their advantage. Aaryn told ginamarie she cares about her and she does not want her to look bad over the nick situation. Spencer said Helen offered him and Howard safety protection if they protect Elissa and Helen.

2:22AM BBT Helen is off to bed. Jeremy told Aaryn that it look like she dated some losers before Aaryn replied did't we all.

2:34AM BBT Jeremy told Aaryn that his ex got pregnant after they broke Aaryn asks if she kept the baby jeremy said yes. Judd said tehy need to get out a girl next. Spencer said he is worried about the 3rd nominee curse. Spences was told he is safe this week

2:44AM BBT Spencer,Howard Judd and Andy in BY spencer said i bet Jessie P***Y tastes like butterscotch, they said she is a nice girl but it is good that she can stand up for herself.

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8:22am BBT All is quiet in the BBH as the HG are still sleeping.

9:00 am BBT They are still sleeping. With nothing on the schedule today, BB will probably let them sleep.

9:30 am BBT guess what?! They are still sleeping.

10:15am BBT Still sleeping

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10:26am BBT We have FOTH. is it time for a wake up call?

10:48 am BBT Still FOTH

10:51 am BBT Andy tells Judd that anyone that plays so ferociously then swears by the bible scares him. HG are doing ADLs

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11:00 AM BBT Elissa just carried a heaping amount of laundry out and there is still a lot she had to leave behind. Jessie is cleaning the WA. Judd is folding clothes on the pool table. After being a Have Not so long Elissa is grateful to sleep in a nice bed.

11:01 AM BBT BB: Houseguest please lower the two awnings behind the hot tub and the adjoining deck. Elissa "What does adjoining mean?"

11:06 AM BBT Andy is now helping gather all the dirty clothes. Yes, there are enough dirty clothes that it takes both of them more than one trip. Andy "Towel hill is turning into towel mountain." Now Jessie is carrying a handful.

11:10 AM Helen asks Andy if they should have a quick POV meeting today. He agrees. Helen starts running laps in the BY. She tells Jessie she would like to talk to her for a minutes today in the HoH. No hurry, anytime. Andy goes upstairs to listen to music.

11:15 AM Elissa is in the HoH room talking to Andy. BB: Elissa, please put on your microphone. They discuss Jeremy. He's been moping and gloomy. Andy "You can't go around, bully people, tell everyone your a great player, and not expect to be backdoored." They agree that the position Jeremy and Aaryn are in right now is Karma. They made it personal.

11:19 AM BBT Helen and Judd are talking in the BY. They are discussing that they need five votes to get rid of Jeremy. They expect that Kaitlin will vote to evict Spencer. Helen says that Jeremy will work hard to get everyone to vote out Spencer. Judd tells her that his preference would be to target Aaryn next but he would be okay with it being Howard. Helen thinks she can convince Gina Marie to vote with the house by telling her it will show good faith with everyone for a fresh start. It's pointless to vote any other way. He's going and it will make them the next target if they go against the house.

11:27 AM BBT Elissa is making a cup of coffee. Judd is walking around room to room doing his ADLs but going out of his way to be very quiet by gently opening doors and drawers. Some of the HGs are still sleeping. Judd then jokingly offers Elissa a cigarette which she respectfully declines.

11:31 AM BBT Elissa is venting to Jessie in the KT. "We need to make a new rule if the garbage can is full you have to take it out, not just lay another one next to the cabinet." Jessie "That's just common sense." Elissa "That's just gross."

11:38 AM BBT Jeremy and Judd are on the BY couches. Jeremy is telling Judd that Kaitlin has accepted her situation and won't be stupid. She'll use the POV. Judd to Jeremy "Moving Company huh. Glad I wasn't asked to join. I wouldn't have though. Starting an alliance that early in the game is pretty dumb." Jeremy "Not if we had stuck to our guns, we'd still be here." Judd "If you stay, I think you'll see that you were better off."

11:45 AM BBT Jessie joins Judd and Jeremy in the BY. Jessie to Jeremy "What are you going to do?" Jeremy "just fish and sit around." Jessie "I don't understand why you are mad at me I should be mad at you." Jessie has officially started an argument. :"You lied to me all the time and the one time I did you get mad." Jeremy "Withholding information is not lieing." Jessie "On a personal level, you have zero interest in maintaining a bottom base friendship with me. You have made no effort."

11:49 AM PPT Jeremy "I don't know why we are having this conversation. You always find little reasons to blow up on me." Jessie "It's obvious how little respect you have for me. Has been for a long time and I just didn't see it." Jeremy "must be". Meanwhile Andy and Helen are preparing their argument for Howard. They plan to tell him that if it isn't a landslide then he'll never make it jury. He has to vote with the house or the entire house will make sure he goes next.

11:52 AM PPT Andy is concerned Kaitlin will not use the veto. Helen is going to approach her woman to woman. She plans to tell her that Elissa may not always be MVP but anyone that was against Elissa will never get it. She has to know that by now. Andy said he will make sure he talks to her too today.

11:55 AM BBT. Helen discusses the atmosphere in the house with Andy in the HoH. Everyone is having fun now. It's so much better now that everyone knows that he is leaving. "There is an exorcism going on in the BB house and the evil spirit is leaving on Thursday." "What does it take to get the devil out of Hell."

11:58 AM BBT Helen and Andy decide that they want to give Kaitlin a week reprieve. They have enough options with Aaryn, Gina Marie, Howard, and Spencer that they can leave Kaitlin off the block. Andy admits he really doesn't want HoH next week. They say that Elissa can't get HoH next week. She won't want to go after Howard. Andy thinks it's because of his religion. Helen "He has no religion, he swears on his bible and he lies to people." They are hoping they can talk some sense into her.

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10:58am BBT Must be laundry day in the BBH. Elissa grabs such a large pile of towels from the WA that she drops towels all the way to the washer. Elissa screams...there are bugs all over the bleach.

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12:50 BBT

Helen, Andy, Candice and Judd in the HOH room. Helen ranting and raving over how terrible Aaryn and Jeremy are. Candice rehashing the fight over the bed. They all agree Aryn is being portrayed as a huge villian because of "what their friends [the DR] are asking"

They're saying Jeremy is one of the worst, more disrespectful people they've ever met.

Spencer comes in

Still trashing Jeremy and Aryn, how tired they are of Jeremy using the fact that he's 23 to excuse his crappy behavior.

Helen says everyone has been abused by Jeremy and how much Helen wants him out of the house. How different the house will be, etc.


Meanwhile, Kaitlin and Aaryn are talking about what to say to Helen, how howard wanted Helen out but now that shes HoH he's all apologetic. Kaitlin saying Amanda "stirs shit." Kaitlin saying Jeremy should not be going home, how fucked up it is that they're getting strong people out right away and it should be Spencer or Howard going home this week.

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12:05pm BBT: jeremy and jessie and judd in by on couch , jeremy says i love trampolines. judd says me too jeremy says i had a trampoline in my back yard for years.
12:07pm BBT: helen and andy in hoh talking about aaryn. helen says i didnt want to becaome hoh to take out arryn. arryn isnt the one who attacked me jeremy was.
12:09pm BBT: elissa has now joined the by on the couched.they are talking about family and eating.helen and andy still in hoh rm talking andy says he knew nick had to go from day one.andy says that amanda was telling spencer that they needed to keep elissa week one and he didnt know why amanda was saying that. helen said it is a good thing amanda and mccrae got together that helped us alot.
12:17pm BBT: jessie is now in hoh talking to helen and andy.helen says judd is the man in here. she says before the votes spencer came to me and says i dont know how i want to vote. helen says she told him vote how you want we have the votes and spencer says how do you have the vote. helen says she told him not to worry they have the votes.then when the vote was 7-4 i knew someone turned.
12:21pm BTT: andy says if kailin doesnt use that veto then oh my gosh she better use that veto. jessie says if she doesnt use that veto is she going home? helen says yes if she doesnt use it she goes home so it is jeremy verse kaitlin this week, and she was told that if she doesnt use it she will be going home instead of jeremy.
12:23pm BBT:candice has joined the hoh rm and sits on the bed with andy. helen says i am focused on jeremy this week cuz jeremy is walking around telling kaitlin that he loves her and that bull. last week he was trying to get away from her and this week he loves her and says he needs to win the money for both of them.
12:27pm BBT: in the by judd and elissa are doing laundry. elissa says she loves the front load washer but she needs a top loader machine cuz she uses so much bleach on her clothes.
12:33pm BBT: jeremy elissa and judd in kt making food.BB telling mccrae amanda kaitlin to change their batteries. helen in hoh complaining about jeremy drinking chocolate milk from the carton and she told him that the chocolate milk was for the have nots and jeremy told her he didnt care he was going to drink all of it. and called him names for it.
12:37pm BBT: helen says once kaitlin starts playing this game i hope she will see the game and when we get to finals she will see jeremy and jeremy wont pay no attention to her cuz he will want alot of camera time.she says he will get on his boat and sail to south america with his havenot pass gtood bye. helen talks to the camera telling jeremys mom that he is a jerk.jessie says she is more scared of arryn. helen says she will be going home soon. jessie says i hope so she scares me helen says she does elissa too but i didnt put her on the block she is going to be there enough.
12:42pm BBT: jeremy and spencer sitting in by spencer asked jeremy if he is going to swim today he says no he thinks he is going to workout today spencer says i might try to run today.
12:45pm BBT: helen in hoh repeating what they have been talking about to judd. and they are laughing.jeremy and kaitlin in chair rm they hug and kaitlin is getting clothes. jeremy is heading to the bathroom to change his clothes for his workout.
12:50pm BBT: helen in hoh with jessie, judd, andy and now spencer she is saying how disrespectful kaitlin , jeremy and arryn was the night she won hoh she says i wanted to celebrate and all the crying and bed flipping and yelling was going on. judd says i am sorry helen she says no no no it wasnt your fault.
12:53pm BBT: helen says it is going to be a different house when jeremy is gone and i cant wait for it. she says sorry i am fired up. she says who drinks all the chocolate milks and brags about it who does that.
12:58pm BBT: helen is saying people want to see the good in people and if you have that you should show that to people. she says i dont understand that.judd says isnt it sad that david left the first week? helen said yeah he was much nicer than jeremy but he was associated with the wrong people.

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12:42 PM BBT:

Judd leaves for a minute leaving spencer and jeremy. they talk working out and sore shoulders and hate being locked inside. Awkward moments of silence. no game talk yet. Jeremy burps gets up and leaves. Awkward.

12:44 PM BBT:

Judd up to HOHR. He joins the convo about Jeremy. They continue dissing Jeremy with the Jeremy stories of pigging out and drinking the have not chocolat emilk and eating all the cake and hiding the coke and gator aid in HOH during aaryns week. Andy says tht they suck. On and on how bad they are.

12:47 PM BBT:

Kaitlin in room with aaryn, Kaitlin is talking about using veto or not using veto. Aaryn pumping her for info/what she is going to do. They whisper. Kaitlin thinks that howard and spencer are going before they start on girls. Aaaryn says we have to win HOH. Aaryn says that she knows they have to work with them. Kaitlin says she told them that she would never vote jeremy out and aaryn out- sorry cant hear her - She said tht she is not going to vote jeremy out and tried to persuade them to keep jeremy and then she will be with them to get him out later said she told them tht for them to keep him didnt mean it but they did not go for it. aaryn ask her if they are in love. She saays tht they def like it other but she thinks tht the word love scares jeremy.

12:51 PM BBt:

Kaitlin says tht the situation is going to get blown up on tv they are going to love it. asks aaryn if she is going tanning at all. kaitlin says she is. they talk todays schedule. aryn says tht is scares her for jeremy to go. Kaitlin thinks there is nothing they can do. aaryn says will you tell me if I am target. Kaitlin says to be honest you were target at first they were going to backdoor jeremy with spencer as pawn. aaryn: why didnt you tell me I was target. Kaitlin: I was nervous didnt want to freak you out. Aaryn: if you hear anything tell me because I havent been doing any campaigning. Kaitlin: you are not target. Every single person in this house wants jeremy out. Aaryn: I feel like I am next. Kaitlin: howard or spencer maybe. Kaitlin: I went up and smelled everything out. Talks about howard using her and she told helen tht and using her to get to elissa. She says tht she will continue to tell them that. She thiks tht she got to helen. Aaryn: I heard tht you said you wdidnt want to be associated with me and would vote me out. Kaitlin says no. who told you that? Jessie? Amanda? had to be amanda and she tells tales tht amanda supposedly told. Kaitlin promises her tht if she goes on block she will have two votes for her to saty and then yawns.; Aaryn whispers. cant hear.

12:57 PM BBT:

Kaitlin says why she is so pissed is tht spencer and howard should be going home over jeremy tht jeremy has a great social game. Aaryn says tht his game is messed up because he bullies people and talks abt how good he is at things. aaryn says tht she does it too but she cant do it anymore. they whisper back and forth....aaryn says tht she feels like her entire attitude has change since comp and feels tht jeremy's should have changed too but hasnt. Kaitlin says tht he knows he is going even though he is encouraging her to use the veto. she talks a bit about what he says to her about it and if she would use it and she says she told him no. Kaitlin: it is going to suck to be without him.

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#BB15 1:02 PM BBT Andy, Spencer, Judd and Helen in the HOH room. Andy is hoping POV ceremony is today. They want it just over. Judd says Jeremy thinks he needs 5 to stay. Spencer says Jeremy thinks he has Helen in his back pocket since he apologized.

#BB15 1:14PM BBT In the BY Jessie, Howard and Candice talking about what singers they like. In the HOH - still talk of Jeremy and his eviction.

#BB15 1:19PM BBT Gina comes into the WA. Aaryn tells her she doesn't look very happy and asks if she is crying. Gina hasn't said a word and leaves the room. She is wearing Nick's hat.

#BB15 1:25 PM BBT Jeremy finishes a shower. Aaryn tells him she thinks they are just trying to get out the guys. Jeremy hears Elissa talking in he other room and calls her husband a name. Jeremy now bashing Elissa. Aaryn says when the guys are gone, it will be a cat house. Jeremy says at least you will be in it.

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#BB15 1:35 PM BBT Spencer, Judd and Andy in the HOH talking about if Nick knew he was being evicted. Judd says that Jeremy was bugging him every few minutes on if Nick was safe. Judd says that as far as he is concerned Jeremy can get on the BB bus back to Texas. Now talk about if they are going to watch the show when they get home.

#BB15 1:41 PM BBT In the BY Howard, Candice, Helen, and McCrae talk about relationships and what is their pet peeve about the opposite sex. Howard likes women who take care of their feet. It doesn't matter if they are ugly if they take care of them. Helen says for her it is teeth and they way they dress. For Helen it is the education.

#BB15 1:49 PM BBT Gen chit chat on the feeds. No real game talk.

#BB15 1:55 PM BBT Elissa on the hammock. McCrae asks her is he may join her. She says yes. They talk about how much better Elissa feels being a HN. McCrae says he knows her pain now.

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#BB15 2:04 PM BBT McCrae and Elissa talk about Nick being a professional roller blader. Elissa tells McCrae that Jeremy told her he was a professional as well and that a clothing line sponsored him. say sthe he also won his Associates degree.

#BB15 2:12 PM BBT McCrae and Elissa on the hammock talking about Rachel Brenden. Elissa says that Brenden was pursued by BB. McCrae talks about how he and Amanda both came to play the game.

#BB15 2:20 PM BBT Gina is in HOH talking about that she fell in love with Nick and it was her bad luck. She knows you need to move forward in the game. They talk about Kaitlin and having to move on. Gina says that when she has pain from relationships she gets a piercing. She has 10 piercings.

#BB15 2:22 PM BBT Gina says that Nick and she have already planned the future. She says that Nick already asked her where they wanted to live and raise children. The HG joke about the wedding being at the BB house.

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#BB15 2:35 PM BBT Amanda has woken up. Crawls out into the BR. Asks what time is and can't believe it when Andy tells her.

#BB15 2:37 PM BBT Candice in HOH talking about that she and Jeremy live about 40 minutes apart. Amanda brings Helen a package and everyone in HOH are excited that it should be from her kids. Turns out it's her laundry.

#BB15 2:42 PM BBT Andy calls Kaitlin into the cockpit room. Says he has talked to people and there is no way to save Jeremy. She has to use it. She says she knows.

#BB15 2:46 PM BBT Andy tells her that she has not burned bridges. Kait says Jer is an idiot. Andy says that if Jeremy had played how he has been this week he could have one.

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3:08PM BBT: Aaryn and Jeremy are in the pool throwing a ball back and forth. Kaitlyn comes into the pool, hugs Jeremy, and Aaryn comments "well I guess the ball game is over!". Gina Marie is half laying/sitting beside the pool. Gina Marie says she needs to get her tan back, she's the whitest she's been in her life. Gina Marie says Nick left her things all in the house; his hat, chap stick, sunglasses. Candice says that he left his contact solution. Gina Marie asks that if they use it, don't throw the bottle out.

3:20PM BBT: Amanda and Howard are sitting on the BY couches. Amanda says their trust is getting there. Amanda said that she knows he's going to be other people's targets for flipping the votes, but he wont be her or McCrae's targets.Spencer and Andy are running laps in the BY.

3:28PM BBT: Jeremy, Aaryn, Helen, Gina Marie, Judd, Kaitlyn, are hanging out in/beside the pool. Spencer and Andy still running. Amanda is now sitting alone on the BY couch. Amanda and Howard are on the BY couch. Amanda says her concerns are if Howard won HoH, she's afraid he's going to put her up. Amanda says they need him, he's strong. Howard says he's strong and smart.

3:35PM BBT: Kaitlyn and Jeremy are sitting on the hammock. Spencer stops running, and sits down with Amanda on the BY couch. Amanda says good job, once you get past the first week of working out, it'll be easier. Spencer thinks he can lose 10-15 pounds in 2 weeks if he watches his calorie intake. Feeds cut to FotH.

3:45PM BBT: The feeds come back and the photo booth is active. Gina Marie takes pictures alone, Jeremy and Kaitlyn take pictures together, and Judd and Elissa take pictures together.

3:55PM BBT: Housemates are planning out what pictures to take with whom and what props, and then proceeding to take them. [i don’t know how much longer I can hear “Get ready! 4-3-2-1. 4-3-2-1. 4-3-2-1. Take a photo one more time. 4-3-2-1.” without going crazy!!]

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4:07PM BBT: Most housemates are in the cockpit room taking photos in the photo booth.

4:20PM BBT: Amanda is making food on the stove. Aaryn is in the kitchen cleaning and says she doesn't ever want to be a housewife. Amanda says she'll meet the right man eventually and become a housewife. Aaryn shakes her head and says no.

4:33PM BBT: Aaryn and Amanda chat in the kitchen about how if they had personalized water bottles, they'd go greener. Less dish detergent, ect. Kaitlyn and Jeremy are still using the photo booth. [Never seen a man willingly take this many photos...]

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4:41PM BBT: Amanda, Jessie, Spencer, Howard and Judd are sitting on the BY couch. Amanda asks if the photo booth is done, and Judd shakes his head. Spencer says it should be done soon.

4:46PM BBT: Looks like Andy, Spencer, Aaryn, Howard, Amanda, Jessie, Candice and McCrae are sitting on the BY couch. Andy says half the clothes he brought into the house are from Target. Aaryn says she loves Target. Andy says why almost everything in the house is broken. Feeds cut to FotH.

4:59PM BBT: Howard and Candice are on a bed in the colourful room. Howard has a pillow half over his head. They look as though they're trying to take a nap. Out in the BY, Jessie is laying on a lounger in her swimsuit. Kaitlyn, Aaryn, Judd, Spencer, Jeremy and McCrae are sitting on the BY couch chatting about food.

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A fly crawled on Jeremy and Jeremy said he was african and that he was used to it. This turned off a lot of people, Howard got up and left, Andy and Spencer too.

5pm: Howard and Candice napping.

Spencer and Andy up in HOH, talking about race issues. Spencer says Howard is just a sensitive guy.

A: be honest, is howard looking out for me?

S:oh absolutely, 100%, no doubt at all. I don't think he knows how to handle the moving company fall out- which I'm trying to let die, but Howard wants to keep talking about it. But no, he's definitely looking out for you, 100%. He'd never put you up, or vote you out. Not as a favor to me, but he knows you and I are close. He likes you, being around you, and knows how close I feel to you. He'd never in any way, shape or form go after you. He's loyal. Almost to a fault. He might even use the veto on you.

S suggests Andy talk with him a little more, make convo. S says howard had kind of a tough life.

Andy saying the whole moving company thing keeps him on his toes more, he's wary of what he says to people now. Andy says he trusts Spencer now, but he was really shell shocked when he found out about the moving company. S says Andy has been really good about "this" and he's grateful.

5:06 Helen joins Andy and Spencer up in HOH.

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5:10PM BBT: Helen, Spencer and Andy are in the HoHR discussing family dynamics and personal relationships. Judd, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy are in the WA. kaitlin is changing in the shower, teasing Jeremy as she takes off her bra behind the frosted glass.

5:16PM BBT: The WA convo turned to production and we get the FotH.

5:18PM BBT: Feeds are back, Jeremy is beatboxin' while walking through the house to the bedroom. Spencer, Andy still in the HoH, (for those waiting, tonight's show has started on CBS) Andy is whining that he hasn't been called into the DR.

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