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8/18 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:01pm shane is appoligizing to brit saying he will talk to them and tell them he did it brit says no it will make it worse. brit says you are gonna do what ever you want to do and i am never gonna tell you anything else to do but i think it is in our both interest that you didnt say anything.

9:04pm Dani and dan in srb dani telling dan everything brit told her. dan says let brit vent but dont vent to them. she says i know but that was messed up what happened .

9:07pm : brit says why are you protecting ian shane says i dont know. brit says you protecting ian over me? why? your protecting someone who doesnt have your best interest at heart and i told you they was coming after you i had your best interest at heart and i was trying to protect you.and how about you and i take the heat and frank and boogie take the heat and let dan and ian sit in the middle and give dan another half a milliuon dollars. cuz thats where we are at. shane says if you dont trust me anymore then ok i didnt mean to throw you under the bus

9:12pm brit says shane its fine shane says no it isnt i never ment to for things to happen this way and i am sorry i threw you munder the bus it wasnt myu intention. brit says i know its hard you have all the blood on your hands shane says i didnt mean for this to happen i will try to fix it i know its in the past but i will try to fix it and take all the blame sorry. brit says just dont say anything lets see what happens.

9:14pm dani and dan get up and head to the kt dan said that when boogie cameinto the kt earlier he threw ice trays in the sink acting a;ll imature.

9:19pmIan Ash and jenn in wa laying on lounger talking about going top bed early. frank is in dr. shane and brit still talking in crane rm frank still saying i am sorry alot brit says she is going tomstay in there a lil longer shane leaves the room.

9:21pm brit talking to camera saying how am i gonna get out of this? shane heads to hoh rm. dani goes to crane rm with brit asking what shane said she says he apoligized what can he say? brit says i am the only one that has had his back from day one and of all the people he threw me under the bus.

9:22pm Brit says dani i didnt come here to play this game i didnt want to play this game i came to watch this game being played and by a twist of fate i am in it playing.

9:23pm brit says oh dani i am such a bully i am a tiarrant and a bully i tell everyone what to do. why didnt he throw ian under the bus why me why me.

9:28pm brit says i came in as a coach and now i am in the game and i am everyowhere i am hoh i am pov winner i am everywhere.

9:30pm Joe says it is abut to get ready to do the bb cooking class ian says what time is that joe says in about 20 minutes i think is good.

9:32pm dan now in with brit and dani. brit says i am upset cuz shane threw me under the bus brit says shane said why do i havbe to get all the blood on my hands, dan says we have next wqeek and someone else will brit says thats what i told him . dan asked where is shane now brit says i dont know he said he was gonna go talk to them and i told hiom not to please.

9:34pm shane sitting in wa sayiung you get yelled at for makeing moves or yelled at for not making moves. shane now says he is going to go to bed too. ash says why not shane says i didnt go to bed till 6am and got up early. ash says i am sorry you are stressed shane says no worries i have worse stress than this at home all the time .

9:38pm brit is leaving the crane rm now . brit is called to the dr. dani and dan talking in crane rm.shane and ash in wa talking joe comes in and feeds switch to sbr with frank and boogie now frank says maybe we should call dan out he is in crane rm with dani and brit.

9:41pm frank says i think there is a chance that dan wants me out to play this game with you boogie. boogie says yeah i just told the wizard that. boogie says i just as soon go home i rather go home who does he think he is i will sacrafice my game just for a payback .

9:43pm boogie says does dan think if he stays then whoever wins hoh will just go after brit and shane. frank says i will, put them up and get his ass.

9:45pm boogie says it is a 90% chance that one of us three will win pov. frank says they bare all sleeping literally.shane now in crane rm with dan and dani they are just sitting there not saying much.

9:46pm shane says i dont agree with brit getting yelled at and when i walked in there it wasnt that bad.

9:47pm frank and boogie counting votes they say shane cant vote frank says we can get ian ashley joe and jenn and if we can get dan put up we have the votes.

9:48pm most hg in kt doing joes cooking show

9:50pm the cooking show is making turkey burgers they are waiting for jenn to get in there then they will start.

9:51pm boogie says we will go to the ends of the earth to expose how dan went through and won this game before.

9:59pm the cooking show is beginning now . turkey burgers : 20 oz ground turkey add 1 cup grated parmassian half cup witshtershire sauce 1 egg yolk add fourth teaspoon smoked pepprika 2 dashes of hot sauce a pinch of salt a lil pepper salt sand pepper to taste add 1 teaspoon olive oil 1 teaspoon of musturd use hands to mix it up make sure everything is mixed . you can add any topping you like. some like turkley bacon or avacodo or apples put in pan you can cook them on stovetop or oven or on grill with 20 ounces you should get 6 patties

9:59pm cook on 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.

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10:00pm bbt Joe has started a cooking show to explain how to make turkey burgers. Frank/Boogie discuss talking to Shane more to put the target on Dan.

10:10pm bbt FOTH for 15 minutes

10:25pm bbt back from FOTH.. Ian and Shane talking in HoH. Ian doesn't think the PoV will be physical. Shane asks him about the question mark cube and the balls. Frank is also in HoH, says he was the first to see the balls in the kitchen. Shane says he would not open a Pandora's Box. Frank doesn't understand the incentive to have a PB on Friday, too early in the week.

Dan also in HoH. Shane says he doesn't know what half the comps are. Dan says it hasn't affected his performance. Shane said he was told to take his shirt off for the beach promo shot. Ian didn't have to.

The downstairs group keeps singing and they block all feeds when that happens in case there is audio bleed from one room to another.

Downstairs, Joe tells Jenn he is going to use the bacon fat for gravy.

Jenn is having a muscle issue and soaked in the hot tub twice. Now she's asked for an adheisive heat pad.

10:33pm bbt Frank/Ian explain the solitary confinment penalty from past seasons to Shane/Dan.

10:38pm bbt Ian leaves HOH, Frank immediately asks Dan/Shane 'what happened to the silent 6 yall?' Dan says he can take the head. Frank says what heat you haven't been on the block!

10:40pm bbt Brit joins HOH. Frank says he will look like an idiot after he blogged so much about the silent 6 this week. Brit is quiet, Frank asks if she needs a hug. Says he can leave if he's causing tension. Shane says no it's fine and offers snacks to Frank, who declines.

10:45pm bbt HOH group is watching Dani/Joe/Ash do pilates/yoga on spy-screen. Dan/Brit are quiet, Frank/Shane making comments.

10:50pm bbt Shane goes to the balcony to watch the exercise class. Joe is mock screaming in pain, Dani keeps 'bullying' him thru the reps. Frank asks Brit if she got bad news in the DR, she seems bummed out. Brit says she is bummed, but he must be too. Frank says he worked so hard to get in here, now working hard to stay. He says he still hasn't voted, and this Thur is day 40.

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11:16 pm BBT We come back briefly to Frank in hoh going over how he has been trust worth each week. Frank says that the week before he was Hoh he was loyal to Janis players. He tells Shane he was loyal last week and didn't put any of the S6 up. Foth. We come back for another second to Shane saying I was loyal too till I heard everything about last week Foth.

11:19 pm BBT In Sneaker Room, Boogie is pressing Dan to confess and Dan says he didn't do it. Mike wants to know who to call out because Shane blamed Brit and Brit blamed Dan. If you are going to make the move, own up to it.

11:25 pm BBT Boogie says so f we all go upstairs youll deny the four of you had a conversation? Dan says there isnt a point to it. Boogie says he just doesn't want to deal with it. Dan say I have nothing to hide and goes to get Brit. Boogie follows obviously heated. All S6 but Dani are in hoh having an open conversation. Dan wants it to be Brit Boogie and him. Frank doesnt agree to leave and Boogie says why not have an open forum. Frank goes back to where the lies started three weeks ago.

11:32 pm BBT Boogie is upset that Dan and Brit are acting coy. He says he would respect the game move but he just wants them to be honest about. They say Brit never mentioned Dan by name, that she mentioned a reliable source and that gives it away because lets face it 4 people don't even know what they are doing. Dani tries to enter Hoh but Shane asks her to come back later. Brit asks if Boogie said he was coming after her and he says of course but not right now. He says that he was going to wait till it was down to the 6. Frank talks about thinking about backdooring Dan . Boogie takes over again and says he didn't sign off on that plan and you will see it on tv when you go home. Boogie says that he cant help till confirmed otherwise that Dan had the influence on this situation

11:40 pm BBT Dan says that the way he plays is to not run anyone's names into the dirt. Watch my season when I made moves I owned them. Dan says if this was his move he would own up to it. He then asks Brit what she thinks. Frank says to be honest Dan I am tired of you pushing off the questions on everyone else when everyone is looking at you to answer something. Dan repeats the fact he is honest and doesn't run anyone's name in the mud. Frank says he feels his name has been run through the mud. Dan says that is your prerogative. Brit says that for her personally if she had heard her name put out there to go up even in the future I wouldnt just sit back and take it. Boogie says so this is a preemptive strike? Brit shrugs and says yeah kinda.

11:46 pm BBT Brit continues by saying why wait till you guys come for us? Frank says he is under the impression that we were all waiting till final 6 wasn't that the plan? Dan says that all he has to say is that he puts it on his wife that it didn't come out of his mouth and they can take it to the bank. Boogie asks who the other reliable source is then. Before that can be answered Frank goes on a tangent about how he could have put up Dan and is now regretting it a little bit.

11:53 pm BBT Frank and Shane leave HoH and Boogie is telling Dan how he single handedly stopped Frank from backdooring him. Brit says she doesn't mean to be condescending but if Boogie admits to the things he said, why the witch hunt to figure out who said what? (About Boogie saying he's going after her.)

12:01 am BBT Boogie exits with saying Frank and I both may say so I don't get why you don't play nice. It's a slim chance but we could both stay. Some people like to internalize but I like to get my feelings out. Not a lot was accomplished here but I got my feelings out. He leaves and Dan looks at Brit and says so do I take the heat for this? He says its getting to the point that I cant defend Ian (the reliable source) anymore. Brit agrees but brings up the fact that Boogie said something to Dani insinuating that she should put Brit and Shane up. Dan is mad and keeps calling Ian "that kid. " He says he is now taking the heat for that kid. He likes him but Ian all covered and ow Dani is at the front of the pecking order. Dan says he is down with the 5 and will take the heat but that kid needs to know what the hell went on up here.

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12:10 am BBT In the crane room Boogie is telling Dani she can hide behind big players like them and tell her Dan was saying he controlled her while Frank was on the block. Dani says no he suggested I vote to keep Frank but in the end it was my choice. Dani continues and says honestly I would never feel comfortable on the block against either of you because you guys are smooth talkers.

12:24 am BBT Dan and Brit recap the convo to Shane. Dan says that everyone needs to get up here (to hoh) he mainly means Ian so he can give him a piece of his mind. Almost as if he heard Ian enters hoh. Dan goes over the conversation and how his name is getting dragged through the mud. Dan needs to make sure Ian is in with them and if he hears that they have said anything about Ian it is a lie. Ian says he backs them 100% and is on their side no matter what. Then they all start recapping earlier conversations they had with Boogie and Frank.

12:41 am BBT Dan is catching Dani up all conversations had with Frank, Boogie, and Ian. Dan says this was a horrible execution on Shanes part when put them up not to tell them the exact reason why he put them up. Dani asked why she couldn't come in the room then and Dan says he just wanted to keep the conversation controlled. Frank and Boogie are going to try to drive the four apart and they cant let it happen.

12:52 am BBT Dani is talking to Brit in crane room telling her all about Boogie and Frank trying to tell her everything under the sun to keep them both safe. Brit says shes just had so much in her mind in the just the last 5 hrs. She has heard everything from Dan is playing both sides and Dan lied to us and that Boogie is coming after me. She says shes just had enough and only wants to talk to Dani. Frank enters and apologizes for how harsh the conversation got and that he just doest want to look stupid for not putting Dan up. Frank heads to bed. the girls look at each other agree he was trying to cover himself and go on talking. Dani is furious still for being denied access to Hoh and calls Shane rude. Brit says he threw me under the bus how do you think I feel

12:58 am BBT seems Boogies plan to drive a wedge in the quack pack was ineffective. Dani is telling Dan and Brit every word Boogie told her earlier in the crane room about how her alliance leaves her out of conversations by not letting her in the room and that Dan controls her. Dani is mad but she seems to not let it get between them. Dan says the guy that is saying all this took 6k for himself and chose to take 10k when his best friend in the house is venerable. Dani says they mentioned Dan leaving me out to dry by throwing comps too. Brit says wow those guys are on!

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01:04 BBT

Shane & Joe discussing the game in the HOH. Joe asks if they have Brit and Dani and Dan - Shane thinks so. Shane is excited, saying, "Boogie and Frank are dead!!" Joe is happy to be in an alliance with Shane - better than being targeted this week!

Joe & Shane discuss Frank being grumpy today. Said he should realize it's his coach's fault for looking out only for himself… taking $16 grand… etc. Meanwhile in the Arcade, Dani, Brit, and Dan are rehashing earlier house drama.

Brit says Boogie/Frank don't know that Ian and Jenn are actually working w/ Brit's side of the house. Dan suggests they need to make 2 side alliances w/ various floaters in the house & then keep each other as the core alliance (Dan/Dani/Brit). Brit says Boog/Frank have been in the DR for a long time & are probably really mad. Brit gets called to DR.

Dani tells Dan that she's mad at Shane. Dan agrees that Shane's move was poorly executed & that Dan should've helped it go smoother. Dani says it's more than that - she's mad that Shane slammed the door in her face. Dani's also upset that ppl think Dan tells her what to do - she says that's not true. Dan gets called to DR and Brit comes back into the arcade.

Dani is still really pissed off about Shane slamming the door in her face & she and Brit are fast & furiously being annoyed about that and lots of other things - it's hard to hear them b/c they're whispering quickly & quietly. They ask Joe/Shane if it's ok if they use the bath in the HOH. Dani doesn't want to talk to them so she goes to the WA to get her stuff while Brit plays nice w/ the boys for awhile.

Joe tells Shane if he needs anything, just let him know. Shane jokes, "Breakfast in bed?" but Joe actually nods in agreement. Shane gets excited and requests French toast. Brit & Dani head on upstairs to get the bath ready. Joe asks if they want girl time and Brit says yes.

Dani & Brit washing their face and getting ready for a bath. Discussing Shane & all the house drama & who's mad at who. A little hard to hear them over the bath water running.

01:33 BBT

Brit/Dani in the HOH tub saying Shane brought this drama on himself b/c he didn't want to take responsibility for targeting Frank/Boogie. Brit says Frank was trying to hint to her that Dan/Boogie had a final 2 deal, but Boogie kept not wanting to talk about it. Dani, "That's cuz he's lying." Brit, "Who Boogie? To Frank?" Dani, "Yeah." Dani doesn't think Dan would want to work w/ Boogie.

Dan/ Joe in the KT talking. Joe says his strategy is just to lay low & talk to people on a real level. Dan says that's a good way to build trust, so that's good. Joe agrees & says he's having a lot more fun this way, too. Joe says it's really interesting to learn about everyone's background & where they're from.

Shane joins Dan/Joe in the KT - asks if Dani is ok. Talk turns to the fact that ppl need to realize that they can't hold grudges from week one - that was such a different game than what they're playing now. They know ppl better now, etc.

Brit & Dani talking in HOH tub. Brit says Boogie's mad b/c someone told the girls that he was trying to get Shane to put them up. Brit says that makes no sense & she asked Boogie why that even matters. He doesn't trust Brit b/c she was unsure about the Silent6 at first (when they were targeting Janelle). Brit says that's ridiculous - of course she was uneasy about voting out Janelle, but she did it.

01:54 BBT

Dani & Brit brainstorm a name for their 2 person alliance. They decide on Alpha Omega Bye (as in… "Goodbye!" to everyone who's leaving the house before them.

Dani tells Brit that Shane was jealous of her hanging out w/ Wil a couple times and also that he continually brings up Danielle Donato. Brit agrees that Shane treats Dani terribly. They remark about how they just "burned the crap" out of their faces (because they left their face masks on for 20 minutes).

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02:00 BBT

Dan/Shane/Joe in the KT. Joe thinks it would be fun if Boogie came at him. Dan assures him Boogie will try to be his best friend this week. Joe says he told Boogie it's his own fault for going up on the block b/c he didn't even try to win HOH (going for the $10K instead).

Joe wonders aloud if Boogie won the POV if he'd save Frank instead of himself. Dan says that'd be interesting & he might but only if he thought they'd both have a chance at staying. Joe says he thought Boogie had lost a lot of money in the economy, but Dan says he is pretty sure he was smart w/ his money. Joe wonders why Boogie's here then. Dan says, "For the title."

Shane is tired and wants to go to bed but says the girls are still up there (in the HOH). Talk turns to farting. Meanwhile in the HOH bathroom, Brit is popping pimples on Dani's back. The guys go upstairs & Dani shuts the bathroom door so they don't gross the guys out. Dan knocks & asks if they're proper. Says he wants to say goodnight & hugs them both.

Brit tells Shane that he hurt everyone's feeling tonight - he seems confused & asks why. Says he wasn't trying to be mean by not letting Dani in earlier - they just wanted to talk 5 more minutes alone. Dani doesn't say much. Brit asks him what Joe was talking about. Shane says not much. Dani & Brit on the HOH couch while Shane brushes his teeth. Dani is being really quiet.

02:21 BBT

Dan & Frank are sharing a bed. Neither looks to be asleep, but they're both pretending they are. Frank gets up and goes to the WC. Meanwhile in the HOH, Brit/Dani trying to explain their side of what happened today. Boog/Frank told Dani that the whole house was against her & she'd be better sticking w/ them. Brit/Shane/Dani realizing that Boog/Frank are lying to turn them all against each other.

Apparently Frank told the floaters that Shane, Brit, Dan, & Dani are working together. Brittany says that doesn't matter - they can just lie about that. Shane asks if either of them wants to play POV if he gets a choice - Dani says it has to be her.

Brit tells Shane that he could've avoided all this drama if Shane had just told them that he thought they were going after him next week. Shane asks them if he should open Pandora's Box if he gets it. Brit worries that it'll give power to someone else so maybe he shouldn't. Shane assures that he's still Final 4 w/ them & he apologizes today. Dani agrees & says even tho she's mad she's still with them.

02:37 BBT

Brit exits the HOH to head to bed downstairs. Shane is feeding the fish - apparently one of them is trying to die so he's trying to coach it back to life. Dani is crying on the HOH bed & ignoring Shane (who's oblivious to her).

Shane asks Dani if she's alright and starts rubbing her back. He tells her to remember that it's just a game but that it does suck when they bring in personal feelings. He offers that she can stay up there to sleep if she wants. He says now he understands why she was upset but that he didn't realize earlier - says he didn't mean to throw Brit under the bus - he didn't realize how it came across & he's sorry he said that.

Dani tells Shane that Boog/Fr offered her final 3. Shane says, "Yeah they told me that too." Shane says he's not going to play their games anymore. Dani says it sucks b/c they told her what would hurt her feelings. Shane says he's sorry - he didn't realize Boog/Fr were harping on her. Dani says she's sad b/c she felt like she had nobody (based on what they told her). Shane says they're just manipulators.

Dani cries that she thought her final 2 deal w/Shane was over. Shane says that of course its still on. He says all his other deals w/people are final 4, etc. We get FOTH briefly. Shane assures her they're good. He says something about Sarah getting mad and we get FOTH again (I'm assuming Sarah is a producer).

02:50 BBT

Shane goes downstairs & Dani puts on the headphones to calm down. Looks like the rest of the little HGs are fast asleep & snoring loudly.

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03:01 BBT

Shane comes back upstairs. He mentions Sarah again and we immediately get FOTH. Dani is still lying in the HOH bed w/ the headphones on. Shane turns out the light and gets into bed. He asks BB to turn on the AC and we get FOTH again.

Shane & Dani talking in the HOH room in the dark. Shane assures her they still have their final 2 deal. Dani says yeah, but still seems sad and stressed. Conversation turns to exercising. We keep getting FOTH intermittently for some reason. Soon they go back to discussing the earlier drama again.

03:18 BBT

Dani & Shane discussing game in the HOH. Dani alternates between being almost asleep to being spitting mad about what Boogie said earlier. She seems about ready to sleep though and Shane starts rubbing her back.

03:28 BBT

Shane gets done rubbing Danielle's back and puts on the headphones to listen for awhile. Dani snuggles up with him. Shane tells her goodnight and kisses her forehead.

03:41 BBT

Ash wakes up and heads to the WC. Dani and Shane are still cuddling in the HOH - no more talking - Shane listening to his music still. Other HGs seem to be sound asleep.

03:46 BBT

Ash finally out of the WC and heading back to bed. Danielle gets up and goes downstairs to go to bed. Shane tells her goodnight. Dani tells Ash that she can't sleep. Ash in KT getting a glass of water.

Ash is concerned for Dani's stress & suggests making her some tea. Dani thanks her but says that would keep her awake. She heads to WA to brush her teeth. Ashley wanders back towards bedrooms.

04:00 BBT

HGs are so quiet that we can hear the music on Shane's headphones and the water from the fishtank in the HOH.

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8:47AM BBT - BB must have had an early wake up call as all the lights are on. Dan is in the KT eating cereal, Frank is doing dishes. No one else seems to be up yet.

8:48AM BBT - WBRB - must be another wake up call to the rest of the house.

8:50AM BBT - Dan now doing his ADL's in the bathroom.

8:51AM BBT - Boogie is up and moving around now. He heads to the shower. Frank is waiting for the coffee to brew.

8:55AM BBT - Frank begins talking to the feedersin the arcade room, saying he was right last week and should have BD Dan. He didn't and now it is biting him pretty quickly, not even a week later. He can't blame Mike because Mike trusted Dan. Even he trusted Dan for a minute, and now he is screwed. He thinks he can get out of the situation he is in, even if he doesn't win POV. No matter what, even if Frank can get himself off the block, Mike will still be on the block. Even if Mike goes, he can play without him. If they both stay up there, Frank might still go. He's disappointed in Dan. He understands that you play the game differently than normal life, but he came in with his integrity and he'll leave with it. It's a lose-lose situation with your best friend on the block beside you. Frank says he'll see how many alliances he has this week. Best case scenario is getting both of them off the block. Worst case scenario is him going home, second is Mike going home.

Dan called to the DR.

It disappoints him that he had the chance twice to get Dan out (when Dani was up on the block when he was HOH and last week) and didn't do it. Frank knew he should have done it but he didn't do it. He didn't do it because he took Boogie's advice, and it is hard in the game to figure out what the right move is. There's so much going on, especially when its your first time playing. He can only blame himself though. If there is anyone that can get out of the spot they are in, it's Frank and Mike. "We're going to pull it off." He switches the convo to his mom/nana - your boy is on the block again.

9:03AM BBT - Mike is asked for the second time to put on his microphone. Joe is up now, doing his ADL's.

9:05AM BBT - Joe and Ashley in the SR. Joe says no deals were made, just everyone is upset. He talked to Dan last night, and Dan is major part of this. He warns Ashley they are going to come and see them after the veto. "Just let them duke it out and we are good till final 6", Joe tells Ashley. Just let the big dogs fight and lay low for awhile, even three weeks, Joe marvels. They say nothing to Ian or Jenn. They'll be friends and do normal stuff, but no connection to them. Joe thinks Jenn is legit, but doesn't know. Ashley is whispering and is hard to hear.

9:08AM BBT - Joe goes into the arcade room with Frank. Frank tells Joe that he wasn't trying to get Joe put up last night. The only name he wants up if someone comes down is Dan. Frank is telling Joe how he was double crossed; he had the chance to put Dan up and didn't. Frank and Boogie feel like Dan is the main culprit in this situation. Frank just wants Joe to know that he is not trying to get him BD, no matter what he hears.

Frank is not going to campaign against Mike. He wants them both in the house. Whomever is left will need to work with anyone who is not Dan, Dani, Brit and Shane. Joe asks if the deal was to get Joe and Ashley out. Frank says it's not that they wanted them out, but they were working as a group of 6, and their options were limited.

9:12AM BBT - Mike called the DR.

Frank says Dan builds relationships up so people trust him before going back on his word. Frank says whomever is left needs to work with Frank and Boogie because the other 4 will pick them off one by one until it's just them 4. He is going to try and talk Shane into putting Dan up if one of them comes down. Joe agrees that Dan played both sides. Dan doesn't play an honest game, Frank says, and he plans to out that.

9:15AM BBT - Dan is reading the bible in the LR, Ashley sitting in a nom chair drinking coffee. No conversation going on.

Back in the arcade room, Joe is telling Frank that he was talking to Jenn and Ashley and they didn't know who did the double crossing but they thought it was Shane and that Shane was playing for himself. Frank thought it was Brit but now they realize it was someone else.

9:20AM BBT - Joe joins the LR crew while Frank goes to WC. Ash wants to win HOH because she thinks her mom will have sent her clothes. Joe says one of his twins is a fashion diva, the other would wear her pajamas out. The fashion diva one picked out a Banana Republic shirt, a pink one and she begged him to wear it at least once. However, BB took it and Joe says she is sensitive too so that's going to upset her. Ash says they'll probably give it to him for his HOH.

9:22AM BBT - Ash says it's stuffy in the house. Dan says Ash and Joe are feeling awkwardness and tension in there. Joe chuckles and agrees. Dan says he's sure they want his head on a stick, he's used to it.

Jenn is up and doing her ADL's.

Joe wonders what the veto will be like today because whatever it was they finished building it last night. WBRB.

9:25AM BBT - We're back and all is silent in the LR.

BB calls to Ian, Dani and Brit to change their batteries. Joe asks if they are up, Dan says yes. Dan asks Ashley to translate something from the bible for him.

Frank called to DR.

9:27AM BBT - Boogie and Jenn in the arcade room. If Boogie gets Houseguest's Choice today, or Frank, and they pick Jenn, would she use it to save one of them. Boogie says he got scumbagged and "it's on" now. Boogie or Frank will need to work with Ian, Jenn, Ashley and Joe or they risk getting picked off one by one. Jenn is vague in her answers, as she believed he had a strong tie to Shane. It wasn't that strong, Boogie says. He obviously thought it was stronger than it was or he wouldn't have focused on the 10K. He wanted to wait till next week to break their alliance. Boogie's big mistake was trusting Dan. Boogie can't be Shane, even on his best day. He walked most of the competition and still beat everyone for HOH. Jenn says she should have focused on HOH instead of safety because she was giving Shane a run for his money.

Boogie says Ashley and Ian are also viable picks for Houseguest's Choice. People will drag Ashley far, they both agree. Jenn says she is 80% better than she was yesterday. She is worried it's a jumping up and down game. Jenn feels so much better in general, but if its physical, it lowers the chances of her winning but she'd give it her best. Boogie says they'll talk more after the veto. He says they fired too early [i agree - BBLuver]. Now Boogie knows exactly where they stand. Boogie says Shane is being run by Britney and Dan. Boogie and Frank will always be the bigger targets. Dan is a snake, Boogie says. Jenn said she's been saying all along how dangerous he is. Boogie says you always know where he's at with his emotions, where Dan is not. Jenn agrees.

9:36AM BBT - Frank joined the arcade room. More Dan bashing going on. Boogie says they will lead this charge. There are too many bodies left, re-iterates that they did their shot too early. They (Quack Pack) should have waited until there was only 7 or 8 before making their move. Frank tells Boogie and Jenn about his earlier conversation with Joe. Frank says he and Boogie were the ones who convinced Dani to BD Janelle two weeks ago, he believes they can talk Shane into putting Dan up.

9:41AM BBT - Joe and Brit in the SR room. Joe re-counting the convo with Frank from earlier. They head to the LR, where Dan is still on the couch. Brit and Dan comment on how cold it is in the house. Dan is feeling stuffed up (a cold coming on). Brit asks if Jenn is in with Frank and Boogie. Joe says he needs to tell her about that to, and begins whispering to Brit. Too quietly to hear.

Jenn was scared to death that Boogie was going to call a house meeting and she was going to get caught (?). Maybe playing both sides of the house?

Back in the arcade room, Froogie are discussing the remaining members they can get on their side and their strengths and weaknesses. They are going to give Shane an ultimatum, if he puts up the floaters, he'll be picking his side and will become the target after Dan. Boogie says they need to remind Shane he can't play for HOH next week and use that on their side.

9:49AM BBT - Shane has joined the LR. Joe tells him that Froogie wants Dan out. Shane says that is not going to happen, he'll do everything in his power to prevent that.

Shane called to the DR.

Dan tells Joe he is sitting with public enemy #1. Joe says it all changes in a heartbeat, he's learning. Part of it for Dan is just humour. Joe says the way they got to their conclusion is derived. Frank is better than Boogie in the house. Less emotional. Joe tells Dan they think if they win veto, Shane will put Dan up.

9:54AM BBT - In the arcade room, Frank doesn't want either of them to go, but if one does, the other one can stay around for a few weeks to get rid of everyone else. Boogie says if Ian wins, get him to use the veto on Frank and leave Boogie on the block. Boogie was right about Brit but Frank was REALLY right about Dan. "Apprec", Frank says.

9:55AM BBT - Trivia. Must be time to pick players for the veto competition.

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10:15AM BBT - Feeds are back. Shane, Boogie and Frank in HOH room. Boogie says "Bad draw". Boogie wants to talk to Shane. Boogie wants to clarify where they are at. There was 8 gazillion conversations. Shane says he was a spectator for most of them. Boogie holds out hope that Froogie and Shane can be a threesome. The rest of house is saying "It's not my HOH, I didn't leave the keys out of the box". They know who is responsible, and they will go to the ends of the earth to hold Dan responsible.

Dan and Britney were in the same room with Frank but they deflected. Dan chose his words carefully to ensure that he wasn't really lying. Boogie says he is doing the Catholic school boy routine. Boogie says Dan isn't dealing with people from season 10, he is dealing with people who have seen him play before.

10:19AM BBT - Joe, Dan and Ian are in the sneaker room. Both nominees got Houseguest's Choice. Joe tells Dan about Frank's conversation early this morning, and how they think they can talk Shane into BD Dan.

Up in HOH, Boogie is telling Shane that Dan tried talking to him but he wasn't talking. Dan tried to put it on Brit and Shane. Boogie told him they will all be in the same room to discuss this, so they could either go into HOH or he could do it in front of everyone. Without Froogie there, Shane goes on top as a target. Ashley, Shane, Frank, Boogie, Jenn and Ian are playing in the POV it sounds like. Will confirm as I hear more.

Frank sympathizes about the fact that Shane listens to Dan because he has never seen the game before. Frank was in the same situation last week with Boogie. Frank reminds Shane he can't play in HOH next week. They plant the idea with Shane that Dan might even put Shane up. Boogie says he is not coming after Shane. Even if he wins the veto, he will say the same thing.

They begin to apply the pressure to put Dan up if one of them comes down. He's a danger to Dani too, Boogie tells Shane. Dan only wants to keep Dani around because she's easy to beat in the end. Shane says his eyes are opened to Dan's ways now. He was only a spectator last night. Boogie wants Shane to have the most information at his disposal when making decisions. Frank says they tried to bring it up with Dan in the room, but Dan had very little to say. Shane says that was apparent.

10:29AM BBT - Joe and Ash in the LR. Joe smirking, saying "We're exactly where we want to be."

Dani and Dan in sneaker room. Danielle is upset that she and Dan don't get to play in the veto. Their hopes rest on Shane or Ian to win the POV. Ian really thinks it's a counting game. Dani is hosting. Dani says "This sucks". Dan says they have to trust who they trust and hope for the best. Dani says it just means she has to win HOH that much more. Dan asks what percentage Dani trusts Ian. Dani says 97%.

10:34AM BBT - Froogie in the arcade room. They want to pull Brit aside before the veto to gain her trust so she can support Shane into BD Dan. Boogie goes to get Brit, who brings her breakfast in with her. Boogie tells her they just talked to Shane, and they realize the conversation was uncomfortable last night but they want her to know they want to take Dan out. Boogie will not lie or hide the fact that he mentioned her name as a target, while everyone else was mentioning Shane. However, now that Dan has made them look like suckers, Froogie will be going after him. Boogie wants to clear the air that just because he mentioned her name before, doesn't mean that is where his head is at now. Bottom line, Boogie says, your name is not in my vocabulary anymore. Dan is.

10:38AM BBT - Shane comes into the sneaker bedroom to tell Dani that Froogie is making the rounds trying to gain votes. He tells them they have Brit right now in the arcade room.

Feeds switch to Brit telling Froogie that she's pissed off at Shane right now because she had his back to the end. Boogie says they don't have a problem with Shane, their issue is with Dan and that it initiated with Dan. Boogie says he doesn't understand people who swear on people's lives. If someone lies, does that mean you kill his wife? They also tell Brit that Dan chooses his words very carefully as well. Sixteen hours ago, they felt it was Shane that put them up and Brit told him to do it but they're not there anymore. Froogie wants to go back to the original plan with Brit and Shane. They can evict Dan, Joe, Danielle.

Dan comes off like such a nice guy, and those are the most dangerous people, Boogie says, but you know the difference, Brit. Frank says it will be a different conversation with everyone if one of them wins the veto. Brit says that's a high chance. Brit says this is one of those times where people would have said it was rigged, but they dumped the bag out after the ceremony today and all the chips were in there. Boogie really likes Danielle, and if he thought she could support it in any way shape or form, he'd have the conversation with her. But he understands she's a big supporter. They talked to her last night, and Danielle didn't realize half of what Dan was doing. Dan must not have wanted Danielle to realize just how cunning he is.

Boogie doesn't tell people what they want to hear, he tells people what he wants to say. It's refreshing and scary, but it's honest. Frank says Brit doesn't give herself enough credit. She may not be a good liar, like she says, but she can probably manipulate people. Froogie is not holding Brit or Shane responsible. Dan started it, fired his shot too early. Frank says Dan should have realized they'd figure it out and come after him. Shane had a double shield, because he's HOH and everyone blames HOH but Dan also tried to pin the blame on Brit/Shane too.

Brit leaves the arcade room saying "It's looking good".

Joe called to the DR.

10:49AM BBT - Frank says they need to tread softly going forward because if Shane doesn't put up Dan, they don't want their names associated to whomever Shane does put up. Especially because their plan is to get rid of Dan and then the floaters. Frank believes Brit and Shane trust what Frank is saying. Boogie says "We can do this, dude. We just gotta believe."

Frank asks if he should dump POV to Jenn, Ian or Ashley if it comes down to Frank vs one of them. Boogie says no. They need the for sure thing of one of them winning. Frank decides to go get breakfast; he's starving.

10:54AM BBT - Boogie is more sore today than yesterday from Thursday's HOH. Boogie and Ian in the LR in nom chairs, gen chit chat over possible competitions.

10:58AM BBT - Dan asks Dani if she thinks Ashley knows why Frank picked her for the POV today. Dani says yeah, because she's not a real threat. She's smart, she only plays ditzy and happy all the time but she actually sees things.

11:00 AM BBT - Ian and Boogie go into HN room. Boogie telling Ian about his conversations with Brit and Shane from earlier this morning.

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11:12 AM BBT Brit and Ash in the KT make the decision that they will be lying down for a nap soon.

Brit and Ash talking about how crazy birth control can make you. She used to turn off the Newlyweds because she didn't want her boyfriend to lust after Jessica Simpson.

11:27 AM BBT Brit and Shane in HOH. Brit upset that Dan is taking the heat for Ian. Ian is going to throw the veto as well. In the SBR Dan talking to Dani - they are talking about how they trust each other.

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11:32 AM BBT Shane feels he needs to win POV. He doesn't know if Ian is going to throw it. Both Shane and Brit trust Ian. Dani joins the HOH room. In the side room Frank and Ash talking. Frank tells her that although Dan seems nice he has been lying to everyone.

Frank tells her who the Silent 6 are. Frank says that when Jani was put up he volunteered to stay up as a pawn.

11:38 AM BBT Brit says that they need to tell Ian that of he doesn't win Veto today then he is going on the block...then she says even if it's not true. She says if he doesn't go out and bleed - she is sick of it.

Frank says Dan made a mistake this week - he and Boogie are not the type of people to walk around and back stab people. Some more Dan bashing ensues.

11:44 AM BBT Frank asks Ash if she will use the POV if she won it. Ash says she would want to talk to him more about it if she does. But she does trust him.

11:49 AM BBT Dan tells Britt and Shane not to feel bad they are smearing him. He says he knows one of them is staying and that he stands to go up.

11:53 AM BBT Ian comes into HOH - Brit says rumor has it that he is going to throw the veto. Ian says not going to happen - he is playing today. Ian says is he wins he is going to say he likes them both and can't pick between the two of them

11:56 AM BBT Jenn and Ash whispering in the BR. Frank joins them and says if one of them wins - he would like them to use it on him. He says he isn't going to ask them what they are going to do right now.

11:59 AM BBT Frank reports to Boogie about his convo with Ash. He says she is smarter then they realize.

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2:28p BBT 2 hrs of trivia now

Just a note:--Just before the POV, Froogie were talking. Frank to Boogie: "Ian's upstairs. Surely he's not the MF who ratted us out?" Boogie: "No!" Frank: "What if he was? "Boogie: "That would be amazing" (both laughing) "Let's pack it in now"

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7:27 PM BBT

Feeds back.

Boogie and Frank playing pool. "It's always so funny when we come out here after contests, how different it feels."

"I always told myself I'd get good at pool while I'm i here, I haven't done that." says Frank. He blames it on the janky table.

"Now that we have it ntil Wednesday, we should get it exactly, or as close as possible." says Mike

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