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  1. 1:35AM BBT Back in the Boat lounge, Tommy has joined them and they are complaining about Kemi. Bella has told Michie that on Day 2 she (Keni) was complaining about them cooking. They say that this is gonna be the most entertaining first week of BB and that this season is gonna be one of the best. Upstairs, Holly is talking to Sis in the HoH about how close Christie and Jack are. Holly says she and Christie want Kat to win to put less blood on people’s hands. Holly says Nicole wouldn’t tell her if she would use it, but she did say she told cliff she would use it on him. Sis asks if she thinks Michie, Kat, Jack, and Christie could be conspiring against them. Holly says it’s funny cause Kat just brought up alliances recently saying maybe she should talk about some. Holly says Jack is a wildcard and scares her. Sis agrees. Holly says he’s good at making people feel good and he’s beautiful. Sis says as soon as it gets down to the 8, she would want to take him out first. Sis says she’s worried about the 4. She thinks Christie would side with them over Jack. Holly says once it gets down to the 8, it’s gonna get savage. Sis agrees. 1:45AM BBT Sis says she shouldn’t even be worried about getting down to the 8 because it’s a long way from now. They say a cliff is good too. Holly says she thinks she trusts everyone in the 8, except Jack worries her. Holly says Jack is encouraging Kat and making her feel good, but he doesn’t like her. Sis is confused as to why he does this. They talk about how hot he is and why he was cast. They wish he wasn’t flirty. Holly says she thinks people don’t see him as smart as he is because he’s so charismatic. They talk about Jackson being a wild one. They keep talking in circles about Jack. How hot he is, how they wish he wasn’t here, how he’s manipulating them, how he’s distracting them. They talk about him and Jackson potentially turning on each other later. Cam switches to Christie who I think was looking for Sis in the RV Room. She meets Jack by the DT and Sis gets called to the DR. Everyone starts getting ready for bed and Christie says goodnight to everyone that passes by. She stops and talks with tommy saying she thinks she saw Bella and Nick making out. Tommy says she has to be careful being caught in the same room with a cliff and Kat. Ovi came out of the DR before Sis was called and now he’s in the Boat Lounge with kat and Michie. They’re chatting about being in the house and the veto comp. Tommy tells Christie he’s not gonna win a lot right now. He’ll win when he needs to. Ovi, Christie, and Tommy head to bed and the feeds go to fish. (I’m also going to bed now. Goodnight!)
  2. 12:42AM BBT Holly, Michie, and Kat talking in SR still. They are super worried about Jack and Christie being so close. Michie says he loves Jack, but Jack and Christie will pick each other over anyone else, but things are still too fresh. Michie says it’s a huge red flag that he told Jack something and he went straight to Christie with it. Holly says obviously anything we talk about we can’t tell him. Michie says it caught him off guard cause he wasn’t expecting that from Jack. Holly says he’s smart and really good with his words. Holly says he has Nicole and Sis in the palm of his hand. She says he’s going after those ones specifically. Michie says the vulnerable weak ones. Michie says he wants him to get focused again. He (Jack) is so smitten with Christie. He looks at her and sees the moon. Christie and Sis are on the other cams in the HoH room. Christie talks about her conversation with Cliff before the pull. Cliff said he wants Jack as houseguest choice, but doesn’t care who plays, but wants Nicole to play cause she said she would take him off. The two celebrate a little and Christie says either way, the noms are changing. She says it will be Kat vs. Kemi. Holly and Kat are alone in the SR and Holly tells her she needs to find some chill. Tommy enters the HoH looking for Kat. He wanted to apologize cause he felt he was being insensitive towards her. 12:52AM BBT Sis, Christie, and Tommy are freaking out in the HoH room about just the experience. They’re so excited for the comp and even pulling the chips was exciting. The cam switches to Jack and Kat talking at the bar about veto. The other cam is on the Small Bedroom where Kemi, Bella, and Ovi are talking general chit chat. It switches then to the WA where Tommy does apologize to Kat and she says it was nothing to worry about. Tommy tells Nick he’s going to bed. Jess says she’s going to bed as well. Other cam is on the HoH still where Jack is with Christie and Sis and they discuss how everything is going according to plan. Jack said he’s glad he was picked. Christie said she knew if anyone picked houseguest choice, he would be picked. She says Sam will do whatever they want. Ovi is now upstairs with them. Christie says Jack needs to go to bed early in order to play well tomorrow. 12:59AM BBT The other cams are on Jess and Nicole talking about lotion in the RV room and the cam switches to Kat and Tommy entering the Boat Lounge. Tommy is comforting her and she is crying. She said she feels awkward and Nick enters. She says she feels uncomfortable. She doesn’t want to leave, she’s having so much fun. Nick assures her that if anyone wins veto, someone is coming down. Even if Kat stays on the block, she’s not going home. She asks are you sure? Tommy and Nick are reassuring her. Kat wishes they could get it over with. Michie enters now. Cam switches to Nicole and Jess in the RV Room. Jess says she thinks you have the power. (I don’t know who “she” is, but I’m guessing they know about another power?) They’re discussing who will use the veto and who could go up if it’s used. Jess says she’s doesn’t see Christie wanting to put someone else up cause it would be getting more blood on her hands. Jess says she’s getting a good rod on cliff, but he’s no punk. He’s smart and a good competitor. He could easily have the power. Nicole says she doesn’t have it and she thinks one of four have it. Jess says it would be good if it he had it cause she would be comfortable with him having it. They joke and Jess says “Dammit! Everyone is too nice! Get some assholes in here!” They laugh. Nicole goes to the WA. She meets Holly outside the RV Room and they talk about veto. Holly says she’s headed to bed. Holly says she didn’t want to play in veto, but after people started getting picked she wanted to. She asks what Nicole would do. Tommy gets called to the DR and everyone is thinking they’re about to play veto. 1:12AM BBT Kat and Michie are in the Boat Lounge talking about Bella. Kat keeps thinking’s that Bella is gonna get jealous of them being together. Michie keeps assuring her they’re just friends. (To me, it seems like Kat is the insecure one.) Kat says she knows girls and they can get jealous. “Why would she walk in her to just talk about peanut butter?” She says please keep me safe from Bella. And don’t turn on me. He says he’s just worried about Jack, but doesn’t want to talk about it right now. Kat starts talking about a DR and how she talked about something but didn’t want to seem like a bitch. Cam cuts to the LR where Nick, Jack, and someone else are getting ready for veto. Jack says he heard Tommy screaming in the DR and says game on. The female I missed says don’t wake up Cliff yet and as soon as she says this we hear Jack open a door and say game on (assuming to Cliff). Cam cuts back to Michie and Kat and she says I’m just worried about Bella. And Michie says yeah. Christie enters and comes to reassure Kat that the noms will be changing. Tommy comes out of the DR and there are mixed emotions of good and sad. Sam enters to let them know there is no veto. He stays and they start talking about votes Kat would have against Kemi. Christie says she has Michie, Sam, Sis, etc. When she says Bella, Kat disagrees. They start talking about Ovi and Christie says he thinks he’s part of the alliance. She says he thinks they have an unnamed alliance. On the other cams, Kemi, Jess, Bella, and Nicole are getting ready for bed in the RV Room. Christie leaves the Boat Lounge and Kat and Michie go back to whispering again. Michie says he doesn’t trust anyone. Kat says “yeah don’t trust anyone. Wait. You can trust me.” Michie starts saying that Kemi, Nicole, and maybe Jess would want to take a shot at him. Kat assures him that someone (a female) is not coming after him. Christie enters and tells Kat that if it’s a close comp, she’ll let Kat win. Outside the WA, Jack and Holly also discuss the veto comp and the two enter the Boat lounge. The cam switches to the living room where Nick and Tommy are talking. 1:28AM BBT Nick says the only guy he thinks he would go home against would be him(Tommy). Sam joins them. They talk about Michie farting so much from eating so much. Christie is talking about the Whacktivity challenge. So they must know about the twist. They’re talking about someone barking orders. And the same person (a girl; not Jess; maybe Nicole?) going up to people and saying “im sorry, but if you’re on the block, I’ve got to vote with the house”. They say if they get rid of this person that Jess will think she would be next. Sam and Nick are in the LR talking about penny slots.
  3. 12:37AM BBT Feeds come back. They picked players for POV. Michie and Holly are in the SR. Tommy is the host. Michie and Holly are NOT playing. Holly reassures Kat that she’s not getting backdoored or played, but she is being paranoid. Jack, Sam, and Nick are in the Boat Lounge. Nicole is playing in the POV. If Nicole doesn’t use the veto, they’ll vote out Kat, but they don’t want to. They want to backdoor Kemi. Nick wanted to host the comp. it sounds like Cliff got house guest choice and picked Jack. Christie picked Sam. Kat, Cliff, Christie, Sam, Nicole, and Jack are playing in the veto!
  4. 11:56 BBT Cams are still on the Boat Room and the KT now where we hear Michie and Jess talking about soda. Kat enters the Boat Lounge and asks again “are you guys conspiring about me?” (I guess this is a joke now). Michie starts singing so feeds cut to fish. Kemi walks through the KT and says she’s going to bed. Cam switches to Bella alone, filing her nails in the RV room and she says “hello” to the camera when she notices it moving to her. Cam switches to KT again where Nicole, Ovi and Jess are. Ovi goes upstairs to “take care of business”. Nicole is collecting the box tops off of the cereal boxes. In the Boat lounge, Michie joins the crew and they talk about how Ovi touches people so much. Nick gets up to go get some medicine for his head after he hit it. It ends up with him getting 4 Benadryl, 5 tums, and 6 Advil’s for the room. Feeds cut to fish. ((I posted this in the other topic, but moved it here after the latest post about the new day.)) 12:07 BBT Nick and Nicole get medicine out of the storage room and Jess cleans the glass in the kitchen. All cams are now on Bella and Kemi in the RV Room. Kemi says anytime she tries to talk to people Nicole or Jess will walk in and just talk about whatever. Kemi says Jess would put two guys up if she wins. They talk about Christie, Jack, Michie, Holly, and Sis being an alliance and Jess wanting to be a part of that. Kemi mentions that Bella told her about a group of 8 from earlier in the week. (My internet froze up, when it comes back:) Kemi is talking about a conversation she had with Jack about him moving to L.A. Nick comes in and the feeds go to fish. 12:36AM BBT Still on fish. Around 10 minutes now.
  5. 11:56 BBT Cams are still on the Boat Room and the KT now where we hear Michie and Jess talking about soda. Kat enters the Boat Lounge and asks again “are you guys conspiring about me?” (I guess this is a joke now). Michie starts singing so feeds cut to fish. Kemi walks through the KT and says she’s going to bed. Cam switches to Bella alone, filing her nails in the RV room and she says “hello” to the camera when she notices it moving to her. Cam switches to KT again where Nicole, Ovi and Jess are. Ovi goes upstairs to “take care of business”. Nicole is collecting the box tops off of the cereal boxes. In the Boat lounge, Michie joins the crew and they talk about how Ovi touches people so much. Nick gets up to go get some medicine for his head after he hit it. It ends up with him getting 4 Benadryl, 5 tums, and 6 Advil’s for the room. Feeds cut to fish.
  6. 11:07 BBT Camera switches to Bella and Tommy in the showers. They talk more about Chinese and now they’re talking about a “Robbie” (a member of production?) Tommy leaves and Bella puts on lotion. Cam switches back to Jessica, Michie, Holly, and Ovi in the KT talking about working out. Feeds cut to Fish. 11:12 BBT Feeds come back quickly. Jessica says she would love to play veto if she wasn’t fighting for her life. Kat is out of the DR. Nick gets called to the DDR (Downstairs Diary Room). Ovi is making the cookies and everyone eats some of the dough. Analyse must have been showering upstairs cause she comes down in different clothes with a towel. Tommy is in the KT too now and they’re talking about how they love each other. Jessica says so we agree on the 15 person alliance. Holly and Michie agree and say RIP David. Sis has joined them and is eating cookie dough. 11:19 BBT Same crew, minus Nick in the DR, is in the Boat lounge just general chit chat. Bella joins them. They discuss the relief they have of going to the bathroom in the morning and not immediately check Instagram. Christie jokes and says Facebook for you (to Sam). Kat walks in and asks “are you botched conspiring against me?” They all joke saying yeah. They talk about Sam’s age and how he’s a little older but seems younger. Nick is back and Holly is called to the DDR. 11:28 BBT In the Boat Lounge, they talk about when they are called to the DR. In the KT, everyone is talking general chit chat. Kat leaves the Boat Lounge and say “you guys can start talking about me again.” Kat comes back with a band aid. Nick is being “flirty” with Jack. Christie goes to check if the cookies are ready and they are so Kat, Cliff, and Nicole go to the KT. Sam, Jack, and Nick want to backdoor someone this week. They talk about who could win veto and use it and who would go up. They mention Jessica using it on Kat and Kemi going up. Jack says they talk as a group but it’s too early to use the “A-bomb” (alliance). They say they’d rather Jess get out cause they don’t think Kat will win anything. Jack says he has someone eating out of the palm of his hand and can do whatever he wants. Sam says Kemi was talking about how Ovi was walking around touching people (specifically Sis). Jack says Nicole or Jess won’t be picked for Veto. They worry about Kemi winning veto. If Kemi wins, they think they can get Bella to convince Kemi to take down Cliff and Ovi would get put up. Nick says he likes Kemi but she schemed too much and she’s not right for his game. They say she doesn’t clean much. The other cams are on Bella and Kemi in the RV bedroom chit chatting. Jack, Nick, and Sam talk about the HoH comp. Jack says he honestly fell, but Kat threw it cause she told him she would fall when he does cause she didn’t want to win. Nick hits his head on the fire hydrant in the room and falls to the floor. Christie comes back in and they continue to talk about the HoH. All cams are on them now. Jack says “Can we talk about this?” and BB calls Christie to the DDR. Sis and Holly come in and Nick scares Sis. Other cams are on Kemi alone in the WA washing her face.
  7. 10:30 BBT Kat and Holly still whispering, but the shower is off. I can’t tell what Holly is saying so much because she doesn’t have a mic on. They talk about Ovi trying to talk to Holly while she’s showering and Kat says he came up to her and said we don’t ever talk and she says it’s cause we don’t. Kat says the longer she stays up the more paranoid she’ll get so she hopes to go to bed early tonight. 10:34 BBT Sis, Michie, and Christie join the same crew in the Boat Lounge. They’re talking about something “Interstellar”. Kat finally is called to the DR downstairs. They’re talking about them being a security for dating Sis. Doing background checks on guys trying to date Sis. Bella, Christie, and Jack leave and Cliff joins them. Camera switches to Bella and Holly in smallest bedroom with chairs. Bella puts on a hat that belongs to Sis and says she looks so cute. She goes to show it off to everyone. Back in the Bot Lounge, Cliff, Nicole, Sam, and Nick wonder if David is watching. They say they miss him and Sam asks, “Who’s a David?” They start discussing picking players for veto tomorrow. Jack joins them with blankets from their bedroom. Cliff says hello to Nicole’s family. They say they’re grateful to be there and Sam says he’ll have to adjust his native language (cussing?). They talk about washing clothes and wearing them to the DR for consistency sake. They change the subject quickly to “if you had to eat an insect...” Which one to eat and how to do it. Holly, Christie, Sis, Tommy, Ovi, Jessica, Michie, and Kemi are in the KT; just general chit chat. 10:47 BBT Michie stopped Ovi from microwaving metal in the microwave. Michie and Holly whispering about someone not washing their hands. They’re talking about them living together with Bella and Sis after the show. Holly says she has a theater and a rock climbing wall where she lives now. Jack comes by and they talk about colognes and Scentbird. Holly says she didn’t bring her nice perfume because no offense but it’s just y’all. Christie walks by saying they have blankets again. 10:55 BBT Cliff, Nick, Sam, Nicole, Kemi, and Christie are in the boat Lounge. They start to talk about religion and quickly change subjects to the HoH challenge. Back in the KT, Michie says he’s glad Holly told him something (I missed what specifically). Jack brought Nick some ice cream in the Boat Lounge. Holly and Michie talking about Christie and Jack being so close and how they seem to be running the house. Michie said Jack is the one person he 100% trusts but what he tells Jack he runs and tells Christie. Holly says she hopes Jack isn’t the only person he trusts. He says he trusts her too. She says he better not lie to her again. He says he had to (I don’t know what they’re talking about). Holly says she had to hear something from Christie and Kat before Michie. Holly says someone makes her really nervous (Jack?). Jessica comes in wondering when the cookies will be made.
  8. 9:49 BBT Some people say they can’t do it, some don’t wanna give up. Kat is up the ladder looking over the group trying to help. Most of the problems revolve around Sis (Analyse for those who don’t know), Nick, and Sam. Nick has been leading. 9:57 BBT They seem close, but still working on it. Bella pauses the game so she can pick up her mic pac. Kat says you guys are exhausting me. Bella is leading now. Kat goes to the storage room and gets chocolate. Now the problems circle around Cliff, Nicole, and Jack. The camera zooms in on Nick and Sis holding hands. Kat is now in the WA doing makeup again. Christie is still in the Diary room (I forgot). 10:10 BBT They’re very close now. Michie, Tommy, and Sis are the only ones left in a knot. Kat thought she broke the HoH door. Nicole mentions she already broke the sink so. Christie comes out of the DR and everyone breaks and pretends they solved it. Everyone was chanting. Christie says she wanted to play. Everyone jokes about washing their hands and playing again. Jackson and Kat walk in the Target room and the first thing Kat asks are “are you conspiring against me?” He says no and asks why. She says Jessica says she walked in on Bella and him in the storage room. He says they were talking about living together outside the house with Sis. Cliff is called to the downstairs DR. 10:16 BBT Jackson and Kat are still talking in the Target room while Cliff is in there with them. It seems the plan may be to backdoor Kemi. Jackson says you don’t have to trust Bella, but he does. Jackson said they can’t let Nicole, Kemi, or Jessica win veto cause he doesn’t know what they would do. Kat says Jessica FOR SURE will take her off. Jackson assures her that Bella hasn’t mentioned her. Kat says she thinks she’s just paranoid. She said Jessica came to her and then Holly came to her and she wanted to know what she’s missing. Jackson says they need to leave and stay with everyone. Kat whispers she’s worried he will pick Bella over her. He says are you kidding? They both leave the room a little after each other. 10:22 BBT Nick, Bella, and Sam are cuddling in the Boat Lounge. They’re cold trying to share blanket, but all the good blankets are locked up in the HoH room. Bella starts whispering about either Kemi or Kat (pretty sure Kemi but I’m not sure) walking up to her during dinner and talking about someone winning HoH next week. Nick says it won’t matter who wins cause “you won’t be here next week.” in reference to Kat/Kemi. Nicole comes in followed by Jack and Kemi. Talking about playing games and Jack looking like Khal Drogo from GoT. On the other cams, Kat is talking to Holly in the shower. In the Boat room they’re talking about food and how Ovi used the last eggs to make cookies. Now talking about how they couldn’t solve the knot.
  9. 9:17 BBT Kat says happy one week anniversary on our friendship to Jessica. Jackson is out of the shower and is shaving in the mirror. Everyone else is at the DT and Cliff has on sunglasses. They all drum on the table and Kat runs in to see what she missed leaving Jessica and Jackson in the WA. BB tells Christie to go to the Diary room downstairs. (Are there two Diary rooms this season?) Everyone else is getting ready to play a game. Jessica is in the KT now with everyone and Kat is back in the WA debating on missing out to put makeup on for her future DR. Holly is in the WA now and her and Kat are whispering. Holly asks her if Jackson trusts her and Kat reassures her, but Holly says he’s being weird. 9:24 BBT Holly and Kat discuss makeup. Jackson leaves the WA and Kat asks how he’s being weird. Kat says he’s paranoid because he thinks people are trying to put the target on both of them so he wants to distance himself. Kat is alone in the WA now. Back in the KT, Tommy, Ovi, Jessica, Nicole, and Cliff are at the bar discussing sleeping and living with the house. Everyone else is at the DT. Jessica says she hasn’t had alcohol in a long time. She doesn’t want to sound like an alcoholic, but she could go for a cocktail. She says she’s gonna lose weight if they don’t get alcohol this often! They talk about making cookies and Kat yells from the WA “Did someone say cookies?!” Everyone else again is at the table and they’re getting ready to play something. Bella is teaching them Chinese. How to say “You’re perfect.” All cams now on Kat in the WA doing makeup alone. 9:34 BBT Jessica comes back to the WA and talks to Kat about how she feels like she’s absorbing someone’s bad energy. Kat asks who and Jessica says she doesn’t know, but she feels like there are alliances already forming. Kat says who and Jessica says she doesn’t know. She says she thinks Jackson has something with someone. (Totally missed the names unfortunately). Jessica says she opened the door and they were startled when she came in. Jessica says she doesn’t trust Jackson 100%. Kat asks why. Jessica says when they were electing the camp director, Jackson seemed like he didn’t want it, but after people came to her saying Jackson was campaigning she didn’t know why. She also says that Jackson promised her she would be safe if he had to do anything but then picked her to be banished. Jessica says she doesn’t think Kat is the main target. Kemi, Cliff, and Tommy enter the WA now. 9:38 BBT The ones that entered the WA leave and Jessica and Kat start talking again. Jessica says she wants to trust Holly. Everyone calls for them to start the game. Everyone else is standing in a circle in front of the front door. They’re yelling for Kat who is almost done with her makeup. They’re doing the pretzel game where you reach in and grab someone’s hands and you have to untangle yourselves. Kat joins too late and watches. Just talking about who to untangle themselves. 9:48 BBT Literally still just trying to get the knot untied.
  10. 8:55 BBT We finally have fish! 9:00 BBT Analyse and Holly are getting ready for the live feeds, but we get access 30 secs early. Everyone is running around getting ready for the feeds and screaming “One minute!” as we already see them and they don’t know. Holly says it’s crazy people are just waiting to watch. Nearly everyone else, if not everyone else is in the KT talking while Jack and Tommy cook something. Isabella and Holly whispering now in WA, but Bella is brushing her teeth while talking. I believe they’re talking about Kat being paranoid? Something about if she doesn’t calm down she’s definitely going home this week. 9:05 BBT Davids picture is grayed out on the memory wall. All the girls sans Nicole and Christie are in the WA getting ready for the feeds. Everyone else is in the KT. Tommy and Jackson grab plates of food and sit down at the dining table. Kat and Jessica are putting makeup on in the WA and are talking about diary sessions. Jessica says she feels everyone’s already starting to whisper. Kat says she’s feeling good. But she herself has to win the veto. She said she is going to pick Jackson (I assume if she gets house guest choice). Jackson comes in to get in the shower. Jackson takes his shorts off and throws them at Kat. Kat says Jackson will use the veto on her. She walks over to him and she asks him if he’s gonna use the veto on her. You can’t hear over the running water, but she alludes to him saying that he will. 9:13 BBT Analyse has Bella on her back and BB says please be careful. Camera switches to the Loft and Holly, Analyse, and Christie are whispering. Back in the WA Jackson, still in the shower is talking to Kat. Kat says she “confided” in Christie earlier. KT says to Jessica the only people she would trust taking her off would be herself, Jackson, Jessica, and Holly. Kat says the plan is to take her off and leave Cliff on the block. Cliff and Kat are on the block!
  11. 9:41PM - BBT: Elena and Kevin join the hot tub and they're now talking about butt hair. Jason says he goes commando in the real world. Mark joins the group. Raven, Matt, and Josh are talking while Alex and Elena are talking and it's hard to hear both conversations. Alex and Elena are talking about Jess and Elena's makeup. Paul and Xmas are talking about Paul's workout tonight. Raven is begging for them to turn on the jets in the hot tub. She's trying to use her boobs to the camera. While Paul is working out, Xmas talks to him about Jess making her rounds. She tells him about her convo with Jess. Paul says he needs to win to guarantee his safety, but he's curious as to what everyone else would do. They talk a little, again, about how Dom called him out without having any evidence. Paul says she got caught and tried to turn it on him cause he's the easiest person to target for him being the vet. They stop talking Game and he keeps working out and they talk about regimens and eating. Josh, Alex, Kevin, and Raven sit around the hot tub while Jason and Matt are in it. They're still begging for the jets to be turned on. Mark and Elena come outside. Elena is eating Ramses' "fried pickles" which she says is just slop, no pickles. Paul no Xmas talking about music. Elena brings Jason some "pickles". Elena and Mark are laying in he hammock.
  12. 9:08PM - BBT: Elena, Matt, and Raven are whispering in the bathroom on the lounge. Talking about Jess. They start talking snack about Raven (jokingly, and Raven is talking bad about herself too). Elena says she can't make that move. Not putting Jess on the block or backdooring her, but she'll vote for her if the team does. Elena says Paul or Jason needs to pull the trigger. Elena says she will do it if she absolutely has to. She says that's why she stayed on the wall so long cause she thought that was the plan this week. Raven brings up the cat ears again. Matt says he does not want Josh or Ramses to win HoH. Raven says they're wild cards and they don't know who they will put up. Matt says not true. Josh will put up Jess and Mark, no doubt. Elena says if Josh wins HoH she'll use her boobs on him. People are still coughing from the smell of the oil. Paul joins them and talk about Elena getting a tattoo right in her clevage. Elena also talks about her go to drunk insult is telling guys they have small dicks. Paul starts talking about Dom. Elena And paul leave and Raven tells Matt what did I at? (In reference to Elena not wanting to put up Jess) She says she has no problem pulling that trigger. Raven says she could backdoor her and Matt asks if she's serious. The cam switches to Elena and Paul in the SR. Elena says if she's being selfish, she wants Josh to go home because she doesn't want to spend the rest of the summer with him or be in jury with him. Paul says so long as no one involves him in drama again, he's good. Elena says same. They also say they would put up Jess. They leave the SR and the cam goes back to Matt and Raven. They go to the kitchen after some flirting. Ramses is still trying to fry his pickles. Xmas is giving out rules to Paul and Elena about how much they have to do in order to eat ice cream. Xmas asks Jess what kind of conversations we're going on while she was in the hospital. Jess asks what kind of conversations. Xmas asks if they know who else voted for Ramses. Jess explains how she told Ramses about how she was gonna vote for him before the eviction. Jess says she thought Ramses would understand better as to why she didn't want to vote for Cody. Xmas asks if Jess thinks Dom was one of the Ramses votes. Jess says no one was talking to her all week so she has no idea honestly. Jess says Cody was really mad at Dom before he left. Xmas says she doesn't see Dom campaigning anytime soon. Jess says she doesn't think she wants to stay anymore. Xmas says she feels bad for her. If it was her, and people didn't believe her, and she was innocent, she wouldn't just accept that. Jess says she talked to Dom yesterday and she says she's not isolating herself, but at this point she doesn't care to talk to everyone. She says she said that when she doesn't have anything to do at home, she would sit in her bed and read the Bible. Xmas goes inside and Jess goes to the hot tub. They want BB to turn on the jets. Jason starts talking about vaginas and Jess says she's gonna go take a shower. Raven starts talking about Dom and asks how long has she been in there. Should they call in the psych?
  13. 8:54PM - BBT: Ramses left the SR, but came back for paper towels and continues talking to us. He says he feels good about how he is perceived in the house as a young, naive kid. He's glad he thinks people are underestimating him. He says he's glad his target is leaving. He doesn't claim that he has a big part in her leaving. But he's gonna keep acting super young. Ramses takes the lid off his oil and a lot of smoke comes out. He's burnt the oil. He runs and opens the door and Jason comes in and takes the pot off the heat. He puts the lid back on to keep the smoke in and there's a pop and a flame that comes from the pot. They take the lid back off. There's a lot of smoke and Ramses apologizes to BB and starts waving a towel. Cam is now on Dom in the apple room talking to us about the Bible. In the backyard, they were talking about how the layout in he house looks different than it did on tv. They then start talking about a fireworks show and Jess is now talking about something happening in an airport. The cameraman in the Apple room is bored. After Dom starts talking about bible scriptures, the camera pans away from her just around the room. The cam switches angles on her a lot. In the BY, they're talking about a musical festival. They're talking about Burning Man and Kevin asks what it is. Now they're just talking about the festival in general. Jason goes inside and checks the stove. Ramses pours some more oil in another pan to fry the pickles. Kevin walksnin and asks what's burning. Everyone that comes in is coughing from the burnt oil smell. Paul shows Jason in the backyard how to put someone in a headlock and he turns purple and coughs.
  14. 8:34PM - BBT: Raven asks if he told Paul he talked to Mark. He says no. Raven says they know who Josh would put up. Matt says he thinks next week will be the same as this week in the sense that as long as Jess and Ramses doesn't win HoH. Raven says Paul's doing a good job talking to everybody and knowing where they are (gamewise). Matt tells Raven that Kevin said they need to get Ramses, Josh, Jess, and Xmas out and they'll be good. Raven says Alex definitely wants Jess out and Paul does too. They don't know about Jason. Dom and Ramses are in the kitchen. Xmas, Jess, and Elena go outside. Dom checks the temp outside. Dom takes her lasagna back to the Apple room. Jason and Josh are in the HoH. Josh says he's going home next week if he doesn't win HoH. Josh says he knows he messed up when he blew up in front of the whole house. Josh says they need to get HoH and work strategically, not personal. Jason doesn't deny it, but tells him to just lay low and hangout outside and stuff. Eventually they (Mark and Josh) will start talking and stuff again. Jason tells Josh to quit talking to Dom. Josh says he just told Dom that he likes her, but people will assume they are strategizing if they talk. They leave to check the hot tub. Jason just flashed his butt. Elena, Jess, Jason, Paul, Josh, Alex, Mark,Kevin, and Xmas are lounging together in the BY. Matt and raven still in the Hammock. Ramses is alone in the storage room asking to us! He says his problem was he came in to the house wanting to have one person he could 100% trust the whole season, but that person went home Week one. He says everyone says they're playing alone, but he is the one person in the house truly playing alone. He says he can kinda trust Alex and Jason, but he knows that he is a target for the other side and that they are keeping their distance because of that. He says he'll have to pull a Gary from BB Canada and a Janelle from BB US. He says he can do this. He believes he can do this.
  15. 7:58PM - BBT: Apparently Josh was in the shower this whole time. Matt says he can see a difference in Elena's make up. Alex found dish soap! Jess says it's the little things. Xmas fell in the kitchen. She slipped on the grease from the fries/burgers. Ramses says her falling will be the final clip before the episode starts. 8:01PM - BBT: Raven is swiffering the floor where Xmas fell. They put a bag of frozen something on Xmas' foot (It's in a cast... I don't think they ice is gonna reach her foot...) They called someone to the DR. Jess is done putting Elena's make up on. Kevin walks in and says she looks good. And then asks why doesn't Jess? They laugh. Two cams finally move to outside where Mark and Paul are playing pool and Josh is watching. Xmas says by the end of the season, she's gonna die. Jess says they should ask for a mat for in front of the stove. Matt jokes and says, "Oh yeah. They won't give us paper towels, but they'll give us a mat." 8:11PM - BBT: Alex goes outside and her and Josh talk about how he and Mark are being more positive about their fight yesterday. Paul and Josh play pool. Matt whispers to Raven in the kitchen that Xmas is gonna kill herself. Ramses is trying to find the slop menu. Matt and Raven whispering in the kitchen again. Jason walks up to them and all three leave to the Rose bedroom. As soon as they get in there, Jason says they got busted but Ramses so they leave. 8:23PM - BBT: BB asks them to clean the mirror above the stove and the sink. Ramses yells that it would be easier if they provided them with paper towels. Raven informs Paul that the HoH is locked. Elena is eating her burger in the kitchen and Ramses is still cooking something. He can't fry the pickles. 8:28PM - BBT: Raven and Matt are laying the hammock in the BY. They are trashing Jess. They say that she is just gonna fly under everyone's radars. Raven says she didn't get to talk with Elena today because Jess has been around her all day. Raven says she wants to ask Elena who she is thinking about next week and hoping it's Josh. She says she knows she wouldn't put up Jess. Raven is talkin again about how Jess claims Raven hid Alex's ears. Raven says Xmas knows about the Car ear scandal. Matt says Xmas might not even make it to Thursday. Raven says Mark still wants Jess gone. He says Mark said he would put up Ramses and Jess. He says he wants to shake Elena sometimes and ask her why is she making the wrong game moves. Elena, Jess, Xmas in the Rose bedroom changing and talking about clothes.
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