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8/18 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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7:34 PM BBT

"Frank can you see me?" Asks Ashley

"Yes," he says. he then launches in to a discussion about mirrors and how he thought "I can see her but I can't see me, that's how this works"

Lots of talk of fancy coffees as Danielle and Ian play pool. It is very, very calm outside.

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7:42 PM BBT

"Can one of you strapping young lads come lift up this pool table for us so I can get this riser under here?" Ian asks of Frank and Boogie. Frank comes over to help. "Are you going to do that yourself?" asks Danielle "No, Ian is going to help me." says Frank

They manage to level the pool table. Sort of.

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7:30 BBT: All feeds are on backyard. Danielle and Ian are playing pool while Boogie sits on the couches. Frank joins him. Discussion of drinks. Ashley joins them. Idle chit-chat. Danielle and Ian quietly playing pool on feeds 3 and 4. Discussion is now on alcohol. Ian wins the game against Danielle. I just spotted Shane. He's laying on a chair in the backyard. Dan was in the hammock. Danielle joins him. Ian says something about "the talk" in the DR and we get FOTH immediately. Sounds like Frank won POV. Ian says Ashley will probably go up and they will send Boogie out!

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7:45 PM BBT

Danielle goes over to see Dan in the hammock. He says he's going to look sad from now till Thursday. She says she's still going to come over and check on him still because she'd want her too. Dan says she would understand and appreciate it. Danielle says that everytime she thinks of Eminem now she will think of Dan.

Dan asks if Ashely is outside. No Danielle tells him. She mentions something about Boogie and Ashely.

Dan says he got to have his conversation in the DR.

Ian comes over and they see something on him. He explains that it's Crisco from the competition. He says, "That was a pretty long lockdown that we had so I didn't really..." he says he's going to do laundry. Then he says that he thinks that it is Ashely that is going to go up and then Boogie to go home.

Dan says they shouldn't talk out here. Ian says they can't hear him and Dan says it's not a good idea to talk out here. He excuses himself to go listen to "the CD" and leaves Danielle and Ian to talk.

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7:51 BBT: Ian and Danielle in the hammock. Ian asks Danielle if she thinks Ashley is going up. Danielle says her or someone else. Ian asks, "It's not me is it?" Danielle says, "Hell no!" Discussion of Boogie going and how it benefits Ian. Ian says it would be good if Ashley goes up, because he would have a good reason to get Boogie out, (because he would be against Ashley). Danielle says she is GOING to win HoH.

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7:27pm : feeds are back up Boogie and frank on by couches talking about movies. dan and dani playing pool.

7:28pm Boogie says its funny after we come out here after a contest it feels funny.

7:29pm Boogie says now that we have it till wednesday we should get it as accurate as possable and winks at frank. frank gets up to go get a drink.

7:32pm ash comes outside and picks up a flower pot with flowers and ask where did these come from frank yells its a clue and laughs ash says i am gonna treasure them.

7:36pm frank and boogie talking nabout coffee. ash laying on by couch, ian and dani playing pool nothing is being said about anyone else or the pov comp.

7:43pm Boogie and Frank going to help Ian raise the pool table a little.

7:46pm Frank says someone is grilling out Ian says i can smell it . Ian goes in the house to get a drink . dani goes out to the hammock to talk to dan. dan said something about a move by frank.

7:49pm Ian asked dan if he got to talk in dr and we got foth ian now sitting on hammock talking to dani and dan. dani says she likes night time alot better than daytime out here i was dying today just dying dan says yeah it was hot.

7:51pm ian thinks ash will go up and boogie will leave. dan says we should talk about that here and dan gets up and goes inside for a drink.

7:52pm ian asking dani if she has heard anything she says it will be either ash or someone else . ian says it isnt me is it dani says hell no. ian says if we put ash up we can all keep her.

7:55pm Jenn and joe come out and head for the hottub. boogie is waiting to get called to the dr so he can work out.

7:57pm ian saying ash should go home after fing up today he is mad at her for it.

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Dani says she would rather Frank stayed instead of Mike. Dani and Ian talk about what next HOH will. Jen comes out to get in HT, she tries to get the hose and its not working, she thinks they got into trouble and bb rewired it.

Joe not feeling well, maybe getting the flue or his period. Ian says he will say Good Good Bye Mr. Boogie, Like father like son.

Dani goes in and we get our first shot of the inside of the house. there are metal buckets on the K counter and table. Dani asks Dan if he wants chicken and mac and cheese. She goes to WA and washes her hands (with two pumps of soap)

She asks Brit who is laying bed the same question and she says maybe later. Ash says she wants a salad but doesnt want to eat alone. Joe not cooking tonight as his belly hurts.

Ash says she napped for like 2 hours. Dani slept hard. Dani looking for ingredients while in the BY Frank and Mike work out.

Shane seems to be asleep on the BY big lounge. Dani and Ash hold arms and do spins in the K. Shane and Jenn enter the K. Dani not sure how to defrost the chicken.

we get quick FOTH and Mike and Frank are working out on the floor by the front door.

8:26BBT FOTH ....come back from FOTH and HG open the door and yell....WE GOT A GRILL, WE GOT A GRILL!!! Joe says give him the chicken right now.

Joe and Shane check out the grill as Mike and Frank go back to jogging. Joe says he wont eat but he will cook. Man vs grill baby.

Sounds like the grill was unexpected. Some asked if it was their halfway present. Dani says one day she will be able to cook a full course meal. She is ok with him cooking the meat, every time she goes to cook Joe finishes it.

Ash says that Ian asked her why she folded, how was she supposed to know that Frank was going to stay. she wanted to win POV cuz she could be one of the replacement noms.'

Ash says she could have won on the liquorish and the marshmallows. She had it worked out on her board. It sucks that ppl are making accusations. Its damned if you do or damned if you dont in here.

Shane and Brit tell her you dont know what the others are going to do. she made it farther then Ian.

Ash made it down to the F2 in the POV comp. Brit says you could hear what numbers ppl were doing but couldnt remember what they were. Joe told Ash that Frank and Mike were cheating but she didnt see it, did they see it? FOTH

Ash says it doesnt make sense, why would she do that. If she wanted Frank off that much she would have taken him off.

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8:45pm BBT there was guess the marshmallows and some other guessing stuff. Brit says she has been dreading that comp all season, she is soooo bad at that.

They talk about how many buttons and lollipops on the tree. It was hot out there, Dani whispered into her mic to get her out of the velvet dress she was about to melt down. FOTH, back and silence.

Ian comes out of DR, says he is groggy. Brit says she got a good 2 hrs in. They say its cool they got a grill. Brit says that in her season she was the host of guess the shot comp and she had to take a shot for them to get the grill. Ian says a bit of BB trivia he didnt know.

Brit thinks they will have a lux comp tomorrow. She tells about the Lux comp in her season. They got beer and wine.

9:00pmBBT Shane goes to HOH to get Dan for dinner, he leaves tells Dani he was sleeping and didnt want to wake him up...Dan is listening to the CD and raises his head up and looks around. Dani calls him to dinner

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