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8/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9;51PM BBT

Feed 3

Shelly, Dani in space ship room talking about previous antics in the house with Rachel/Brendon. Shelly says her concern is when Rachel gives her mean stares when she's talking to other people in the house. It really gets on her nerves. Dani states Brenchel was always like, "WE'RE GOING TO DO THIS AND WE'RE GOING TO DO THAT!" It was just stupid how they try to manipulate everyone in the house.

Shelly tells Dani she was never going to go up with the group she associates with in the house. A 100% guarantee.

Dani says Rachel will be losing it this week, flipping people the bird and just being mean. She thinks the game will be a whole lot better with Brendon out of the house. Dani says she's convinced Rachel would have walked out the door with Brendon if she could. She's going to totally blame her for splitting them up and she won't stop until she has her revenge.

Shelly's surprised how personal this game gets, a lot more than she ever thought when she was watching it. It's just a game, not the end of the world. She thinks it's because of her age she doesn't let all the little stuff bother her like it does people like Rachel.

Shelly's angry at herself for not getting the answer Dominic. It was soooo obvious it wasn't funny (on the last question).

Switched over to Feed 2

The rest of the house is in the purple room talking about movies (Rachel, Kalia, Porsche, Lawon, Adam, Jeff and Jordan).

Back to Feed 3

Dani says she was upset that Rachel was crying so much but after she tried to explain to her it wasn't personal, it was game play she just finally gave up and said she'd had enough. Both Dani and Shelly think PT is coming back in the house.

Shelly says she's always been very impressed with all the people who have been in the Big Brother house especially the ones she's met in person.


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11:05 Daniele in her HOH talking to Kalia..ooops in K's HOH but Dani saying she's "soooo excited"....

Bashing Rachel for being fake.....Daniele says I can't believe "they" were going to "put you up"...Dani saying shely and adam on "their" side...Kalia says "they were so fuckin pissed I was" Dani says it was almost as bad as hers...in reception...

Dani happy and saying it again....Dani looking in the fridge..

Kali eating the fish...oops she's feeding them....

11:09 Rachel and Rachel talking by HT saying "i'm so getting nominated" but says she rather be by someone who won a legitimate HOH com Rach says

11:11 BBT Talking about noms in HOH..saying Shelly is bad...so Rachel Jeff going up.....but now trying to figure out who will go up as a replacement nom.....Dani says they shouldn't worry about the twist...

Kalia "my deal's with Jordan"..Dani says Jordan "was furious" when she won HOH...

Kalia saying she will play the emotional card ...Dani basically running everything.....Dani saying Shelly said "everyone" wanted Kalia out and is "obvious: everyone are....

Dani "don't pu;; the black card" when Kalia asls if othe black HG have won HOH...

11:15 BBT.....Kali wants Rachel to go home and the "worst case scenario" is if she pulls herself down...

Rachel bashing....because she kissed ass..Kali claiming she wouldn't have if Rachel won....

11:17 BBT Dani talking with Kalia about what to do this week

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11;18 BBT

Kalia acting like everyone wanting her fat ass out isn't bothering her...

Feeds FOTH BBAD commercial

11:21 BBT Kali is already digging in as Dani "i'm so ecited for ya" ....

Dani asks why did she get a bottle of oil oil Kali says "i don't know"

Kalia just licking her fingers and contaminating everything with her saliva as she opens things a random...now she munching chips...

11:24 Kali says she's dissapointed in J&J and Dani "obviously"....Talking how well Kalia did because she listened for "key words"

Feeds still FOTH

11:26 BBT in HOH the experts are handicapping the others game......Dani "lawon needs to step it up"....and says "we can beat the crap out of him" if they drag him to the end..but it would be nice if they had someone who can play...\

11:27 BBT Kali has opened the twizzlers and in they go into the bottomless pit...

Outside Rachel telling Jordan she knew J&J would be on since it was couples...."if Jeff and Jordan are on the show" she told Bren that "we have to work with them"

Upbeat Rachel talking about Dani sas Jordan says she didn't recognize her..But Rach new she syed her hair dark.....

11:31 BBT Jordan thinks Bre will be home watching the feeds..Rachel says she told Bren to call Chelsia BB9 and both says she's super nice Porsch asks who she is and Rachel mentins her season and "she runs superpass"...

11:32 BBT FOTH....

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11:00pm The HG disband from the HOH. Rachel in HOH apologizing to Kal for her behavior and hugs her. Law/Dani stays and hugs her

11:07pm Dani tells Kal that 'she'(Shel?) said 'everyone was coming after her(points at Kal) and she saved herself'

11:08pm Dani/Law upset that Kal gave peel/pull licorice to Rach, but Kal didn't like that kind

11:09pm downstairs, HGs realize items hidden/moved in the house didn't have anything to do with the HOH. Law/Jord have 50 min left on slop\

11:11pm Kal describing her HOH pictures to Dani, others making food in KT. BY is now open

11:13pm Dani planting seeds about Jeff to Kal:can you believe he was going to put you up this week? I can't believe that...

11:14pm Dani/Kal getting settled in HOH/feeding fish, Rach/Jord soaking feet in HTub, Jeff called to DR, others in KT, patio or off camera

11:15pm Kal to Dani:I'm really nervous, I'm not sure what to do... Dani helps... keep options open, 2 noms, then POV...

11:16pm Kal:Opt 1, put up Rach/Jeff, tell Jeff he isn't target, I know you'll fight for POV, or put up a fluffer and b/d Rach

11:17pm Dani:you can't put up Law... Shelly wouldn't be good either... opt 1 is good idea, who would be replacement nom?

11:19pm Kal:If Rach saves herself, it's not so bad that Jeff goes home. Dani:at least one of them goes, but don't forget about the twist

11:22pm Dani:think we need to play game as if twist doesn't exist. Kal:my deal is with Jord, not Jeff. Dani:she was furious you won HOH.

11:23pm Kal:I may play the emotional card with Jeff. Say I tried to keep you in loop last week, but your reaction to Dani/my HOH wins scares me.

11:25pm Dani:I will back you, but remember if Rach goes and he stays, you want him to think you are on his side.

11:26pm Dani again takes the opportunity to tell Kalia that Shelly told Dani this past week... 'they would put Kalia up if they won HOH this week'. Kalia asks who 'they' are, Dani says it was obvious... Kalia asks if it was only Brendon and Rachel, or Jeff/Jordan also? Dani says the way Shelly said it to her, it was 'everyone'. Kalia tries again to clarify, asking if Shelly excluded Porsche, Adam, Lawon... no reply from Dani.

11:28pm Kal:I have a dumb question, did Jameka win HOH? Libra? Ollie? Dani:don't pull the black card! kidding Kal:I'm not just thinking! Dani:Marcellas won HOH...

11:30pm Dani:we are in a good position this week. We have option A and B. Kal:if I put up Rach, I will tell her I want to give her chance to play POV, same speech she gave me.

11:32pm Pors/Rach/Jord at HTub, Rach guessing what Bren's week will be like. Kal tells Dani she's a little annoyed at the twist

11:47pm after WBRB.. Dani says Dom told her she should throw endurance to Kal. Dani:I'm good at endurance but not questions, but you killed it tonight

11:48pm Dani goes back to driving the bus over J/J, tells Kalia to notice they have each other, don't really spend time with Kalia. Kal:I spent time with Jordan, but either it wasn't real, or it was for her to get farther in the game.

11:49pm Kal:It will be interesting what people have to say to me. Dani decides to head downstairs to 'be social'.... WBRB again on feeds

11:52pm Rach is out of her emotional slump, telling her new bff Jordan about losing her license at a bar when out with Chelsia.

11:53pm Jord:you seem to be doing better. Rach:I'm trying. Jord:never seen someone cry so much. Wasn't last week bad too? Rach:I was HOH

11:54pm Rach:did you cry your season when Jeff left? Jord:when we knew he was going, yea, but they gave us 2 bottles of wine that night. Jord gives good advice to Rach:after Jeff left, I got focused, realized my butt was on the line. You can play for prizes now. Jord says Jeff 'turned in' the trip he won for $5k... then says fans on JJ site bought them tickets to Carrie Underwood concert.

Pors/Law/Dani/Adam on the patio talking about House food comp, playing for food items. They talk about the missing items again. Adam noticed WC occupied sign was missing Thur AM. Dani acting innocent...

11:55pm Patio group heads inside to make food. They tell Jordan it's almost midnight, her and Lawon will be off slop and allowed to eat.

Midnight: Lawon uncorks the wine bottle. Rachel asks who is drinking wine... Porsche? no.. Jordan? diet coke... right now it's just Rachel and Lawon. Porsche is upstairs at the chess table. She knocked on the HOH door to see if Kalia wanted wine, but she didn't answer the door and Porsche is afraid to go in. Dani says to go in, so Porsche does, and Kalia requests half a glass. Adam/Porsche start a game of checkers, while others are in the KT.

In the HOH with Kal, Dani says:by the way, Rach and Jord are now bff. Kal:of course they are! Dani:They haven't left each others side. Dani sharing with Kal the patio conversation about the missing items. Others speculated if Bren took things out in his bag.

Dani says she will not be nice to Rachel, if Rach speaks to Dani, she'll be cordial, but Rach hasn't apologized so...

Kal:I won't lie, I feel like we have a good option a/b. Kal works on what she will say to Rachel.

Dani:be careful what you say.

Dani:just say mmhmm. People will come up and pour out their hearts to you. Just listen to them.

And on cue, Rachel comes in...

12:10am Awkward chat between Kal/Rach/Dani, then Kal starts a story about someone, giving WBRB... we come back to

Rach talking about Bren. They realize every HOH has been won by girls. Rach asks Dani for time alone to talk with Kal.

Rach starts off:obviously we aren't best friends. We've been targeting each other, but I respect you as a competitor.

Rach:you don't owe me an alliance or anything, but if you don't nom me, I won't nom you next week, b/c I respect you.

Kal:I understand, I was excited about HOH win, then 2 sec later realized, I have to nominate people. Have lots to think about.

Kal:I will think/pray about the choice. Obviously I don't have a lot of people on my side. Next week I'll be by myself

Rach:you have Dani

Kal:but she has her own boat

Rach:I want to be here... when someone wins HOH, I respect that, you are fighting to be here, and have to make decisions. I wouldn't have voted for you, but now that I've seen you win... if you take me out, I'll say you did it. If you want to talk about making deals...

Kal:I'm sure I'll talk with you again tomorrow... it's the run of emotions

Rach:and Dani will guide you... we aren't necessarily friends, but she'll guide you

Kal:I'm be honest with you, there is pain/hurt between you and her, but she does care about you/Brendon. She was wth you, and I know I'm a 3rd party, but... when the smoke clears hopefully you can see clearer.

Rach:I respect her, I don't have to agree with everything and how she plays, but she's a competitor. She'll guide you... if you need my advice, I've won a few HOHs in my time, so...

Kal:I appreciate you coming up, the shifts in power...

Rach:it's not just that, you are the only newbie that has done it, and that speaks volumes... and you are definately not a floater, I respect that and everything you've done in the game.

They hug and Rachel leaves... Kal puts headphones back on.. and starts giggling to herself....

Kal:oh humble pie, it tastes good, doesn't it girl? Trust that I always had a plan. It wasn't 'coast and float'...

Ironically, cam switch to Jord on patio, says to Jeff/Adam/Shell "it's her arrogance that gets me".

Shel:I can't believe WE lost"

12:25am Kal alone in HOH, Dani/Pors/Law in KT, Shel/Adam/Rach/Jeff/Jord on patio

Jordan called to the DR, starts to go in, sees Dani/Porsche sitting at table, turns back to others on patio and says they are sitting there watching, warns not to trust Porsche.

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11:45 BBT

At the HT Rachel and Jordan talking about trips Rachel says for a 5 or 10 year anniversary trip they wanna go to "Africa" and says its her "dream trip" and she says "i love him sooo much he's such an amazing guy"...

Jordan asks if "y'all been inseperable" and she says yes and "hates spending 24 hrs apart"....and talks about her codependent relationship....

11:48 BBT "we share everything"..."did you have trust issues" Jordan asks about "the thing" [penis gate I assume} and Rachel says she got passed it..."at first I was really upset"....but when she got upset and he got upset she could "feel his pain' she knew it was real and tells Jordan "we never talk about it"

11:52 BBT Rachel goes on all the "fun things' she does with Bren...and "its so fun" with him ..

Jordan saying how excited on "finale night" Jordan doesn't realize he's in sequester..saying he's watching....Jordan talking how excited she gets when she hasn't seen Jeff in a long time..

11:54 BBt Jordan gets the 2 minute warning that she can eat...

They get up as the cooking in the kitchen is going on...

11:56 BBT Lawon pouring himself wine...Rachel asks Dani if she wants wine "who's drinking" Dani asks..

"Daniele are you sleeping in Kalia's bed" Rachel asks..Lawon says BB told them they have to sllep in the havenot room...Jordan "you know what i'm gonna quit doing" and Jeff says "going on have not"....

11:58 BBT the ex have notters eating but not at the same intensity as last weeks have notters...

12:00 BBT eating commences

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12:02 BBT Kalia and Dani talking about all the stuff they hid and Rachel bashing "she's sphycotic" and mentions the wine comment from a few minutes ago....and says I'm not gonna be nice to her..

12:04 BBT Kalia...Happy either way her or Jeff leave this week...

Dani warns Kalia "becareful what you say" to Rachel and eveyone.....Dani telling her what she needs to do..

12:06 BBT Rachel enetrs as the first asskisser....Kalia talking about the belt she got from her BF...but said a sweaty shirt with his smells would have made her cry..

Kalia aks what everyone is doing...and Rachel says evryone is eating....

12:08 BBT Kali asking if she feels better..and says "trust me I understand"...and offers advice....and talks about when she sees him on finale night...

Rachel says "invite you mom to finale" and her BF "to the afterparty"

Rachel "all girls have won HOH" and talk about it being "a girl season"...

12:11 BBT talking about the expendable girls in the final 4 5 from previous seasons...

Rachel as Daniele if she can talk to "Kalia for a minute"

Dani leaves "obviously were not best friends" Rachel says but says she is happy for her "I do respect you"....saying "i know you don't owe me anything" and offers her a week of safety for next week...Kalia taking it in saying she appreciates her compliments...as rachel goes on complimenting her....

12:14 BBT Kiss ass fest #1 with Rachel continues

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12:15 Kalia says she will take what she said into consideration and will see what's best for her or for the house and says she doesn't know "what I'm gonna do' and not take people out "who wants to be here for the right reasons".....

12:16 BBT kali says she "don't have a alot of people on my side " rachel says "right....you have Daniele" and says Dani and her "are in the same vote"......

Again Rachel says she respects.."two weeks agao" she says if she made to the final two she wouldn't have voted for her...but now that she comptetes..she may ..

12:16 BBT Kalia says she's talk more tomorrow..Rachel says "daniele will guide you...were not necessarily friends" and Kalia lies saying Dani "genuinely ares about you and Brendon"....

12:20 BBT Rachel says she doesn't agree with Dani but she has respect for her as a competitor...

Rachel offer her vast knowledge of HOH's....and says "the only newbie that fucking dit it" and says "i realy realy appreciates it" Kalia says ..and Rachel offer "you're definitely not a floater" and they kiss and hug...

When Rachel leaves Kalia laughs to herself "humble pie taste good huh homegirl" and clains "trust me I had a plan" when feeds cuts out...

Outside they are talking how they can believe "we lost" Adam Shelly Rachel Jordeff as they discuss the twist.....Jordan cleaned off her plate and says she gonna eat a cookie and heads to DR and warns Dani is talking to Porsche "don't trust her"

12:25 BBT Jeff wonders if the twist has anything to do with who "she puts up" and says whoever comes back they will be "fired up" Rachel says "if the right person leaves they may come back but Keff says anyone of them who's evicted will come back///

Adam says it may a Pandoras box and Shelly asks if someone returning bring back the "double eviction' or "fast forward" and Rachel explains to Jeff what a fast forward is...

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12:29 BBT

Rachel still explaining....

12:31 BBT Adam asks if she got evicted on a double and sasy "brendon" was on a "fast forward"..Jeff says they didn't have one because of Chima

more double eviction talk...

upstairs Lawon and Porsche are up in the HOH...talking to the HOHs Dani and Kalia...just chit chating...

12:33 BBT Rachel talkinng about her season...

Adam thinks a Pandoras box and go staright to a fastforward..Jeff 'they still didn't confirm this is jury" and Rachel says they will find outat their "half way point" party on tuesday...{which isn't happening..since theres a chance one of them may not make jury}

Rachel back to talking Brendon...as rachel wants to buy the hammock at the end...

Rachel "the game is fun..its really hard....its a fun experience"

12:39 BBT talking cookie shows maybe Jeff can get one....

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12:42 BBT

Jeff and Shelly outside no talking anf FOTH...

upstairs in HOH Kalia talking about her bf belt....Lawon "is he that tiny" and Kalia hand gestures that he's svelte.....Dani says "it may be a belt for you"...Kalia "i never wear belts"...Dani "does that look like a girl's belt"

Kalia wants to asks BB whos belt that is....Kalia tosses the belt....

12:47 BBT Kali talks about her love of food

Back outside...they are strategizing for tomorrows food comp and says they should seperate...

Rachel if she is on a "team with Daniele" she will lose on purpose...Shelly says don't put her on Dani team and says she will

Jordan asks if anyone has "talked ro Daniele..err Kalia"

Rachel tells Jordan about her time in HOH except the deal she offered Kalia

12:50 BBT Jordan doesn't want to go upstairs and kiss butt....Jordan doesn't want to talk tonight...

Shhely is going up to asks "what the fucks goes on"....and Jeff says "take the bulls by the horn"

Shelly leaves and Rachel says "you know she's not on our side" and says she is playing both sides and is the ultimate floater...she says Porsche heard her says Shelly told them that how messed up she voted for Brendon said,....

12:53 BBT Jeff says "i wish I was a newbie" because they don't have "to win" and realizes he hasn't won...they talk how Kalia is a better competitor then she leads on to be.....Jordan says if she finds an empty supply of birth control shell take one and thats what she uses to study..

Rachel we should be playing smarter..and she shouldn't have missed the Cassi question...

12:56 BBT Talking HOH....Kalia "was targeting me" Rachel says .....Jeff says they need to be careful about the info they give the newbies...Jeff guess wrong that "i don't think she'll put" any of them up...because they will come back..

Jeff taking JC said whoever is getting knocked out is coming back...

12:58 BBT Jeff pepping up Rachel saying she already made jury {again they haven't|....

Rachel saying "it forces good game players" to put up floaters...Jordan "we have tons of floaters" and both her nad jeff says "i guess" they are..Rachel says Jeff tries to win so he's not a floater..

Rachel says dam and Lawon are super floaters

1:01 They talk how they can't trust Porsche...

1:02 BBT Jeff thinks Porsche is in trouble this week and Rachel agrees......

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1:04 Rachel getting close to figuring out the Twist that the person evicted may have to have a competition to get back in...she just havent figured its with the evicted HGs...

Jeff way off base thinking they come back in and "you can't play".....

1:05 BBT Rachel is sure "they will nominate me" and Kalia "will not nominate Lawon" and Jeff says he won't be nominated and will be backdoor...

They talk Shelly said Dani wants the guuys aout and Jordan says she gets Rachel and Jeff out "she'll walk to the final two"

1:08 BBT More guessing about future comps and rigging....saying "its a big twist" talk turns back to double eviction..

1:11 BBT Rachel "danieles pissed" maybe its the twist...but Jrff says she was happy about it just in case she was nominated..

Blaming Porsche because she picked Shelly and Jeff to go up against each other......

1:13 BBT Rachel says the reason she put up adam and Kalia because she though Adam would knock out Kalia....more HOH talk

1:15 BBT Rachel still talking how Bren and Rachel win most comps and they "win most of the comp" and are out pre jury...Jeff talks about getting knocked out by a floater....

Rachel says she was having her pity pool was brendon was leaving..and tells them about her worthless Rachel plan but Jeff said that wouldn't work..becaus ethey would just get her out....

Jeff says they should not get "flustered" even if her and Jeff go up because they will come back..

1:18 BBT Talking about making a good decison to getting rid of dominic.....Jeff says Casi and Don stayed in the house "she would have nevel would have left us"

1:19 BBT the Elf telling Dani saying the Vets are out to get her and he's not on board with that and basically is saying he threw it becasue he didn't want to put her up....as Adam floats to Dani..."they want you ouy....they tell me ...I don't want to" and was happy to get "brendon out" because he was going after her......Adam said he would have not put her up....

1:22 BBT Adam kissing Dani's ass saying he was "swayed" by them....

Back in HOH Kalia talking to Shelly Lawon and Porsche...about her emotions....friendships..blah blah blah...

Talking she feels bad for Rachel and not hate..and talking about her pics...

1:25 BBT Adam talking about he didn't "want to win HOH"....dam says Kalia winning "he can put up Jeff and Rachel"..and the backtabbing elf finishes his convo..

1:27 Jeff giving his pep talk to his dwindling alliance ..Rachel says shes glad "i have you guys"..Benedict Elf cmes out "its cold out here" and does his lame elf dance...

Adam apologizes for ruining his pep talk and they say no it was a short one..Adam lies and says he didn't see one...

1:30 BBT Inside Dani and Jordan talk periods back pain and such

{with that I'm out}

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1:30 am BBT: Adam tells Rachel that he rooted for Brenchel last year because of how competitive they were and that he wants her to cheer up and fight to stay.

Porshe tells the HoH folks (Kalia, Lawon, Shelly and Porshe) that she is pissed off at Rachel because she went out on a limb to vote for Brendon even though she knew the house wasn

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11:42am adam calls everyone to the lr adam says it is time to strip the elf costume he wants everyone to say what they like abd dont like about the elf

11:46am jeff liked the elf and not adam rach liked when she got the strip dance from the elf dani liked when he did the cruddy kal liked the pop ups in the cameras and didnt like him being creepy por liked his alter ego cruddy with his smoking and drinking ways shell liked him being positive and embracing it she hated the bells that rang when he walked jor liked no loved cruddy wants cruddy to stay she will be sad to see the elf go

11:48am law liked that he was bad with the bell adam dancing saying it is time to go back to his normal life as just adam dani says do we call you just adam kal says if we ring a bekll will cruddy come out adam is stripping the elf costume now adam yells i am freeeeeee no more cruddy elf adam says thank god i can wear my clothes now

11:50am shell says feels good to see adam again everyone is moving back to the kt to finish eating before the food comp

11:55am dani and kal goes to hoh por joins them saying rach walked up to her saying heyyyy did you sleep good did you have a good night she said she told rach she doesnt have to be so nice she said what do you mean she saud i know you are mad at me rach you didnt talk to me all night lastnight

11:56am por is bashing rach in the hoh saying she glares at her when she talked to shelly por just wanted to let kal and dani know rach is already starting

11:57am kal says rach cried herself to sleep lastnight por says she told rach this morning she likes her shrine kal says she wore everything of brens to bed lastnight

12:01pm kali telling por that dani dont feel good talk turns to the comp talking about who hasnt been on slop wants to know if it comes to her picking who is on slop who do i pick i wont be picking dani she is on her period and she might pass out

12:03pm kali thinking she can pick who is on what team in the food comp dani says i dont think you will have to pick

12:04pm kali sating she really does like shell and she really wants shell here

12:11pm rach comes to hoh to talk dani por and kal stop talking kal ask rach what she is doing rach says nothing just got out of the dr kali ask if she wants to talk she says no i just come to hang out kal says then sit down your making me nervous

12:14pm kali talking about her pics and the cameras that folow her around rach asking if her and her mom are super close dani gets up and leaves hoh room and we get foth

12:15pm we have gone to trivia now probably the food comp getting underway

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3:30 pm BBT

Jordan is crying. Jeff is telling her that she did very good and that he's not disappointed. He continues that they have to look out for each other. That's all we have. You did your best. It's just a game. Jordan isn't upset that she's on slop but that she missed the question.

They talk about Danielle having the golden key for 3 weeks and that she's been golden. She doesn't have any problems and it's getting on Jordan nerves. Jeff tells her that people like her don't go far. Jordan says all they want to say bad things and she's sick of it. Jeff says that she's classless and not a good winner, sport or person. You have to play the game. Don't beat yourself that you missed the answer.

Jordan tells Jeff that's she's getting it all out. Jordan says that she's not going up to HoH today because of the way Kalia was during the competition. He tells her again to not going to worryabout it. Jordan wishes that she couldleave there for a day. Jeff tells her tobash people and he loves it! She says that she looks like a baby and Jeff says that she doesn't and he says that he'sstill her love. She's concerned who ison their side—she feels like its Jordan, Jeff and Rachelle. Jeff says that he hopes that he could getvoted out. Jeff tells her not to worry. Jordan says she wouldn't mind if she went home not that she wants to quit and the immaturity of it all. She could be doing so much more with her time than all the childish stuff. Jeffreminds her that it's the game. Suck it up and act like you don't care. Jordan says that she hates coconuts and fish. He gives her a little kiss. Then she says that her armpits are hairy! LOL She's complaining that her hands stink and wants to throw up! Jeff jokes, "Doyou want to do it?"

He compliments her for being competitive and she doesn't like to be competitive. Jordan's not going up there to talk to her and she thinks that they don't need to go up there and show their faces. Jeff tells her to do what she wants "Love." You're not going around the house being a bitch and it's stressful and it's harder because he is a target! 1/2 the house is on vacation.

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3:30 - 3:45

I've been switching between J/J in HN and Kalia/Shelly in HOH.

Not sure who J/J are talking about but someone (a she) was really mean to Jordan and they don't have to be friends with them outside the house. Jeff trying to cheer Jordan up and doing a good job of it. Talking about going up to HOH but they don't know what to say.

Shelly giving Kalia a talk more or less about why she (K) should trust her (S). Talking about the talk they had about K's experiences as a black woman that S can't understand. S is going to continue to tell K anything she hears and hopes K will reciprocate. K saying she is putting up Rachel and Jeff but wants Jeff to know that he is going up b/c K wants someone strong and competitive to be playing b/c Rachel has to go this week.

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3:48 pm BBT

Jeff thinks that they should go up there but Jordan recommends that he go up there. She wants to throw up and can't believe that she drank that. Jeff leaves the room. Jordan smells her fingers! Jordan goes to Jeff's room for a minute and he hugs her and she giggles and asks why he always grabs her butt! Jeff is folding clothes. Jordan asks Jeff what is wrong with her and he says, "This place, Love. You know." He tells her not to worry about it.

3:55 pm BBT

Jeff tells her to “get in here” and they are snuggling with her head on his chest [awwwww] and…Trivia--WBRB.

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Kalia saying she won't put Jordan up but J/J are only here to get to jury and be together so she can send Jeff home and not feel bad about it (obvi she doesn't know they aren't in jury yet). Reiterating she wants Rachel to go home but won't feel bad if Jeff goes.

Saying she feels like it is a slap in the face that J/J haven't come up to HOH to talk to her. Feels especially bad after "they" (meaning her and Dani) went out of "their" way to keep them safe last week (Really? It was that hard to keep Jordan over Brendon? And really, you had something to do with it Kalia? I thought Dani was HOH. - Mack).

Shelly proposing final three of Shelly, Kalia and Dani. Kalia says, "Yes, whenever we talk about it, you are always in our final four." Shelly asks who the fourth is and Kalia says Lawon.

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