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  1. In what way has Scottie fallen behind her? He is much more aware of the perspective of the other side of the house and has positioned himself very well in the middle of the house. Hayleigh on the other hand is firmly against KC/Angela and has done a terrible job of building relationships outside of FOUTE other than Brett. She should have used this week as HOH to spend more time with Sam and JC but left that duty to others. And that's not even her biggest mistake this week. Her big blunder has been crossing the showmance line with Fessy. Pairs always get targeted, especially in a house that really doesn't have any other major pairs/alliances (since no one seems to be aware of L6). Oh and I forgot that she put a wedge between Scottie and Fess by essentially telling Scottie that Fess doesn't trust him and suggested she consider putting Scottie up.
  2. Tyler was easily the best player the first few weeks which is why so many people like him but he got lazy with his relationships on the other side of the house (openly admitting to being burned out by it or something along those lines). As Tyler's level of game play slid, Brett's has elevated ... and at arguably the most crucial point in the game. In only a week, he took himself from target #1 for FOUTE to not even being considered as a potential nom for Hayleigh and Fess/Rock support that stance entirely. It's really pretty amazing. Now if he could just win a few comps... PS - The dude also has the best DRs this season by far. And don't get me started on ANALLICE! Brett's hilarious.
  3. Still, you have to block Fess b/c you know 100% what he's going to do and that line is already draw . Just need Scottie or JC to vote to evict Rock and it doesn't matter what Sam does.
  4. Listening to RS pitch Tyler has been truly sad. She's essentially saying everyone except Angela and KC will support her so she's staying no matter what ... she just wants Tyler to take her off the block so she doesn't have to give another speech. But what's the benefit to Tyler in her mind? He's safe until Ang and KC are gone? He gets to be at the bottom of their alliance totem pole? Sweet pitch. I can't imagine why Ty hasn't been swayed. Oh and it's comical that the alliance has been blindsided by the vote so many times this summer can say with a straight face that they have the votes. Especially since it's so obvious that they're nervous about this vote considering how hard they're pitching Ty.
  5. Worst winner ever... Though we knew that would be true weeks ago.
  6. If she's smart, now that they've told Mc about Exterminators, she will pull him aside and make a final 2 deal with him if she votes out Spencer. They can both easily beat Andy in parts 1 and 2 of the final HOH and can essentially guarantee final 2. Of course, this assumes Andy doesn't use the POV.
  7. Anyone know where I can watch tonight's episode? My DVR got 52 minutes of 60 Minutes and 8 minutes of BB.
  8. Why isn't Spencer even thinking of putting Andy up? I want this guy gone so bad! Zingbot was right... All he does is cry and float!!! The only time this guy didn't float is when he won HOH and POV and he got out ... Jessie?! Laughable.
  9. I look at who is going to be left after this week and see a final five of Judd, Andy, Spencer, GM and McRae and I want to barf. No one that really played the game is going to have a chance in this house. If you aren't a floater, you're a target. Amanda and Aaryn are the only two people in the house right now that have consistently played the game ... And one of those two will be gone tomorrow and the other is public enemy #1. Elissa finally started playing this week but didn't think strategically until it was too late (already left the door open for McRanda to be safe). Before that, she let Helen do her thinking for her... Oh but playing this week was too much bc she is target #2 after Amanda. I hope ratings plummet the last few weeks so Grodner gets the hint that she needs to recruit some stronger personalities next year instead of all these bums who just want to float ... or just want to come on the show to get out of work/school for the summer.
  10. I agree with Monk. This season sucks. When was the last time we didn't know who was going home on Sunday (other than Judd)?! Seriously, was it Nick? I am not an Elissa fan but I at least thought she would stir the house up but I guess that's too much to ask. McRanda will win HOH this week and get a power out of Pandora and take full control of the house again ... LAME!
  11. Um, did you even read the article before posting it? The focus is on CBS, reality shows and American culture in general ... not Aaryn.
  12. If Andy goes up, I think Aaryn stays. McRanda will vote to keep Aa (to use her to take out E) and I don't think GM will turn on Aa after all this time. I think E's HOH ends up as a pretty big waste and will just serve to put a giant target on her.
  13. Elissa has no good option. She wants Aaryn out but I still think it's entirely personal and not at all strategic. Her plan to backdoor Amanda backfired on her now she is stuck with a terrible Plan B. She should be using her HOH to guarantee her safety next week but all she is doing is focus on guaranteeing Aaryn goes this week. She can't play in HOH next week and no one 100% loyal to her to help her. Honestly, if Aaryn goes, I think the power shifts to the four remaining guys, who all seem to be staying under the radar at this point (even McRea). Mc and Andy won't put up Amanda but I think Judd and Spencer will put up Amanda and Elissa. Elissa has to get rid of Aaryn now bc she lost her chance to work with her. The potential alliance between Elissa and Aaryn was very weak so Aa quickly flipped back to McRanda when Elissa snubbed her. Instead of trying to separate GM for Aaryn, she should have joined the three of them together and, with Judd and Spencer, evicted the McRanda errand boy (Andy). At least then McRanda wouldn't have anyone 100% loyal to them moving forward and Elissa would have a strong competitor to fight for the next HOH for her. ............... Wait, who does everyone think us going up? Is it Judd now?!?! Wow, E is dumber than I thought.
  14. I think she wanted to guarantee Aaryn plays bc she is so strong. That said, it would have been easier if she had just put both Am and Mc up bc now that Am was picked to play in the veto, there's a chance they are both safe. I actually want to see Mc win so we get to watch Am try to talk him into not using it.
  15. SMH - If Aa goes, Elissa is going to regret not taking the chance to get McManda out. She will be #1 on their hit list without anyone to protect her: Judd, Spencer and GM are going to float to the power and Andy is obviously strongly in McManda's corner.



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