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8/2 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Talk in HoH with matt ragan and rachel talking about how they picked who would get in for all stars.

(aaand.... I'm out. Husband doesn't like the typing this late!)

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9:27PM BBT:

Brit and Lane talking game. She is thinking about using the veto but only if Rachel says its okay and gaurantees that both Lane and Enzo are safe. If kathy goes up she is gone. Brit confirms that she's only staying on B&R side for strategic reasons and that she doesn't want to burn any bridges yet. However, if she gets hoh she will burn bridges. Overall they're not sure if it's best to keep a pawn or a competitior. Brit thinks that if Kathy went home Ragan would take Kathy's spot as the floater. Lane points out that's not really true because Ragan almost won hoh last time. Running names of who Brit would win up against. She feels the only ones she'd lose against is him, enzo hayden. That Matt is starting to get a bad rep and people are catching on . If double elimination at some point she wants Rachel and Matt out. She seems to have believed Kristen's promise of her vote if she stays. Lane begins to tell her that she can't trust that because people forget. (seems he's trying to talk her out of really trusting kristin). Brit says she can beat Kathy in everything while Kristine will give her a run for the money, but wouldn't put her up. Calls out the pairs and says that if Enzo gets to the end he will win because he's not on anyone's radar. Lane steering the convo to there being a long way to go. Back to pro and con on keeping either Kristine or Kathy.

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9:42PM BBT:

Lane and Hayden move on to play pool. Lane lets Hayden know that Britney definatly wants to use the veto but only if Rachel is okay with it. Hayden is happy to hear that.

Brit has now joined the hoh gathering of Ragan,Matt,Branden and Rachel. Matt calling out the possible game talk they saw on the tv. Brit jokes about it and gets Rach giggling. Something about talking about a BB tour etc...

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9:55PM BBT:

Brit starts talk about Kathy and how odd she's been in trying to get her not to use the veto. Everyone is quick to jump on the bash Kathy band wagon. All chip in with the various gaming talk they've had with her. (seems Brit is working the room and laying down the ground work for the talk with Rach).

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10:15 BBT

Outside Brendon comes out and breaks up the Brigade's stratetgy session. Bren tells them that they forgot to grab the rootbeers for Kathy from the movie and tells them they were making fun of it in the HOH..

10:17 BBT Matt leaves the HOH and Britney Ragan and still talking about Kathy and the Root Beer as they make fun of her...

10:19 BBT In HOH they are still making fun Kathy in the popcorn food comp and how she just got stuck and Brit thought she would "succumb to death" in the caramel

They are talking about what the next HOH will be as Brit says it will be "items gone missing" quiz...

Outside Hayden and Lane talking about the HOH and they think it will be endurance and Matty will be good at it and this time they will make him put up Brendon and Rachel as Rachel walks out looking for her shoes to workout..

10:23 BBT Brigade outside as Matt tells the guys about the "root beer" story from HOH...Lane says Kathy....didn't notice the booze even though it was sitting in front of them for 30 mins....Kris comes outside saying she hates white wine...as the Ebay Unitard talk asLane says that could be worth more since unitards are well known in BB..

10:26 hayden and Enzo decide to play pool....

Back in HOH Brit says she's going to go ht and Brendon and Ragan say they are going down as Brendon is still talking about the "root beer"...They head downstairs check out the booze as Ragan opens the red wine...

10:29 BBT everyone seems to be outside...Ragand and Brit are in the HT comparing their creases on their bellies....Ragan complaining the HT needs to "be hotter" as Brit says her mom told her "tha least thing" she didn't want Brit to happen in the BBH is "get fat"

10:31 Brendon on the couch talking to Lane and Kris wondering if "Kailfornication" is still on the air...as Brendon cofessses his love of "David Duchovny"...

10:33 BBT Ragan and Brit just talking about Britney in HT playing around...

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Brendon, Rachel, Britney, Ragan and Matt in HOH dissing on Kathy, she complemented Brendons wrinkled shirt. Brendon have you been on the eliptical, your looking good.

None of them have heard her say she wants to win, only to jury house.

Britney: maybe she just wants to sit around, getting paid.

Does she know something about Jury house we dont? unlimited smokes? I love rootbeer but dont worry I didnt want it.

Matt: came to movie room to see smokes & rootbeer. She gets Brendon to make sweet tea for her. She makes the tea, makes him add sugar.

Ragan: Root beet? is there root beer in here? the are all LOL.

Britney: should start sabetaging her sweet tea so you dont have to make it.

Saying Kathy wants to go to Jury for medical, but she cant say cuz she doesnt want their sympathy. In jury she wont have anyone for errands.

Jury house is in walmart. unlimited sudifed and rootbeer.

HOH breaks up: Eliptical, hot tub, lounge, play pool, drink some wine/beer, general chat.

(thats it for me, night night)

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10:36 BBT

Everyone just chitchhatting in different parts of the yard..Enzo Hayden playing pool with Enzo shouting Scarface quotes..

Brendon talking about TV and actresses he likes as Lane and Kristin look rather bored...

Hayden now in the bathroom talking to Kathy telling her that if Brit uses the POV on him "it sucks" she'll probably go up and wants them both to stay...Hayden admits Britney probably won't "use it"....Kathy says she's starting to realize she'll go up because she's "not a part of their group" and says she "would not sell myself to the devil" ...as Hayden continues to lie to her telling her she doeswn't "deserve" to go home and Kathy says none of the three of them deserve to be where they are at and says "we have Andrew" to blame for it...

Lane comes in to use the bathroom jokes with them...Kathy says "Shane" as a "bunch" of tatoos and says she jokes she wouldn't give "shane" money if she won saying he would spend thge money on another tat..

10:43 BBT..Kathy and Hayden back to talking and tells Hayden he needs to do what he needs to do and knows she would go up...Depends if Rachel doesn't want Kristin to stay and if she goes up Kristin stays and rachel knows that and Rachel would put someone else up..as hayden says "no matter what happens I love you" and Kathy "i love you too"...talk they should won POV as Kathy goes on her appreciation of Kathy...Hayden continues to work a jury vote just in case kathy stays..as hayden now says how other HG will waste their winnings on "cars"....as Kathy goes on she didn't "prepare myself" to be around certain people...Kathy babbling about how it would "kill" her if one of them leave..Kathy says "i'll be ok" if she's nominated as Hayden keeps going on how "terrible" it will be..and talks how those two deserve to win.."people who deserve it the most..don't get it" as they wish for a "miracle"....

10:50 BBT hayden and Kathy continue to talk

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10:51 BBT

Hayden really shoveling it to Kathy about his "morals" and "has to" surround himself with these people...and "have to" for a chance to win for him "and people around me" and "make things better for my family back home"...and says "i'm not here playing for myself" as Kathy is taking it in....Hayden "i'll tell you my story later" and says "I was this close to playinmg professional basebal" and got taken away from me when he blew out his knew right before "the draft"

Ragan comes into the kitchen for "another glass of wine" as Hayden leaves the bathroom..grabs his chicken and parks it back by Kathy....and talks about making "decent money" if he played "professional ball"...as they talk about the reasons they are here..

10:56 BBT Outside rachel still on the elipitical...while Matt and Enzo and Brendon talking and watching them play pool as they talk about Brendon's poem for their wedding who is going to officinate "on finale night" because they found out Matt is an "ordain minister"..Brit asks when the wedding is and Matt says "September 15th" and tells her to pay attention..

Racel heads to the bathroom and break up Hayden and Kathy's love {bulls**t} fest...Brendon also in there...

11:00 BBT In the kitchen "when do they wannna talk" Rachel asks Brendon and he tells Rachel "later"...as she heads back outside...Kathy back to drying her hair...but stops to give Hayden a hug.."i hate this" Hayden tosses out there as dumbstruck Kathy "mee too"

11:04 BBT Everyone outside Kathy in bathroom...Hayden says he might join Brit in the HT as they talk about the nice California weather today... "not too hot"....as Hayden talks about his "dump" he took when he was in HN solitary....

They talk about Food Comp and will be "playing as a house" Matt comes over and joins them...as Brit says they haven't got booze for awhile..as they talk about the "good beer" they got last night and Hayden was unable to join them..

11:08 BBT Rachel and Bren talking about Hayden wanting to talk...and Brendon says "if they wanna talk" they will and says Britney uses the POV the house will be "what the fuck" and then come after them next week and rachel says "no way" and I cn't do anything about" hayden..and Brendon agrees and says he just wants to hear him out "to be more cordial" and reiterates to him "there's nothing I can do" and Bren says "i know"...

11:11 BBT Rachel says they both can be in there to talk and "if britney uses the pov I'm putting up one of her friends" and bren says "kathy?" and she says "no"..Brendon says he wants to hear them to "plead their case" and Rachel says "fine" and again says "there's nothing I can do" as Brendon says he didn't "have the heart" to tell him no and Rachel says Britney would not be in on their plan...

11:14 BBT Rachel and Brendon continue to talk

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11:14 BBT

Rachel says "if Britney uses it" what are you "going to do" as Brendon says he's just wondering what Hayden will say and wonder if hayden will be more "concerned about himself" and may want to talk to them seperately..and Brendon says if Brit was concerned about the POV being uses she would have gone after one of the prizes rather than POV..

Brendon has figured out Lane and Britney are "connected" as Ragan comes out in the unitard.."craziness" is what Enzo observes..

11:18 BBT Brendon and Rachel back to talking..as she talked about Kristin says if she that "brendon is not going to be here forever" and she will need "protection..

Ragan comes over talking about his community access cable show something about "jazzercise"...of course the string of BB warnings and FOTHs follow his banter..

11:21 BBT Ragan has hijacked the convo with the days not feeling like the right days..."i feel buzzed ..it feels nice" off his "second" glass and talk about ate too much garlic....Rachel says since there is nothing to do the week "will go by slow" and HOH talk and Ragan predicts "the next 3"..."quiz...skill...quiz" and the "endurance" as he anticipates a "double eviction" rachel says it will be "before or after" quiz...Rachel excited what America voted..as rachel if its a "power" if they will tell them...as camera switches to Brit, Lane and Matt at the HT..

11:26 BBT Talking about calling booze "libations the rest of my life" when she refers to booze..as they talk about their friends at home and who they will want to meet..

11:27 BBT Hayden and Brendon playing pool...

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11:13 BBT

Brendon telling Rachel, that Hayden tried to talk to him about the possibility of Britt (nit) using the POV, to take him down, and asking him what Rachel would do in that case. Brendon, tells Rachel that he was caught off guard and didn't know how to answer. Rachel lets him know that if Brit does use the POV, one of her friends is going up NOT Kathy. She wants either Kristen or Hayden gone and the only way to make sure that happens is to make sure that who ever is left on the block is up against some one popular in the house. Brendon, doesn't seem to believe Hayden's story, but is repeating it to Rachel, just so she isn't blindsided in case it is true.

Brendon, brings up the possibility that Britney and lane are working together, as they have been talking a lot of game together.

Rachel agrees.

Ragan, comes over to talk, and tells about a show he made up, makes no sense to me, something about jazzersize with wine. wbrb

then when feeds come back, they are still talking about exercise with tequila or wine, Brendon wants to play pool with enzo. Rachel talking about tv show, and how ragan looked with unitard on.

Rachel and Ragan, talk about burbing and eating too much garlic. Talking about how slow the week will be, that there is nothing to do. That next weeks HOH will be quiz, week after that endurance, and week after that quiz "before/after".

Now talking about next competitions, feed changes to nit in ht, talking to Lane, and mutt. Kathy in background on couch. Talking about libations, and will their friends think they are different.

Enzo called to dr.

Talking about the new words they will take out of bb with them. Lane says he will get grief from his big brother for being on show. nit says she will meet his big brother, Lane says no, he will not want to meet you. Then they start talking about Lane in a suit, and how all the girls will go for him, at his brothers wedding, use his bar skills. Stupid talk really.

Hayden and Brendon playing pool, Brendon, isn't playing very well, Hayden says "leave it to Beaver", Brendon laughs.

Kristen and Kathy in Cabanna room, Lane called to dr

Kathy is telling Kristen about her convo with Hayden. Just a repetition of their convo. Kathy tells her that she told Hayden he needs to fix it when she is gone, apparently she thinks she is going home if Hayden comes down. They don't realize that Rachel won't put up Kathy. Kathy seems to think that Hayden gets to choose who gets put up when he comes down, if nit uses the POV, and takes him down.


Same old tired convo with Kristen and Kathy, Kristen has finally figured out that Rachel wants her out so bad, she won't put up Kathy. Kathy thinks that Mutt has made a deal with them, and that others have made deals with them. Still no one, has figured out the Bra gade, come on people, where are your game skills??? (I am totally disenchanted with Kathy) Last week she was Rachel's best friend, and now she is calling her evil??? I totally don't get her.

Sorry, late night, early morning tomorrow, and it looks like, just pool and Kathy Kristen gab fest. Nite all

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11:32 BBT

Cabana room pity party as Kathy goes over her convo with Hayden..to Kristin...as Kathy talks about her self righteousness as Kristin thinks she might have a chance with her..but she says she's not going to "beg" not to be "on the block" as Kristin "i think the same way as you do"..they ponder a brendon and Rachel "final two" as Kathy prays they're not..

Kristin "she wants me out of here so bad" she won't put Kathy up..Kathy says "they're unpredictible" and says she won't make deals with Bren and rachel calling the HOH "the devil's den"....and she is not selling "myself to eveilness"...because if she did and won "something bad will happen to me"..as kristin "i understand"...

11:40 BBT Back outside the other camera has Hayden and Brendon playing pool..nothing but pool talk and the helicopter hovering above..

11:42 BBT Kathy talking about her lack of "commonality" with "other" HG and starts her "miracle " talk "being selected" "loving them" blah blah blah{hayden and Kristin}

11:44 BBT Brendon in HOH andtells Rachel "i told them they can come up" as they discuss the toilet paper situation..Rachel sings some spice girls and brief FOTH

Rachel talks what ragan thought about HOH....Talking about doing "before and after" questions to practice and wonder if the "recordings" they've done and rachel thinks if will be something "expected"

11:48 BBT Brendon says he misses running more than 20 feet and rachel and brendon bicker whether the Hot Chocolate HOH from last summer is endurance or not....Rach says no and Brendon says yes..

11:49 BBT Kristin and Hayden talk about going up as this may be "the last time" we catch them alone as they try to get out of Kathy's clutches..

Kathy called to DR

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11:51 BBT hayden goes over what they need to talk to them about....tell them that Brit would use it on hayden and "put up Kathy" and told Kristin "you need to be nice"....."this is it" and Kristin says "maybe this is what they wanted" and Hayden says he wants to win next week to "throw them under the bus"..saying "it would be great"..as hayden says he likes brendon but rachel's mouth "is way too big"...and tells her to "be so sincere" as Kristin says "i'm really good at it" and says he's good at bullshitting and tells Kristin if it doesn't get used he'll stay and she'll be trhge one who leaves..

Hayden heads to HOH and Kristin will follow up in a few minutes

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11:56 BBT

Hayden in HOH as Rachel dyes her hair and does his spiel of having no one and are in the same boat as them and put their differences aside they could have 4 strong people as rachel says they were together and they screwed "us over' and says "you might not see it that way".....and says "you would ahve put us on the block' and says "no way" she would put Kathy up...as Rachel says they "attacked us" and that's why she put up hayden and Kristin...and had to put him up "power play" as hayden says they can be powerful as rachel says "why would we trust you" as Hayden says "no one" will hlp them and she agrees and says that's why she and Brendon will work hard...

Hayden talking how they can be powerful as Rachel asks "what deal" are they giving brit to use the pov "on them" and Rachel says to be "up front" and wants to know the deal they have with her..Rachel "she knows" if she takes "one of you off" and wants to know "what deal did you make with Britney"....as tells her "you have to go against all your friends" and it doesn't make sense..and tells him "she is not going to use the POV" without a deal...

Kristin chimes in "this is a game" as Rachel presses if Hayden would turn on his friend....and Rachel says "we have to make a very strong alliance" and would have to trust them "100%" as rachel says they had that deal before before "you backstabbed us" as Kristin says "i had no intentions" to put them up as she blames Andrew for the reason she didn't want Rachel to win HOH...

12:06 BBT Kristin says "nothiung made sense" and that's why se went into defense mode....as brendon says they should have come up to talk to them as the convo turned to Andrew....as Kristin says she though they had a deal with Andrew...and blames that why she "acted crazy"...

Rachel says "100%" would have put us up and Kris says she would have talked first about the "andrew" thing to "clear it up"

12:08 BBT Hayden 'all we need" is to "put up a replacement nominee" as Rachel says "kathy" because its a "gurantee" as both talk about keeping their hands clean....both says it doesn't mater...as they are huge targets already..

Rachel says "i just don't know I can" trudt them and haven't had to fight..till now .....Brendon: says worried at some point they will put them up on the block...as Klristin keeps bringing Andrew into it....talking about Andrew's POV speech...Rachel says he was "mean to me" and had "verbal disagreements"..as kristin blames Andrew not "talking to me"....

Brendon says they should have talk to them as hayden says "we should have"...and Rachel says she was never going to put them up and Rachel says Kristin was coming after her....and Kristin agrees and blames the "lies" by Andrew...

12:13 BBT Hayden says "if you put up kathy" you have nothing to lose and even if they stay they will not have the targets they will be...and says "we have no one" 100% "we can trust" and says "every week we had to fight to stay here" as hayden tells him its great but need help "to get farther"..Brendon says they have to bring Britney has to come up and says Hayden would have to "come off"...they discuss putting up Kathy and Kristin...as rachel explains her "power move"

Hayden says "the house doesn't need to know" about their deal.....as they discuss Britney as hayden keeps saying "it has to be me that comes off"...

12:18 BBT Rachel says we need to know he isn't going to make "other deals" to keep kristin against Kathy...hayden goes on he only has Kristin as Rachel talks about who does Enzo and Lane and Kristin says they aren't playing...as Hayden says "i really like lane" and wouldn't put up Lane...

"If this does happen" she needs to have wednesday meetings and "this is not a one week deal" and "its a set in stone two power couple alliance"....as brendon goes on about having to win HOH back and forth and their votes pick who "goes home"..

12:21 BBT HOH Meeting continues..

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12:23 BBT

Hayden reiterates people don't need to know but will come out if he ever has to pull them off the block...

12:24 BBT "what deal are you going to make with Britney" and says he needs to honest and Britney will not be in a "5 person alliance"....

Rachel says she will talk to her what deal they made and "make sure I trust them" and Brendon says why isn't Brit going to be suspicious...

12:26 BBT Hayden "how are you going to approch Britney" and Rachel tells him he needs to make the deal and send her up to HOH...

Hayden brings up they "want the floaters gone"....and bring that up to Brit

Rachel says Kathy would put them up and she has been best friends with everyone ech week....as Brendon aks "why would" britney notbe concerned about making her "upset"...as Rachel says she would ask what deal would she have....

12:29 BBT Talking about Kathy just wanting to be in jury and says the convo they are having.can't leave as Hayden says people need to know "we hate each other" as Hayden lies that he's hasn't talked to Britney...

{looks like Howie and Howie are buying this}

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12:40 BBT Rachel and Brendon agree to final four deal with Kristen and Hayden if they can convince Britney to use the POV on Hayden. {If this goes down, this is one of the best manipulations I've ever seen on BB.}

12:46 Hayden goes down to bathroom to brush his teeth and finds Enzo in the shower. He tells Enzo that there is a possibility that Kathy will go up. Kathy then interrupts the pow wow, and Hayden goes back to brushing his teeth.

12:50 Hayden and Lane decide to play pool, while Kathy sits on the couches and smokes. Meanwhile in Hoh bathroom, Rachel waits for her hair dye to finish setting, and she and Kristen continue to besmirch Andrew and what he did the week before telling all his "lies". Rachel and Kristen appear to be BFFs again. (Let's see how long that lasts.)

12:53 We get to see Matt in his tighty whities. (That was something I did NOT need or want to see.)

12:54 Hayden says "I made a deal with the guy in the DR..." and then WBRB.

12:56 Kristen takes the wig off to scratch her head and gets busted by the DR. Britney explains to Rachel that Lane made her and Matt go in the Jumanji room for a jam, and as soon as they got tired Lane got up and went back outside, and Brit went upstairs to break up the lovefest between Kristen and Rachel.

1:00 a.m. BBT Hayden goes inside to change into swim trunks and informs Lane he'll update him later on what is going on.

1:03 Hayden goes up to Hoh room and invites the girls to join the hot tub party.

1:04-1:07 Hayden and Brit talk in the Cabana room and Hayden tells Brit that Rachel bought it and they hug it out with hugs of glee. Hayden tells Brit they need to come up with a story to corroborate each other, so that Rachel buys it and goes along with the plan. They agree Rachel &Brendon have to go up regardless of the promises they've made to them. Brit tells Hayden that the deal is, "two weeks". Hayden won't put Brit up for two weeks. He won't put her up for two weeks and if she's on the block and he wins pov, he'll pull her off. They both agree Brendon and Rachel cannot find out that they are still their targets.

1:11 Hayden says he has Britney's back if she puts up Rachel and Brendon and Rachel goes crazy on her next week.

1:15 Britney goes up to Hoh room to talk to Rachel. Rachel complains about the color of her hair being different than when she came in the house.

1:20 Britney tells Rachel about Hayden's deal and she's thinking of taking it, because it's so good. Rachel said the only person she could be up is Kathy and not piss off the house. Britney thinks that Kristen could still go home if Kathy goes up, and Rachel wants to know if Kristen will come after them if she stays. Britney thinks Hayden is trustworthy and Rachel agrees, but doesn't know about Kristen.

1:27 Rachel has been saying for the past seven minutes that she just doesn't trust Kristen and she could stay over Kathy. (I don't understand Rachel. Is she already going back on her final four with Hayden and Kristen? She sure is throwing Kristen under the bus.)

1:34 a.m. Ragan and Brendon interrupted the girl's talk so they moved it into the hallway. Rachel is still not sure they can trust Kristen, but Brit believes the deal Hayden gave her is too good to pass up and Rachel agrees. It's still up in the air. (At this point, I think Rachel is really trying to sell being unsure about putting Kathy up and Brit is totally eating it up.)

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12:32 BBT

More Britney deal that shouldn't involve Kristin.....

Talking about the four of them controlling the house...and Rachel says she will be willing "if Brendon is willing" to make the deal...

12:34 Brendon talking about backstabbing as Hayden keeps reinterating "no one could know" about the deal...

Talking about Britney has to have a valid reason and why isn't she isn't going to be suspicious..and why put up Kathy up who's not a threat..

They tells him because the house know Kristin and Kathy are close and would make sense and is the only option...

12:37 BBT talking about who would vote for Kristin as they claim they love Kathy but she's not playing the game...

Talking about what happened with Andrew as Brendon says he just thought the whole house was against them if he did it people would keep him

12:39 BBT Rachel telling him brit holds the power to make this plan work and says he did talk to Brit "a little bit"..as hayden says "the deal" to Brit offer her 3 or 4 HOH's safety and "pull her off the block"...if she's ever nominated...

12:41 BBT the snow job seems to be coming to an end as rachel says it all cpomes down to Britney and they need to talk to he tonight because tomorrow is POV ceremony and they shake on it.. Kristin and Hayden and Rachel and Brendon are in a Faux alliance ...

12:44 BBT Hayden heads down and agains stresses no one can find out....Hayden heads down to talk to brit

12:47 BBT

all the feeds are foth

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12:47 BBT

Hayden asking Lane to play pool..Kathy outside now...saying she just got out of the DR..

12:52 BBT IN HOH Kristen and Rachel bonding over Andrew's wierdeness..Kristen playing that her family is "mortified" about Andrews supposed lies..as Kristin talks about the deal and its better what happened happened...

Rachel says she'll go home if this deal "doesn't work out" and says "there's a good chance" the deal will work if Hayden can make a deal...

12:55 BBT FOTH

Britney heads to HOH...."what sre you going" as she wonders why they are talking in the bathroom..she explains she's dying her hair....talking about what they ate..

Kristin's head is itching from the wig......

12:57 BBT FOTH

Feeds back as Brit is up to talk to rachel as Rachel says its insane how "they fell in love" on a show.."moving to LA" {if you call Riverside... LA}....

going on caring about him sooo much....

Hayden whispers that they can talk later about the deal..but is changing to get in HT

1:01 BBT Brit rachel and Kristin still in HOH talking about their personal hygiene stuff bb doesn't provide

as hayden comes up to get Brit to chill in the HT..and says she would..

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1:04 BBT

"no way" Brit says in the Cabana room about the deal and explains the deal...."what did you promise them" and lies and says he would put them up the next few weeks

Both agree that both have to put them up in they win HOH...and says "two weeks" not to put her up...with Hayden and not Kristen..and she aks if "kristin promised them safety too?" and Hayden says yeas and go over their fake plan of two weeks of safety..

1:07 BBT hayden warns "you can't know" about their deal with Brendon and rachel..and tells her its a few week deal...

Britney says "they can't know" they are not going to put them up...


1:10 BBT Hayden says the plan won't backfire as they get giddy when they win HOH and they put her and Brendon up..as Brit says she'll shred her face and "rachel will probably lunge at me"...

Hayden says Brendon won't win HOH "against 7 strong players" as hayden says they will be "remembered" for BB play..

1:12 BBT Tells Brit to talk to her tonight...

Kristin and Rachel still talking in HOH..

{I'm out be back tomorrow}

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1:38 am BBT Enzo and Lane are dead set against Kathy being backdoored. They don't trust Kristen and want to know why Hayden is going against the Brigade. They want to get rid of Kristen still.

1:43 Lane and Enzo talk to Brit and they want Kathy to make it to jury, cause they feel bad for her, and Brit is trying to explain why Rachel would put up kathy. They talk about sending Kristen home anyways.

1:50 Hayden goes back to the hot tub and joins Enzo and Lane.

1:59 Lane and Enzo flicks a bug out of the water, and Hayden asks if those are the bugs that turn into worms. Britney told him "Good one, Jordan." They explain that caterpillars turn into butterflies, but no bugs turn into worms.

{I'm out for the night}

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2:31 am BBT: Brendon and Rachel in the HoH room settling down for the night and reviewing their options with the PoV. (To PoV or not to PoV.)

Rachel starts off by saying that Hayden and Kristen are not very smart and therefore, not much use to them during HoH competitions. Besides, the fact that if they are just blowing smoke up their ass, then they'll just throw the HoH's and let someone else in the house get blood on their hands.

Brendon asks her what her gut says, and she says that she doesn't know. Brendon says, they could stab them in the back easily and lie about it. He says, they are desparate and it's more likely a lie just to get them through this week. (BINGO Brendon!)

They both agree they are playing with fire by making a deal with Hayden and Kristen.

2:40 am BBT: They go over a final 4 deal with Hayden and Kristen, again. This time Brendon says, they could pin the PoV being used on Britney and Rachel says, she doesn't want to do that. Rachel points out that Britney and Kristen had to of had a talk at some point because Britney isn't dumb. Kristen would had to have make a deal with Britney too. In which case, if Hayden or Kristen win HoH the only people left in the house for them to nominate next week (if they win HoH) is Ragan, Matt, Enzo and Lane. They say there is no way they would do that. (BINGO Rachel!)

Rachel wonders why Hayden wants to come off the block so badly... is to save himself or is it to save Kristen. Brendon says, he wants off the block because of ego. Rachel then toys with the idea of making a 1 week deal with Hayden that no matter if Kristen goes or stays and Hayden wins HoH he won't put either of them up. But, then she says, giving Kristen a chance to stay in the game is too dangerous and Brendon agrees.

2:45 am BBT: Brendon thinks back to Kristen's comment about saying Andrew dug his own grave (when he made his PoV speech) Brendon asks, "Who is she to be digging graves... she must think/know she has votes to dig those graves." This befuddles him but, he lets the though go and they go back to making a deal with Hayden and Kristen is a "bad idea."

He says that during the PoV Hayden showed he was a fighter but, not intelligent enough for this game (because of the prize picks during comp) and Kristen isn't a competitor at all.

2:52 am BBT: The talk about making a deal with Matt but, Rachel says, that he won't win next week. Brendon has them both knock on wood because in this house whatever you say won't happen, does.

2:55 am BBT: Brendon and Rachel talk about loyalty. They say the fact that Kristen had the PoV in her hand and Hayden took it from her... if they're not loyal to each other how can they be loyal to Brendon and Rachel. They say that Britney has proven herself to loyal to them by coming to Rachel before using the PoV.

They also want to get rid of Matt and bring Ragan into their alliance. But, they need someone like Enzo to do that for them. Which they don't think will be hard to do. (lol) They think Enzo would put up Kathy and Matt or Kathy and Ragan.

Rachel says again it's too dangerous to leave Kristen in the house.

3:05 am BBT: Brendon asks if there is any way they can get through this without Hayden coming after them. Rachel says, no because the only way to do that is to put up Kathy and that's too big of a risk... Kristen may stay and Kristen HAS to leave this week.

Rachel is starting to regret her deal with Britney to take her off the block if Rachel wins PoV. When she made the deal she wasn't thinking about a backdoor possibility.

3:20 am BBT: Brendon says that when/if they make an alliance with someone it can't be with people that will sit back and let them do all the work because they may as well just be in an alliance by themselves in that case.

All the house guests have fallen asleep.

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9:43 am BBT

Bren and Brit in the kitchen talking about strippers and relationships, Bren talks about his brief stripping experience in Denmark. His friend has it on video tape. Lane in the WC with Kath watching her put on her eyeliner, Kath says that BB took away her eyeliner becaus ethey thought she would be a 'writer'...

Brit says that strippers are demoralized, and that men shouldn't date them and refers to strippers to men that she wouldn't date on parole.

Now talk about buying girls drinks at bars...

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