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8/2 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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12:07 - Feeds back ... Brittney did not use POV. Kris & Katthy in Sunset room and Kristen says "well I hope you guys take it all the way" Kathy thinks she'll be on block next weeek.

12:20 - Brittney in sunset room talking to Kristen and apologizing. Tells her Rachel said if she used POV Rachel was going to put up Lane and make sure Kristen still went home. Brittney got called to DR before she could talk to Hayden and "they" (bb) wouldnt give her more time. She says "I was begging them. I kept saying I need more time. I need to talk to Hayden ... I need to talk to Kristen. And they said no we gotta do this now" and we get WBRB. Feeds come back and Britt is saying she feels really really bad and that she is so so sorry. She really tried. Guesses Rach and Brendon talked about it all night long and Rach just really wants Kristen gone. Brittney wishes Hayden had won veto. This sucks. She would rather have a tv or $5,000 than to be sealing someone's fate. This sucks and she's really sorry.

12:24 - Brittney going to try to eat something. Kristen asks if she sees Kathy or Hayden to please send them in.

{ I hope someone is getting the convo between Hayden, Rachel and Brendon in backyard ... think it was on cams 3 & 4. I'll flashback in a bit if noone else caught it.}

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12:25 - Brittney doesnt get something to eat. She goes to HOH were she and Rachel discuss this being the right choice ... it helps them and it "actually helps Hayden too". Rachel says she told Hayden that Brittney she (rachel) had told Brittney she wouldnt promise to put up Kathy. Brittney says oh good thats what I was going to tell him too but I didnt get a chance to talk to him before they called me and they wouldn't give me more time. {and again we get a brief wbrb ... imho BB didnt want Brittney to use POV and made sure she didn't. Kinda funny how they are working so hard to not let live feed watchers know they wouldn't give her more time.} Feeds come right back and they are again assuring each other it was the right choice and Rachel now offering Brittney an alliance with her and Brendon that noone else has to know about. Brittney agrees that that would be a good idea. Rachel says that way if one of us (her and Brendon) goes Brittney would still have the other one. Plus Rachel says she still has a $5,000 bargining chip. They agree that this was a game changing decision. Rachels toilet is clogged so Brittney is going downstairs to pee. Rachel goes out back to ask Brendon to come fix her toilet.

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12:39 - Brittney in sunset room talking to Hayden & Kris .... same things she's already said but once again as soon as she says she was on her way to tell Hayden when they called her in DR we get WBRB again for a minute. Feeds back Brittney is leaving them to talk. Kris saying this is all because Rachel is jealous of her. Hayden agreeing.

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12:52 pm BBT

Hay and Kris in the Taj room talking, Kris is crying and hay is tearing up watching Kris....

H: I'll get to see you at the wrap party no matter what, You have Kathy and Ragan for sure

K: I always get put in the shittiest situations, like no matter how they leave or when they leave, its going to be close, no matter what it is going to be 3 to 4 and the people in the house will do no matter what to keep each other in the house, now that is shitty

H: Yeah

K: I feel like I really don't have a chance against you so it is really pointless, and at the same point people wouldn't want me to give up eaither

H: I wouldn't want you to give up, I hate it when I get asked about these types of convos

K: What do you mean?

H: In (DR)

K: I haven't regretted anything I've done here, but if I left (starts crying harder) I would regret it

H: Hey, it's ok

(this is very touching) Hay is trying not to cry

K: I never wanted to do anything that I *sigh* it sucks that I have to wear this f****** thing! Giggle, what did I do to deserve this?

H: I am not going to look at you any differently if you canpaign or anything

K: what are you going to do?

H: hang out with you...

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1:01 pm BBT

Kris and Hay still talking, playing thumb wars... talking about Rach calling them out.... Holding hands, now playing like they are doing "What up man" handshakes... Kris says she only gives pounds, Hayden trying to teach America his special handshake, a pound and then thumbs up. Kris says she didn't get shit out of this f****** game, she is laughing telling Hay that he gave her that f****** unitard... Kris says that after she leaves here she is going to start all these blogs about Rachel, Hay asks if she is really going to. Kris says no, she isn't and that she knew coming into the house there would be problems with other girls, because people get jealous of her.

1:06 pm BBT

Hay saying that the whole world knows that she is a weirdo now, and keeps calling her a fruit loop, but he likes that about her.

Kris saying that she is worried about when she goes home that she is not going to have anything. As of Aug 31st she will not have a house, her bills are paid... the money she saved has all been spent towards bill she had to pay. She doesn't know what she is going to do.

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2:50 PM BBT

Ragan giving Kristen advice on how to talk to Brendon. He thinks that Kristen and Hayden are strong and awesome and he has no idea how how this happened since he seriously thought they were going to pull a rabbit out of the hat. He suggests everyone will vote on logic. Matt also reminds her that no one is going to vote her out to make Rachel happy. Kristen says the only girl in the house who would support her is Kathy.

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3:00 PM BBT

Discussion continues. Kristen feeling sorry for herself.

Ragan says it will be an emotional Thursday. Matt says it's hard when you have to vote one week and you don't want to.

3:08 PM BBT

Ragan telling Hayden how sad it is for him because he could have seen Hayden and Kristen in final 3 together. Hayden says they are pissed because one of them is not even making it to the jury house.

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3:13 PM BBT

Kristen heads into the SR.

Ragan saying it's so much easier to vote when one has some integrity and the other has no integrity. They rehash how in week 1 Annie had no integrity.

Ragan shares with us that last night his farts smell like a homeless man threw up in his butt because of the garlic he ate. He stunk up the room. There is still a funk in the room. Ragan asks if that's the smell of Hayden and Kristen sneaking into each others beds at night.

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3:20 PM BBT

They are recapping Andrew's pre-vote speech and how silly it was to not even try to save himself.

Who has the most disgusting behaviour in the house? Compare Monet's exit. Matt and Ragan head for a bat nap in the bat cave.

3:25 PM BBT

Lane, Enzo and Brit discussing the Hay/Kris relationship. Lane thinks its disgusting how happy Hayden was to think he had a chance to keep Kristen there this week.

Would you rather? Kathy or Annie? Neither for Enzo - if he has to choose he's say Annie. Lane now getting into how it has to be done, positions, foreplay etc. Can Enzo picture Brendon licking up on your neck. Brit mentions that Brendon apparently has a needle dick. They guys say you can't ask us to find out. Brit whispers, "here comes his GF". Lane says it looks like Rachel's boobs are going to fall right off her body. She wants to be taking more seriously. Brit says it was stupid for her to get them in the first place unless they were smaller than she says they originally were.

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3:30 PM BBT

Brit wishes she had 20% of Rachel's self confidence. She walks around like she is it.

Enzo, Hayden and Brit going on about how everything Brendon makes is the best ever according to Rachel. Nothing she makes is ever mediocre. Enzo can't believe that he might go back to sleep.

Enzo thinks Brendon's stomach looks like he had a c-section or something. It's weird. He burned 830calories on the elliptical yesterday. They are making fun of his cooking. He's added a little rosemary, vanilla, chili powder (everything in the cupboard). Brit thinks Brendon is the worst person ever to live with. Lane thinks it's sad because he is such a nice guy but he might be mad when Mr. Needle sees how much he dogged on him.

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3:45 PM BBT

Enzo wants to trap the moth that is stuck between the windows. He is going to train his moth 'horney' to go into the HOH and listen and report back what he hears. But maybe Kristen will eat him before she leaves.

Feeling bad for Kristen because you can see through her unitard and she has to go on live tv and be interviewed by Julie in it. Enzo can see stuff he doesn't want to see through that thing. Lane telling how Hayden said he never did anything with Kristen but he totally would cause she's cute. Enzo hasn't seen them kiss at all. They speculate if they are siblings or the friends couple. If they don't kiss when she leaves they are brother and sister. Kristen has a brother names Steven because her parents wanted to have their kids with the last name ending in "en" hence Hayden too. Lane says yet they make out that's gross. Enzo is going to ask if she is his sister when she's gone.

3:52 PM BBT

The plan to get them "out" is to say all they guys have to suck on Kris nip and see if Hayden can deal with it. or they have to spank her nice behind till it's red.

Over in the Red room Hayden is telling Kristen that he hates that she still looks cute in that outfit. He asks if she's alright. She is. They dream of a final 2 role reversal where he can reserve her in.

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4:07 PM BBT

"What are you thinking about?" Kristen asks Hayden. "Just all the stuff, just all the stuff that's happened." he replies. "I know" she says. It's the most sound we've heard in 8 minutes.

"is the suit at least cool r is it hot?" asks Hayden. "No, it's cool." replies Kristen.

4:13 PM BBT

"I betcha you never thought any of this would happen did you?" Kirsten asks.

"You mean, you and me? No, I didn't think there would be a girl in here I'd like." Hayden replies.

"But do you regret it?"

"No, I do wish it had happened later but it is what it is."

"I think it was bound to happen."

"It would have been better if it happened week 3 or 4 not week 1 and a half."

"You can't put a time on those things."

"Are you going to let me take you on a date after the wrap party?" asks Hayden

"Um hum" says Kristen "No, I'm not going to let you take me out on a date, you cost me the whole game." She laughs. Hayden doesn't think he has much of a chance anymore.

Kristen called to DR.

Hayden misses mad dog. And Mom and Dad. And home. And everybody.

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4:21 PM BBT

They are going into BB invitational #5 for the pool tournament. Enzo usually loses his first game in tourney. He's guaranteed a spot in semi finals. Out of all the losers Enzo is in first place says Matt. (ha ha)

Enzo and Matt are convinced that Hayden and Kristen are brother and sister. Only sound louder than Enzo banging dishes about is his eating noises. Enzo recycles the soft drink bottle as he ponders if they will get libations. Matt thinks tonight is the night they get crazy.

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4:36 PM BBT

Brit in Shower. Ragan there too discussing the twins in a previous season. They got voted out early.

Lane, Ragan and Matt sitting there as Brit showers. Kathy asks what they are doing. "Watching Brit shower. Want to join her?"

Ragan pissed off a girl last night. Every night when they are in jumanji the lights are off but last night the lights were on. Lane says but you are the talent. Ragan says she was right but complaining is all I have in this house.

4:41 PM BBT

Lane asks if anyone has talked to Kristen. Yes, Ragan says she's emotional but not super emotional. Lane says he can see a reflection behind the mirror. Ragan asks if they can see him. No, says Lane, I'm not moving. Ragan didn't know it was a two way mirror.Says he should not have been masturbating in front of it. Lane suggests they stop viewing under their nut sacks in that mirror. Lane wants to know if the cams are just for live feeds. No, says Brit, they are for everything. There are cams everywhere on tracks. Brit gets a do not talk about production warning.

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4:48 PM BBT

Kath sitting with Hayden. "This is definitely messed up." He looks down at his nipple/acne and does not respond.

Lane is really bored.

Matt explains the plan is middle bottom top. Kathy, Rachel out next couple of weeks. Brit comes and asks what they are talking about. Matt says, when we can get you out of here.

Lane saying how Enzo said that Britney boiled the chicken last time. She says she baked them. Does she boil everything? Did she boil the garlic bread? Matt "Brit can you chop up some tomatoes and garlic for me?" "Sure, and I'll chop us some avocado and grate some cheese."

Matt. "Did you know President Carter was a physicist?" (Imitating Brendon) "That they called him the peanut president?" "Why would they call Aaron Carter that? quips Brit.

Lane: "Are you going to put some garlic powder on there? Some Pam spray? Some Hair Spray? Let's Brendon it up."

They do not like the Tom's toothpaste or the 7th generation products.

{Not feeling great tonight. I'm out. Back tomorrow evening!]

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Ragan: another thing about Brendon and Andrew being friends. Brendon wasn't at the open call. If there really are two friends, we nail them.

Britney: Matt has to go, he's here only to play his game. Think they do set people up to be couples. Little did they know you (Lane) would not like me.

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Enzo: the ants crawl up on you. Even the ants back stab you.--as he wipes at his back

Kristen talking votes to Ragan, maybe Britney, maybe Enzo. I've Laid everything out on the line as is. people need someone they can trust.

Kristen: Will talk to everyone, even Brendon. If he stays around he needs to think about who will be a bigger threat, me or Haydon.

Ragan: If you can make that case do it.

Kristen: why would Rachel want me out so bad. Hay will do what I would have done.

Ragan: a piece of advice. you are smart, you know what votes you can get. you have to work the harder votes first.

Kristen: Kathy if I go you follow me.

Kath: if not same day. (HG think this week will be double elim wk).She will come after me, showing off

Kristen: Matt is in with them but I think he has to be right now, to survive.

Girls talking how families look & sound alike. Matt folding towels, Hayden & Lane playing pool, Enzo & Brendon watching.

Kristen to Britney: I have to tell peoople the benefits of keeping me over him. Want to know what would be good about keeping me vs. keeping him.

Kristen: I know you had to do what you had to do.

Brit: I respect you as a competetitor you could go far.

Kris: sorry Rachel you're not going far.

Kristen: Kathy not going far either. your best bet for a girl is saving me. I need 3 solid people I can count on. Hope I dont have 2 convince whole house

Kristen: not going to sit here & tell everyone be an alliance but some may need that.

Brit: smartest bet is to make X amount of week deals.

Britney: everyone scared about this double eviction thing.

Kristen: why does Rachel want me out so bad over Hayden? Am I that much more a threat? I dont know.

Kristen: everyone was suprised you didnt use POV, they expected you to.

Brit: that was rough, planned so much ground work. Then last minute Rach said no I still want Kristen out, I'll put up Lane. it was last minute. didnt have a choice.

Britney: you have a shot and a fire under your butt on what you want to do. Block survivors want it so bad they win HOH.

Kris: votes are going to be closer then people think. peoplep laying personal & its not how it should be played.

Kristen: Do you think Matt has a thing with them? they were going through names & said definately not Matt. Be careful what you say to him.

Britney: I think he is afraid of them.

Kristen: I know Ragan wants to vote for me to stay he may not, but he wants to.

Britney: I am careful what I say to Matt & very very careful with Brendon and Rach.

Kristen: what about Lane or Enzo?

Britney: they are open minded, talk to them.

Ragan, Rachel and Kathy talk about what week double eviction could be. Was week 6 for Jesse season. Will they tell us if America voted on something?

Ragan: we live in a house like no other.

Rach: expect the unexpected. does 1920 mean anything?

Ragan: Y do you ask.

Rach: tell you later

(I am out, night night)

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