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8/2 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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a little catch up

6:00 PM BBT Kristen bums a cigarette from Kathy and sits on couch in BY. Both think Kristen needs to get Ragans vote. She wishes she could have stayed just to annoy Andrew.

6:30 PM BBT Haydon, Kristen, Rachel, brendon and Kathy are all eating something Britney made.

7:15 PM BBT Kristen and Britney in the Cabana room talking. Kristen says she wants to get into peoples head and find out where they are. Britney says she has an open mind about it. Kristen says he believes Britney and believes she was upset that she didn't use POV she knows Brit had no choice. She knows she did what she had to do to protect herself and Lane.

Brit says she respects Kristen and knows she could go far in this game.

7:45 PM BBT Rachel asks Haydon and Enzo if they think BB will tell them what America is voting on this week. Brendon asks Britney what Kristen had said was the reason she should stay and Brit just says she wanted to stay and Brit was open minded and willing to listen to anyone.

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