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8/28 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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2:40 BBT

Still FOTH.

2:42 BBT

Feeds back. Michele just got in the shower. Everyone else talking about the competition in the kitchen.

Kevin mentions he heard noises behind that door in the HOH before and wonders what's usually behind it. Nat says something about $10,000 being spilt between the HGs. Jeff says no, it would be however many quarters you grabbed.

(Seems like the special thing behind the HOH door had something to do about extra money for the HGs.)

Nat called to DR.

Michele has joined J/J/K at the dining room table. Talk about money falling from the sky, real and fake bills.

Kevin says BB told him that once he opened that door (in the HOH) that his decision was final. Kevin thought for sure he was going to be screwed by choosing the door and that when he opened the door, he saw a box. He went to grab the box and someone grabbed his arm and he was handcuffed.

Seems like Kevin was tapped somewhere and the HGs had to find him. Jeff says Nat was clueless and he released Kevin. Jeff looked for clues in the HOH room and Nat claimed there were no clues in the HOH room but Nat lied. Kevin screamed from behind the door, which had the huge question mark on it, and told Jeff to get him out from there. Jeff then found a a clue/directions in the HOH room.

Kevin says he was asked about it in the DR and then told to go to the HOH room. He was told his decision would either be good or bad and didn't know it involved money. Jordan wonders how much money they collected.

2:50 BBT

Kevin says now they all have money.

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Michele, Kevin, Jordon and Jeff talking at the table. The room was full of money. They are trying to figure out how much they each retrieved. They are going to announce how much they got later. Now they all have won some prize money.. and foth.

Back and they are saying thank goodness Russell is left. Seems Michele grabbed a trash bag but was not allowed to use it. Jeff stuffed his pockets. They are ticked at Nat for throwing out bad clues to them .. bad information. Saying she was being greedy. {Seems Nat was a poor sport.}

Jeff is calling Nat a snake.. confronting her about not telling them what was up. They are still trying to figure out the dollar amount they won. Seems if they did not find the key to pandora's box, they would not have gotten to keep their $$$. They are still trying to figure out what the deal is with Pandora's box. They think there is more to this that is yet to come.

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Jordan is happy Russell wasn't there, b/c he would have tackled everyone for the money. Kevin says Michele was smart to grab a trashbag to collect the cash and Jeff says that wasn't allowed. Michele says she stuffed money in her bra.

Jeff is pissed that Nat kept yelling out wrong shit during the competition and she was being greedy when it was for the whole house.

Kevin says he was bent over and handcuff and he loved it and then says he would normally love that. He saw messages flash and saw they had to find a key to unlock the money. BB asked Kevin if that was all he could yell so he tried harder.

Jeff calls Nat a snake for trying to throw everyone off during the comp.

2:55 BBT

Michele is called to DR and Nat joins the round table.

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3:15 BBT

(Oh gosh) Nat is double dipping strawberries in Cool Whip (AGAIN).

Kevin is called to DR. They all think something else will happen now. Jeff points at Nat say says she's a liar and knows something else is about to happen. She claims she doesn't know anything.

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The ld is over and they run outside.......................Nothing.

Still talk about what happened

Jeff called to DR

Kev:I have an announcement HG please gather around.....

Jeff: Dont even start that.

Kevin goes to the HOH and looks around.

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3:50 BBT

Everyone but Jordan in the kitchen. Michele says she knows she's going on the block and if she goes home, then she lost the game. Nat tells Michele to her face that she wants Michele out b/c she went back on her word with Chima and will do the same to everyone else and she wants Michele gone. Nat says that Michele told Jordan that if Michele won, she'd put up N/K and Michele agrees and Nat says that Kevin should beat her to the punch. Nat (whines) says that she's been through this for 4 weeks now (wow, I guess J/J going through it the first 4 weeks didn't happen...) Michele repeats that she knows she's going on the block.

Kevin tells Michele that he wants to hear Michele's feelings about nominations. Jordan asks to talk to Kevin upstairs. She states she's not trying to throw anyone on th eblock, but she knows she's going on the block and wants to talk to Kevin first. They head upstairs and Kevin tells Michele he wants to talk to her after Jordan.

4:00 BBT

Kevin tells Jordan he can't say who's going on the block but tells her she's not his target. She says she knows about Kevin and Jeff's deal and doesn't know if Kevin will stick with that. Kevin says he wants to talk to Jeff and Jordan says Jeff wants to talk to Kevin.

He says that this week, the HOH will most likely break the tie and Kevin says, whatever happens and if Jordan is on the block, he won't break the tie to evict her. She thanks him.

He continues that he sees J/J as two separate people and if he promises Jordan something, it's not the same for Jeff as well. Jordan understands and says Michele keeps telling J/J that they can still make it through this week. Kevin says the veto could change everything and Nat could be going home this week.

Kevin says if he puts J/J on the block and... Jeff knocks on the door and comes in and Kevin doesn't finish his sentence and changes it completely and says the next comp could be brainy and that's why he should put her (Michele) up.

Jordan tells Jeff she's about to leave and let them talk.

Downstairs, Michele and Nat are talking. Nat tells her point blank that her and Kevin do NOT want Michele to go home this week.

Nat wants to know where Michele would stand next week if they kept her and Nat still thinks Michele would put N/K up. Michele says there's an advantage to taking her to the F2, as if J/J are in the jury house, then Michele has screwed over everyone in there.

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3:45ish BBT

Kev talks to Michele about where her head is. Nat joins and goes on and on about how Michele broke her word by putting up her and Chima when she told the she wasnt going to. Michele keeps saying she knows she is going up, Nat keeps going on and on.

Jordan asks to talk to him in HOH. says she knows she is going up.

Kev: you know I cant tell you.

Jordan: I know you made that deal with Jeff.

Kevin: You do know your not my target. Most likely the HOH will decide who goes. The votes will be split. You will be safe.

Kevin: I do treat you as two seperate people.

Jordan: Yeah I do know that.

Kevin: If you or Jeff do win veto then Nat will go home. Who ever wins the veto dictates who goes home.

Jeff comes in HOH.

Jordan: Michele says it will be something with questions. Kevin: thats why I have to put her on the block.

Kevin: Michele is very smart and will win in the final HOH comps. She was put in special classes as a child.

Jeff: I dont trust her, she tells everyone everything. Part of the deal was I am safe and Michele goes home.

Jordan leaves.

Jeff: I am not going to bash her she is who she is.

Kevin: You're Gucci

Jeff: I just wanted to see if you were still on board.

Kevin: My target is deffinately Michele. Who ever wins the POV dictates who goes home. I will have to break part of the deal. If i put up Michele and Jordan you win POV and take down Jordan and then Nat goes home.

Jeff: We wont vote for Nat.

Kevin: thats putting too much on you

Jeff: the whole final 4 with Michele was broken with the Russel thing.

Jeff: dont like I am going on the block when we had the deal

Kevin: Michele says you have been alliagned from the technotronics thing

Jeff: thats bs

(..................Help out here I am missing alot..............)

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4:05 BBT

Michele feels she's the BB8 Zack of the group.

Upstairs, there's Michele bashing. Jeff says that he knew Kevin would win HOH this week, that that's why he took Kevin off the block last week b/c he knew Kevin would honor Jeff and when he won this week, Kevin would get Michele out. Jeff says Michele was Russelled and Hussled. Jordan states how much Michele wants Kevin out, as to why he needs to put Michele up and out. Kevin is respectfully listen to these two BLAB.

In the kitchen, Nat says that Jeff saved her and Kevin last week by BD Russ, and how it is hard to possibly get rid of him this week, since he just helped them out.

Jordan walks downstairs.

4:10 BBT

Kevin tells Jeff that his target is definitely Michele, but Kevin is more worried about POV. He explains that by putting Jordan on the block, Jeff could win POV, save Jordan and Nat goes home. Jeff agrees and Kevin says that it's safer for him to put Jeff on the block, b/c Jordan has less of a chance to win POV and save Jeff. He goes on that the only way Jeff will go home this week is if Michele wins POV.

Jeff asks who Kevin is nominating and he says Jeff and Michele. Jeff asks why not Jordan and Michele and Kevin has to repeat what he just told Jeff. Jeff doesn't understand, b/c he says that if Nat and Michele are on the block, J/J would vote for Michele to leave and Kevin hesitates and says that'd be putting a lot of responsibility into J/J's hand.

Jeff says he'd be forfilling the deal by voting Michele out and is not happy about being nominated. Kevin doesn't want to be the stupidest HOH ever and have J/J vote Nat out and Jeff is mad that Kevin is breaking the deal, since Jeff saved Kevin last week. Kevin apologizes that he's going to have to break part of the deal.

Kevin brings up that Michele has told him that she still has something with Jeff and they've been together for awhile and Jeff says that's shit, as all deals were broken after the whole Russ thing. Kevin asks Jeff who'd he keep more, Nat or Michele and Jeff says Nat and Kevin disagrees. Jeff says why would he want to keep a person like Michele around.

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4:15 BBT

Jeff says he could have walked to the F4 but saved Kevin instead and Kevin should be honoring the deal this week. Kevin insists that Jeff is staying this week and Jeff says that he trusted Kevin to not put him on the block and Kevin agrees. Kevin says when he made the deal, he knew if he won HOH, he'd have to put Jeff up, but rationalized it in his head that he was ensuring Jeff's safety instead of not being nominated.

Jeff says if the POV is questions, he's fucked. Kevin says he understands how Jeff feels, but he can't hand over his HOH powers to Jeff. Jeff asks if Nat wins the veto, if she'd save Jeff and Kevin says no, she'd leave it the same and Jeff says then the vote would be in Kevin's hand and if he can't trust Kevin now to not nominate him, how can he trust Kevin to vote to keep him. Kevin says he knows Jeff is upset and say that he doesn't want to make a bad move, as that was Ross' nugget of advice and Jeff (FINALLY REALIZES) says that he might have made a bone headed move last week by saving Kevin. Kevin repeats that he doesn't want to be a Marcellas.

Jeff says he has to win veto, b/c if Michele wins, he's fucked. Kevin says they have a high chance of winning POV and understands if Jeff doesn't trust him. Jeff says he has to trust Kevin b/c he has no other choice. They shake on it and Jeff leaves.

Kevin talks to himself and says that was scary. He then wonders if he's making the right decision and needs Natalie. He heads downstairs.

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4:20 BBT

Jeff still trying to get Kevin not to nominate him. Saying that if he could of walked into the final 4 by keeping Russ and yet he put his trust in Kevin. Kevin telling him it would be a dumb move not to nominate him, but that he's safe. Jeff realizing he made a mistake last week.

4:22 BBT

Kevin alone now talking to self about it being the right decision. Then " I need Natalie". But before he can get to her Michelle makes her way upstairs.

Telling Michelle deep down he really wants to trust her, but that they haven't really played together, and then there are the different things she says to others. Michelle saying that what has been true was her alliance (J/J/M/R), and then they messed her up. That they wanted her to nominate Chima and Kevin but that she didn't. Says she's nervous about saying anything out fear it'll somehow get back to others.

Nat interupts and is reluctant to leave at Kevin's request to do so. Finally she leaves and convo continues with Kevin telling Michelle that it's all still up in the air, but that Nat really wants her gone. Hints at what she (michelle) would do if she stays. Kevin admits that Michelle hasn't screwed him. That if she stays next week would be the only time he would need a favor from her.

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4:25 BBT

Nat and Jordan talking by the pool. Nat wonders if Kevin will stick to the plan.

Michele and Kevin go to the HOH room. He wants to know where her head's out, as he's never been able to figure it out. She understands, as she says one thing and then does another. Kevin ants to trust her, but doesn't know if he can. Michele says the Coup de Tat screwed everyone up, b/c they haven't talked since then.

Kevin says he's nominating the two biggest threats and it's nothing personal. Michele understands. She thinks putting herself and Jeff on the block together is logical.

Michele says she's stayed true to J/J but they told her one thing and did another thing last week, by voting Russ out. So she doesn't know if J/J are still with her.

4:30 BBT

Outside, J/J and Nat talking. Nat (playing stupid) says all last week, the plan was to get Michele out this week and is surprised to hear Kevin's new plan (guess Jeff told them what Kevin just told him) Nat says she'll have to talk to Kevin and try and get him to change his mind. She says no matter what, if Michele is on the block against anyone, she's voting Michele out. (Nat is putting herself in a really GOOD place with everyone.. good strategy for jury votes.-lala)

In the HOH room, Michele says J/J have hid a lot of info from her. Nat rings the doorbell and comes in. She says she needs to add her two cents and plead her case. Kevin tells Nat to give them a few minutes and she tells Kevin that she told Michele that they want to keep her this week and then leaves.

Kevin tells Michele that the decision is still up in the air and even though Nat told Michele she's safe that he still thinks Nat wants Michele gone. She laughs and says some people just want to get people out themselves.

Kevin says if Michele stays this week and she says that if she did find out that Nat wants her out, then she would target Nat next week.

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4:37 BBT

Kevin thinks he'll lose Jeff's vote in the jury if Michele stays this week. Kevin says that if someone screws him, he won't vote for them in the F2 and is worried Jeff will do the same. Kevin says Michele hasn't screwed him over b/c she got HOH and she didn't nominate him and this may be the one time the whole game he might need a favor from Michele.

(I'm out for now.)

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