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  1. I'm a anxious eight, ready to get it started
  2. Derrick and Frankie talk extra 50Gs 1:30PM cam 1 & 2
  3. OK what it sounded like to me, was Derrick stated that the jury is to vote on whether to give one of them the money for getting to the end as TA. If only one goes to the end then the jury can vote yes or no on giving the money to the surviving TA member. That is just how I took it.
  4. Personally I think this the first time she has ever had attention from this many or hot guys and she thinks shes just the cats meow.lol
  5. I feel she is one of the few that wasn't a sheep, she tried to do what she wanted. Her biggest problem along with everyone else is she was blinded by Derrick, then again she is too nice for this game and nice people generally don't win, thats just the name of the game. I will hate to see her go but hopefully while in jury they can fill in the blanks so whoever comes back can shake up the house.
  6. Well I for one like it, its bright cheery, with lots of little details to look at. Big Brother apparently has set into a series of colors that will match each years for merchandise reasons I assume. Of course what do I know I grew up in the 70's so it all looks familiar. LOL
  7. Seeing the house always ramps up the excitement level for me, now bring on the cast and we will see if the level goes up or down.lol
  8. Can't wait to see the difference, hopefully a new house to help break up the monotony.
  9. I used privatewifi last year and it worked great, I downloaded today and it's not working their techs are on the job so hope they get it fixed. As mentioned on here before if you use Chrome go to hola.org and get the extension free and it does work for me, hopefully someone will get on the ball and make the show and live feeds viewable in the US.
  10. It is far fetched, but it could be in the ballpark, after all you still have the PoV and you have to campaign to get votes. Just a thought.
  11. Maybe the two house guest that finish last in HoH comps will be automatic noms.
  12. Not sure if this is out on here yet but Big Brother After Dark is moving to TVGuide network. http://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/big-brother-after-dark/404472 They are shorting it to two hours also.
  13. Great rant and I did really love the way Gary took it. He didn't seem bitter so why should anyone else.
  14. Drummergirl pretty much said it all, maybe Topaz's conscience got to her and she knew Jillian really deserved to win.LOL After all if you take the hurt feelings out of the equation and just looked at game play, I think it's close but the number of wins gives Jillian the edge.
  15. I really liked the tasks also, I hope they incorporate them into BBUS maybe instead of a moose they can have a hamster.lol
  16. I think they did a better job of upholding the rules than any BBUS seasons I have watched.
  17. I'd give it a B overall, I thought it had some good games and different twist, just enough to be different than BBUS. My main problem was someone from jury coming back so late in the game. I'm sure it was good for ratings and BBC knew that Gary is a popular player so it was good for buisness but it was unfair to the true or first final four.jmo In the end I think the correct person won though. I will be watching again, I want to give a big thanks to all the LFU for their time and effort!
  18. I thought Talla would be the one to do that.lol
  19. Gary is a bigger threat than Talla to this point, but I feel Talla may be holding back some. I don't think anyone but Jillian will take Emmett to F2 as they all think he's the best player, and because of Gary's time in the jury house he thinks that they all hate Jillian so anyone against Jillian is a easy winner. I think if Jillian is in the F2 she will win, once/if the jury takes their feelings out of it and see who played the best game.
  20. RDM

    Jillians HOH

    I would like to have seen Jillian make Emmett be a tiebreaker getting blood on his hands for once, but I also understand that she would have had to deal with Talla after Talla found out that Jillian voted to evict her. That would cause anyone to self evict.LOL

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