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8/28 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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7:40 pm BBT

Jordan and Jeff in pool room snuggling, with Jordan rubbing his back. She tells him that tomorrow he'll feel better after he wins. Jeff feels he has to. They get up to make dinner.

Feeds briefly show Kevin and Natalie in hoh room.

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7:51 BBT (okay, I don't see anyone else posting, so here I go again. Please feel free to jump in.)

Jeff & Jor finally talked. Jor was talking about some girl she met in school and didn't like. they wound up becoming friends. silence again. Jor called to DR

Mic comes out of DR and says that was an uplifting conversation. Jeff - What? Mic - in the Dr, that was an uplifting conversation

7:56 BBT Jeff now cooking steak & chicken pieces for fajitas. he's complaining because they would be so much better off the grill. they're on ID lockdown

7:58 Mic complaining she left her good pair of shoes outside and now they're gone.

8:00 BBT Jeff cooking, Mic sitting at counter drinking hot tea. Jeff - Oh shit! That's gone be a lot of meat. Mic laughed - that's good

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8:32 BBT Jeff, Jordan, Michele, and Kevin eating at the table. Jeff asks "When do we get to find out about the cash?" Keving says he doesn't know. Talking about putting the money in a money counter and such to find each person's total.

Natalie joins and they have a quick discussion on whether the money they won will play into the Veto comp. tomorrow. They discuss whether they would give up the cash for the veto or not. Of course, Jeff says he would and Natalie wouldn't have too. She says the stakes are high so why not. Jeff says b/c you know you are safe. Natalie asks if anyone wants to play cards.

8:45 Kevin and Nat in HOH finishing a chess game. Michele doing dishes.

8:47 BB pulls the "flashlight with an alien mask" trick on the HG's. Jordan was the only one who saw it over the kitchen mirror. Michele was standing right there and did not see it. Jordan runs to Jeff in the swim room to tell him. She sees them again in the swim room, but Jeff misses it. She says she looks like a crazy person b/c she is the only one seeing it right now.

Feed 4 shows the masked person waiting in the restroom mirror for Michele to come out. You can see two people's reflections with the masks pulled up. In the mean time, J/J think it has something to do with Pandora's box.

8:55 Michele comes out of the RR, sees the aliens and laughs. She runs to Jordan and tells her the alien is green and has on a cape. Jeff says you didn't get scared? Michele says no, she sees aliens all the time. Jeff says he doesn't want to see any of them and asks Jordan to leave the door open as she goes up to see if Nat or Kevin have seen any aliens yet. Natalie says she isn't scared. Jordan sees the alien in the HOH room, but Kevin and Nat can't see it. Kevin has his nose to the mirror, but seems to miss it everytime.

FoTH...Feeds back, Jeff enters HOH where it is now only Kevin and Nat. They say the Veto will be TONIGHT! None of the 3 in the HOH have seen the aliens yet.

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