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8/28 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00 BBT

Someone mentions Michele is still in the DR. Jeff says she must be crying a lot and Nat says it's b/c Michele knows they all want her out.

Jeff says he doesn't do Michele anymore, after all that happened with Russ. Jeff says ever since he called her and Russ out, Michele doesn't tell him nothing. J/J say how Michele would say her and Russ wouldn't talk about anything, even though they'd spend all day together.

Nat says Russ told them that J/J/M have a F3 deal and the only reason Michele is riding it out is b/c she knows she'll get to F2 from F3 b/c she's so good with memory stuff. Nat says that Michele's made a calendar about stuff from her birth control pills and Jeff says fine, more reason to get rid of her.

Nat says if she would have won this HOH (hahahahahahahahahaha) that she would have released the rath against Michele that she's been holding in for such a long time.

Jeff keeps trash talking Michele and how she's crying over Russell.

9:10 BBT

Michele bashing in the RR. J/J/N/K all involved.

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Jeff says he doesn't do the Michelle thing anymore ever since the Russell thing. She went to him and..."

Jordan telling Natalie/Kevin that Michelle wanted Kevin out because he's really smart and he was hiding it until now."

Jeff telling them that Michelle doesn't tell him anything since he called her out in the BY - he asked her what Russell was talking about since they spent 4 days in the room together and she said nothing.

Natalie says Russell told her that Michelle has a calendar, that she made one out of her birth control package and that;s how she's keeping track.

Kevin and Jeff don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

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9:11 PM BBT

Everyone in the red room except Michelle. They are talking about how everyone has won an HOH but Braden, Laura and.... Natalie.

Kevin is so happy, thanking production. He thought they were going to screw him "Now he's in the lead you can pause him for 2 minutes" (referring to last week).

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9:20 PM

Jeff gets out "I can't fight this feeling" in song before catching himself and says, "I forgot no singing." Then he whistles. Nat is going to wash her sheets tomorrow. She got drool all over them. Kevin wonders what the containers the hot chocolate were in were called. "Barrels?" Nat tells him.

Nat/Kev glad they got the blankets/pillows out of the have not room before they locked it up.

Nat finds Russells play doh statute in the room. Asks Kevin if he wants his (own) body and he tells her to leave it there. In the kitchen (which is a big mess) Jeff eating s'mores. Comes back and lays besdie Jordan. She says she likes this, it's like old times.

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9:37 PM BBT

Jeff talking about his talking during show in HOH. Jeff telling them how Julie asks what's up with Jordan - you seem to be getting a little frustrated these days. Jeff goes through what he said and then says he was just trying to make Jordan the best Jordan she can be. Kevin moans "ooooohhh gooooodddddd"

Reliving how many times he told Jordan she had a hole in her cup before she was even listening to him. She says she was distracted by thinking about the game.

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9:39 PM BBT

Kevin recapping his gardening thing where he made comments about Jeff being the kind of gardener he wants and says he wanted to throw in something about Jeff being good with the hose. And we get a temporary FOTH. Jeff saying how in one DR session he said one of his answers sucked and the voice said beack to him "Yeah, that wasn't good" and he was like aww sh$t. Natalie saying how funny it was that at the beginning of the show everyone thought the guy that says the BB stuff was always in the house. She told them it was a recording.

Jeff telling Kevin how he'll be spoiled up there - his sleep will be better, his bathroom is just there. If you want to be alone you can just go up to your room. Kevin saying how 35 minutes before the show Russell was saying to him "just vote for me, no one will know - I can get jordan, michelle has a final two with jeff but she's going to use jordan to get to the end but she's going to dump jordan soon and jordan knows that."

Jordan hopes they did her goodbye message to him last. She had a lot to say.

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9:51 PM BBT

Kevin is describing his boyfriend. Says he's Mexican, has jet blacklonger hair, he's not skinny, he's bigger than Kev, he's shorter than him. Jordan asking where they met. Natalie says Kevin's BF was a customer at the Banana Republic. Kevin says no, it was before I was a Jehovah's Witness. He doesn't want to talk about how he met. Jeff says now that he said that he has to know. Kevin really says he does not want to talk about it. His parents didn't sign a release - they (BB) would have told him. He hopes they are watching.

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Michelle in BR.

The BB voice said "Casey" and all the others are now thinking is he coming back? Is it a twist? Kevin reminds them that Julie says surprise. Jeff could use any prize they give him. He needs clothes.

Michelle in the kitchen says "OMG, it's like 10 o'clock at night" Jordan mouths to the RR "Is she talking to herself?" they all giggle silently. Michelle comes in the room and says that they'll probably do Kevin's HOH room when he gets out. He got called to DR after the Casey call.

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10:10 PM BBT

HOH room time.

Jeff says his man looks like Enrique Iglasious (or however you spell it)

The girls saying how hot he is. Jordan sighs, I wish he wasn't gay. There s picture of his friend Cassandra and his brother. His boyfriend sent him a new hoodie and sandals. His music is Enrique.

They gave him everything he asked for. He has a new scarf, his hamburger helper, his spicy zesty

Letter - Not verbatim:

"Hello Kevin my love, I hope that when you get this letter you're doing well and enjoying (he;s bawling) your experience in the BB house amking friends and playing a fair game. Remember there's only one chance. For my part everything is okay alright, I just finidhes summer school and getting ready to start the ADM program next week. On the other hand it's been a challenge to live these weeks without you. It's the first time in 9 years we've been physically apart...especially after a difficult week at work and school. ..... difficult at the movies because there is no one to share a look with.

Our friends and family come over to the house to watch (BB). There's only a few weeks left, I will be waiting for you. Overall please keep your genuine essence because it made me fall in love with you and will no doubt make everyone else too. All my love, Alphonso."

Kevin cried throughout the reading and is laughing at himself because he didn't think he would.

His hoode has 'Doonies' on it and for how small it is it is an extra large. Kevin thinks it might be from Japan. He has a big orange crown. He got friend chicken and sushi.

It appears that Kevin's BF may not be 'out' as the ladies were making a comment that he will want to be out after this, how could anyone not like them both after this?

[Edited to correct the reference from 9 weeks to 9 years in the letter above]

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10:52 PM BBT

Jordan and Jeff in LR. Michelle sitting on stool in Kitchen. Jordan making a 'fish face' and noises with her mouth. Jeff asking why he's hungry, but he's not really hungry.

Jordan and Natalie in Red Room. Jordan has a headache. Jeff snacking on something and asks Natalie what's on her mind. She says she's happy right now. Jeff now eating nat's gum. Asks whose tea is on the counter. Jeff says he hears Earl Grey makes you sleep good. (It's a breakfast tea) and Nat thinks it helps with periods. The tea was Chima's in her basket.

Jeff says they are doing something tomorrow because their door is not open. Final 5 That's a big deal.

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*never posted b4 but I noticed no one else was so here goes* Midnight bbt Michele in Hoh room w/Kevin trying to get info on upcoming noms. Says she realizes she did go after his friends when she nominated Chima and Nat. Kevin says he won't reveal noms but there are only 3 options so 2 of those will be going up.

Michele saying kevin will have all the power this week since it could be a tie vote. that she is not campaigning, just gets neurotic when she has no info. Says she won't start WW3 if he tells her she is the one going home.

Kevin says his nominations won't be bc she nominated his friends, that he will look at who is winning comps or coming close to winning. Basically that he is looking at who will be the biggest threat to him. Michele reminds him that you have to think about who you want sitting next to and Kevin says he knows that if Jeff is at the end he will get america's vote. He feels that Jeff is getting a good edit. He tells michele he is not sure yet what he is doing but had Nat won it would be Jor/Mich on the block.

Kev says he needs to talk to Jeff and Jordan as well as Nat.

He wants to make the smartest decision and and then it will be all about who wins the veto.

Kevin compliments Michele saying she is one of the cooler people in there and that he agreed with Chima thinking Michele was a strong woman.

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12:06 bbt K tells M he is surprised J/j did not let her in on the plan to BD R. She says they were afraid to she would run and tell Russell.

Kev ask Mich what she would do if she was hoh. She tells him she sees jeff and kevin as the best competitors.

Nat walks in and they switch to talking about other seasons and comps. Michele seems uncomfortable and after awhile of BSing she hugs Kev

and comliments his BF saying he is hot then heads downstairs.

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12:30 bbt Kevin and Nat alone in hoh room Kevin doesn't believe Jeff when he talks bad about Michele saying he is "team michele". Discussing who is the better team Jeff/ Jord or Jord/Mich. That Jord/Mich would be weaker since they don't have a strong bond.

Nat says they should follow through with the plan to get rid of Jeff.

Kev agrees and realizes that if they let him make it to the final 3 he will evict them. Nat continues that Jeff is better in a physical comp than michele. * I would love to see Kev put up Jeff/ Jord just to make them realize they got fooled and then have Mich win veto and take one of them off sending gnat home*

Now Talking about Russ coming to them and how Mich must have said he wasn't getting her vote so he got pissed and told them things to get back at her.

Now Nat saying she could beat Mich in a Mental challenge *!!! lol*

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Blue screen WBRB ...wake up call?


They got ant spray, Jeff and Michele are cleaning the kitchen and spraying.

Michele in kitchen, the counter between the sink and the fridge is completely cleared of stuff. (its on the bar) she is scubbing it all down. (Only way I know of to get rid of ants is to clean the mess up)

Jeff taking out garbage.

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10:11 BBT

Michele still cleaning kitchen. Making herself a glass of coffee with flavoring and milk.

Jordan comes in. Michele tells her there were thousands of ants on the cutting boards.


Ant clean up continues. Jordan and Jeff throwing alot of stuff away and Michele washing dishes. (Ants everywhere!! So nasty even Jeff has on yellow cleaning gloves.)


Jeff walks outside and....

Jeff: Holy shit!! we gotta wash all this shit. --as he sprays the plants beside the washer/dryer

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Houseguests this is a lockdown. Please go inside and close the sliding glass door.

Jeff thinks they will have a luxury comp.

Jordan making breakfast, Michele doing ADL's.

Kevin was up earlier and got clothes and bag to take to HOH

Nat hasnt been out of bed yet.

Jeff complains of not having toys in the cereal boxes anymore and Michele tells him she had one if her Frosted Flakes. (Jeff you're eating big boy cereal now, no toys in them.)

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11:37 AM BBT

Jeff and Jordan hanging out in the recycle room. Jeff says he thinks Jordan looks better without make up. He thinks she looks prettier without it. She explains how the girls were told not to bring pencils into the house for make up so she had to buy liquid eyeliner.

Michelle and Kevin in the kitchen chatting, Jordan and Jeff head in their and Jordan tells them about finding ants crawling across her and in her orange juice. Jeff says they've really got to clean that place everyday. He thinks they should clean the floors and Michelle says 'they' get mad at her every time she cleans them. Kevin is afraid that ants will crawl in his ears. They are now discussing roaches. Jordan says that 'they' (must be BB production) said this place was covered this morning. {I reported that the kitchen was a huge mess last night so it's no surprise to any of us what happened}

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they are all in the kitchen discussing they wish they could go to a game show.... Price is Right... discuss that and how it might work... now Jordon in the shower. They are on inside lockdown and hear nothing going on outside so they think it might be a luxury comp.

Jeff singing so foth...

They are back and discussing Russell and all his professions... and his acting. They are saying that the LD is too long and is probably just nothing. Nat is saying LD all night .. then open for a little while, then LD again. They are trying hard to figure out what is going on since they cannot hear anything now. They are now talking about the wake up was adamant this morning that production kept insisting the get up.

Kevin thinks the table will change next week. Jeff humming again.. foth. {JEFF .... STOP SINGING !!}

They are discussing about being sore from the HOH comp. Kevin says his neck hurts from when he fell. Kevin and Nat sitting at the kitchen bar looking worn out and not even talking. Michele is going around looking for something?? shoes maybe. Kevin now retreating to the HOH.

Jeff is busy sweeping everywhere, trying to get the ants out. Jordon found another ant in her hair when she was shampooing.

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11:50 AM BBT

Jordan predicts that there will be a luxury comp at 2 pm today.

The group was discussing Price is Right Jeff told everyone that on his application under "What is your dream?" he put down "To wear Drew Carey's glasses." This is how they got to the conversation about the Price is Right and how awesome would it be if the luxury comp prize was to go play on the show. They discussed how sometimes the prizes aren't all that exciting, like when the prize is a brand new living room set and the contestants faces look disappointed 'uh yeah hurray'.

They have also been hypothesizing about the locked/unlocked have not room. It was locked all last night, now it's open this morning. Jeff says they are playing with the rats this morning. Lets see what the rats will do!

12:23 PM BBT

Jeff showing Natalie how to play solitaire in the kitchen. Kevin up in HOH re-reading his letter from his BF wearing his new hoodie. he might be listening to his music but his hood is up and you can't tell. Now he's sleeping.

Jeff and Natalie still playing cards while Natalie says she needs to go get a shower and Jeff jokes with her "It's because you're excited, just admit it, it's okay". Earlier Natalie was a little upset with the group because everyone hoped for a luxury comp all night long and now hoping this morning and what if they don't get one? Then she'd be all excited for nothing. SO she's not hoping and therefore not excited about the noises and mysterious room locked/unlocked status.

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1:05 PM BBT

Jeff making himself a sandwich (could be deli chicken or turkey slices) with mayo, a slice of white cheese (Swiss?) and, judging by the yellow container on the counter, mustard as well. He's scarping something out of a small green container.

Kevin comes down out of HOH and Jeff says he got the reject the button. He went upstairs and rang the door bell and no one answered. Said he looked at the camera, shrugged and walked away. Kevin says he was listening to music and they laugh. Kevin says "We should talk" Jeff whispers "We should, Michelle is right there" she's off camera, probably in one of the rooms. They wonder is all the noise they have been hearing is someone fumigating and Jeff keeps wondering why they didn't do it while they were all sleeping.

Jeff asks if they are doing something outside. He says it'd be cool if they tranquilized us, and took us away to another country or something.

Natalie comes into the kitchen slapping her slippers and looks all angry and says "That was all about something about me. Some sh&t about me" and we get the fish.

Now Nat, Kev and Jeff playing solitaire. Jordan and Michelle in the RR talking, lazing about.

Nat asks Kev is he wears ahts alot cause his BF wears hats.

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