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Thursday Night Football


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so is Akron, Ohio's CBS affected by Stealers Game Thursday?

I don't think so. We've got the Browns on Ch 3, and I don't think Ch 19 would be stupid enough to put the Steelers (Boooooo) on against them! When I look forward on the DVR schedule, it still shows BB on Thursday :hurray:

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dang i think dolphins game is on thursday

i should still get bb thou on cbs sister station

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i clearly wrote "cbs sister station"

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Here are the 33 Pre Emptions and how many hours after the Live show they will air

Due to Football & Democrats

New York

WCBS 1:37am (5 1/2 hours after) (some in NY can catch BB a another channel at same time like WRGB)

WTVH 2:07am (6 Hours & 7 minutes after)


KDKA 1:37am (5 1/2 hours after)

WHP 1:37am (5 1/2 hours after)

WSEE 2:07am (6 hours & 7 minutes after)

WTAJ 2:07am (6 hours & 7 minutes after)


WKRC 1:37am (5 1/2 hours after)

WHIO 1:37am (5 1/2 hours after)

WKBN 1:37am (5 1/2hours later)

WBNS 2:07am (6 hours & 7 minutes after)

South Carolina

WFMY 1:37am (5 1/2 hours later)

WSPA 1:37am (5 1/2 hours later)

WCSC 2:37amB (6 1/2 hours later)


WWJ 1:37am (5 1/2 hours later)

WJMN 1:37am (5 1/2 hours later)

WWTV 2:07am (6 hours & 7 minutes after)

WNEM 2:37am (6 1/2 hours after)


WSBT 1:37am (5 1/2 hours after)


WIFR 12:37am (5 1/2 hours after)


WFRV 12:37am (5 1/2 hours after)


KCTV 11:37pm (4 1/2 hours after)


KGAN 12:37am (5 1/2 hours after)


KWCH 12:37am (5 1/2 hours after)

KBSD 12:37am (5 1/2 hours after)

KBSH 12:37am (5 1/2 hours after

KBSL 12:37am (6 1/2 hours later)


KLST 12:37am (5 1/2 hours after)

KEYE 12:37am (5 1/2 hours after)

KTAB 12:37am (5 1/1 hours after)


KGMB 12:37am (10 1/2 hours after)

KGMV 12:37am (10 1/2 hours after)

KGMD 12:37am (10 1/2 hours after)

Ontario, Canada

WWUP 2:07am (6 hours & 7 minutes later)

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I just checked tvguide, for here in the DC burbs & thankfully, NBC is carrying the local preseason game, It seems every year in the past, at least once, we've had to stay up, to 3am & not watch the feeds, to see who was evicted.And it was a pain in the ...

Whew, I'm relieved.


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Sugar I have been a die hard cheifs fan for years BUT boy have we been going through a slump, it is Edwards if you ask me, he just does not have it as a coach, I prefer the Hank Stram and Shotenheimer Days. I will have to come here first after work to see who and what happened, then watch the show late,lol

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I just found out STUPID Carolina Panthers are playing a exibition game on cbs here and bb will be on at 1:30 in the FREAKIN MORNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so MAD :lipsrsealed2: with the FREAKIN Steelers

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I don't know if anyone posted about this yet (and I don't have time to check), but it's about Dan's team playing tonight.

Here's some info about it: http://www.mlive.com/grpress/sports/index....marys_offe.html

EGR, Orchard Lake St. Mary's offer finals encore

by Jane Bos | The Grand Rapids Press

Quick note to high school football fans heading to East Grand Rapids' Memorial Field for Thursday night's season-opener: Arrive early, plan on staying late.

And expect to be dazzled.

The advice is superfluous if you watched the final game of the 2007 season.

The Division 3 championship at Ford Field on Thanksgiving weekend kept fans, players and coaches nearly breathless.

In a state-record five overtimes, East Grand Rapids stopped Orchard Lake St. Mary's 46-39. The season lasted about 90 minutes longer than anyone expected.

So guess who's kicking off the 2008 season?

That's right. East Grand Rapids hosts Orchard Lake St. Mary's. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m.

The two schools decided on the rematch last spring.

"There were certain people who said, 'Don't you think it will take away from last year's game?' when they heard we were playing them again," said East coach Peter Stuursma. "I say there is no way it will. That game for both teams is etched in history books forever, and that can never be taken away. And I truly, truly believe that."

The game is one of the spotlight contests in the area this week as the high school football season begins in Michigan. Most teams are making the move to Thursday night to free Labor Day weekend for families.

A handful of games still will played on the more traditional Friday night and Saturday.

East senior tailback Joe Glendening, who scored two touchdowns in overtime against OLSM, is excited to start writing a new chapter.

"That was a fun team to play, and I am glad we are going to play them again," he said. "They have a lot of talent, and it was a lot of fun.

"It still makes me nervous when I think about the game, when I think about how if one little thing had gone differently, they would have won the state championship. It was exhausting."

Both teams are historically solid.

St. Mary's Eaglets have qualified for the playoffs 15 times, including 14 during present coach George Porritt's 19 seasons. Porritt has a 172-39 record and won two state crowns.

Stuursma has coached the Pioneers for eight years, leading them to an 88-12 mark and four state titles. Overall, East has reached the playoffs 17 times and won eight state championships.

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Perfect, now most viewers will have to tune in Sunday and discover two people are missing. How could they even do this with the show getting ratings this high? What will be the most viewed episode yet and they are not even going to show it in most states. All for preseason football games that don't even count. Can't wait for Survivor to be preempted every #^@damn night it's on.

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well, I am pre empted but the show is shown her at 11:37 till 12:37, but if there is a place to at least hear what is happening, I need that link, surely you all that are watching will be posting the Thur show section, I hope,lol

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