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August 17 & 18 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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10:35PM BBT: Nothing much going on in the house. Everyone in the kitchen. Renny made deviled eggs, they are waiting on it to cool. Renny was doing impressions of each hgs in the morning. April/Ollie making something to eat also. No game talk just idle chit chat

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just general chitchat, April talking about making a cake for Libra, and Libra's after reaction to April making her a cake; apparently she wasn't appreciative of April's efforts. The girls are talking about how they think Dan is the AP, and bringing up the weird things he's done in the past.

Dan just tried to get Memphis to do a Baywatch skit with him wearing the red outfits from the Hawaiian challenge, Memphis declined the invitation.

Jerry hasn't said anything rude yet, I guess he's trying to keep a low profile right now...

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( Lots of FOTH tonight )

10:58pm BBT: Memphis talking about being elected treasurer at school...FOTH

11:00pm BBT: Back and Dan talking about playing football. Memphis now telling a story about being elected most school spirit and he and some friends were out and he took a big squash an put it in his pants and they took a picture and they got in cleared to go in the school yearbook.

Keesha says she was voted prettiest eyes in school (never heard of that being a category in school)

(really boring right now)

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10:46 BBT

Reeney saying to Dan in LR that he's at "that age" where he doesn't need to be immature...Reeney talling him "none of this innocent bullshit crap" besides its not the Catholic way..sayig he'll "come out a man" at the end of BB telling him to cut the innocent act....Dan says thats the way he's perceived by her...and she says no that's the way others look at him she knows better..

Dan asking Reeney different scenarious that if she ever been around a large amounr of monet and considered stealing.....FOTH ...feeds back and asks if she's lied to police officers to get out of a situation..FOTH..

Now he asks what type of attorney she would be..Reeney says a divorce attorney....

Asking what "career path "she would pick for her kids..reeney says the ones they have now..

Reeney says she would change her impatience when Dan asks what she would change "a non physical" part of her..

Dan probes what her last impatient episode she had and Reeney says when she left hastuly for bb.

If you could rewind your life and go back to a year " what would it be...Reeney asks Dan....he says "my jr year of HS"....Reeney was "Monica involved" e says she was on the horizon...saying that's when he changed his outlook on school changed...his grades improved...got more involved..and Played "football"..Reeney says what position..Dan says "corner" back..

Memphis chimes in about being a "elected treasurer" of his school ..saying he mades signs that just said "BOB" on it with "for treasure" really small and taped them everywhere.....saying for two weeks people were saying "what the hell" and says he didn't say one thing....and when they had announcements he said "vote Bob"..and it worked...

Michele joins them

Dan talking about drinking a lot of "Pop"

Michele asks about his scar on his Chin...Dan says he was decked...when his friend ian "blasted me" when it was suppose to be a walk through.....

Memphis chimes in.."I was elected most spirited for my school" saying him and "my buddies were acting like a bunch of idiots and he got a squash from the "town square" because it was Fall.. and put it down there and it was in the "yearbook".

Reeney "Mr schlong"..Memphis goes on tha a couple years people wre complaining about inappropiate pictures..and used his squash picture "hold a squash prevertedly" as an example.

Dan says he can't believe that Memphis graduated after him saying he graduated in 2001 and Memphis in 02..

Memphis saying he "was banned" at all "extracurricular activites"..

Keesha says she got "prettiest eyes"..in HS.

Memphis talking about his nasty shirts on picture day..ie "steel erections"...

11:08 BBT they talk about candy as Ollie says he just finished up his sucker...

Reeney trhinks all her friends "from school" are watching..saying "thw wierdest" ones will be her boyfriends...

Talking about their school reunions.....Keesha saying "it would be awkward"..saying last one "only 10 people showed up..Reeney "you could have it at your house"

Michele says 400 people in her class and a lot of people showed up.....Keesha says "maybe 130" graduated when Reeney asks..Keesha "my town doesn't have a stoplight"..Reeney "what does that have to do with having a reunion"

Keesha ragging on "the girls in charge of it".....

11:13 BBT April outside by herself on the hammock crying...

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11:14 BBT

Keesha saying that real estate investment.. is too risky and needs a steady paycheck...

Ollie asks if keesha still keeps in touch with classmates..Keesha says yes...Ollie says he's bad at keeping in touch..

Keesha saying her freshman year "was my best year" because she got drunk "on rum and coke" crawling on the floor..

Jerry say "muscatel" was the first time he got drunk..Jerry tells Dan who asked...Jerry says he was 13..and got so sick..Jerry says he doesn't think anyone has heard of "muscatel" and Reeney says she has..Jerry says the "other one was ripple"..Dan says he's heard that on "Sanford and Son"

Dan asks something to Keesha and keesha says shut up since he never answers questions about Monica..

Reeney says "harrison Ford" is gorggeous..and Reeney tries to defeds herself when keesha says she said he was ugly...Reeney says she doesn't thing H. Ford isn't "gorgeous at all"

talking about "Sean Connery" his age and whether he's good looking or not..Reeney thinks he's sexy..Keesha "I don't"

George Clooney Michele thinks he's gorgeous...Reeney not so much..

11:25 BBT April still having her pity party on the Hammock..she's wraped up in her towel..with only her straw.err hair showing...She's alone {soon to be with Libra}

11:26 BBT

Feeds are FOTH while BBAD on April

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11:26 BBT

Olie goes outdoors and joins April on the hammock..."Its nice out" April says when ollie asks why she's sleeping outside..saying it was impossible to find her...again April "its nice out"

Ollie talking about how scared she gets when "people wake you up" saying "she jumps" and says she's not aware of it...basically talk about that..

April "what cha thinkin" Ollie say nothing how she could roll up in a ball and get comfortable outside.....Ollie saying "you sleep "more deep" out here than inside the house..

Ollie "you know what" memphis says BB will bring Libra back because its "too calm" in the house...April says BB wouldn't bring her back because she's "too peaceful"

April admits she "was pretty upset" about Michele complaining about her key..."fucking whore" at least she "has a key"...April saying "it was a big slap in the face" going on about her key...."right in front of me"..Ollie saying "I don't think she" April "realizes".....

Olie says "people are being nice to you" now but were never before...its like "what the ef"..telling her "don't let it drive you crazy"...April crying about her birthday cake and Libra "turns around" and says she hates her.."who does that"

Ollie calling both of them "dirty" it sucks "because you have to live with them"..April crying even though "she's the tough girl in the house" she "still has feelings"

Michele comes out and asks "why you crying"..saying she's "thinking "about stuff"..Michele "I don't want you to cry"..both saying they couldn't find her.....

Talking about how tough it is "being up"..Michele goes on about "jessie" being up 3 outta 4 weeks "he couldn't eat sleep" thats why he "took naps"..

April goes on about Libra/Birthday cake..and 'the little things"

Michele blabs about the banner"there is a reason" for things saying she knows what she saw..Libra birthday cake bashing ensues......Michele brings up the "I have 3 votes" to stay calling it bullshit....Michele says she was the "best player" in the house..talking about her justification that she's a liar because she said "look at the tapes"..Michele says it was her fault becasue she didn't use the POV and get her out "things would be different".."The game would be different"..talking woulda coulda shoulda..rehashing old stuff about Libra..Michele "she's a fucking bitch"

11:46 BBT reeney Jerry talking about Deltas and stuff..Dan and Keesha talk in Sauna room...and Dan say she asked who she would put up if he took Reeney off saying he just said it to see what "she would say"..he says Reeney told him "i would have to tink about it"..saying he ws Playing "devil's advocate".....Keesha says she doesn't think reeney has something with Reeney..Keesha says Ollie and Michele are trying to figure a way to keep April..Dan saing 'its not gonna happen"

Dan telling Keesha he trusts her......"me " Keesha says when Dan asks who Ollie would put up..."because of April"

Dan saying Michele is good because she is good with everyone in the house....Keesha saying "she's a great competitor" saying not so much in questions..but she is "a warrior" in the physical comps.

11:52 BBT both talking they are "going to miss it" when they leave BB and it being "once in a lifetime" blah blah blah..

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11:54 BBT

Dan and Keesha talking and Michele enters the sauna room with a report why April is upset...saying "the cake thing" and Keesha saying when April is in the Jury house Libra will be back "in her ear"

Michele talks about the cake...saying she couldn't do it....Keesha saying she wasn't making fun of it but it ws 'more two faced"...Keesha lies to them about the whole cake thing...{like she didn't talk crap about it with Libra}...

Keesha saying she's tired and going to bed soon...

12:00 BBT Ollie and April outside and Ollie says I will let you "be alone" for a bit tells her 'to come inside" because its cold outside...

April back to being by herself..

12:02 BBT

Ollie joins Dan Keesha and Michele talking about the "deviled egss" {so disgusting} on good they are..Keesha tells Michele how they are made..

Dan asking how the sauna works..Michele saking Dan if they have one at his school "in the football lockerroom"..Dan says they have a wet sauna..

Dan talking about the mic in the sauna..and we get foth..

12:06 BBT feeds return with Keesha talking ..Ollie says he wants a sauna for his house....

Dan looking around the room asking how it was decorated last year..michele saying it was the workout room..

Michel talking about the patriotism in RI on 9/11...9/11 talk ensues..

They are talking they knew where they were when the "OJ" thing went down....Michele saying its been a long time

Reeney comes in and Dan asks where she was when JFK was shot..Reeney says she "was in school" and the teacher was "crying"...Reeney says she saw RFK get shot..

Michele says she loved JFK even though "it wasn't my time"

OJ talk ensues...whether "he did it" or not..Keesha "he use to beat the shit out of that woman"

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12:17 BBT

Talk has turned to children murdering their parents and OJ intertwined....in the sauna........

Reeney goes on about what money can buy from attorneys...

12:19 BBT

Jerry and Memphis talking in the kitchen.. ..Jerry talking about his marine corps days...Memphis struts his way into the Sauna room and joinds the oj chat..and immediately leaves...and walks around the house wondering the time before he mutters "what is it 12:15".....

12:24 BBT Jerry in the 80s room alone..leaves and does his round around the house..and pos his head into the sauna room..and listens to the OJ talk.....

Ollie about Oj "i liked him in Naked Gun"

they continue to talk Oj ..talking about different murders..also...

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12:37 BBT

The entire house in the sauna room talking about psychotic people {no not other HG} but people who have committed murders of passion....

Dan and Memphis sitting in the sauna together...

Ollie starts in an a new psychotic story...

12:39..I guess the talk is too much for his {virgin} ears and leaves the room

{since all 4 feeds are on this discussion not much to report until they are done}

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12:44 BBT

Dan taking a shower talking to Keesha...Jerry went to be and the reat in the sauna.. keep getting FOTH...

{too tired tonight so I'm making an early exit..be back tomorrow..night all}

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2amBBT Dan,Memphis talk of is good 2 be with Renny/Keesha, Memphis says yes as we can win that way. Michelle jooins them outside then she does to bed at 2:09amBBT

2:17amBBT Memphis heads to bed & Dan brushes his teeth

2:19amBBT Dan grabs a tissue and rubs it on Michelle's sleepin face, she smacks his arm

2:21amBBT Dan gets into bed, Memphis gets out of bed and goes to brush teeth

2:22amBBT Memphis gets into bed

2:23amBBT All Tryin 2 Sleep

2:43amBBT Dan uses BR, Keesha has Memphis flip Dan's bed over!

2:45amBBT Dan comes back hears laughter from room, opens door slow & puts light on and sees bed "U A-Holes." Dan laughs.

Keesha said she wanted Memphis to go under your bed, Dan playfully grabs something of Keesha's. Keesha "Your rotten." they all laugh. Keesha "GO 2 bed Dan." Laughs.

2:47amBBT Lights out, but Dan stand holding a pillow in middle of room. Keesha's laughing. Dan keeps smackin Keesha's feet with pillow. Keesha then sees Dan Youre standing right in front of my bed and its creppyting me out." Mempohis "Dan we can see u," Dan "how its dark." Memphis "theirs always lights on in here."

2:49amBBT Dan gets into bed. More joking with the 3

3amBBT those 3 stil laughi & stuff

3:33amBBT All Tryin 2 Sleep

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10:31 am BBT

Dan found Renny's sleep mask wedged between the mattress and the wall and asked Renny if she was opening the salon today and that he had payment. He gave her the sleep mask and she said thank you Dan and kissed him on the cheek. Ollie shaving his head and face. We keep getting Fishies because Dan and Michelle are singing the Monica song.

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10:52 am BBT

Me and J in BY sitting on couches silently. Dan just crawled under the LR coffee table. He is hiding there. R eating b-fast. D just scared R. R gasps and says "Dan!" Mi just walked by and said "Did I leave my pants" Mi walked right past D under the table... K is sitting there smiling... Mi says What. K - Nothing, Nothing, did you hear R screem??? Mi - Yeah I did, why? K walks out to BY and says to J "Orange, I don't think I have seen you in orange before. J - Nope, yeah I have to change the monotony somehow. Mi walks past D again under the LR table. Mi walks by again and says "I just found my ring in my drawer that I searched 10 times on top of my makeup and I use my makeup at least twice a day... Mi walks around telling everyone. R says that yeah her eye mask just appeared. Me tells R that he found her eyemask. O working out in BY. Mi now telling Ape the story of how she found her ring. Me just got more coffee and went back out to BY couches. Me and J talk about drinking coffee. K, A nad Mi in the BR Mi going on and on about the ring. K is drying her hair.

10:59 am BBT

Conspiracy theories start about Mi's ring. They say something about Dan wanting to get his haircut upstairs... we keep getting FotH.

11:01 am BBT

BB - Dan, Knock it off!

BB again "Dan!"

Ape and K in BR talking about Dan and getting his haircut. Trippin on why D doesn't want his haircut downstairs... Parinoia runs amuk in the BB house.

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12:19 BBT Renny is cutting Michelles hair, Dan is cleaning after them by sweeping the hair.

Dan goes to the storage room and sings " the bannana" we get a Foth for a sec

Dan comesback to the washroom and tries to shave with an electric razor and says "this sucks",

Ollie came to to the washroom to watch Renny cut Michelles hair

Michelle is telling a story that she went to a hairdresser and they messed up her hair, and then she had to wash her hair with horse shampoo to let the hair grow faster.

Ollie left and all 4 feeds are on Renny/michelle and Dan .

Memphis came in to the washroom with his sunglasses on and no shirt, looks in the mirror and leaves. Nothing is happening

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12.43 BBT. Just noticed nobody is posting. But that's OK because not much is happening. Renny has done Dan's hair for him, and rubbed tan lotion on his back. Dan had to shave a mole hair on his back. Then he got called to DR.

Meanwhile... April is walking around all pouting and stuff. Goes into LR in obvious ploy for Ollie's attention (he's reading the Bible on the couch). She sits in the nominee chair and pouts. He says "you alright" She says "fine". He says "you just sayin that?" she says "no". She gets up and begins to clomp around the house a bit.

SLLLOOOWWWWWW.... painfully SLOOOOWWWW day.....

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2:10 BBT

Jerry & Dan in SR

Jerry apologizes to Dan for the Judas comment. He says he has a street fighter mentality and he wants to take the comment off the table. Dan says he didn't take it personally. He says what he didn't understand is why Jerry took it so personally. Jerry says he was hurt, he wasn't hateful, he was pissed. But it's coming off the table. jerry says I'm taking it off the table.

D: how do you feel about this week.

J. I feel that I have a good chance b/c A has built a bad situation and I kept my word last week. And now I'm alone. I'm counting on your side. I'm going to have to protect you guys if A goes in next week.

D: the HOH comp - I picked you because you said that. If you wouldn't have said that, I wouldn't have picked you, but you made it easy.

J: I knew that. But I'm hoping I can count on you and Memph this week because Michelle seems like she has disowned me. If you guys keep me, you've gained another alliance because Michelle is still strong.

D: I didn't take it personally because we did have an alliance.

J: it hurt me deeply. It would have been different if you would have told me or asked me to go with you to show some relationship

J: I still like you - you are just like one of the kids

D: I hope when we get out of here we are cool

J: I'm a street fighter, it hit me hard, it was nasty. I was wrong, for that part of what I said, I am sorry.

D: I appreciate it.

They shake hands

all 4 feeds are now on Dan in the pool by himself.

feeds switch to the outdoor couches

ollie looks to be alseep, keesha eating something

jerry is out there to just staring

no one talking

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2:55 BBT

april is out by the pool talking to dan

he's in the pool so no mic and it's hard to hear him so bare with me

April is pleading her case to dan

she says she not asking him to use the veto because she doesn't want him to have a target on his back

she just wants to see if he'll vote for her to stay

she's telling him she has always kept her word, and look at how jerry has treated you

A: i'm just hoping that you have thought about how jerry would still go after you next week if he wins HOH

A: you are not my target and i can promise i won't put you up if i stay and win hoh this week

D: i know i've thought about this but sometimes i think you have to think about what the hoh wants because then if i went against that, then i'd have others in the house after me

A: i know but you would have me and ollie fighting for hoh and we wouldn't put you up (vs keesha, jerry and memphis)

A: i spoke with michelle and you know i have ollie, so i told them all i need is to get to dan and hope that he is planning on keeping me

A: I just wanna know where your head is at

D: i'm willing to listen to what everybody has to say, I'm not 100% at this time

A: i understand but i didnt' know if jerry offered you something because if you save him or if you vote for him to stay then you'll (D) have to worry about if people will think you two made a deal because of the way he has treated you in the past

D: i've thought about that as well

A: i just hate that some people are running this house that have absolutely no power

D: do you think someone influenced renny with he noms

A: i don't think so, she even said she's playing for herself and I really think she made this decision herself

A: i mean i know people look at me and ollie as a couple and that's a threat but renny felt personally she had no reason to put ollie up

D: do you see a real future with you and ollie outside this house

A: "of course, i see myself marrying ollie" and yes i know people see us as an alliance but we just really enjoy each others company and yes we're close but we're also playing our own game (whatever)

A: ollie said he wants to come talk to you later too

D: that's fine

A: thank you dan

D: your welcome

april gets up and leaves the pool

renny walks over and sits in the chair by the pool

dan asked her if she's be to the "dairy queen"

she says no they haven't called me yet

he's pickin with her saying he's goin to throw her in the pool

she says no dan

he says why not, she said stop playin dan

*before april left dan, he todl her that pov cerem will be held tomorrow*

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April saying she can totally see herself marrying Ollie, it's not fair that her relationship with him is being held against her [to Dan]

Dan loves his new haircut. He jokingly says rennys hair looks nice but it won't when he throws her in the pool. she tells him to not start. Dan "So I can't throw you in the pool?"

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3:00 BBT - April and Dan by the pool ... April trying to get Dan's vote ... saying she has never broken her word to anyone and if Dan were to vote for Jerry to stay she would question his judgement after the way Jerry treated him. She also mentioned that Jerry won 2 POVs and how she hasn't done very well in the buzzer competitions {sometimes I wonder if these people have ever watched BB - the first part of the final HOH is ALWAYS endurance...they are FOOLS to keep April in the game at this point}

Keesha and Renny head outside and April moves to a lounge chair

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Michelle says Dan's hair looks good.

Renny asks if Dan fixed his hair. Michelle tells him she'll help him do a mohawk.

Renny munching chips LOUDly.

Dan lounging by pool & kitchen empty except Michelle.

Renny asks where's Keesha and wants to talk to her upstairs. Keesha says yeah.

Renny getting something to drink. Says she'll talk to Michelle after Keesha. She's seemingly putting her off. Michelle says no problem and anytime gf.

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