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August 17 & 18 - Live Feed Updates

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10:05 BBT

Back from FOTH. Ollie and April talking on and off in the spa room. Jerry sitting outside alone on the couch. Memphis, Dan and Keesha in bathroom. Michelle walking around. No sign of Renny.

April's talking about one of the girls (Keesha?) is jealous of her. BB tells the HGs there are fresh batteries. April joins them in the bathroom and they're discussing how much make up they brought into the house. Ollie heads outside as Jerry comes into the kitchen and joins Memphis. As they both go to go outside, BB asks Memphis is he's remembered to change his batteries. He puts his cup down and goes to the SR. Keesha's doing her hair.

10:15 BBT


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11:42 BBT

Ollie and April talking at kitchen table. Keesha and Michelle are sitting at the bar with someone doing dishes. They'll all waiting around for the veto meeting to happen.

Dan, who's walking aorund the kitchen, says that the BB house probably looks so different on tv and how it probably looks authentic and then of course BB goes FOTH.

12:00 BBT

Must be veto meeting just started. Been FOTH and now trivia up there.

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12:45 BBT

Feeds back.. can't tell if Dan used the veto or not. Michelle and Memphis whispering about April offering money.

From what I gather, Dan did not use the veto, as I think April was just asking him for his vote, offering him safety with her and Ollie and money if he needs it. He said he'd let her know ahead of time if he does (vote her out?) just out of respect and wouldn't leave her hanging like that.

CONFIRMED: Dan did NOT use the veto.

Dan and Memphis talking about the veto meeting in the backyard. Dan asked Memphis if he thought he was going to flip. Memphis said no, not at all. Dan said he played up the veto meeting for tv a little. Says Keesha almost flipped during the meeting.

1:00 BBT

April and Ollie talking in the living room. Keesha and Renny talking in the HOH room about Michelle. Keesha says that she doesn't think Dan is with Michelle, as he doesn't trust her, but thinks Memphis and Michelle are togehter. Renny agrees and says she doesn't trust either of them. Renny saying how Michelle has something going with both sides of the house. Keesha tells Renny Michelle wants Jerry out really bad. Renny says Jerry can't stand Michelle. Keesha says Michelle's playing mind games with her to make her think Memphis, Dan and Jerry are together for Keesha to vote Jerry out.

(Anyone else pick up? I'll be back soon.)

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1:00PM BBT: According to Keesha, April denies offering money to Dan.

Memphis saying he never thought dan would flip, he is not paranoid like everyone else in the house

April telling Ollie how she's trying to work Dan. She said she told him that her offer still stands, and to let April know when he decides his vote.

Renny is convinced that Michelle, Memphis and Dan have an alliance.

Keesha says no, it's Michelle, Ollie and April

Renny is convinced.

Keesha tries to straighten her out. Renny says at the very least, Memphis and Michelle have something.

R saying she trusts Dan after "the play that he made"

1:10pm bbt: Apparently Keesha was very worried at the cermony. She admits this to Renny, and Dan said to Memphis that it was written all over her face how worried she was

K: I didn't think he would though. I just got nervous.

Dan comes up to ask if Keesha and Renny want waffles. They say no.

Apparently April said "Jerry offered you money?" to Dan.

Renny asks Dan if he thinks Michelle and Memphis are together

Dan says he doesn't know for a fact, but he would say no. He kinda asked the other night and they didn't seem shady.

Dan leaves to make waffles.

Renny says he doesn't give too much info when it comes to those to, does he?

K: course not.

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Approx 3:05BBT

Dan was in the backyard with Keesha and Jerry when he trapped a dragonfly or a preying mantis under his cup. He then placed it under a clear plastic container in the sun. Both Keesha and Jerry kept telling him to let it go as he would "bake it to death". Dan was staring at it like he's mezmorized and saying "I'll let it go in a minute." It appears he waited too long as when Memphis came over to see it and Dan went to let it go the insect was barely moving.

Jerry advised Dan to put it to the side and let it get air. Dan called to the DR. Keesha went to look at it and it seems as if the bug is dead. She's ticked off.


Keesha calling Dan a jack@ss as he killed the insect. Dan reports that insects and animals are there to be observed and studied. (I can hear PETA loving that). They are in the kitchen wondering why he does that. Keesha makes comments that Dan is always catching little bugs and killing them.

Dan is explaining to Michelle that he is not malicious and doesn't kill things. It's still alive he says. Says he'll give it CPR. Michelle is concerned that Jerry fed it clorine water from the pool.

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4:27pm BBT Memp and Keesha on BY sofa. Mem saying Mich is berserk today. Wondering if April is messing with her head. Memp saying doesnt make any sense why she is talking to April. He does not understance why Mich is so paranoid--Keesha saying that Mich wants Ape to stay and that would be the dumbest thing ever for Keesha. Keesha thinks she is trying to be safe with them, memp says she is not safe with them. Keesh says that maybe Mich is feeling lost right now. Keesha saying that she thinks there isnt anyone in the house with an alliance. (WHAT???) She sd she asked Mich if her and Memp were in an alliance--he quickly says there is not. He agrees with her that he also does not think any alliances.(That alone should tel her something-BBF)

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6:45 BBT Just turn the feeds on and the first thing I hear is April tell us all that she is having a problem using the bathroom offers Ollie some of her Metamusil.

Keesha in the Sauna. Michelle in the room no game talk just idle chatting / Keesha actually laying down in the sauna

Ollie cooking slop put to much salt in it "Stupid Stupid Stupid" - 5 minutes later he scrapes it into the trash

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7:00 BBT - Memphis & Michelle chatting Michelle telling Memphis that people are asking about them and whether they are close or not and she says they are just friends they keep changing convos as people keep coming outside.

They are questioning what Keesha would do if she won HOH they think right now it would be Jerry & Ollie. They are finding it funny that Jerry is now trying to be their friend. (Michelle pushing for April to stay? CH). They are trying to decide who they want to bring into the final 4 with them no real clues but the thought right now appears to be Keesha & Ollie.

They think the HOH Comp will be physical

Ollie is trying to cook his slop again!

7:10 BBT - Renny makes her first apearance and she's walking around in her Granny gown! (or whatever that is I dunno)

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7:25 BBT - Michelle, Renny, and April catch a bug and decide to catch it and show Dan so he can tell them what it is. They wake up Dan to ask him what it is......It's a Cicada? (whatever that is) At least Dan's awake now he took one to class once.

Memphis is in the Sauna

April making cookies.

Renny asked Michelle to go upstairs ...

(Thank you tekylady for the heads up on the bug's name - Cicada)

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7:30 BBT - Renny & Michelle in the HOH.

Renny still thinks the guys are in an alliance. Michelle going over the guys thing again because Jerry is hanging outside more often all of a sudden. (Renny seems to forget her power is now gone - CH)

They are rehashing the same thing they already talked about before about Michelle asking April if she offered Dan money and she denied it.

**Enter Keesha**

Michelle going over the ENTIRE night Renny seems suspicious about Memphis staying up by himself???

Renny - Whatta ya think is gonna happen to Ollie in the game?

Michelle - I dunno

Renny is concerned about there being to many guys left in the game

...and we have FOTH

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(Sorry stepped away)

7:55 BBT - Jerry bashing time Renny thinking that Jerry could easily migrate to the guys same talk so I guess I didn't miss anything.

Renny - He's never gonna put up Keesha

Keesha - Why do you keep saying that it pisses me off?

Renny - Cuz your young and I put him up

Keesha - April hasn't even asked about my vote

Michelle - April just asked that I let her know but she didn't ask FOR her vote.

Renny is eating chips again :(

Back to Jerry bashing in full force - (Michelle with her usual amount of F-Bombs)

Renny hates that he doesn't cover his mouth when he yawns yatta yatta....

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8:05 BBT - Talking about now how none of the guys have won an HOH and Jerry's doesn't count.

They figure they can just keep winning and take out all the boys - (girls vs boyz = jr high? - CH)

Michelle really selling out the guys now

Renny says stat wise the girls should have the advantage (3 guys vs 2 girls hmm I don't get it) They all agree though!

The girls are now thinking about bringing in Ollie as a 4th member.

8:10 BBT - Michelle still doing the majority of the talking trying to get the girls to go against the guys seems to be still playing both sides. Keesha thinks Ollie would still put her up if he wins.

They are questioning why the guys never win anything cuz Memphis is a big strong guy and Dan dropping out of the enduro contest so easy :)

Seems to be paranoia setting in.

Michelle continues to sell out the boys including Memphis but Jessie is "a man's man" (gag)

8:20 BBT - Memphis enters the HOH with his giant lollipop and the convo stops and they ask if Dan is still sleeping. Michelle talking about them being told to put on their mics and yup you guessed it ... FOTH

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11:04 BBT

Olie in bed in their bedroom talking about Michele...and making fun of Keesha and her weight obsession and her "crying because she gained a pound"

Michele comes in "wass up beocthes"....Michele putting ribbon on "Holly" to shore up her broken neck.......talking saying don't worry "I'll mend you back together" she sings "Hooollly" BB tells her to stop singing..she yealls back "I'm singing to Holly"

April says she gets "her really high forehead" from her Dad and her Grandpa.......Jerry walks in as well as Dan who flicks on the lights....April pinching ollie...telling him to go look at his tongue since its "blue"....

Michele in her own world with that stupid stuffed animal.."all back togther Holly"..April chimes in..saying when she selleps with that animal she never losses her "bow" or her "cast"

Ollie back saying "he'll spin the globe" and wever it lands he'll visit...luck winner are our friends from Winnetka Canada..

11:13 BBT

Outside memphsi saying it "bothers me" Ollie is floating through the game....Olie hasn't been on "the hot seat"...Keesha "I know he'd put my ass up in a heartbeat"

Memphis "it will bug me..It will piss me off he makes it to the final 4"......Dan says he hasn't had to made any decision.....keesha says that April has "carried him" they all agree...

Memphis saying 'we can keep Jerry in here any longer".....saying if him and Jerry go on the block and Ollie and Michele will get "really tight".....Memphis says we have to "keep" Michele..saying "nobady's after her" and can't understand why "she's making a big deal about April leaving"

keesha says who would she put up if got hOH Keesha thinks it will be her and DAn and think they contol the votes "no matter who wins HOH".......Dan thinks they are screwed in Jerry wins HOH in that scenario

Keesha saying they "need to get HOH".....Memphis saying if they can get HOH the "next two weeks" they will be at final four...

Talking after the final five it will be "luck"......Memphis thinking ..the light ulb goes on in Memphis' head and realizes that "its the biggest" comp near the end....

Dan explains the final three HOH and how it work....

Memphis sayin they make deals because that's how they did it BB9....

Dan hoping the HOH is "not the booths"...Keesha "i'm good at the booths"..

talking abou how good their odds are since its Jerry and Ollie....

Dan saying "the eliminator" was his favorite HOH...

reeney comes out..."its too late" when Dan asks to "style" his hair..telling him to ask Memphis to it...saying :its for those funny business people" and wouldn't "style anothers man's hair" {insecure much}

Dan asks "what is making whoppee" they say to him "making love" and can't believe "you've never heard it before"

Reeney stupidly says seriously "Ollie may want to go to the jury house" when April is gone...Memphis saying its not normal to be so glued to April....Keesha saying "he was a really cool guy" until he got with April...mephis asking "when this showmance got started"...

Talking about Ollie being "a loner" once April leaves talking he'll adapt to Jerry because "he feels sorry for him" and Michele..

Reeney wants to know what Memphis said about Jerry...saying "what if Jerry ____in here"...Memphis saying Jerry acts a lot different the way he acts.......Keesha says "its from the slop"......Reeney saying its not the slop and Memphis says it isn't.......Keesha asks what it is and they conclude its "his age"

Libra bashing..

11:35 BBT Reeney to Memphis don't think "the colonel isn't playing the game"

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11:38 BBT

Outdoors Memphis Reeney Keesha and Dan

reeney saying that they may get heat for being mean to Jerry...

talking about how they are portrayed.......

Dan saying he doesn't act like Jameeka ...after Memphis saying that BB with probably plays "the music" when he's reading the bible..

Dan saying he doesn't like whehn people try to force religion on everyone else...

In the bedroom..Michele is going over what they told her in HOH...April says she's sure she's the one leaving....

Outdoor againg....they are talking drugs...."crystal meth" Keesha says "its man made..its made out of drain-o" talking about how it destroys lives...

Memphis "i've never done crystal meth"....

11:47 BBT

Mephis saying he feels "like we're gonna run out of food"

Keesha bring up that Libra said that she "was jealous of her" {April}...Reney asks he what happen to her face saying she was picking at it...

Reeney says in DR they asked about her "impressions"....BB warns not to talk about DR sessions...Dan says he would like to see the tally "on what buttons were pressed the most"..

11:51 BBT Ollie and April with Jerry are talking about desperate twists of bringing back players....Michele heads in "wooooooooow"..

jerry "where does that information go"..April "what information".....{they lost me}

Jerry scares Dan on his way to DR.....April saying "its my fucking dog" saying she's taking Holly with here when she's evicted....

Memphis struts on through..Jerry "holly is such a bitch"

11:56 BBT "what are you guys doing tomorrow" Ollie says he's going to "Home Depot" Michele jokes to pick her up some "2x 4's"..because she has a few projects to do around the house..

Car racing talk ensues...

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12:03 BBT

In the kitchen Reeney has sat down to eat...Dan asking "did the Colonel go to sleep" as Jerry walks in..

Reeney and Memphis in the kitchen with Dan as Keesha come in...Dan is trying " a little mixology" and is pouring all these juices together..."I need some simple sugar"

Reeney making "deviled eggs" Mephis asks for one of them for his "tuna"

They are all eating except Keesha....Dan doing his mixolgy gig..asking if anyone wants to try it...Memphsi "i use only fresh squeezed juices" Keesah trys "just a sip".."its not bad" "actually its not bad at all"..Dan "i call it a Kessha Spritzer..minus the spritz"

"jerry on weed..give me a break" Reeney says as Memphis said he thought he heard Jerry talking about "pot" in the other room..

12:11 BBT

April says if she had a chance to do a reality show she would choose "Survivor' but says she would do BB allstars...becaause 'its in a house"

Michele saying "survivor is only a month" and Ollie says "and its a million dollars" Jerry "and you win a car"....they talk about Survivor....Michele trying to remeber names....April trying to remeber Ethan..and Michele is trying to remember Ozzy...neither can't remeber their names....Michele "he was so hot"..It hits April "it was Ethan" and Michele no...

12:16 BBT. April says when she tries out for Survivor..they asked if her and her sister would do "Amazing Race"...

Jerry saying "there is no way " he'd ever make it on BB when he applied

Michele still trying to remember Ozzy's name..

April in "all 10 season" of BB including their cast who "was the hottest..Jerry says "Jannelle".....Michele "I'm going to say "Dr. Will"...Ollie saying "I've only watched the last two" and can't answer that...April picks Ollie "you by far the best looking guy in all 10 seasons"..Michele "woooooow" jerry says that its strange since last night she was saying "how small" his Manhood' was laugh.....

April who is ;your favorite; by personality..Michele "Dr. Will and Boogie are tied" April says "Marcellas"...Jerry says "I like Matty..and they way he played Natalie".....

April who is your least favorite..Ollie "Evel Dick" April "Shannon..I fucking hated her"...."she had the ugliest face" she's ever seen...Michele "Kail".....Jerry says "I didn't like Dick's daughter"

April saying they will be talking about them..saying "i hope they call me back to do a food competition"

April goes on about her attraction to Afican American reality contestants

12:29 Michele still trying to remeber Ozzy's name..

April "stop it" naming off "all the colored people" from reality shows...she tells Ollie..

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