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Brian When He Was Evicted He Joined A List Of These Other 1st Out Losers Lol

Do u Remember these ppl, if so who do u remember?  

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  1. 1. Do u Remember these ppl, if so who do u remember?

    • BB2 Justin
    • BB3 Lori
    • BB4 Scott
    • BB5 Mike
    • BB6 Ashlea
    • BB7 Allison(2nd place on Season 4)
    • BB8 Carol
    • BB9 Jacob
    • BB10 Brian
    • Who.... Where these ppl ever on BB???

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BB2 Justin(expelled from house)

Reason for expelled held a Knife to another players neck and said "Would u get mad if i killed you" he was drunk at the time as was expelled that night on day 11

BB3 Lori

She was evicted 1st lol

BB4 Scott

had a viloent outburts throwing & breaking stuff in the backyard on day 8 and was expelled that night

BB5 Mike

He was the old dude in th ehose, a painter, he had the name Mike(which has been bad luck in all the season, except BB4's Michael who went as "Cowboy"

BB6 Ashlea


I kinda remember her,she was the best friend of Jani, but boy i never knew she was that hot look at her pics on her myspace, she still friends with Jani & very good friends with Beau

BB7(AllStars) Allison

Had agreat run in BB4 comming in 2nd place but in Season 7 she went all down hill, hoping her boyfriend would still love her went she got out. She hid in a pot for hours. She was on Amazing Race 5 and was on with boyfriend and was 2nd team elimated, then broke up with boyfriend, then after gettin evicted from BB7 her boyfriend broke up with her. Became a Cheerleader for a Arena Football team in Orlando but was let go after 1 year.

BB8 Carol

had a nemesis in house being Jessica who they had a fued in High School after Carol dint giver Jessica back $5. The Houseguests of season 8 later made fun of her when playin some games by sayin "Who's Carol" Is Friends with Evel Dick.

BB9 Jacob

Was evicted on day 3 after starting a rumor that backfired on him. Is Refered to by Evel Dick as Runing thru the BB house in & out of a Revolving Door.

BB10 Brian

Made too amny allicanes in the 1st week. Wasnt a fan of show only watched Season 7 DVD in Sequester before going into house.

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Cowboy was season 5... His name was Michael Ellis and the Mike you talk about being evicted first was Mike Lubinski... Drew won the season... Other houseguests were Holly King, Jennifer (Nakmois) Dedmon, Adria Okins, Her twin Andrea, Diane Henry, Jase Wirey, Karen O'Neil Ganci, Lori Valenti, Marvin Latimer, Will Wikle, and one of my most favorite people on this green earth Scott Long...

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allstars i wouldnt even count that

allison was too good of a player

she had right idea to rid janelle early

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wow...seasons 2,3,4 and 5 I couldn't remember them off hand... I've faithfully watched every season so far too!

the 1st evictees can be forgetable...

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I don't remember too much before season 5 really... Well, I guess I sort of remember a little about season 4, because it was the first season they had people in that knew each other... The ex's...

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i vaguely remember ashlea s6... she was supposed to be Janelle's secret partner, no?

I remember Carol, although s8 was only a year ago so she might fade with time, she seemed to be pretty decent and much more mature than Jessica the way the 2 came off in interviews.

Remember Jacob, although he was just dumb. I'm sure he'll be pretty easily forgotten (even though I only watched that season up until the HG returning/mystery box debacle, I doubt i'll be so fortunate as to forget easily the rest of s9).

I think Brian will be pretty memorable too, like Carol, as I think I would've liked to see them go farther in the game. I think Brian could've outplayed a lot of the HG in here right now as the season continued, but of course, timing and knowing how to be discrete (instead of bragging about week 1 power) is part of playing the game as well

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Brian will be memorable because just by being associated to him led to the next 2 evictions...it's like he was still in the house/still in the game.

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I remember Sheryl being the first evicted HG in BB2. I remember because she was a little older than the others and she was diagnozed with breast cancer soon after she went home.

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Wasn't that the republican guy? I remember him, short and stocky, but he seemed okay. The hg didn't like him from the get go--I think it was an unanimous vote.

Yep that's him Ginger, and despite his political believes he's a wonderful guy... Really sweet, and humble... I like him more than I ever thought I could like a repulbican LMAO... J/K I love my son even though he has taken his father's political stance... Meaning my son's a republican...

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eh...I'm not really interested in seeing Carol, Ashlea and Jacob again...just sayin ;)

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I like Jacob... I know he was a jerk in the house, but he's really not that bad a person, and he's from a town VERY close to my hometown (Dallas, Georgia) we used to go up to Dallas every Christmas to see the Hardy Boys Christmas lights... The Hardy Boys were a family that owned a huge Chevy car lot in Dallas and they all lived in one subdivison, I mean they owned the whole thing, and they would spend thousands each year with lights and decorations, it was really very pretty... Ashlea is just a sweetheart... She wasn't given a fair shot in the house in my opinion...

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