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July 29/30 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:05 BBT

Ollie says for Jeese to get on the table "and strip"..MIchele "its for Reeney"...Reeney trying to get people to dance

Whines of "i need music"

Sings Happy Birthday" after discussion of copyright infringement...."Happy Birthday to...." FOTH

Reeney says "i like to do Dan" ......immitations...

small talk about Dan calling "Mrs CHen" Jerry asks if that's her "married name" and they say no its her maiden name..April "can you do that"..Reeney saying you don't have to do it..

a lot of silence...Olllie says lets head in to DR to get booze..BB didn't let them into DR...

They check the SR and zip...


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12:25 BBT Libra talking to Keesha complaining about Jesse.. and April comes in telling her she can't be fake saying she'll throw up...

Dan comes in... Libra "I can't Keesha" saying "it was so fake" when Jesse hugged her for her Bday..

Reeney comes in asking her if she threw up on herself..

Libra keeps saying "I can't"

Lbra keeps going on......

Reeney admits it "was nice for her birthday" Libra "this kid has wanted her out from day one"...they change the subject...Keesha talking about her birthday and strippers..

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12:35 BBT

April & Ollie in bed talking to Dan in the bedroom..

In the livingroom talking about stripping business Keesha "they make so much money" when reeney say some women have degrees..Reeney thinks some of these "women are troubled"

Libra asks if a lot runaways do it keesha say yes..Reeney "you have to have a body you can't go up there and look like a slop"

Keesha finally annouces she's going to bed Reeney follows and leaves Libra alone doing her claws uhh I mean nails..

Keesha "Home sweet home" as her and Reeney enter HOH..they eat some chocolate..

Talking about Jerry having it rough because her "really doesn't fit in"...Keesha saying she feels "he was having a rough day"....Reeney "he's 75 years old and he's 21 years older than me"..Keesha saying Dan is worried about him..

Reeney and Keesha talk hoe Jesse and Co calling April Keesha and Libra "the 3" saying that they are trying not to be so close lately....

talking about Thurs HOH saying its hard to figure out what comps will be..

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12:42 AM BBT

April and Ollie were laying in the bed talking and Dan comes in. He asks April what kind of things he can do for his girlfriend when he gets out of the BB house. She told him it's the little things a woman appreciates the most. When you're sitting beside her just touch her hair or her arm to show you care. Woman also like to be complimented even though they say they don't.

April also asked if she has been outside Michigan. Dan said he didn't think so. April suggested taking her to New York to see a play or going to Tavern on the Green. Dan didn't know what that is and April told him it is a very nice restaurant.

Libra walks in and joins the situation. She tells Dan the best thing you can do is just spend some quality time with her. They all agree they wouldn't be crazy about going on a cruise. April says that would be a very bad idea. After being cooped up in this house she wouldn't want to be stuck on a boat!

Ollie thinks today was the longest day in the BB house. It's been such a long drawn out day.

Libra said you don't realize how long a day can be until you're stuck in a house with nothing to do. April mentions something about there being a girl she met when she was in jail who was heading to federal prison. She also said something about how nice the jail was she was in. It was nothing like the federal prison system.

Libra says she can't wait for Wednesday to get here. If she goes she'll be at home for her birthday instead of being in this house. (not sure what was meant by that).

Libra wonders how many days they'll actually spend in the house. 80? April says she isn't sure. Ollie says he isn't going to count the days, he'll just chill. Libra says it just depends on who is left in the house as to how hard it's going to be to still be here. Libra says she isn't going to start pitching a fit or banging pots over people's head if she ends up being evicted. You have to show a sign of maturity and not act crazy.

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12:47 BBT

Libra in bedroom with April Ollie and Dan...saying "i'm sorry I can't do this"..saying she can't wait for "wednesday" so she'll know where she'll be celebrating her Bday...

Libra asking the total amount of days they will spend in the house...

Libra talking about coming down when they have to nominate each other...saying they have an understanding that its a game and Libra will understand if she get nominated..


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12:56 BBT

All 4 feeds on April and Ollie..talking in bed...getting ready for their nightly show...

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1:11 BBT

Libra and Dan talking about HOH and Memphis and his car with Libra saying "its more than we got"

Dan says if its endurance he and April would have the best chance..since he weighs only 150 lbs...Libra says she weighs 167..

Libra talking about the pillow tie breaker......she said 147 and he said 200. Dan says "if he wins again" saying how bad that week is going to be...Libra being self righteous saying she'll take it like a woman..

Back outside Memphis Jesse Angie and Michele talking about their nomination speeches if they get HOH....Michele is debating whether she going to put "keesha up" because she wants "April and Libra" and tells libra "you know why you're up" and if either get PoV she'll put up Keesha.

camera switches from backyard

In HOH Keesha and Reeney talking about "powers in numbers"

Libra saying "we ought to teach you a lesson" talking about Jesse .Dan says "I don't want to go out burning down the walls" ..Libra saying some people "would sell their mother" to get further in the game...Libra bothered by 'people playing like its theirs already"

Libra asks for bible preachings about it...

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1:23 BBT

Outdoors Angie talking about the hat incident from last night and the "sweatshirt" incident...Michele says she knows "they've talked about it" since Reeney told her that some people didn't like their immitations..

Michele about Reeney "to think she's the fucking normal one" about the other side "what the hell went wrong"

Memphis saying about Libra "in one sentence" she explained what kins a person she was bragging about her ex husband shitty car and her Mercedes...

Talking about their nominatios speeches if they win...bashing Libra at the same time..

1:30 BBT Feed switches to HOH with Reeney and Keesha talking ....

{I'm done for the night I tired and making my exit..night all}

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9AM BBT: Jerry is up for a poddy then back to bed. Everyone else appears to be sleeping.

They're still sleeping.

I have a Doctors appointment and will be gone for an hour or more, if someone is around to post that would be a great help - Jem

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Happy Birthday to Renny! :party_smilie:

9:50 am. Jerry, Dan, Libra and April in the bathroom doing ADLs. Jerry finished shaving and is in the storage room doing something with his microphone. Jessie making his bed. Michelle getting ready to do laundry. Rennie is in the kitchen, not much to cook for breakfast today. Looks like it will have to be cereal and milk.

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9:55 AM BBT: Everyone is up up, Jerry in the 80s room getting dressed. Renny in the kitchen cookin something up. Keesha drinking cofee at the bar and Dan fixing something to eat.

9:57 AM BBT: Camera switches to April putting on her make up.

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10:00 - 10:15 am BBT. Most of the HGs are in the kitchen talking turns to sheets. Memphis doesn't sleep with a flat sheet, just a fitted sheet. Renny's husband has to have the flat sheet untucked, so his feet can move freely. Keesha has a flat sheet on her bed because she likes the look, but she sleeps on top of it with just the comforter on top of her.

Libra and Memphis sitting quietly drinking coffee on BY sofa. Jessie and Michelle sitting on her bed. Michelle has a tummy ache. Sounds like BB woke them up to Marilyn Manson (sp?) this morning. Memphis says that's not ok, that's just sick. Jerry in kitchen, no milk to go with the cereal. Girls tell him to use the soy milk it's good. Jerry has lost 8 lbs since he's been in the house. Jerry weighs 196 now. Keesha thinks she gained 3 lbs overnight. April and Renny tell her to use the scale downstairs, not in the HOH. April doing dishes. Jerry feels good today, rested. Looks like Dan may be working out in BY. Renny wonders why are there so many ants in the house. There are ants in the bathroom and in the bedroom. Keesha says CA has really bad ants. April says in AZ there is no ant problem. April doing laundry, but needs to wait for Michelle's to finish. It sounds like they have been trying to stretch the food, supplies are low. Renny goes and puts on a white hat and sunglasses with her pajamas, she's pretending the BB house is a resort.

Angie and Memphis are chatting in the spa - general chit chat. Jessie and Michelle doings ADLs in the bathroom.

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10:20 am Libra joins group in kitchen. She's not happy with her hair. She needs to wear her pink cap when she goes to be, reminder her to do that. Then her hair is poofy. Her hair breaks easy, so she needs to get satin sheets. When she gets home she's getting some. More talk of sheets and cuddling. Keesha=pro cuddle. April=not so much. Renny's husband is too hot at night, Jerry's wife has cold feet. Keesha has very cold feet too. Jerry is concerned that Ollie is working out without a spotter, but he doesn't go out there to help him. Michelle and Memphis chatting on BY sofa, about moving to LA, commute times etc.

No game talk so far this am.

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11:43AM BBT


Memphis, Jesse and Michelle on the BY couch discussing game plan strategies and talking about putting Jerry up and suddenly Michelle gasps and I heard "did you just feel that?" and feeds went FOTH and then back on just for a second and I saw Jesse and Michelle crouching on the ground in BY and he said "get outside, earthquake." Then back to FOTH.

11:53AM BBT Feeds back

Michelle says, "Now I know why I don't want to live in California. At least I get a warning when there's a hurricane or a blizzard coming".

Michelle, Jesse and Memphis in BY on couches are discussing some comment Jerry made regarding the shaking (I didn't hear it--must have been during the FOTH). Apparently Jerry speculated that someone ran into the house with a car or truck or possibly that Big Brother shook the house and they are laughing about it saying to eachother, "Come on Jerry, really."

Now talking about natural disasters and how scary the earthquake was. They seem to be pretty rattled about it.

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12:46 BBT: Keesha and Libra up in HOH talking about Survivor. Keesha is interested in being on the show and she is asking Libra a lot of questions about the show. Keesha asked if people hook up on the show.

Keesha putting on makeup as they talk and plucking eybrows. She normally does not do her own eyebrows but has an "eybrow person" do them for her.

Dan and Renny in swimming pool giving Ollie swimming lessons

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12:53 BBT: Libra listening to Dixie Chicks up in HOH. She told Keesha she used to want to be the female black country star like Chairlie Pride is the male one.

Ollie doing pretty well in the pool. I think he is afraid of water in general but he is giving it a try. Renny looks great swimming with her hair all wet. I think Renny is not much of a swimmer so she is part of the swim lesson by Dan.

Keesha back with the mirror putting on more of that powder makeup. She can stare in that mirror for hours with that makeup brush. (I am curious about what she keeps brushing on her face)

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1:00 BBT: Jessie, Michelle, Memphis and Angie sitting on the BY couch. Jessie said it sucks that people that were kissing your ass the week before won't even talk to you now.

The 4 outsiders look really bored and tired.

Angie says the suitcases are in the storage room and asks Jessie if he wants to go pack with her. Jessie says no. He says they should save it to have something to do later.

Memphis is telling Angie the places in LA to go to when she leaves the house on Thursday. He names places that he has connections in.

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1:06 BBT: Keesha still has the mirror and putting on her powder makup. Libra telling Keesha she could be on guiding light.

1:08 BBT: Keesha telling Libra that Memphis (or maybe it is Jessie) is a punk ass.

Libra told Keesha that she can't believe the boys think Angie is the prettiest in the house. They both say not to be catty but they don't think she is pretty. They say they just don't get it. They say Angie sucked in all the guys.

1:10 BBT: April just joined Libra and Keesha in HOH. Libra is talking about when they did photo shoots that April and Keesha got the most pictures taken. They are talking again about they don't understand that people see beauty in Angie. It was Renny that told them that the guys thought that. Now they are going down the line of guys trying to figure out which guys might think she is pretty. They say it wasn't Memphis because he is into the blonde surfer girl look. They said Jessie likes exotic girls. His girlfriend now is Asian. They said Angie has nice long legs. They said Angie's dad is white and her mom is Korean. (I may have switched that)

(catty catty catty)

1:15 BBT: Keesha still has the mirror up and putting on makeup.

Libra said for a black woman her frame is a little thick but pretty average.

They are talking about that Michelle has gained weight.

1:20 BBT: Keesha still putting on makeup.

*headed back to work my lunch break is over

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1:12 PM BBT: April, Keesha, Libra in the HoH talking about Angie. They are talking about how "the guys" tol dRenny that Angie was the most natural beauty in the house (I agree) The girls dont care. Libra said, "the bitch needs to go on slop so the fat hanging over her jeans will go away." They say she has beautiful legs, but a heavier or a bustier midsection. Libra makes a call for a plastic surgeon to hook her up. Keesha tells Libra that she doesn't have an ass. They bag on Libra about her ass.

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