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July 29/30 - Live Feed Updates

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1:57 PM BBT: Michelle was calle dto the Dr. Angie is sitting outside. Libra, Ollie and April come out of the house. Ollie asks Angie why she hasnt been in the pool as much. Ollie says it is his goal to get in the pool more. Just general chit chat and no game talk...

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All four feeds have been on the same thing most of the afternoon. First off it was Libra and Keesha in the HoH room. April joined the later to bitch about Angie, then Ollie and Dan a little later and they had a discussion about racism. April thinks Angie hates her because she is competition for the guys (HA) and Libra thinks Angie trashes them in her DR sessions

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3:15PM BBT: Dan tells Keesha, Libra and Jerry that Angie is campaigning to stay in the house but will fill them in with the details later. Libra is talking about her hammertoe surgeries and how they broke her toes and put pins in them to straighten them out [The camera then showed her nasty feet

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4:30 PM BBT: All four feeds are on Michelle and Jessie in the Spa room. They are just laying on the couch in there. I hear them whispering. Jessie tells Michelle that if he goes and she wins HoH for her to dedicate her nomination speech to Jessie and that the nominations she will make would be people that he would want out (Keesha and Libra from what I hear). I cant make out too much of what is being said.

MEANWHILE.... Ollie and April in bed in the 80s room. They are talking about who the other side would put up. They are saying Keesha and a strong person. Ollie says Jerry or Renny. April says no, then Jerry or Renny would be voted out. April says that if her or Ollie got HoH she would put Michelle and Jessie up. April says if one of those two win HoH, they need to go to them and promise to keep them safe for the next week. Jerry walks in and the game takl ceases.

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5:10PM BBT: Keesha says she never got the camera for pictures. She doesn't know that eviction is Wednesday, I heard Ollie mention Thursday so I'm not sure if they know or not. They also ended up on ID LD and Keesha thinks it's because they're setting up for the HoH, again NO because it's on THURSDAY!

5:30PM BBT: Keesha is again bitching about Angie and saying the guys would never vote her out because they're loopy over her etc. Michelle wonders if the LD is for setting up for Renny's B'day...

5:45PM BBT: Libra and Ollie are talking in HoH.

Angie putting on make up, Memphis using a hair straightener, and Dan talking in the bathroom.

Renny is cooking in the kitchen & all June Cleavered out. Michelle and Memphis come in the kitchen. They tell Renny they hope they are on ID LD because BB is setting up a margarita party for her tonight. They can't believe BB did not play a birthday song for Renny this morning.

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6:00PM BBT: There's been speculation on what the competition will be for the HoH, cooking and general shit shat.

7:00PM BBT: Memphis and Angie are playing pool. While others are cooking in the kitchen still. Boring stuff.

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(I'll jump in for a little bit b/f bed)

8:13pm BBT -- Libra, Keesha, April in kit, just gen. chit chat, but say they feel bad Renny cooked for everyone, but she didn't eat w/ them. They're wondering if she's bummed out that she didn't get any celebrations for her bday. They decide they might be able to make a choc. chip cake. April says she'll do it & might be able to make some icing too.

Switched feeds -- Jessie & Renny in BY, he's helping her work out w/ what looks to be 5 lb. weights. Yes, Jessie just confirmed 5 lbs. each. They're working well together, seeming like old pals. I'll stay w/ them for a little bit to see if any game talk evolves.

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8:25PM BBT Jessie says he doesn't know what lable Jerry's gonna give them for working out, since he called Memphis & him the "Brawny Boys". Renny say she doesn't care. Nothing else going on between them.

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Sorry folks...just checked each cam shot & two are on Jessie/Renney and two on Memphis/Angie in their usual BY couch positions. I'll stick around for a bit to see if anything good happens. (Don't hold yer breath!)

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9:00pm BBT

Angie, Memphis and Dan playing dodgeball with mattresses from louge tables as sheilds as Angie throws at them. She says she is not good at it, so Dan takes over throwing. Michelle is out watching

April making an icing bag to hold the icing she made for cookies. Keesha sitting at the bar watching. Jerry at the table watching

Now Renny and Jesse have joined the group playing ball. They tell Renny to take a shot since it's her b-day. They are all having alot fun with it. Renny is wearing pink shirt and shorts with a pink boa around her neck and has gloves on. She tried to hide a pigs foot behind the ball to throw at them, she misses and now everyone is throwing it around, Memphis rings the pool. They get it out and are all laughing saying how disgusting it is.

Renny walks in, walks by Libra and Libra says "Renny we had an earthquake on your b-day"

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9:10pm BBT

The cookie cake is done for Renny's b-day (It looks good) April wrote "Happy Birthday Renny" on it with her homemade icing. They put a q-tip in it for a candle and sang Happy B-day really quick. BB"Please stop singing" They finished before they told them to stop. Renny loves her cookie cake, started to cry. She is fine. Everyone having some cookie cake


Nothing going on. just general chit chat about the pigs feet that they were throwing around. Libra says it looked more like a pigs arm than a pigs feet. Saying how big and gross it was.

Angie and Jerry in by on couch. Memphis,Michelle and Jesse playing pool (I think)

Libra, Renny, April and Keesha in the kitchen talking about what show was tonight. Libra says they saw the flower pots tongihts and "how embarrassing". April says no they showed that Sunday and we (america) saw the pov ceremony tonight.

Keesha eating an apple (really loudly) with salt all over it . Libra, Renny and April are talking low about Jerry (I think) about how he hovers when they are in the kitchen trying to cook. ( I can't hear anything over Keesha smacking on that apple)

Jerry now in the kitchen. Talk turn to putting salt on apples

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9:30pm BBT

Memphis is in the backyard running around with a green leotard on with a black tank top and blue shorts over the top of it. He has a black bandana on his head, pretty funny. Angie,Michelle, Jesse and Dan are goofing off with him and laughing (pretty funny, hope someone is recording) They are saying he is a gladiator. His name is "Turbo" (lol)

Ollie just came out wearing his (omg he looks so funny) He is wearing nothing but the leoptard and a red bandana with shoes. They are all laughing hysterically. They are joking that he needs to put his shorts on (he does) okay, he put them on. Jesse is gone to put his on. Memphis jsut got called to the diary room. They all tell Memphis to ask for beer.

april walks out and says she wants from row seats to this show (with Ollie) she keeps saying oh my gosh, then ask him if he is wearing a cup (lol), he is running around the backyard, (he took his shorts off when April came out) April tells him he does not need to be running in that leoptard

Memphis comes back out and says BB told him to put everything back the way it was (in the backyard).

Jesse is out in the BY in his leotard and green bandana now. He doesn't have shorts or anything over his either. They talk about doing exercises with their backs to the girls. Jesse doing toe touches so the girls can check out his booty. Renny April, Libra, Michelle and Angie on the couches watching them.

The girls ask Dan where his leotard is, (can't hear what he says. April says she wants to see Dan in his,Libra says he would probably be the sexiest one. Renny says Ollie looks like an Elf. They have the waistbands for their mics now.

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10:00pm BBT

Libra, April and Keesha went inside to put "costumes" on.

Everyone else still in BY

Keesha wearing a white hat with sunglasses and a pink boa.

Libra is wearing Ollie's afro wig, sunglasses and a black sequin hat (pretty funny)

April has on a red silk robe, white sunglasses and a black hat

They are all deciding on what to say to Renny for her b-day when they get outside (guess they got dressed up for Renny's b-day)

**Gotta step away for a bit**

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10:45 BBT

Reeney wondering if BB will give them beer "this late" for her birthday which is coming to a rapid end.. Dan says they have fotten beer this late before...Memphis talking with her and Dan..

Indoor Keesha talking about her boyfriend saying both "are control freaks" in the HOH with Librra and Ollie/April...talking about bikering and asked if she bickered with her husband before they got married..Libra said yes..Libra saying "#1 fights ..finances"..Keesha agrees and goes on saying her bf always says "I'm broke" though she says "he's not" but says that and buys motorcyle and helmet...Libra saying her husband buys videogames..she bought him "an ipod" and brags about all her money she spends..blah blah blah.....

Keesha saying her and her bf are married "without the paper"

Keesha saying when she finall gets hitched she wants to be "100%" sure "its the right person"...Divorced Libra completely agrees and goes on giving her advice "when times are low" "times get rough" that he'll "be there"..Libra saying she gets really personal in arguments.{gee what a surprise} with her hubby and is "working on that" since he gets "really hurt"

Talking hair color.. Keesha saying my hairdresser "Is not gay" even though its "a man"...telling keesha her hairdresser is in "Pasadena"....Libra talking about her "white guys" blond hair blue eyes to "hazle".current and ex....more advice from divorced Libra...

April chiming in as Reeney comes in.....April saying "I'm a flighter" and if "they don't hold me back I'm gone forever" {lucky guy}

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11:01 BBT

Outside Ollie asking if thaey "are isolated" from other sets Angie says yes..but Ollie saying "there has to be" other sets nearby...

Angie smoking Dan playing ball memphis comes over and Ollie still in his green uniTARD from playing American Gladiaters..Angie telling him "I want you to but some shorts on so badly" .ollie laughs..

Memphis and Angie playing pool saying she "decide to give this awesome speech" but decided to "change it up" for her exit Thursday{not sure if they know yet as they keep saying tomorrow}

Michele and jeese on the couch..with her saying "I'm living in a time warp or the twilight zone"..they whisper someone told him he needs "to cool out" and hesais "i'm like huh" BBad switched to HOH and feeds are FOTH so have no idea where this convo is going..

Michele and Jeese talking saying "I have not talk to him in 3 days" saying if he gets hoh he's putting "me and Memphis up"..ok they are talking about Dan...Michele says saying they haven't done "goodbyes" Jesse tthought they did em "two days ago" Michele shakes head no saying maybe they'll do em tomorrow...saying "something is going on " because to do goodbye messages that and get ready for they "live show" {they don't know its Thurs}

They think something is going down.....Jeese "maybe everyone is going to stick to their word" about him not getting evicted.....talking about they need to come to a consesus..to an "exact order" because Memphis wants to put up "Jerry and April" and Jesse saying "why are we thinking like that"..saying by going after Jerry Memphis is screwing them...Michele says he needs to put the personal feelings in order to get far...Jesse says "you put him up" he goes and they are still "four strong" Jeese says he'll get POV and take him off so someobe else "in that alliance will go up"

Angie memphis playing pool just chit chatting no game talk

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11:17 BBT

Michele says she's fat and jesse says she looks fine but needs to work on her "frizzy" hair {yes he said Frizzy lol}..An insulted Michele says she did her hair this morning its 11:00 at night..Jesse back tacks and said it looked "amazing" and goes on how bad he looks sometimes...{what a charmer}

Upstairs libra giving advice about realationships talking Heartbreak saying "I feel sick" "draw the blinds" and when she's depressed she "sleeps" all day... {man I wish she was depressed}

April chimming in with "I really trust these guys when they say I'm the only one" Needy April doesn't like guys buying her stuff but just spending time with her,,,

Ollie comes in and says goodnight because "its a big day tomorrow"

Libra tells him we were talking about men......calling something like "Man haters" someting or other...OH God they are already planning their Ebay cash in,,hats shirts, unitard {and dignity}

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11:27 BBT

In HOH they are boasting for another unanimous vote for "a third week in a row" {um brian was 9-1 guess that unanimous to them} saying memphis will vote angie out..

Keesha says sympathy votes are stupid and wouldn't do it for Steven because of the bad position it would put her in saying the one vote wouldn't matter..

Talking about Angie will talk to her tomorrow and saying they are doing so much for the live show...

Aprils saying "we still have to do the goodbyes" {unlike Michele they have no clue "somethings up"}

earthquake talk {sorry sick of hearing about the earthquake..zoning out til they're done}

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11:34 BBT

Memphis saying its funny they didn't let her blog saying bb though "she wouldn't understand" they all laugh..

memphis saying its wierd..they she hasn't done it..

Memphis saying Jesse will get his own show "Analgies Working Out" joking about him and his analogies

Memphis talking about partyhard.com saying the website hasn't been updated in 7 months...Angie asks why Michels why she's so quiet.....she says she's jus "chillin" and says she wants booze..someone goes to check the storage room..

Angie says they were saying "angie you dance" when Libra. Keesha and April gave Reeney her bday lapdance...she said "why".....talking about friends episode when Chandler gave up drinking and became boring..saying "I'm boring" without bnooze.....

Angie "somethings going on" tonight is so wierd..Memphis joking "you're scaring me"..telling him thay are not calling people to DR.....Memphis "the fucked up part of it..it could be anything" saying she will be voted out the "psyche" there's a twist...but agrees "something's up"...going on about not letting keesha do her blog....

Angie "this place plays tricks on your head" joking "the flower moved to the left" that must mean something


In hOH they are talking about the Teddy Bear PoV and the # of pillows...Jeery interjects the average age "went up to 26.2".."thanks Reeney"....HOH talk..what will be whats better paddles or the moving a b blocks...Talking ties are "educated guess" and Ollie says that where he "isn't good"

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11:49 BBT

Libra Dan Jerry keesha April/Ollie in HOH talking about being prepared..for HOH..Jerry the best thing we goy "is 6-3" April "we have the numbers"....Dan talking about endurance.......saying "the live show stops" and it keeps going April "that's true its happened before" {duh}..Libra proudly announces she's pissing in her pants "give me a couple of Maxi bads"...."I'm pissin on myself",.....April "Jesse is going first" in endurance

April says if they says "don't put me ...say Ok" and then put his "ass up"

ollie saying "it always comes to the last two people" and make deals to not put them up...saying none of them are trusting them...

Talking about Zach and Dicks endurance "over 8 hours"....going over past comps...

Outside Memphis and Angie yawning in boredom... silence....as she lights up..

memphis heads in to "put a shirt on" because its getting cold...

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12:03 BBT

Outside Jesse Michele playing pool Memphis stuffing his face..angie puffing away..talking what they are going to do since its their last night together...

Memphis goes and gets Dan to play "the game" asks him "are you ready"

Indoors in the kitchen Angie making something to eat as well as Memphis again... I see Ollie walking around not sure what the rest are up to..

April and Keesha in bathroom washing up for bed....silently oops tAril blow nose in her wash cloth picks her nose and then apologizes "sorry America" we had to see that..

Outside they are playing "the game" where they say one line from a movie and have to guess what movie its from..Foth

Feeds back and their game continues...with Dan Memphi Angie and Ollie....Michele and Jeese still playing pool

12:16 BBT in HOH Reeney breaks the refridgerator door to get her strwaberry "this place id falling apart" "they look alright when Keesha asks "are they going bad"

They are watching the spyscreen...talking about Jesse sure "he know a lot about the body"....talking about food...."him and Michele are attached at the hip" Reeney saying "hell to the no" about him putting her up.....Reeney saying "they act like boyfriend and girlfriend" Reeney looking for chocolate...

we keep getting foth...

Reeney indulges in white chocolate prays comments this is her last night and hops into bed without brushing her teeth...

reeney talks how insperable Michele/Jesse are.......Talking about jerry....Keesha says "i try not to talk bad about" and goes on to talk bad about him with reeney.....

Reeney talking about him 'putting his hands on the meat" Keesha "ewww" saying she knows she sound "bitchy" but doesn't like him touching the food..

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