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July 29/30 - Live Feed Updates

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12:28 BBT

In Bedroom Libra "part of me feels funny" about Dan "talking to someone in the storsge room" report back....what was said in HOH...April think "possibly" dan is playing both sides..

Libra and April talking about Ollie wants to play with boys...Libra wants him "to declare it"..his allegiance to them..

Libra saying everyone would have a chance winning the money while angie has to many people who will go either way...saying "we laid down our loyalties" and doesn't want to be the first on the eviction list after working hard for the alliance.....going on she's #1 or #2 on people target lists...

Talking "the invisible" never make it to the end..like Dr. Will and Evel Dick and Janelle..."Guess what baby..we came to play" saying "I don't want to be on the sidelines...put me in coach"...going on about its fine either she stays or goes telling April "our personality types are alike" {got that right}

Libra "I miss real people"...Libra goes on with all the stuff with Jesse was "cathartic" for her...."if I were to get HOH" Jeese could tell her "the man on the moon" he's going up...both agree "they won't approach me"...

12:27 BBT Back in HOH Keesha going on "he's very agressive"..about Jesse..Keesha checking on the fish commenting how they don't eat very much....talking about "the flakes" she fed her fish..rather then the pellets..

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12:42 BBT..the hate talk in bedroom goes on...Libra saying "Mama bear and the kids" saying he can't get personal like he "did with keesha".....Libra saying BB wants him around...Libra "what could we do" talking how they hate Ollie washing dishes with Michele or "our alliance mingling with Jesse" saying they'll have to use "their best acting skills"....Libra is "why would I go upstairs...throw people under the bus" saying why would she do that

Libra "being a target is like a badge of fricken honor" "because i know you scared" Libra Dan will be the first one up there because that his "blantant" strategy...April he's not going to win it because "they are going to vote him our..we're not going to vote him out" "he stands in the middle, safe"

Libra those type of players don't win..."its a proven fact" and then goes to name two..April "then it is possible"

April saying in 3 weeks Dan has to go....but would be interested who he would put up...April saying he never wants them to know "he's with us".......

Libra ask about Ollie saying he may be "like Dan" and throw HOH....but says Memphis may put "ollie and I" ..Libra can't figure out why "jesse thought I was the one" wonder why he never "came to Ollie"..."neeeever" mentioned ollie...Jesse throwing everyone under the bus "did not do it to Ollie 1 time". April "hmm?"...LIbra "i'm not trying to put doubt".....

Libra "i have never seen you hang out with them" and says "you don't have to ask me"..saying "some people you don't have to question...and says "it sucks" when you have to question..Libra fantisizes about being able to watch tapes when you have a question..

Twist talk saying "it has to be Dan"..he doesn't "rub me the right way" "he's too clean" {other side says the same}

Reeney comes in for her "eye mask" ask if "ollie and Dan" still outside..whay are they there when they said "they have to be ready" for tomorrow..and go over their paranoia of "dan" and now Ollie....Libra "what do you think?"

They are saying they are "trying to cover their asses"....wondering why they said "they are so tired" and they are out there so late..Libra "Reeney do you think we are getting played" Reeney saying no and offers to stick her head outside and ask why they are not in bed......April saying again they are just trying to save their ass and Libra "that's cold" saying "you shouldn't do that to an alliance member"....Libra "I just don't get it"...Libra finally "im going to sleep" "goodnight dear"

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1:01 BBT

Ollie and Dan in bathroom getting ready for bed talking about what pic they would have if they won HOH...

Ollie heads to bed with April...

Back outdoors Jeese/Michelle sitting watching Angie and Memphis play pool...talking about the movie game...and movie talk...

we get Foth briefly...

Camera are on Libra and Dan talking and Ollie/April whispering..talking about possible nominations from the other side saing "i read people all day long" ..Ollie saying "i don't want it to get to that point" saying they needs "to start winning" now..and is it happens they ahve POv if they get put up hoping it doessn't get to that....April tells him about her reservations about Dan probably throwing the comp..Ollie "he better not" telling Ollie he "doesn't want to be put in that position"....goes over her convo with Libra {se previous post}....Ollie says he didn't want to "be by himself" with them and asked Ollie to be out there with them.....April goes on her about her doubts...Ollie says he know "i know who you talked to" and that why she is so paranoid....April saying "he's playing both sides"

In the other room Dan and Libra talking...Dan saying him and Ollie get along...Libra bringing up her paranois to Dan and he thanks her for asking him...Dan say he like hanging out with them "but doesn't like being cornered"...Dan saying he's staying far away from Jesse...because "he's a loose canon"...Dan "TPTB may want him in here"..Libra "oh hell ya"

Dan says Michele asked him "about the voting" and told her he didn't know....

Dan says whoever asked her about Dan his loyalties...saying he'll be more careful about having "a better grasp" and his preception of who he associates with..

silence...Dan "on of scale of 1 -10 how" concerned she is about him ..Libra says "about a 5"...telling him if a came "down to him and Jesse" she would vote Jesse because played a better game..Libra "from a player's standpoint" people are being savvy and the come out winning competetion.....and goes over that people who won "have been targets" throughout the season......before telling him she doesn't "want to tell him what to do" and proceeds to just do that....

Dan telling him peole will considere him a floater saying either "you're sitting on the bench or playing the game " saying "i'm just being honest"..Brinks up Dick Janelle "strong Players"...saying "there are some people that slide through" telling him "its your game"....Libra tells dan...." in this game if you are perceived as a floater its not a good thing"...Libra patronizing Dan now saying what a "kickass player" he's gonna be.......

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1:26 BBT

April and Ollie talking in bed in other bedroom Libra continues her indocrination session with Dan to have him fall in line and I suppose Michele is singing out back as BB warned her to stop singing..

1:44 BBT Memphis playing Pool with Angie while Jesse and Michele look on...

{Well Michele and gang have a suspicion that something is up for tomorrow since they haven't done any goodbye messages and Keesha hasn't done her blog. Keesha and company belive its going to be busy day with BB having them doing everything tomorrow....Well the BB house was rocked today..and I mean literally by a 5.4 magnitude earthquake 35 miles away..It was shown constanly on the news the HG reaction to it..though feeds blocked most of the shaking. The earthquake made it the 2nd time there has been an earthquake that has hit the BB house.....The other was in Allstars I believe....The line in the sand has been drawn and its clear that there are two alliance that are going head to head...Both sides have reservations about Dan but Libra seems to be pulling him in under her spell. Jerry continues to get on everyones nerves except his own. Other than the Shaker it was quiet today so quiet that BB didn't give them booze or Reeney her birthday party..but the girls made her a big cookie and she seemed really grateful for the gesture..even for the Keesha Libra and April with special dance performance by Michele lap dance..Both sides talked of what the noms will be if either side won HOH. It's a certainty Angie will go unless Jesse goes off on everyone again. However, Michele has been keeping a tight leash on him so its highly unlikely that will happen. Lastly BB brought back America's Player for "1 week" to try to inject something into a what many say is a stagnant season. Will it work or fall flat like so many other BB twists...well guys I'm out til tomorrow..night all}

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10:10amBBT Houseguests doin ADL's, Jerry has no shirt on like always, Keesha drinkin coffeee, April drinking water, Jerry puts shirt on sits next 2 Keesha, outside Jesse talking about himself to Memphis & Michelle

10:16amBBT Renny sittin at table in, Libra walking around, Keesha Jerry talkin, Jesse still blabbn outside, April walkin around, April cleaning

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11:27 am BBT - All 4 feeds on Jerry and Ollie in the living room talking. They think there is going to be a food comp today because the food is getting so low. No one seems to know.

Keesha walks through the LR and Jerry is trying to figure out if she got the camera or not. Sounds like Keesha locked herself out of the HOH room and has gone to DR to get them to let you back in. Jerry made a comment about how it was nice to see her walk by ( Keesha was wearing a bikini).

11:32am - Feeds finally changed to the bathroom, Anigie, Libra, and Renny are putting on make-up and doing their hair. Very little talk, if they do talk it is not game play. April has now joined them as well. (Zzzzzzzzzz....)

11:44am BBT - BB: Dan, this is a reminder that sleeping in the living room is not permitted.

Feeds still on Renny and Angie in the Bathroom. Angie is called to the DR.

11:45 BBT - Feeds change to Michelle and Dan in the Spa Room. One of them is making nosies like Beaker from the Muppets. Just noticed that Ollie is in there also, can only see his feet and part of his legs. There was a little talk about the living in the house, but again no game talk. Now the silence is among them. Camera people are having fun zooming in and out on Dan and Michelle.

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12:45PM BBT: The BY just opened up. Keesha has been taking pictures with the camera and now the wants all the girls to go out in the pool for some more pictures. [seriously, these people are fricken boring! I'd rather gouge my eyes out and cut off my ears today! - Jem] They've enlisted Dan's help to take the pictures. Memphis was in the BR trying to nap and Jerry was in the WC.

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3:33 PM BBT: April is changing clothes in the Little House on the Prairie room. She changes into sweats and then moves into the kitchen to look for something to eat. She passes Jerry on the way. Memphis is sitting in the kitchen eating. April gives up on finding somthing to eat and walks through the hosue back into the little house room. Jerry asks her where everyone is and April says sleeping. April crawls into bed to take a nap.

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