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July 29/30 - Live Feed Updates

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4:51pmBBT still Foth last seen image was Keesha runnin saying "Only 15 minutes to get ready!"

5:04pmBBT Feeds return Houseguests cookin, its very quiet some talk of Broclli & Roast Beef & white bread, sounds like they were on Ferguson again played Paddleball 4 him. Michelle "i think he are gonna be on his show every week." Angie "I think i shold of wore something better on TV." Memphis "Dan mr stongman." The housemates Smell fresh colrine in the pool. Renny says "theirs no food in the house." Michelle says "He shold bring the gatorade in & i hope we can bring in the pool table if we are going to be locked in over night." (So i guess either a paddleball match for HOH o Endurance if a overnight LD)

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Michelle commented that someone is going to be on the show every week. Memphis, Angie, Michelle and Dan are outside. Memphis said they were closing up the BY tonight and it wont be opened back up till the HoH tomorrow. He thinks that

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5:12 BBT

Angie, Michelle, Memphis and Jessie talking about the hgs while sitting on the couches in the BY. Seems like all the other hgs are chatting in the kitchen.

Michelle tried to get Jessie to take his shirt off.

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Michelle is telling them how she doesn't like condiments. She doesn't like the texture or taste of them. She says she loves seafood, and finds it weird when people don't like seafood. She thinks people shouldn't cover up food with condiments. Angie and Memphis say "screw you' in a joking way.

Feeds switch to inside.

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Michelle sayin shes likes Ferguson's voice, and wonders where hes from. She thinkin Ireland or Britian(hes Scottish). Michelle says they will be on TV 2 times a week. Jesse's upset with Ferguson as Cragig made fun of him takin hes shirt off during Earthquake

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Jerry took Memphis aside and apologized for calling him a womanizer. Jerry keeps saying "in case I leave tomorrow". Renny then got mad that Jerry didn't brag on her cleaning and made a comment to Keesha & Dan "He's just trying to save his own ass." I am confused.

Renny is cooking, Jerry is setting the table, Libra is asleep and everyone else is outside. They are going to soon be on an indoor lockdown for the whole night.

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5:50 PM BBT: Feeds switch to Keesha and Libra in Retro Room. They are talking about the apology that Jerry had made to Memphis about the womanizer fight. We hear that the HGs are on indoor LD before we get brief FotH.

5:51 PM BBT: Feeds are back and the same thing is being discussed. Only Dan had walked in the room now. Dan gets in on the convo, not really adding much to it though. They say that Jerry is just covering his ass for whoever gets HoH next week (well duh!!). Then Michelle walks in the room tells dan to hang the clothes up and then leaves. Dan starts to put his clothes up.

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8:00 - 8:30 pm BBT Jessie and Michelle in spa. Jessie says the other group really do not like Jerry, that's why Jerry is trying to make nice. Jessie says Jerry hasn't talked to him 3 days. (Whispering). Michelle says she wants to put up Keesha and Libra if she wins HOH, and use April as a replacement nominee if need be. That way they can try and keep April and Ollie close to them. April is driving Michelle crazy with all her cleaning. Memphis was annoyed by April's cleaning too, telling Michelle he couldn't even get a cup of coffee without April cleaning around him. Jessie thinks the only reason he's on the block is because he was pushing Keesha so hard to keep Angie.

Meanwhile: Dan, Memphis, Ollie, April, Keesha, Libra and Renny in HOH discussing past HOH competitions. They don't think BB has ever had anyone hang from their feet. Keesha is good at hanging from her feet. April has double-jointed toes. Group lauging at April's 'long ass' toes. Keesha asks Memphis if he's listened to her Dixie Chicks CD, not yet. He misses country music though. Memphis starts listening to music. They are expecting to tape their 'Good-bye' messages tonight. They ask Ollie where Jerry is, he doesn't know. Ollie says he'd like 2 kids, all agree 2 to 3 is the best number. Libra explaining her c-section to Dan. Dan wants to know how big the 'birthing area' can get on a woman. Libra responds it can expand to 10 cm, after birth it goes back to normal size. Boys are asking questions, they are curious. April is getting the creeps though.

Back in the spa, Jessie asking if Michelle's arm still hurts. Not that much. Jessie says that's good, she should be fine by tomorrow. (HOH comp). Michelle covers their heads with pillows and whispers to Jessie. He didn't hear it so they both hide their faces with pillows and whisper. Michelle giggling. Can't hear what they say, but Jessie says he thinks he has proven himself. Jessie closes his eyes and tells Michelle to go to sleep. Trying to sleep didn't last long...they are back chatting. Camera person is having some fun zooming in on their feet.

Up in the HOH talk has turned to cartoons, Clifford the blue dog, Tom & Jerry, Pink Pather, Porky Pig. Libra starts talking about production...wishes she could see outside, what they are building and we get FoH for a moment. Looks like BB told her not to discuss production. Memphis, Ollie and Dan leave the HoH, there is a spider in the house, but they don't want to kill it and are ID LD so they can't put it outside. BB "Dan, knock it off."

Girls discussing that Memphis went to Dan because he doesn't think Dan has an alliance. He hasn't gone to Keesha.

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8:25 - 9:00 pm BBT April, Libra and Keesha in HoH talking, Ollie listening to CD. April getting dark grapes out of the HOH refrig. Keesha loudly smacking on dry cereal (again). Keesha is a little pissed at Jessie because he started to make a deal with her today saying he wouldn't put her up if he get's HoH, but he not have remembered he already said the other day he would never put her up. Talk turns to Jerry. Poor Renny. Keesha says Renny is right, he really doesn't have much to do with Renny and Jerry will throw her under the bus anytime. Putting her up on the block etc.

Ollie is joining chat. If Memphis wins HoH and put up one of them and Jerry, the group needs to agree to vote Jerry out. Ollie gives his word. They are trying to prepare themselves to be pressured for votes from the other alliance. Libra doesn't get why Jerry apologized to Memphis today. Ollie says because Jerry is losing his mind. It weighs on Jerry's mind because he feels out of place and he has nothing to do but lay in the bed and think about it all day. Libra says she doesn't dislike him but he makes off comments. He told Jerry that "blacks stick together'. They respect Renny for going directly to Jerry and asking why he went to Memphis. (Keesha is wrapped in a towel and has been putting on make-up for the last 10 minutes.) April says Renny, Jerry and Dan are playing both sides. Libra would vote for Jessie before she would vote for a floater. Ooooopsy, Dan comes in from the Chess board and tells Libra they can hear her outside. Libra says "What?? All I said was that I wouldn't vote for a floater??""

Angie told Ollie she need to talk to him later. Keesha tells that Angie asked Keesha for JJ's phone number so she can get ahold of Steven. Keesha didn't give it to her. Keesha is going to tell her to ask production. Talk turns to Jessie. He has to pack tonight. They don't get his girlfriend situation.

2 feeds are on Memphis and Dan are playing chess. They are not talking at the moment.

Renny comes back into the HoH. Jerry says smoke is coming out of Jerry's ass. He's really upset. He won't come up in the HoH. The girls say they HAVE to go talk to him because if the other side sees him like this, they will bring him into their alliance. They need his vote. They agree someone needs to go talk to him, but no one wants to. Keesha doesn't want him in the HOH because he never leaves. They seem to be looking at him on the HOH monitor. Renny says Jerry gets his way too much. Ollie says maybe Rennie should apologize to Jerry, and Renny tried to say "hell to the no", but she can't remember the saying. They all laugh. Renny is going to down there and give him the chance to apologize. Renny is taking one for the team, she's going to walk by Jerry and ask if he's ok. They think Jerry should apologize to Keesha for bringing her into the agrument.

Funny! HoH group is watching Renny on their monitor. Renny walls by Jerry, who is sitting alone in the livingroom, and asks him if he's ok. Jerry curtly replies "I'll make it". Renny keeps walking to her bedroom, gets a few items and heads to bathroom for a shower. HoH gang laughing. Dan re-enters HoH as chess game is over. Renny gets something out the storage room and returns to shower.

Meanwhile, Jessie and Michelle napping in sauna. Memphis and Angie are in the pink bedroom each lying in their own bed.

Back in the HoH room, group feels bad for Jerry. That could be their grandfather. They all like everybody. Dan will ask Jerry if he wants to play chess in a little while. April goes to the downstairs bathroom to wash her face and asks Renny what Jerry said. Laughing.

In HoH, Jerry still on monitor. Dan feels bad. Group says they should really go down there, so all head out. Dan and Ollie go and lay down on the LR sofas with Jerry. Girls go to bathroom. Jerry feels better today but he still has that dang drainage. Dan asks if he had a losenge, Jerry says yes. Jerry whispering to Dan and Ollie. His apology to Memphis had nothing to do with the game. Jerry rubs Ollies head and says "you are a good man Ollie man". Ollie gives him the thumbs up. Jerry is perking up. He asks Keesha if she has weighed herself. Tells her she is built nice. Keesha sits on the LR sofa with Dan. Discussion turns to how much water you are supposed to drink per day.

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9:30 BBT

Libra, Ollie, Renny, Jerry, Dan, and Keesha are all sitting in the LR. They are talking about housing prices in their areas. Libra said houses in her area are $90/sqft, Jerry said they are $150/sqft.

They saw something that looked like a big flash behind one of the mirrors. Jerry went and got a drink saying he likes something sweet after he eats dinner.

Ollie mentions that Keesha gets an extra night in the HOH room this week.

April joined the group, sitting next to Ollie.

Jerry asked Keesha if she did gymnastics when she was younger because she is double jointed, she said no. (Conversation is pretty slow, they are all yawning and making me tired!)

9:40 BBT

Dan got a bowl of shredded wheat.

They are talking about who they resemble Dan said he resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keesha said Christy Brinkly, April said Kate Hudson, Jerry said some tap dance/movie star from long ago (I didn't catch the name)

9:45 BBT

Feed 1 & 2 Living room with Libra, April, Ollie, Jerry, Renny, and Keesha, just general conversation, no game talk

Feed 3 & 4 sauna room with Michelle and Jessie, they are whispering again, I can't really understand them. Michelle is filing Jessie's finger nails. She said she is being very gentle, trying not to hurt him (in regards to his nails!)

10:00 BBT

Angie just walked into the LR to see what everyone is talking about. They are discussing the formula for the casting this year. Now they are onto how they are going to portray the hg during the earthquake for tomorrows show.

Keesha is called to the DR.

10:10 BBT

Libra is talking about different wines that she likes, April joins in saying that she just started drinking wine and she likes white wines. Keesha is out of the DR and Jessie gets called into the DR.

Libra is thinking and talking about her twins, how they are 5 months old now, she just needs to get past 7 more months then they will be past the formula stage.

Their conversation has moved to this weeks food, Jerry said they have been good for milk this week. He has noticed that food goes off very quickly in their fridge there. April is saying she just started eating chicken not long ago, she went vegetarian when Madonna did, it was the in thing but now she will have some eggs and some dairy.

10:15 BBT

Dan asks Jerry if he would take his teeth out in front of the ladies and he said that no he wouldn't do that, he is a gentleman, he cleans his teeth when he is in the shower. They (Renny, Libra and April) are bugging Dan for being so inquisitive.

In the sauna room Memphis, Angie and Michelle are talking about Jerry and how he was full of life the first bit in the house but now he even looks different. Angie said that the girls in the house have very good grooming habits when it comes to nails and stuff. Michelle said she has never had such nice nails. She thought she would be biting her nails but she is not, she said "If I can stop biting my nails in this house, bring on the world!"

10:25 BBT

BB Memphis please stop singing - Memphis wasn't singing, he wasn't even saying anything.

April is talking about her cat, how he fell from 2 stories and didn't break anything. Jerry starts talking about hunting, April jumps on the fact that she was talking about her kitty and right away Jerry brings up hunting.

Libra is saying that she used to have Shar Pei dogs.

They are talking about dogs and Jerry said you can train a dog to do anything in 2 weeks if your work hard at it. Now they are onto cats and how some people are so allergic to cats. Keesha said you can get hairless cats now.

10:35 BBT

BB Memphis please go to the DR

Feed 2 changes from LR to Dan sitting at the chess table by himself, Jessie joins him and they dive right into a game of chess.

Jessie asks Dan his favourite movie, its Karate Kid Part 2. Jessie just likes funny movies.

10:40 BBT

Feeds 1 & 2 Dan and Jessie playing chess.

Feeds 3 & 4 Michelle and April in the kitchen.

Michelle said that she hopes her mom brings her a bottle to drink in the car when she picks her up. She is saying that she will appreciate things more after she gets out April agrees.

Feed 3 changes to Angie and Ollie in the sauna room. Angie is saying that she think that the vote tomorrow is more of an emotional vote than a strategic one. She said to Ollie that she knows he is a rational person and can understand that. The one thing that Angie said she doesn't like about the house is the mob mentality.

Ollie said to Angie that she was never, ever a target to him, he never wanted her out of the house. Angie said she just wanted to clear that up with him before she left.

10:50 BBT

Michelle please to do the DR. They are doing their good bye messages.

Angie and Ollie both left their jobs and are discussing finding motivation to go back to working again after the show. Ollie said his company said they would take him back but he isn't talking about it.

Angie said that she has watched BB since BB6. She went to an open casting call, they filmed a short blurb and the rest is history.

(I am out for the night! Good night!)

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10:46 BBT

Angie talking about her dislike of the house's "mob metality"..explaining why she voted out Brian and Steve.....Angie saying that Alliance can't win the $550K and she's telling Ollie "who's the stronger player" that will be able to "take you out of the game"..and that's how he should vote not with the alliance....

Ollie telling her despite her trying to save Brian he tells her "i never wanted you out"....Angie goes on campaigning saying "I was shoked" she was around the "extra night"...People called to DR..Angie telling him people are doing their goodbye messages...

Now they are talking small talk.....Angie saying she started watching season 6 and says it was her and her friends "highlight of our summer" goes on her casting story and how she got on...

Oliie says its gonna be hard to watch the show and see how they are portrayed ........Ollie describing it like "walking on eggshells" Ollie tells her that she's been "the most behaved" and says he respects that....

Angie says she didn't expect to become "a famous person" but be on a reality show she loves...Ollie againg "I respect that" ..she's telling him she tries to find "the positive" in people..Ollie saying he thinks she's conservative...She says she can't say what her life is really like..Ollie "My imagination is running" Talk about meeting afterwards a "meeting up"..

She says "thanks man" "you're my boy Blue"

They head into the kitchen with Jesse Dan and Memphis....

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10:58 BBT

In living room Apri Reeney Jerry Keesha and LIbra talking in the living room..

Reeney saying her face she makes is "priceless" to April..April tells the she did "all those dishes".....Libra singing Rice's fight song to Dan "Stand and Cheer drink more beer.......fight for the blue and Gray...Stand cheer and drink more beer" Dan can't believe that a "prestigious university" would have "drink more beer" in their fight song..

Dan asks about the cost of "insurance" on "engagement ring"..Keesha or April asking Dan "are you getting married anytime soon" saying that he's closer than before he left..talks about Monica..

Dan asks if "JJ was worried" to Kessha if she would find someone "in the house"...she says no..

Libra shows her schoool rings...but BB calls her to DR..

Memphis jumping on the counter tearing apart an apple like a monkey making Angie laugh....saying "I didn't think you were going to do it" BB told him to stop that..

Michele crying in the bathroom hugging Jesse telling her not to let the others see her like that...she's still crying as Jesse leaves...rubbing her eyes..she heads to the sauna room and lays down....she's by herself

Reeney making cookies as Keesha looks on....talking about being depressed about turning 30....Jesse cooking something to eat..

Michele still alone looks more depressed than Keesha turning 30....

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11:12 BBT

Libra talking to April in bedroom saying "when I'm HOH" she'll be able to make the decision . saying things might not go as planned for the upcoming HOH...Libra not happy about voting Angie out...April says yeah but seems preoccupied doing something at her side table..

Back in the the kitchen reeney called again to Dr but is finishing up her cookies....Food is getting low as all they have left are brownies and chocolate chip cookies....

April aks if they called him into Dr and Dan says no she says "me Ollie or DAn" have yet to be called to DR....

Jeese showing Jerry 2 cookies have 250 calories saying 2 cookies = 1 shake...Jerry still rips open the cookies and says "i don't count calories" and "good though"

Memphis enters the sauna and leavs whil Angie asks Michele "whatcha doin" she tells her "nothing..straring at the pillow" Angie lays down with her kisses her and Michele asks Her about the Mr Peeps and the apple telling Michele how funny it was..

Michele "I hate these people" inaudible whispers...Angie "you have a fire under your butt" Michelle "I'm fucking pissed ..the beast is unleashed" telling Angie "it so corny it might work"

Michele 's mood improves and is laughing as Jesse comes in...Angie telling her Reeney smached brownies into the cookie dough..Michele says "that's sound awesome"

Angie says they actually did stock up a little with brocoli, ground beef and raisins..

Jesse saying "shut up" when Angie tells him "it takes a real man to wear pink"..playful arguing ensues...

Jeese "are you alright there mama" and Michele said yess..they are playing tic tac toe on the velvety looking pillow..

talking with Angie what time he put the stuff in the oven..tic tac toe continues.....Jesse says he let her win so she'll continue playing like he does in chess with people....

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11:28 BBT

In the kitchen Jerry and Keesha talking about the fish..with Reeney saying the other fish was eating "on the other fish" Keesha whines "don't say that" as Jerry says they "are carp" and are sucking algae off each other and a relieved Keesha says ohh..

Jerry saying he drinks the " diet caffeine free" pepsi {why bother} as BB stocked only diet coke which Jerry doesn't drink..

Jerry and memphis talking about his cataracts and the lights...saying he'll have the other one done in november..

April and Ollie in bed..talking..memphis coming in expalining his SNL apple thing....April saying "loves Chris Kaitan..Guess what Memphis agency represented him at his old agency...saying "he's little" about "5'4" and is skiny skiny to"

Ollie tells April about talking to Angie and what was said {see previous post}..Ollie called to DR..april "what do you have to go back"

In the sauna room Michele is talking to Memphis with jesse who is writing on the pink vevety pillows in Korean asking Angie "do you know what this means" and tells him "I don't speak Korean"...Michele says "tomorrow we'll have no pillow" because they are writing on them when the velvet depresses with their fingers...

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11:41 BBT

In the bathroom Reeney is washing up for bed..

In Sauna room Memphis is telling Angie "they are defintely playing me against Jerry" saying he's putting April and Libra up with a big "fuck you" and "deal with Jerry later".."I personally think that's a very smart decision" Angie tells him saying "you have to think rationally" as to who is "coming after you"

reeney says her "goodnight" before she heads to bed...in HOH Reeney and Keesha getting into bed...with reeney talking about jerry getting to cookies "before they were done"......Keesha runs downstairs....to do something asking "did he get his cookies" while Memphis and Angie have no clue what she's talking about..

Ollie and April in bed again....kissing BB "please do not obstruct your microphones" and stop to say you did it on purpose "assholes" they continue kiss {as my dinner starts to rise up my esophagus.... quickly changes camera}

Michele and jesse eating their later night supper...in the kitchen... Memphis digging Reeneys brownie cookies.."Its like a cookie and a brownie" all at once...

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11:54 BBT

Keesha back in HOH ..Reeney "why did they call you back in there" {DR} Keesha "I don't know"

Reeney laying in bed waiting for Keesha......just starting to fall asleep..Keesha getting ready for bed in the HOH bathroom...

{not much going on afraid to see what's happeming on the other camera}

Keesha telling Reeney that memphis and them "are up eating a big ol meal"....Reeney up to check on the spyscreen...Keesha asking if Angie was upset saing "she doesn't seem to be"....Keesha eating something...

Dan reading and having fun at the zooming camera..

In the Sauna room Michel is doing Jesse's nails..while Memphis is just sitting there

Back in the room Libra comes in with Dan talking while tweezing her chin hairs..Dan saying if she noticed "I didn't bareley spend any time"with the others.....Libra saying tomorrow there will only be 3 and saying they are going to be stronger..telling him he knows how mentally strong they are because he plays chess with them Dan "jesse kicked my ass in chess"

"they have building that set for 12 hours" Dan says with Libra saying watch all that time and it be "true or false" Libra talking again about being home for her birthday...Dan saying Jesse would be the only one that would "put her up" saying he doesn't know where Michele stands and is sure Memphi is going after Jerry...Libra rants about Jesse saying she hasn't talked to him...about his throwing people "under the bus"

libra getting lotion saying "My face is a mess" {finally the truth out of her mouth}

Dan 'the worst case scenario" is Jesse getting HOH and he thinks she is ok with everyone else..{wow Delusional Dan}

Libra goes on saying she won't "back away from a challenge..saying "holding grudges" libra saying "I do"..saying "they're scared of me most" "how do you fix that"

Libra saying had he not tried to "throw her under the bus" he would have never been put up....she goes on about jesse...

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