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Big Brother Rulebook


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Does anyone know anything about the official houseguest rules/the big brother rule book?

They mentioned something in Libra's interview about her not being allowed to sing, why is that?

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RULEBOOK????????? :animated_rotfl::animated_rotfl:

Hmmmmmmmmmm, I think the rulebook says you aren't allowed to physically kill anyone :animated_shocking:

unless it increases ratings, of course!

Seriously, there is some whacky rule book but I don't know if it's posted anywhere. Whacky, because for those who remember ED's reign, there seemed to be some dispute over whether or not even laws applied inside the BBH.

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bb rulebook is that bb can do whatever they feel

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I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the Rule Book. There is obviously not enough room

here to post them all, but I have selected a few at random.


1.Female houseguests must constantly show their boobs - but no nipples please.

2. When bending over, some crack must show - but not as much as the plumber's under the sink.

3. You must use vulgar language in between your prayer sessions.

4. You must find a male houseguest with whom to roll under the covers - but not before the

third night.

5. At least four of you must be able to cry on cue.

6. One of you must chain smoke.

7. One of you must appoint yourself as the kitchen maid.


1. Never allow a brush or comb to touch your hair.

2. Do not wash your hands after using the bathroom.

3. Belch and fart as frequently as possible.

4. If gay, flirt with other men regularly.

5. Try to throw (lose) as many comps as possible.

6. Work out and flex your muscles daily to get the girls "worked up".

7. If HoH, stand and stare at the wall photos before the nomination ceremony.



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Yes, there are MANY MANY rules that are kept secret.

All reality shows are like magic tricks, if the audience knows how the trick works, it takes a lot of the fun out it.

Here is one simple example that I believe is true: A HG can not make up lies about what other HGs have done outside of the house. They can lie about what they have done themselves (ie "I got a PhD from Harvard"), but can't say "HG#1 told me he's a pedophile and has had sex with several young girls".... The reason for this rule is that a HG can't disprove lies while in the house, and it might cost him the game and then have to live his real life with people wondering if he really has had ad sex with little girls; imagine millions of TV viewers wondering if HG#1 is a pedophile, including HG#1 friends/family/employer.

A lot can be deduced by what HGs don't do. If not constrained by the secret rules, BB would erupted into turmoil within hours of HGs entering the BB house.

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Lately, I think they make up rules as they go along. example: the hiding guest in the big black box rule, was pretty strict.

Then there's the rule about (or no rule, rule) about dumping stuff on people's heads.

No rules for spitting or peeing in public places.

They need to fine tune the rule book.

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New Rule:

Any house guest who makes a Major Whingy Whiny issue out of finding out that another hg *gasp* lied to them/threw them under the bus/had an alliance behind their back/<insert any game play of your choice here> needs to automatically be evicted for dumb assness. Seriously.

If said individual makes it to the jury house, they cannot use the above reasons to THEN vote that person as the winner because they "Played a good game".

I'm so sick of hearing how someone done done them wrong. It's a frickin' game of strategy and deception!!!!!!!!

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.... And I want a house full of expert chess and poker players who never do or say anything; they just evict each other each week without saying much of anything because they are smart enough to know that anything they say will be used against them.

Yes, I am being very sarcastic because some ding dongs always complain about things they actually love about BB. The HGs are chosen because they whine, complain, and over react. The HGs are not chosen because the are smart & mature people, the are chosen specifically because they aren't.

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